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How to get a guy to like you


How to get a guy to like you

A survey showed that 83% of the men prefer to ask women out, 16% preferred to be asked out by women. In addition to this, 10% of men are waiting to be asked out by women. This survey also showed that 93% of women preferred to be asked out by men. Let suppose you are one of these 93% women, but the guy you like is not interested in asking you out and is one of rare 16% men who want to be asked out by women, what would you do, How to get a guy to like you? Well, there are some tips that you can try to attract a guy.

You can’t force someone to feel about you a certain way, although you can try to give his feelings a chance to develop.  Some people will give you advice, like do your hair and dress sexy. But these kinds of tips don’t work actually. In the end, you’ll only be disappointed. But don’t worry, it is not impossible to do. You just need to pick the right strategy to get a guy to like you, and I am here to help you with this.

But first of all, you need to understand that you don’t need to impress anyone, or you do not need to pretend. If a person does not like you or appreciate you for who you are, he does not deserve to be with you. If you wonder how to get a guy to like you? Be yourself and use practical tips that I will share with you in this article. So let’s get started:

How to get a guy to like you over text

Texting is a quick way to communicate with someone. It was concluded from a survey conducted in 2019 that a total of 76% of the mobile phone users in the UK sent text messages regularly. There are only 4% of people who never send any text messages. It means almost every person uses texting to communicate, so why not use it to get a guy you like. So I am going to give you some useful tips on how to get a guy to like you over text. Here is how you can do it:

Texts should be light-hearted and fun.

Whether you are trying to get someone over text or just someone you are interested in  to like you and you are are texting each other, having fun should be your priority. Always keep your texts lighthearted and playful. Making them smile with your texts is key to attract them. For example, make fun of them not in a bad way, tease them but not all the time, and say funny things about yourself and role play. It is important to be laid back and playful.

Never over text

The person who tries hard to make conversation is the person who has the power and leverage the guy that doesn’t bother to message means he is trying to chase others. So do not put much effort. If you want them to like you or pursue you, text ratio should be 1:1. Text him as frequently as he text’s you. It should be like a game of tennis never be the one reaching out constantly.

Make them feel good

If you’re wondering how to get a guy to like you over text? This one the best strategy you can use. I am not saying praise them all the time. But make them feel good, like if you saw their latest picture on a social media account, leave them a text like, “That black jacket looked good on you.” They will feel special. It is important to observe and listen make him feel you are fond of him without giving away too much keep the mystery.

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How to get a guy to like you online

Stats show that among people using online dating websites, 54% are men, and 47.6% are women, which shows that men are more interested in online dating than women. Online dating can be a good way to find the love of your life. Let say you saw a profile and you really liked the guy, but now you don’t know how to get a guy to like you online, what will you do? Don’t worry, following these tips will help you with this for sure.

Give him compliments

Just like you give your girl-friends compliments about their purse or a new outfit, give one to the guy you like online. Men rarely receive compliments, and when you send one, it will make you look different from other women. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to do so; this is how to get a guy to like you online.

Show him that you are really interested.

Once you start talking to him, show him that you really are interested in him. Saying that “I had a great time talking to you” will not work end conversation sending a message like this “It was nice talking to you, I am really looking forward to having this kind of convo again.” Now you have conveyed your message safely; if he will be interested in you, he will give you a clear response. So if you are wondering how to get a guy to like you online, this one is a most practical strategy to do so. Drop the bait and if he is interested he will respond positively. Never appear desperate make sure the compliment is nice but don’t come across as if you are trying to appease him too much.

How to get a guy to like you back

How to get a guy to like you back? Honestly, we all have been there, crushing over a classmate, colleague, or friend and dreaming they will like us back. But that’s not how it works, just dreaming will not be helpful at all; you need to do something practically if you want your crush to like you back. Here are some useful tips that will help you in making your crush fall in love with you:

Having a good sense of humor

If you are wondering how to get a guy to like you back? This will be perfect advice for you. Show them your fun side, don’t be anxious, and be exciting and a ray of sunshine. Stats show that 68% of men value a good sense of humor in their partners, so you can take your chance. If you did something embarrassing, turn it into a joke and laugh at it. It will show that you are a lively human being and that you can have fun this is attractive.

Be friends with them.

It is perfect advice for you if you don’t know how to get a guy to like you. When you become friends with them, you can know about them better, their hobbies, favorite things, fears, etc. it also gives you a chance to show them that you are a nice persona and they can rely on you. The advantage of being a friend is you gain insight into what they like and what they don’t like.

Deal with your fear

I know you are afraid to ask him out and probably scared to even talk to him. But being scared will not help at all. You have to put yourself out there; you can’t expect from him to read your mind. Show him that you are interested in him; ask him for a coffee date or ask him to come to an event another trick is asking him to help you out with something. If he is interested, he will give you a positive response. Otherwise, you have to try something else that will make him have to engage with you but remember be subtle you are the lady don’t chase or plead it never works.

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How to get a guy to like you again

How to get a guy to like you again?  Most women ask me this, and if you want this, you are not alone. After a breakup, it is not easy to move on, especially when you think it was because of your mistake. Or sometimes, it is not about the breakup, but your partner just loses interest in you. Handling this situation is not easy too. But no matter what, you can get your guy to like you again if he still has feelings. It may feel scary and difficult, but don’t worry, you can do this. Here are some tips for you:

Work on your communication

In both situations I have mentioned above, communication dies. So if you want to revive your relationship, you need to work on your communication. Finding a place where you can see him regularly is the first step. Say Hi! When you see him, greet with a smile, and at the start, small talks will be helpful. When you feel like you are on good terms, invite them to join you for a cup of coffee. If you both had a good time with each other, it means you had a lot of good memories, talk about them.  This is how to get a guy to like you.

