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It happens to a lot of men and it is a very tricky situation. The problem is for men, as the saying goes, all a man has is his pride. Dating someone with a bad reputation is something most men would rather avoid if possible.

It can be so hard for a man to have bad and negative comments being made about his other half/girlfriend. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s or older it is a nightmare when one of your friends starts telling negative stories or statements about your partner. It is all becoming extremely embarrassing. So what are you going to do? Break up the relationship? It is personally up to you but, how badly is it bothering you?

Does she have a long list of exes? An undesirable past? None of your family or friends like her? The situation is tricky. I mean do you live your life for other people? Quite obviously you don’t but does it make you feel uncomfortable? Dating someone with a bad reputation is only suitable for strong characters.

” Dating someone with a bad reputation can be difficult but love is the most important thing some say after all love conquers all”

Consider the following points before making your decision:

(i) Are You Proud To Be Seen With Her?

Do you find yourself keeping the relationship on the low to avoid bumping into friends on nights out? Do you hesitate at the mention of plans about the future because you are not keen? Do you deny your feelings for her because you are ashamed? When your male friends ask about her, you act like you are not bothered and it is just casual. But the truth is that you really like her a lot.

(ii) Is This Problem You Have With Her Something That Can Be Changed Or Will Blow Over With Time?

Let’s say for example, she is addicted to alcohol/drug. Was this her past? It is not good to be judgmental as no one is perfect. But at the same time, every individual has his/her limit of what they can tolerate. Is it something more about trust? Does she have a promiscuous past that you find awkward dealing with? Has she dated too many guys that you know and your pride can’t deal with that fact? No one can tell you what you want to do in these circumstances but always go with your heart, beliefs and principles.

If you are uncomfortable and not proud of her, you are likely to end the relationship or move forward and say to yourself “everyone has a past”.

(iii) Is It Something That Goes Against Your Principles, Values And Religion?

If it is against your religion, principles or values, this is a lot more of a difficult decision as these things are an embodiment of what you stand for. People’s religious beliefs, their principles and integrity are things that are dear and close to their heart. Sometimes, if a prospective partner does not fit in with these, it can be difficult to proceed with the relationship.

To be honest, other people’s opinions and beliefs have nothing to do with your relationship. The question is, does it make you comfortable? It is your life and you what is right for you. Make the decision you believe is best for you. Dating someone with a bad reputation can work but it depends on your resilience and if that reputation is firmly in the past.

Miss Date Doctor xxx.

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