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Ghosted ghosting meaning

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Ghosted ghosting meaning

Ghosted ghosting meaning how does it all start? First, it is just a single text that is not answered, but then it becomes ten unanswered texts. After that, you try to call them, but in vain, your calls go to voicemail. There is no response but just deeper silence. You start worrying about your friend or partner, why is this person not replying? Did something bad happen to them? Why this disappearance? And suddenly, you will see a post on social media from your mutual friend or you will see blue ticks on Whatsapp which will show the message is read, and you will know that the person is still alive. Well, the person is healthy and happy too, living their best life.

They just disappear from your life, not others, and certainly, they are ghosting you. This article is all about ghosting. You will know what ghosting meaning or ghosting definition is, why people do this, and how you can deal with it. So let’s get started:

Ghosting meaning

Ghosting meaning is to cease the communication without informing other partners. It is a colloquial term used in the sense of ignoring someone.

Ghosting definition

According to Oxford University, here is the ghosting definition:

“The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”

Ghosting psychology

A survey of 800 daters (18-33 years old) was conducted by The Plenty of Fish dating site, and about 80% of daters reported being ghosted. Ghosting psychology behind this behavior is that it is easy to ghost someone for a breakup, especially when you have met online. But for ghostee, it is not easy at all. People who are being ghosted know how painful this whole process is. It becomes difficult for them to figure out what happened and why. Several questions are left behind unanswered, like where was I wrong? Am I really not good enough for anyone? Did he really care about me? We desperately try to figure out the ghosting meaning and this is normal and expected the emotional impact of ghosting is incredibly difficult.

It also leaves long-lasting and negative effects on the self-esteem of the ghostee, especially when they are already struggling with it. But why do people ghost? What is ghosting psychology; let’s have a look at this:

For avoiding confrontation

It includes any kind of direct conversation in which there are even slight chances of the other person getting angry or upset. Many people are conflict-avoidant; instead of discussing something or having an argument, they would prefer walking away or changing the subject. Fear of raging responses such as criticizing, yelling, or avoidance of any kind of emotional response (like crying) is very common. In my opinion, it is not a character flaw, and not all ghosts are selfish, so instead of judging, forgiving, and moving on with life is better. The ghosting meaning as explained earlier is leaving without explanation and a large number of people do this to avoid the confrontation it is not personal most people hate confrontation.

For avoiding emotional intimacy

Some people have a fear of emotional intimacy; they are scared to allow themselves to care deeply about others and accepting it. Such people can date for a month or even for years until they can maintain emotional distance. The whole dating experience remains normal until this fear of getting too close to someone is triggered. That does not mean the person who was being ghosted was at fault. Several situations can trigger this subconscious fear. Awareness is needed; it is not an easy issue to overcome; it requires time, effort, and proper guidance.


Narcissists are not empathic about emotional pain, others, including the person they are dating. If a person shows a lack of empathy, it can be a sign that he is a narcissist, which could be the reason behind the whole ghosting thing. If you have dated the person long enough, you might know about it and may have noticed a lack of consideration or others. It might be unexpected for you to know that you are also included in that “others.”

For avoiding a violent reaction

As compared to other situations, this happens less; a person may disappear because he is afraid of aggressive and violent behavior after a breakup statement. In my opinion, it is not ghosting but self-protection behavior. In some cases, sudden disappearance is the only safe way to get out of a complicated relationship, especially when it is abusive.

I do not intend to excuse ghosting, but these could be some of the reasons unless the person is not really a cruel individual if you have experienced it. Make sure if you intend to ghost someone, consider some kinder options and respectful ways to end it.

Being ghosted in a relationship

Two studies in 2018 showed that about 25% of people had been ghosted at some point in their lives. Being ghosted in a relationship feels terrible. It feels like the person you loved has disrespected you. You feel used and disposable. It can be even more traumatic if you have been in a relationship with a person for a really long time, and you have some memorable time together. When a person we love and trust a lot disappears suddenly, it feels like a betrayal.

What is ghosting in dating? Let me share my experience with you. I have also been through this when I was dating this guy from my college. We were best friends initially, but when our studies were completed, we started dating. And one day, he just stopped texting me and didn’t return my calls. I thought something went wrong with him, but later I came to know he was totally fine but just didn’t want to be with me. It was really painful and disappointing for me. It took me so long to recover from this. In this article, I will also share some tips. But let me share some of my friend’s experiences, how they felt after being ghosted in a relationship:

  • One of my friends told me that she felt like someone punched her in the gut when ghosted by a guy. Lack of closure was maddening. She said, “my self-esteem was hit badly, it was even worse than a normal breakup would be in me realizing he didn’t even consider me worth breaking up with.”
  • Another friend told me that she could not go back to normal life for about half a year. She said that she had to join therapy as her self-confidence was damaged badly.

