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How to make friends as an adult


How to make friends as an adult

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” — Muhammad Ali

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world, full of affection and care. Friends are family we choose ourselves. They are our ultimate source of love and support. Whenever we feel down, they are there to cheer us up; when we feel like giving up, they are there to motivate us. Best friends have been there when we are going through breakups, dealing with stress, and figuring out your career and life. You can totally rely on them, and the most important thing is you don’t have to pretend you can be yourself.

Whether you are celebrating big success or going through  bad times, you will find them by your side. So it is very important to have friends in life. But how to make friends as an adult? Well, making friends is neither easy nor difficult. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make friends and how you can improve your current friendship. So let’s get started:

I have no friends

“I have no friends,” you may feel this way at any time, maybe after you had a big fight or are not in a good situation. It is very difficult to handle the realization. But is it only a feeling or you really have no friends? What does it mean? How can you deal with it? I know all these questions are revolving in your mind. Let me give you an answer about why you feel like “I have no friends.”

This is a kind of question that demands brutal honesty from a person. Sometimes there are people around you, and you label them as friends, but they are not there for you when you are down. These are not your friends, really, and if you are feeling like having no friends, it is true. You got to make true friends with stronger bonds who are there for you. Having friends is a good thing, but if you don’t have any, there is nothing to worry about believe it or not this is actually a common problem; you will have more time to explore yourself. But if you really want it and wondering how to make friends as an adult? This whole article is for you.

Sometimes people have just been through a tough time, and the negative thoughts occupy our minds, and we feel this way. In this situation, it is not anyone’s fault. But if you are feeling this way it doesn’t help to isolate yourself you  have reach out and interact with people they will be individuals who are probably trying to get to know you. They can make you feel good. It is imperative for every individual to have at least 2-3 good friends

How to make new friends in your 20’s?

In schools and colleges, it is easy to make friends, but as you grow, it becomes difficult. ’20s is a very exciting time in a person’s life. During this time, you graduate or start working, start a practical life, make new relationships; life feels like it is changing. Friends you make during this time can last long. But how to make friends in your 20s. Let’s have a look:

Join meet up groups

You need to find meet up groups near your city, and there are many based on peoples preferred interest. Sign up for them, and you will be able to meet new people who can be your friends in the future. The commonality makes it easier to sustain the friendship also.

You can be friends with your co-workers.

Although an office is a place where you are fully absorbed in work, it can also be a place to find new friends. You have co-workers around you; you can build good relations with them. It will be an amazing way to make new friends in a less pressurized or forced environment..

Reconnect with old friends

Still confused about how to make new friends in your 20’s? This one is perfect for you. It is not necessary to make new friends; you can always rely on your old ones. If you have friends with whom you are not in touch anymore, it can be a time to connect with them. Especially when you just moved to their city but do not expect too much. Do make the effort to stay in touch with people. One of the most common reasons people end up with no friends is because they lose touch with people or stop contacting them people give up on you if you don’t make an effort with them.

How to make friends when you have none?

Stats showed that more than in a million adults always feel lonely in the UK. And friendship can be a cure to this loneliness. Well, it is not easy to make new friends when you never have one before. Still, you can try and for sure can enjoy all the perks friendship brings with it. But how to make friends when you have none? Let me share some tips with you:

Make yourself ready

You have no friends currently; it can be because you have had a really bad experience with your past friends, and now you are scared. But it will not help. You need to get rid of this baggage and be prepared to get a new friend.

Reach people you like

You may like some people at your workplace or your favorite café; all you need is to reach them. Start with light conversation and keep it going.

Ask questions, and maintain a conversation.

Now you have initiated a conversation, and you two say hello hi on a regular basis. It is time to make the conversation a bit longer. Ask questions about them tell about you. But first, try to be a good listener; it will help for sure. Then one day ask them if they would like to go somewhere with you.

Be hopeful

There no surety that if you do this, you can make new friends; it is a two-way thing unless the other person interested; it cannot happen. So don’t expect too much; all you can do is try take that step. There is one guarantee though if you make more effort you will find some people will reciprocate.

