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  • Learning how to have a better relationship
  • Introspection test
  • Learn where you are going wrong
  • Love language testing
  • Learn about boundaries
  • Establishing your relationship needs
  • Address past negative relationship patterns
  • Learn about boundaries
  • Relationship facets relationship course
  • 2-hour session face to face and 1 phone call
  • Coaching and relationship skills education
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How to set boundaries package

This course will teach you how to:

  • Correct unhealthy dating patterns
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Have more confidence
  • Not be afraid to walk away from negative relationships
  • Enforce boundaries when disrespected
  • Build respect in relationships
  • Relationship course material targeting and mastering techniques to setting boundaries in your daily life and with individuals
  • Enhance understanding and self-communication
  • Recognise personal needs
  • Pinpoint areas that are causing present issues
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How to be a better partner package

  • Dating is a skill and a skill that is learned through failure and experience.Whether you are married,in a relationship or single improving your relationship skills is vital towards having success in love.In this course, you will be taught the following:
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Self-awareness and Social awareness
    • You will be taught empathy, emotional validation, consideration and civility
    • These three relationship skills go hand in hand. Together they form a foundation of caring, trust, and connection to which couples can more easily return when they find themselves in times of stress, tension, or emotional distance.
    • Relationship course informational material teaching you how to be a better partner
    • How to become a better partner is vital in today’s society the healthiest relationships are built on respect, trust and communication to learn these facets and to understand what skills you need to sustain a long-lasting relationship are imperative. This course will teach everything you need to know with the support of a qualified coach guiding and educating you. Learn how to become a better partner today.

      This the relationship course to teach you how to have a better partner if you keep failing at love and need more professional guidance and insight into the do’s and don’ts speak to a coach now 0333344853

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How to have confidence package

  • A training course for those lacking in confidence and suffering from low self-esteem.
  • Confidence and self-esteem issues can have a very detrimental effect on progressing in your dating life and having healthy relationships. This course will consist of a full assessment of your history. emotions, self-belief, dating history, and insight into how to build your confidence and forge a stronger self-belief pattern and supporting you to become a better and more confident person able to face the ups and downs and challenges of daily life and believing in yourself and knowing you can overcome any obstacle in dating, relationships or daily life.
  • Confidence can be lost when we face negative situations but can be regained with indoctrination and social awareness and emotional intelligence education.
  • Relationship course specialising and focusing on your confidence in a relationship and how to increase it

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Relationship course: The reasons you should take a relationship course

The joy and passion that kicks at the beginning of a relationship soon washes away with time. The insane sexual desire has dropped a bit, and the intimacy also seems to be going down hill. The sense of being extremely special to someone has even gone with the wind, and now you are wondering whether it was all worth it or not-right? The essence of why you are with someone seems to be lost! You are now questioning the existence of your bond! Sometimes, you feel like you are just living with someone instead of being in a relationship with them. It is more of sharing your space with someone rather than functioning with someone. We all have been there, and we all know how it feels. It might feel like you are hitting rock bottom, but you are not.


A bond that lasts over the years is going to lose the spark now and then. You won’t get the butterflies all the time as you will get comfortable with your partner. It will be home instead of being your first ever date. Once you understand this, it will be much easier to handle the hardships of your relationship. However, in today’s modern world, commitments are becoming a very complicated thing to handle. People are allowing false expectations to cloud their minds and live in an imaginary world that doesn’t exist outside the screens of a smartphone. This leads to huge problems and a high rate in separation and divorce too. Therefore, to secure these precious bonds and save a relationship, online relationship courses are now trending. They offer instant support and help to couples who are undergoing problems and singles that would like to learn how to have healthy relationships but are willing to learn and  resolve issues they may be experiencing.