No doubt, ghosting is the cruelest form of dating torture. Make sure if you want to break up, do it personally; otherwise, you are making the other person’s life miserable and making them feel insignificant which is not a nice thing to do to anyone. Otherwise, you may feel like, “I regret ghosting her, or him why I did I do this.”

Ghosting relationship

Sometimes we just misunderstand a person, so how to know if you are in a ghosting relationship? Maybe the person is temporarily busy or perhaps a little distracted to get back to you. All you need is to look for signs of a ghosting relationship. It can also happen because the person has a lot on their plate or has to complete a new project at work. Here are some signs that you need to look for if you are being ghosted in a relationship:

Are they behaving differently?

It is normal for some people; they go off the radar  for a really long time before they get back to you. So it is not the issue if they do not respond quickly. But if they are responsive, usually even when they are busy, but are not replying to you currently, chances are you have been ghosted.

Are you feeling changes in a relationship?

Relationships need efforts and commitment from both sides. If your relationship is at the initial stages and you have not talked about commitment yet, you texted something meaningful like “I love you,” and they are not replying, means you have been ghosted. In some cases the minute you show you want commitment the person runs away.

Has either of you recently been through major life events?

Did they start a new job? Or move to a different place? Or something traumatic happens in their life? When there is growing emotional or physical distance keeping up can be difficult; in this situation, ghosting seems an easy option. Silence can be temporary in some cases but can be permanent in some cases. It feels terrible being ghosted by a guy or a girl.

What is ghosting in texting?

We are living in a modern world where dating through texting or Whatsapp is very common. It also helps in maintaining communication in a relationship. Texting can also provide you clues on their feelings towards you. But dating on social apps and texting has made ghosting easy. A lot of people get ghosted on tinder. Instead of dealing with the whole breakup awkwardness and melodrama, ghosters either send enigmatic, uninterested text messages or just stop texting at all without any explanation. It can be really frustrating.

What is ghosting in texting? Although ghosting means completely cutting off with someone, there can be hints. When someone is not showing interest in texting or not seem active in keeping touch, it is clear that they will ghost you. Here is how changed behavior in texting can give you hints that you are going to be ghosted.

Response time has increased.

Response time in texting can give big hints about where you are ranked in terms of priorities. But you need to have a little perspective before judging someone. For instance, if a person takes a longer time to respond to your texts, he might be busy at work and will get back to you when it is over. But when it takes days to give you a reply, it is a sign he or she is going to ghost you.

Avoid meeting you or making plans.

You text them, “let’s go for a picnic this Saturday” or “it’s been several days since we met, lets catch up,” but all you get, “I have to complete this very important project, I can’t go with you” or “I am pretty busy these days.” If it happens rarely,  it is okay, but if now the person is totally avoiding meeting, you have been ghosted.

Conversations seem one-sided

If you have been ghosted on tinder, you might have experienced this. Sometimes it is not just about the frequency of text messages but what they are actually saying to you. They may reply to you quickly, but in single words like, “Okay,” “sure,” “hmm.” No matter how much you try to have a long better conversation, you find yourself at a dead end. Look at signs such as if they are checking on you and ask how you are doing? What is new n life? If they don’t show any interest in you or what is happening in your life, they are going to ghost you.

Do they cancel at the last minute?

Sometimes they totally avoid making plans with you, but sometimes they agree on going out with you but cancel at the last minute on the text. This also needs a little perspective. For instance, they might have an emergency, and they really have to cancel, but summing up the previous behavior and canceled plans in the past indicate that they do not seem interested in you. If you are wondering what is ghosting in texting, this is a clear example for you.

What to text after being ghosted

Ghosting is not easy to handle, but the best you can do is ignore and move on with your life. I know it is not easy to do, but it is for the best. But some of us really need closure to move on. You can leave a message for them if you want; if you think it will make you feel any better, you can try, but what to text after being ghosted or how to respond when they are slowly ghosting you?

Here are some text examples you can send when someone is ghosting you slowly:

“Hey! It’s been a week since I haven’t heard from you, I thing you are not interested in this anymore, please be clear about, I would rather know where I stand in this whole scenario.”

“Hey, is everything okay with you? I haven’t heard from you from a while know, I thought it was going really well. I really felt special connection between us but if you do not feel same way, just tell me! There is no pressure we can remain friends no hard feelings.”

“I don’t want to assume anything on my own, but it’s been ages since you contacted me, is everything alright? You can tell me if you are no more interested in getting to know each other.”

