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My ex never came back


My ex never came back

Breakups are not easy to handle. You put all of your energy into knowing and loving someone, and it is very painful when you see that your little world love is falling apart. Stats show that every one of five couples in the UK is close to breakup. About 4.51% of adults in the UK are in distressed relationships. This means they are living a life that they build with love, but now everything is blurred in their lives and it has led to unhappiness.

I am not saying that breaking up is a bad thing to do because sometimes it becomes necessary, and there seems no other choice. But the fact is that processing a breakup is not easy; you miss your ex badly because you have spent a lot of good time together. You have memories of those good times fresh in your mind. You may want to go back to your ex, but honestly, it is not the right thing to do. If you had done something bad, then you can apologize for your behavior and can try to go back, but your ex may not want the same thing. Sometimes exes come back, and sometimes they don’t.

You may think, “My ex never came back, am I that bad?” but you need to understand that what is done is done, you can’t change anything do not take this as a personal attack on your character. Don’t feel bad; you have tried everything you could to get them back. You have a whole future ahead, and you can build a new relationship and enjoy your life. I know it will not be easy for you to start over again, but it is for the best.

Exes do horrible things when they want to break up, or they simply give you signs that they are going to end this relationship, so you need to understand these signs. Emotional intelligence can help a lot in this area. When you get these signs and understand that it is going to end eventually, it becomes easier to process the breakup. But when you don’t try to read the signs and pretend that everything is fine, dealing with a break up becomes twice as difficult. HereI will give you some advice on how to get your ex back. I will also give you some tips to deal with this breakup thing that has ruined your current life if you feel like “my ex never came back and never will for sure.”

How to get my ex back?

If you ask me about how to get my ex back, I would say don’t beg anyone to be with you. But there are certain circumstances when it is okay to get back to your ex. So if you want to get your ex back here is what you can do:

My ex never texts first

If you want to get your ex back, you can use communication as a key strategy. People will come to me and ask, “My ex never came back, I want him back without doing anything.” Well, thats not how it works. When you want to have someone back, you need to struggle and put some effort and show remorse if you did something wrong. You can use silence as a strategy, but odds are it will not work if your ex is really angry with you. So you need to reestablish the conversation and concede to error if you are wrong. In life there are times where you have to be patient to get the results you want in the long run.

If your ex does not text you first but answers all of your texts, it is okay. I know you will feel frustrated and your pride may even be telling you to give up, and it is not easy to continue your effort when you are not getting the same response. But don’t lose heart; you just need a proper action plan.

My ex never came back, I am trying to be in touch but my ex never texts first?” First of all, you need to understand that if your ex is not texting you first there is a reason, he may be hesitant to be in touch, he may be afraid that if he starts talking to you, you will call them again and again or there could be other reasons too. So try to understand their situation and don’t rush things. Take a step back. Try to make a healthy and interesting conversation, don’t text, “what’s up?” after a week of not connect. Talk about your new activity and interests that you think they will like. Take things slowly and don’t be overly pushy to discuss the relationship talk about general things.

My ex needs space

If you are going through a tough time during your break up, you are not alone. If you are having second thoughts about your break up, it is normal. Don’t be afraid to accept your feelings. You are wondering, “Why my ex never came back?” You may also want to be in touch with your ex so that when things get better, you both can continue your relationship. But your ex may not feel like this your  ex may want some space. It is normal, but you may feel like you will lose your ex. But the fact is it is the best thing you can do to save your relationship. Breakup is overwhelming not only for you but also for your ex, so if your ex needs space, give them that space.

My ex never came back and now my ex needs space, I don’t get it” You may wonder how it will be beneficial for you, but you should know that if you two take space, you will have time to figure out what was wrong and how can things get better. You will have a chance to understand what was missing in your relationship that led to you having a break up with each other. Becoming needy and showing your love will not make things better at all. Give them space and make things easier for them; this way, they will understand that you care for what they want and are trying to improve yourself it shows emotional maturity and respect for them.

My ex never contacts me

My ex never came back, and did not tried to make contact” well, after a breakup, partners do not talk to each other; it is like a rule. But if you badly want your ex to contact you, it will be a really tough time for you. First, you need to know what your ex is thinking and why your ex is not contacting you. You feel depressed, angry, and disappointed, at the same time you are definitely missing your ex because you still love your ex and want your ex back. But you need to know that your ex is feeling the same, your ex may be also angry but still love you, because you guys had a beautifully romantic relationship. There is also a possibility that they want to contact you, but then they remember that entire break up a scenario, and they don’t want to get hurt again. Emotions run high in relationships and just because someone doesn’t reach out it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

If you really love your ex and want him/her back in your life, you need to put your ego aside and approach them first. I am not saying that; go and tell them you want them back or confess your love. You had an emotional attachment with your ex; try to form that emotional attachment again. If you approach them first, it will show that you really care for them, and they will be bound to text you back. But I would suggest you keep your expectations low and don’t rush it will only scare them off and you cannot force a response.

Should I move on?

Research showed that about 49% of partners quarrel with each other occasionally and they regret being in relationship. Being in a stressed or disrespectful relationship is not helpful it is better to separate and move on but if love is there it is worth fighting for.

If you are wondering “why my ex never came back, “I may have bad news to give you. The ex may have moved on from this whole relationship and breakup thing. I know it is very painful to accept but think about the time when you tried to get them back and did not feel them interested in being with you. You may feel even worst if you were supportive of your relationship and had given your best. You need to understand,  that it was not your fault, if it was a toxic relationship, and it was ended for some better reasons. It is your time to move on from it. If a relationship was not working for both parties you have to walk away.

