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How to stop being jealous


How to stop being jealous

We see jealousy has a bad reputation. It’s common to hear, “don’t be jealous or you will lose your loved ones.” But what actually is jealousy ? How would you define it? Well, defining jealousy can be complicated; generally, it refers to the feelings and thoughts of insecurity over relative lack of safety or possessions. Jealousy can consist of a single or a combination of different emotions, including resentment, disgust, helplessness, inadequacy, or anger. People don’t show jealousy using a single emotion or single behavior, but they show it through diverse behaviors and emotions.

Different forms of Jealousy

Jealousy is a very common feeling people from every culture and background can feel it. It can be of different forms. Here are some types of jealousy:


Mostly we associate jealousy with relationships. Jealousy in relationships is connected with the fear of being replaced by some other person. For instance, a wife is angry because her husband is flirting with another woman, and she thinks that she may lose him.

Status and power

This type of jealousy is mostly associated with the workplace and wealth. It is all about competition. For instance, when a person sees his colleague getting promotions or living a better lifestyle, they get jealous (not in every case, some people are really appreciative).


This kind of jealousy is related to some kind of mental health problem. This kind of jealousy leads to abusive behavior and irrational trust issues in a relationship.

Experiencing mild jealousy is normal; we all are human, after all. Mild jealousy in romantic relationships or friendship is healthy; it is a sign that one cares about their friends or partner. But it can become destructive when it is intense.

Why people become jealous?

There can be multiple reasons behind jealousy. Communication issues, loneliness, and low self-esteem can lead to jealousy. Other common causes of jealousy are as follows:

  • When one sibling feels that others are getting more attention and love from parents or caretakers, he can get jealous.
  • When people feel insecure, they get jealous.
  • Competition between students, coworkers, and siblings can also be a cause of jealousy.
  • When a person feels that they are perfect and then finds someone else succeeding and getting what they want, he gets jealous. They thinks that another person’s success can affect them negatively and take the spotlight away from them.
  • People who have trust issues with their partners or friends get jealous when their partners and friends spend time with others.

How jealousy is related to poor mental health?

As I mentioned above, mild jealousy between friends and partners is healthy; they can overcome it. But when someone is experiencing intensive jealousy, it can be a sign of some underlying mental health problem. Some mental health problems and symptoms related to jealousy are as follows:

  • Attachment issues
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Borderline personality
  • Psychosis

If you think that you are experiencing extreme jealousy because of some mental health problems, there is hope for you. You can take help from professionals and ask them, “How to stop being jealous.” But this will be needed at an extreme level; otherwise, you can also try yourself to overcome this problem with self-help books, audiobooks and wellbeing podcasts.

How to stop being jealous


Now you know what is jealousy, its forms, and its causes. Now the most important thing is to deal with it, to overcome this destructive emotion. We ignore our emotions most of the time; we tell ourselves that it is not how we feel. Denial is not a solution to any problem; it only makes things worse. The moment you accept that you have a problem and you want a solution, that’s when your process of recovery starts.

I know how difficult it is to deal with jealousy, you think that you will lose your loved ones, or someone will steal your place. It’s terrifying, but baseless insecurities never make things better. So, “How to stop being jealous?” don’t worry, I am here to help you with this. I will give you some tips that will help you in overcoming the emotions of jealousy. You will feel improvement, but if you don’t feel like this, make sure to take some professional help i.e therapy or life coaching; otherwise, you will end up ruining your precious relationships and important people in your life. So let’s get started.

How to stop being jealous of others

Jealousy is a toxic emotion that can ruin everything. It does not only affect the person who is jealous but also the people surrounding him. It should be better to get rid of such a toxic emotion.  So you are wondering, “How to stop being jealous of others” well here are some simple strategies that you can try to keep it at bay:

Don’t feel ashamed

Do not feel ashamed of being jealous instead own it. We all have flaws; no one is perfect. The most important thing is to own your emotions even if they are toxic and then try to deal with them. It will threaten you obviously as you are admitting your weakness. But to fix some issues first, you need to acknowledge the fact that they exist everyone has weaknesses.