How to make friends in a new city?

We all need friends in our life. It is a good feeling to have someone there for you when you need them. But when you move to another city, it becomes difficult to maintain old friendships because you are away. Although you try to keep in touch, that is not enough. It is good to have new friends in a new city too. So how to make friends in a new city? Here are some tips for you:

Visit the nearest coffee shops.

Coffee shops are the best place to find new friends in a new city. You can meet people of your interests. People also promote events there and work  there using wifi in case you want to make new friends locally a coffee shop is a good start.

Use the internet

How to make friends in a new city? It is best for you. The world has become a global village; we all are connected via the internet. You can use this power of the internet to make new friends. There are plenty of applications that can install on your phone to find potential friends. You can also use social to find people of similar interests around you. There are a significant amount of friendship sites.

Visit local shops and parks.

Online friendship sites are good, but you are in a new city, so you need to connect with people. Local shops can be an excellent place to meet people in your community. Also, go for a walk in your local park, exercise at the gym or walk a dog and this way you can also meet new people.

How to make friends as an introvert?

Being an introvert is not easy; you don’t want to meet people; still, you want to have some loving and caring people around you. It is not that introverts hate people, but they want limited contact with people. So it is necessary to find friends who can understand them and accept how they are. Are you an introvert and wondering How to make friends as an introvert? Let’s have a look at the following suggestions:

Think about people you know already

As an introvert, you may not like to have new faces around you, so it would be good to interact more with people you have familiar with already, even if you have limited contact with them. Think about people you admire and those that make effort with you, and it will be easy for you to make them friends. It is easier to start friendship organically and when there is mutual admiration and respect.

Let them know who you are

How to make friends as an introvert? Well, it is not easy and becomes difficult when you try to impress a person and hide your true self. Let them know who you are tell them if you do not like big parties or particular kinds of events. Be open and be authentic.

Be patient

As an introvert trying something new like friendship is not a piece of cake. In the initial days of friendship, you may feel frustrated; you may feel they are not right for you. But you need to give them some time and be patient. These feelings will go away with time humans need connection make a effort to socialise.

How to make friends as an introvert with social anxiety?

Social anxiety develops when you have a strong fear of people judging you. For people who have social anxiety, it becomes difficult to maintain a connection even with friends, and it can provoke anxiety. So How to make friends as an introvert with social anxiety? Let’s have a look at things that can help you:

Put your negative thoughts aside.

A person with social anxiety will build a wall of negative thoughts around themselves. The individual may think, “I humiliate myself.” It is not an easy thing to handle. So you need to keep thoughts aside and be ready to make new friends.

Fight your fear

We tend to avoid things we are afraid of. But avoiding your fears can be a cause of long term anxiety. You need to fight your fear and try to meet new people. You are afraid to be social but go out there even if you feel uncomfortable to stay to try and talk to new people.

Seek professional help

If you are wondering How to make friends as an introvert with social anxiety? This is the best you can do. Professionals can help you in the best way. Therapy is very beneficial as it is estimated that about 75% of people are satisfied after having therapy. So you can also try it.

Losing friends in your 40’s

You may notice that people have fewer or almost no friends in your 40’s. It can feel horrible as it brings feelings of loneliness. But losing friends in your 40’sis not a bad thing; it is totally normal. And it has some real reasons behind it, for example, you moved to a different city, or your interests are changed, or maybe you ended some of the one-sided friendships, people have kids or got married. So if this change is bringing negativity in your life, you need to deal with it.  You are not in college or a teenager anymore, so it is totally fine losing friends in the ’40s and unfortunately is a natural process of getting older

Still, if you are worried about losing or having almost no friends in your 40’s here is what you need to know:

  • Losing friendships is not always bad; you may be able to get rid of some toxic friendships from your life. There is always a possibility to find new friends and there are a lot of people in their40’s in the same situation as you, and this article is all about How to make friends as an adult, so you can take help from it.
  • This time you can use to work on yourself and try some new things. You can enjoy this time with yourself and, most importantly, your family. You can think about starting a new business, your hobbies ,self-improvement etc too. Then moving forward get social join meet up groups, gym classes, volunteer groups, learning groups, short courses and more

Why do friends change when they get into a relationship?