Show him what he is missing.

If you are wondering how to get a guy to like you again, this one can be a very good trick. If you two are friends on social media, post your pictures on it, but don’t flood your profile with pictures. Post one after two to three days. Also, post pictures with your friends, he will notice it for sure show him you are having fun and show him progress in your life this is attractive.

Give him space

I know you want him again, you don’t know how to get a guy to like you, and you are feeling frustrated. But don’t be desperate and pushy; it will not bring him back; instead, it will take him far away from you. So give him space being around him constantly can frustrate him too. Do not contact him too often and let him experience time without you it can increase your value in his eyes if he still has feelings it may reignite them. And if you feel like he is not interested, move on.

How to get a guy to like you at work

It is not a bad thing to like someone. Sometimes you are attracted to a colleague which is fine and natural. So now you like someone in the workplace?  Are you not sure how to get a guy to like you at work? Don’t worry; you can learn the right way to start a conversation and budding attraction. Here is how you can do this:

Start talking to the guy.

If you want someone to notice you, start talking to them. That does not mean just go and start talking to them. Say Hi! To him and wait for an appropriate time to talk to them. When you are talking to him, say his name, ask him questions, it will give him a message that you two have a deeper connection. Small talks are always helpful. Healthy flirting can also help in conveying the message, like smiling at them, talking like you are really into them, asking questions like “what you doing on the weekend?” But don’t give a message that you are desperate for them.

Try to work together.

If you wonder how to get a guy to like you at the workplace, this will be perfect advice for you. Once you are on good and friendly terms of communication, it will be easy to move forward. You can offer him to help with something or ask for his advice men love feeling needed. It will give them a message that you are a nice person and a friend. But keep in mind the working environment is a sensitive one so maintain professionalism and keep your feelings for him private until establishing where you both stand.

Be confident

People will say you look charming and dress in a specific way. Do not listen to them, wear a dress you feel comfortable and confident in. Do not put a lot of makeup just to impress someone; if you like it, then do it otherwise emphasize your natural beauty. If you want to know how to get a guy to like you at the workplace, it is the best advice for you; it will make you look confident and confidence is attractive.

How to get a guy to like you more

How to get a guy to like you more? I think you are really serious about this guy and you want him to fall in love with you. Maybe he is your ideal, and you really like and him. And now you want him to like you more. You would love to do anything to attract him and fall in love with you. Don’t worry, I know how you are feeling right now, and I am here to help you with some practical tips which will make him like you more so let’s get started:

Have good morals

Having good morals is necessary; it can make fall anyone in love with you. No one will like to fall in love with a person who isn’t trustworthy. Women who are not pushovers and disciplined are liked by most of the men. Act maturely; be respectful and helpful towards everyone. About 86% of men value honesty in their partners. If you wonder how to get a guy to like you more? These traits will help you. Integrity is very important to men and one of the number one attributes in selecting a wife.

Let him put some effort.

I know you are willing to do anything but you should not, It will make you look needy and desperate. A man wants a woman with standards and options. You are asking me how to get a guy to like you more? It means he is either one of your friends, colleagues, or a person you have good relations with. Clearly, you want more, but let him put some effort too feelings are organic being too needy drives men away.

He may have an idea of how you feel about him, and if he is interested in you, you will give a response but he must show you he cares.

Do not lose hope

Trying to get someone like you more can be difficult. It needs patience and continuous effort if you really want that person in your life. So never lose hope if you do it right you will get that man one day. But this does not mean you should put eternity on this, if he is not responding even after clear signs, you should move one. Never lose hope. You will find the right person.

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How to get a guy to commit

Most men are commitment phobes. No matter how much you want them to commit and put effort into the relationship, they will always keep an eye on the exit door. It becomes really frustrating to take your relationship to the next level when all they do is making lame excuses and keep putting it off. Commitment is important in a relationship so that you can enjoy your relationship to the full and can feel secure regarding your future. So if you want to know how to get a guy to commit, you are at the right place. Here are some useful tips for you:

Give him an enjoyable company

If you are wondering how to get a guy to commit, this is perfect advice for you. You should rock his world. Make him feel comfortable around you; have fun together. You have to be at your best so that he can’t live without you. And the same goes for you; if you do not feel secure, exciting, and have fun with him, it means commitment is not for you. Some people just commit because of pressure, which is not the right thing.

Keep a sense of mystery.

When guys feel like there is nothing new about you, they do not seem interested anymore. So don’t be an open book to them. You can be mysterious even after years. He will love to find out more about you. Do not tell him everything keep some things to yourself and be full of joy and positivity. For example, when you have a night out with your girls, don’t tell him details. This is how to get a guy to commit.

Talk to him, but don’t be pushy.

It is the best advice for girls who are wondering how to get a guy to commit. Sometimes talking can help you in dealing with tough situations like this. Tell him how you feel about your relationship, and you are not asking to marry you right now but at some time in life. Make him feel comfortable and ask him to share his feelings honestly. Respect his opinion, and when he feels that you respect him and really want to be with him, he will ready to commit. Talk to him about your needs and hopes for the future. A relationship should be progressive and committed.



How to get a guy to like you? It seems a complicated question, but a little effort and time can help you in getting the right guy. We hope this advice and tips will prove helpful for you in the future. Good luck if you need more support call 03333443853 for a free consultation.


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