Appreciate yourself

Obviously, appreciating others is good, but appreciating yourself is necessary. People are doing better, and it makes you feel insecure. You see a person who is taller than you, and you get jealous of their height, why don’t I have it. These are all materialistic things. Inner beauty is all that matters. You want to have a successful career or a better lifestyle, focus on your skills, is what you can do. If someone is better in some way, you have your own strengths too. So if you are wondering, “How to stop being jealous of others, “appreciate yourself, love yourself only, then you can overcome this emotion.

How to stop being jealous of others success


Watching other people getting successful day by day when your own career is at stake is not a good experience. In this situation, jealousy is common, but it does not help at all, it will only decrease productivity, and you won’t be able to do better at your job. But How to stop being jealous of other’s success? Here is what you can do:

Reframe your mindset

How to stop being jealous of other’s success? You need to understand that if someone is successful, it is not about you; they are not stealing something from you. The individual is doing things for they own sake. You, too, have a lot of opportunities ahead. Think about these opportunities and try to use them in a better way. If someone is wealthy, that does not mean you also have to be rich, do what you want to do from your heart and strive to be the best you can be.

Self-awareness is key

How to stop being jealous of other’s success,” start with self-awareness. When you don’t have self-awareness, you think that things will remain the same. You see that others are doing better, and you get jealous. But you don’t know that you have the potential to improve you can make yourself better too. Only self-awareness can help here, not a comparison. Once you know what you have, you can understand the positivity that is around you and will put your energy where it is needed. It is important to have gratitude for the things that you have.

How to stop being jealous of your ex

Recent divorce statistics show that about 42% of marriages end in divorce in England, and it is not easy to move on after that. Almost all of us have been there, hating our exes and getting jealous after seeing them moving on with their lives. It seems painful; we think that we are easily replaceable, and it feels like we have wasted our time. It becomes even worse when we are still in love with them. But what is done is done, we can’t change it. Now the point is, “How to stop being jealous of your ex.” All you need to do is to take deep breaths and follow my tips.

Allow yourself to feel bad.

You are wondering, “How to stop being jealous of your ex” Well, let yourself feel bad. It is not easy to move on and seeing your ex happy without you feel like a betrayal even if you two have broken up months ago. It is okay if you are sad and jealous, but don’t scold yourself for feeling like this. There will naturally be some resentment but don’t hold on to it for too long.

Avoid contact

“How to stop being jealous of your ex” first of all, keep yourself away from him/her and avoid any kind of contact. Seeing him, again and again, will only make this toxic emotion stronger and stronger. It will make things only worse. When you do not see your ex regularly, you won’t think about them as much, and these emotions will fade away ultimately with time. Unfollow and block move on.

How to stop being jealous of your friend

Stats showed that 95% of adults in the UK aged 16 and above have at least one close friend, and about 68% of adults have from 2 to 6 friends.

Friends are necessary so that we can rely on them; there are some things that we cannot share with even our parents and siblings but with our friends. But sometimes we get jealous of our friends. There can be several reasons, for instance, your friend is in a relationship, and you are single, or they are successful in their career while you are still struggling. You accepted that you are jealous, but How to stop being jealous of your friend? Well it is simple here is how you can do this:

Be appreciative

If a friend is doing better in her career or her relationship, you need to appreciate them. This is what we all expect from a friend. If you don’t know How to stop being jealous of your friend? Try to keep things normal; don’t behave angrily. You need to be proud of your friends that they are doing well. Don’t be jealous; instead, get inspiration from them. This way, you can turn your negative emotions into positivity. Be proud and happy to be friends with someone who is doing well

Be more independent

How to stop being jealous of your friend when he/she is in a relationship? When your friend is in a relationship, you get jealous because you think that your friendship is not like before. But it is not that bad they have found someone who loves them, which is a good thing. Your relationship is no doubt, not like before, but you still are friends, so you should accept this change and give them some space. If he/she is your only friend and now you feel lonely, try to be more independent, do things on your own and make new friends too. Do not be too codependent on them.