Reasons to take relationship courses:

Relationship courses have been around for a long time, but nowadays, they are getting a lot of attention and are being appreciated massively. This is because these courses are offering a lot of benefits to couples and singles these days and are helping in guiding them towards a practical bond where understanding is the key to success. If you think that your relationship is suffering  or your ability to sustain a relationship and you want to put it back together, then you can rely on some of the best relationship courses to help you out. Here are some reasons to take relationship courses:


  • Understand the types of relationships:

The problem with relations these days is that we do not know what kind of bond we need. There are different types of relationships, and if you can define your type, then your commitment will be much better. Identifying your love type is one of the most important reasons to take relationship courses.


  • Things that can sabotage your intimacy:

Some things undermine your need for affection, and we all have some of them. Realizing them and understanding them is the key to keep the spark alive. Through the right relationship course, you can follow the elements that sabotage your intimacy, and you can work on them, to improve yourself.


  • Why you attract who you attract:

We usually whine about the fact that we get attracted to the wrong people or the wrong people are attracted towards us. But we never think about why do we always seem to magnetize a specific “type”. Through relationship courses, you understand why you attract those people and what needs to be done, to change it.


  • How we mess up love:

In today’s modern world, we tend to mess up love because we underestimate and weight it out with unrealistic expectations. With the help of a relationship course, you are provided with a sane outlook of love and how you can stop messing it up. It helps you understand its importance so that you can deal with it in a much better manner.


  • Importance of sex:

Physical connection holds a lot of stress in keeping the spark alive in a relationship. With time, we tend to underestimate the power of good sex, and this messes up the relation. If you want to keep a bond healthy, make sure that the sex is good and emotional and physical connection remains high. Through counselling and courses, you will be able to understand the role sex plays in relationships.


  • Keys to a successful relationship:

Relationship courses provide you with practical tips that can mould your bond into the best one. It provides you with critical elements that are important for a successful relationship.


  • Things to take care of:

We often forget ourselves in the urge to keep our relationship going well. These courses tend to provide us with a proper path for ourselves too. They help you understand the need for self-care and self-love. These two elements not only boost us personally but play a huge role in putting two people together.

  • Signs of a bad relationship:

Sometimes, we try to breathe in the air in a relationship that has long died. We do not realize the fact that that bond is no longer. Thus, through relationship courses, you can understand whether your friendship is repairable or not. If yes, you are provided with various logical ways to make it work. If no, you are given advice and help about how to deal with the situation and the heartbreak.


  • Improvement of Communication:

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. If you do not communicate on a reasonable basis, then you are not going to maintain your bond for a long time. Thus, taking a course can help you boost your communication skills and develop a stronger relationship for better understanding and communication.



  • Dealing with difficult times:

Relationship courses provide you with methods and a set of skills that are essential for handling difficult times, without being offensive towards your partner. It practices you to deal with love and compatibility instead of harshness.


So, you see? Relationship courses can help you in developing a stronger bond and learn things that are crucial for maintaining a commitment for a lifetime.


Relationship Courses are Enlightening:

We are so severely indulged in our monotonous routines and false expectations that we forget that the real world is entirely different. We tend to treat our relationships the same way and then we complain when nothing falls in the right place. This is why relationship counselling and relationship courses are being beneficial these days. Miss Date Doctor is a experienced brand in the world of relationship therapy, and we provide a vast array of relationship services. We tend to help people in developing a stronger bond and keep their relationship healthy for years to come. If you are looking for courses then you can visit them here



If you are looking to improve yourself, then you can rely on us for this purpose as well. Check out our self-improvement services here


In a nutshell the benefits of relationship courses:

A bond is built with the mutual effort of two people. Make sure that you are providing it with the right energy, time, attention and affection that it deserves. Love doesn’t mean to have a picture-perfect life, like those you see on Instagram. It requires a lot of effort and sane ways to keep yourself from falling. Don’t let the social media cloud your vision .It is imperative to seek real love and handle it properly with the correct relationship education and tools before it is too late.

We offer online relationship courses and face to face relationship courses you choose your preference call 03333443853 for a free consultation now