Did you have a friend very close to you, but he or she has recently got into a relationship, a committed one? Now you feel like he/she is changed, but you are wondering why do friends change when they get into a relationship? Well, the answer to this question is simple. They have started a new chapter of their life, which is also very important. You will, for sure, feel changes as, before this relationship, you were single.

I know you are sad and confused that Why do friends change when they get into a relationship? But it is reality, and you need to accept. It is not a bad change; you should be happy for them that they find someone they love truly, and you should give them a little space so that they can handle this new relationship. Here is how you can deal with this change:

  • Try to accept the change but don’t let it affect your friendship in a bad way.
  • Be kind and supportive towards your friend.
  • Do not try to turn them against their partner.
  • Try to get some new hobbies and make yourself busy into something productive so that you may not miss them as much keep yourself busy and make new friends do not be codependent on this one friend.
  • Accept your single status, and do not try to rush into a relationship just because your friend is in a relationship.

Friends change when they get new friends

Friendships do not remain the same all the time. It is true that friends change when they get new friends. But it is not that bad. They may change a little bit, but they are still your friend. I know it is not easy for you to share your friend with someone else, but this is life. We all change as we grow, so you need to deal with it.

Friends change when they get new friends, so how to deal with it? Here are some tips for you:

  • You may feel sad, but you need to give it some time and make some new adjustments so that you can move forward in your life.
  • When friendships start changing, it may feel scary but keep in mind it is not that bad. Now you have an opportunity to connect with new people and make new friends.
  • Whether you are feeling sad, frustrate, or even jealous, do not ignore your feelings. Try to process these feelings, share these with some other close friends.
  • I am not saying your friendship is ended completely; there is still hope. You can talk to your friend about this change if they care, they will try to understand but don’t behave jealous or difficult with your friend
  • Adapt to the new structure of your friendship with grace do not put pressure or cause conflict at any point.
  • But if they don’t, you need to drop your guard and be ready to meet new people.

Friendship issues adults

Just like other relationships, friendships are also complicated. It can be easy to make friends but keeping them for a long time is very tricky, especially as an adult. There are several friendship issues adults face.  You have a job, you are in a relationship or even married, and you or your friend may have kids. In all these situations, it becomes difficult to make friendship with you. You two may live in separate cities or even countries because of career choices. In this situation, it is even more difficult to maintain a friendship.

But do these friendship issues adults face really make a friendship weaker? Well, I would say no, although it is not easy to solve these issues when two people are equally interested in keeping their friendship, they can solve these issues. Social media applications and other internet platforms have made life easier. You can always keep in touch with them and plan to meet once a week, or if you two are very busy, make sure to meet once a month or talk via Zoom. Try to be there for them when they are in trouble, never lose touch, and it will become easier for you.

How to improve friendship?

First, you wonder How to make friends as an adult? But when you find friends, you start wondering How to improve friendship? Maintaining friendship is much more complex than making friends. But you have to do your best if you want to improve your friendship and strengthen it. Here are some ways if you are wondering How to improve friendship? Let’s get started:

  • Keeping in touch is the most important thing in a friendship. If you care about your friend, you have to keep a check on them always and support them. Losing touch will make your friendship weak.
  • Tell them how you feel; it is a good thing when you two are expressive towards each other. Tell how them and show them that you appreciate having them in your life.
  • Show them care, just like your romantic relationships. Upload an appreciation post for them on Instagram or plan a movie night you obviously know what is their favorite movie.
  • Never judge them and be supportive always. If they are doing something wrong, talk to them privately but support publicly.


For me, friendship is a very important relationship in life. Sometimes you cant share your feelings with your parents, siblings, or even your partner, but you can comfortably share them with your best friend. We all need a best friend, a person we can rely on when we are in trouble or can celebrate our success. We need a person who will never judge us and will be a part of all weird activities and the ups and downs of our lives But some people don’t know How to make friends as an adult? If you are one of them, I these suggestions will prove helpful to you.

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