How to stop being jealous and controlling

Being jealous is normal, but jealousy controlling others and showing aggressive behavior is not normal at all. If it is at an early stage, you can try to deal with it, and hopefully, you will succeed. But if it is bad ,abusive or aggressive, it is a sign that you have some kind of mental health problem and you need professional help. I know you are thinking about How to stop being jealous and controlling? So here are some tips for you:

Know why are you jealous

If you are wondering how to stop being jealous, you need to know people are different, so are their relationships. Sometimes you need to work on your relationship to make it better. But when your partner is not truthful, you have all the right to feel distrustful. But you need to understand that jealousy and controlling behavior will not prove helpful. Sometimes you are jealous just because of your own security, so it is really very necessary to find out the real reason for being jealous and controlling behavior. Be honest with yourself and ascertain the root cause of your behaviour and then tackle this negative pattern.

Look for commonalities

If you wonder How to stop being jealous and controlling around a specific person, try to find common things between yourself and him. Look for traits that you both share; this way, you will realize they are human too. It will help in dealing with your jealous and controlling behavior as you will be able to relate them on common ground. It is important you recognize that all people have their strengths and weaknesses.

How to stop being jealous in a relationship

Relationships are tough to handle, and jealousy can make them even worse. And if you do not deal with jealousy, you will end up losing your partner too. But How to stop being jealous in a relationship? Is it easy? No, it is not that easy, and it is natural. Being jealous in a relationship is a good thing but up to a limit.

How to stop being jealous in a relationship? Well, you are jealous when you have worst past experiences, so if you want to deal with first, let your wounds heal. Keep in mind that not all people are the same. You two are in a loving relationship, and there is no point in being jealous. Try to discuss your feelings with your partner; tell them why you are feeling this way. In this situation, all you need are some loving words and surety that your partner loves you and will never leave you. They will surely help you with this.

How to stop being jealous in marriage

Marriages need effort and time, and jealousy can ruin a marriage. When you are jealous, you try to invade the privacy of your partner. You become controlling and want to change them, which is not good at all. But how to stop being jealous in marriage, first of all, you need to find the reason why you are jealous. If it is just about your own insecurities, you need to work on them. When you understand that it will hurt your marriage and, most importantly, your spouse, you will try to make things better.

If you are wondering How to stop being jealous in marriage, first of all, you need to stop spying on your spouse. Do not invade their privacy and try to understand them. Try to create an environment of trust. Discuss it with your spouse and try to solve the complicated situation.

If you are feeling that it is not easy for you to handle this jealousy take help form relationship counselors and embark on couples therapy with M.D.D coaches. They will guide you properly on how to stop being jealous and work on your marriage to make it successful.

How to stop being jealous of everything

We all want to live a jealousy free life because it brings negativity only. We cannot eliminate this emotion completely, but we can deal with it for sure. We feel jealous of other’s talents, appearance, relationships, and wealth. This does not bring any kind of positivity in life. Now it is time to get rid of this toxic feeling. You are wondering How to stop being jealous of everything? Don’t worry; The following tips will surely help you:

Focus on better things in life

I know you feel upset when you see others getting better and better in their lives that you forget to appreciate what you have. So instead of focusing on other people’s achievements, focus on what you have, and be thankful for it.

Avoid people who are not thankful.

Do you wonder How to stop being jealous of everything? Well, you may know these kinds of people who always complain but never appreciate what they have. They always talk negatively about other’s achievements in life. So you need to get rid of these kinds of people. They only bring negativity and jealousy.

Be generous

How to stop being jealous of everything? Even if you have to force yourself, do this, and make generosity a habit. Help others with your skills, talents, and abilities. Do charity and spend time with those who have less than you. This way, you will have a sense of fulfillment. Love what you have and work on self-improvement to improve confidence


When jealousy is at the initial stage dealing with it is easy, but when it becomes unhealthy, it is hard to deal with it. Jealousy makes relationships, friendships, and marriages toxic. So when you feel like you are jealous, start working on it, if you can’t handle, seek professional help. If you are wondering How to stop being jealous, I hope my article and suggestions will prove helpful for you. Call 03333443853 and book in  a free consultation now.

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