My ex never loved me

After a breakup, you feel sad, disappointed, defeated, and lost. Well, first you need to understand that it is normal and you are not alone. You will feel this way not only when you are awake but in your sleep too. You will feel that your ex never loved you. It can be because your ex said this to you when you were separating, or you concluded it after looking back at your relationship. Now you are feeling used and sad because you loved your ex so much but what  did you get in return.

You are wondering “my ex never came back, because my ex never loved me,” keep in mind that there is a possibility that your ex is lying, especially when you had a long term and loving relationship. Maybe your ex is angry and hurt and wants you to feel the same way. In this case, you should try to patch up. But if you are sure that your ex was lying and now after looking back at your relationship, you got all the signs that you ignored, it is time for you to move on. A person who does not love you is not worthy of you. It is better to move on and give your life a fresh start. If you have been misled or lied to in a relationship it is very common so do not feel you are the problem people lie and deceive every day in relationships. Do not let someone’s opinion or actions destroy you.

My ex never contacted me again

As I mentioned, breakups are not easy to handle. You are in a bad state of emotions; you keep thinking about your ex, you want them back in your life. It is like you are counting days since you have broken up, waiting for them to text you back. There can be several reasons behind your ex not contacting you. There is a very important reason behind this, and that is, your ex does not want you back. Your ex has nothing to talk to you about and wants to focus on their life. If you have tried to contact your ex, and the response was not positive. You have done everything you could, but nothing is helping then you have to move on.

You become upset when you stalk them on social media and see them happy with their friends. Now it is obvious that they are happy in their life and have moved on. You have to move on too now from this. It is clear that your ex does not want you the same way, your ex is not attracted to you romantically, and does not respect you enough to respond to your messages. Don’t expect that your ex will be sitting near the phone to hear from you. I know it is painful, but it is reality. If you are feeling difficulty in dealing with this, you can also seek help from professionals we are always here to support you.

My ex never apologized

My ex never came back and  did not even apologize why would my ex do this?” When we are little, our parents teach us to say sorry for our mistakes and bad behavior. It a universal law that we owe others apology when we hurt their feelings, but some people don’t get it. The moral compass of everyone is different. Your ex may be one of those people. Your ex hurt you but never apologized, and you were expecting at least this courtesy from them. You waited for them to realize their fault, but it didn’t happen. You are now even more upset that you loved a person so much, and they do not care about you at all.

My ex never came back but at least they should apologize?” Honestly, you do not need someone’s apology. You are okay without it. They have hurt you enough, and an apology will not make things any better because they do not feel about you the way you feel. So you have to move on, holding grudges and expecting too much will bring more pain expectations of other cause pain. And if you let them go, you will feel relief. So step back and accept that the apology you want will never come. It is like setting yourself free from a burden. No one can do bad to you, and other’s actions should not affect you or your life we can not control others actions. Try to be happy with what you have and do not think about your ex at all this is not an easy task but you must show yourself compassion. If they cannot recognize they should apologize let it go.

My ex never replied to my text

My ex never came back and did not even reply to my text, I don’t know where I was wrong?” well you need to know that it is not always about you. After a breakup, people don’t end things forever; sometimes, they patch up. But if your ex is not replying to your text at all, it means that your ex is not interested in you anymore. It is because he does not love you anymore. So ruminating over it is useless.

My ex never came back and I am not handling it well” it is because you are still not getting over your ex, you love your ex, you want your ex back, and you keep on texting your ex. Probably this is annoying him, so you need to stop doing so. If your relationship ended badly, it means there is not a single chance that your ex is going to reply to your text.  It is painful, but it is reality. If you do not accept it, you will only suffer when you accept the fact it becomes easier to move on. If you keep thinking about them and can’t stop yourself from texting them, you need to try something different. Make yourself busy, get a hobby, watch movies, and try to keep your phone away when you don’t really need it. Instead of stalking them, spend time with your family and friends, it will help you in getting over your ex. If your ex has a change of heart they can call you but never ever beg for love from anyone you deserve better.

My ex never respected me

Research shows that bad and abusive behavior is the leading cause of breakups. Respect is the most important thing in a relationship. If your ex never respected you, it means that he never loved you, really. It may look like your ex loved you, but it is not real. When you love someone you care for them, you listen to their opinion, and you give them importance. Even if you disagree with them, you do not insult them, you discuss your conflicts and solve them. Most importantly, you care for their feelings. When respect is missing in a relationship, these things will never happen.

I know you think that your ex loved you, but believe me, if your ex did not respect you, then your ex did not love you. You may want your ex back and think that your ex will change. Your ex may also come back to you and say that they have changed, but it is just a big fat lie. Things will be worse if you go back to your ex. Living in a toxic relationship can ruin your life and your happiness. If you have negative people around you, it will not be possible for you to do something positive. It will affect you emotionally and mentally. If you have been in a toxic relationship, you need help to get all the negativity out of your system. I would suggest you seek help from professionals so that you don’t think about going back to that person. Toxic relationships destroy self-esteem.


Breakups are tough, but moving on is even tougher. According to divorce statistics 2019, about 42% of marriages end up in divorce in UK. Although it is not a healthy ratio, being in a toxic relationship is not good too. No matter how tough it is to break up or move on when you feel that there is nothing left in a relationship, you should end it .

It is also normal if, after separation, you feel like, “my ex never came back   but I want my ex badly,” it is normal. Depending on the breakup reason and kind of relationship you had with your partner, you can decide to make up and get back together. But it is a two-way thing, if your partner does not want to be a part of your life or has moved on already, you should also stop thinking about them and move on and enjoy your life.


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