If you are wondering what to text after being ghosted, here are some examples of texts people use but please note I personally advise you not to be abrasive:

“I haven’t heard from you since ages, so I am assuming it is over now. I wish you were just clear and honest with me about how did you feel. It is rude to leave someone hanging like this.”

“I really hoped that you and I would go somewhere, but I guess it hasn’t worked out .Good luck for you and make sure not to ghost any other guy/girl you meet in future and handle it maturely.”

“Wow. Well, I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m really not. I wish you were just upfront about it, but it appears you don’t have much decency. I hope no one else has to deal with this kind of behavior from you.”

“Since you clearly don’t have much respect to discuss things in person or send at least a rejection text, I’d thought I’d help you out. “Dear (my name), I’m sorry I am not interested in you anymore.” See? It is not that difficult, next time try this. You have ruined everything, make sure not text me ever.”

“I’m just surprised what happened to make you vanish so suddenly. If you weren’t interested, you could’ve just told me. Feelings can change but we must behave respectfully towards each other. If it’s something else, I’d like to know. Just for clarity.”

How to ghost a guy you like?

Ghosting someone is really not the right thing to do. I would suggest you avoid it at any cost. But sometimes we want to avoid all the awkwardness and do not want to experience all this weirdness personally. So how to ghost a guy you like? If you wish to sever the contact temporarily, giving an explanation makes you look kinder and more mature.

Start with lengthening the response. If you are not interested at all, late and short replies to their texts can give them a hint that you are not interested anymore. After a while, let them know that you really appreciate the time you two spend, but it cannot work.

How to ghost a guy you like? When he wants to go out with you and keep on asking about it, making excuses every time will make him feel humiliated. So it would be better to say things like I have to work on this project and it will take a few weeks, so I am not available. They may take the hint at that point.

I regret ghosting her.

Sometimes it is not easy for the ghost too. You may feel like, “I regret ghosting her.” But it is useless to cry over spilled milk. I would suggest you move on from it. If you really want to feel better about it, apologize for what you have done and explain why you did this. It will make her feel better, and you too. If you want her back, you need to work really hard and put your whole effort to assure her this won’t happen again.

How to respond to ghosting

Ghosting is a form of rejection, and it really hurts even if you barely know the person, or they are not an important part of your life just yet the ego and self-esteem get injured. You may have to face abandonment or rejection issues, and you may also get confused about self-worth, which might be fragile already.  It feels terrible, but at the same time, it is very common these days. You can’t get rid of this ghosting  thing even if you really want to. So you need to know how you can deal with it if someone ghosts you. But how to respond to ghosting?  I am here to help you with it, so let’s have a look at some of the smart ways to handle the ghosting after effects.

Chasing ghosts never helps.

They will not come back to you, and you know it. So there is no need to justify their behavior by saying they were really depressed or busy. No matter what is going on in their life, it is clear that you are not enough on their priorities to rate a text or a call. Stop looking at your phone, and don’t dare to contact. If necessary, hide your phone from yourself. Do not contact them even if you really want to know why. Chasing a ghost is just like trying to pin down a shadow, and it never works.

Think they are invisible

How to respond to ghosting? You may bump into them if you are living in the same area or work at the same place, and it can be embarrassing. It may provoke anxiety, but the best plan is to ignore them like they never existed in your life, and right now, you can’t see them. Do not stop and have small talk or ask why; just walk on past. Obviously, we can’t see ghosts; they are not real.Look after yourself don’t cause yourself any further pain.

It is not about you, so don’t blame yourself.

After a scenario of being ghosted by someone, you start criticizing yourself and think, what if I didn’t say this or do this. You believe that it is all your fault and you are not good enough for anyone. But you need to understand that this is not about you. By ghosting you, they have given you an insight into how disrespectful they are, and they will only think about them, not others. It happened for the best move forward.

Spend time with your friends

It is one of the best ghosting responses. I know it is a terrible time for you, and you may also feel alone. It is okay but does not indulge yourself in unhealthy habits to deal with pain and stress like smoking, alcoholism, etc. these are just temporary fixes and will make your life even more miserable. Rather try to spend time in healthy activities. It would be better to spend time with your best friends. You can share your feelings, and they can help you in moving on.

Seek professional help

For some people, it is really difficult to get over this, because they are more sensitive or ruminate on what happened. Being sensitive is not a bad thing at all, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Seeking help from professionals can prove beneficial in dealing with emotional stress. You can let your feelings out in a safe place where nobody will judge you.

The best revenge for ghosting

If someone has ghosted you, the best revenge for ghosting is ignoring them and ignoring their existence. It will annoy them. Pretend like you don’t know them at all. You have probably added them to your social media accounts; do not block them at all. This way, they will be able to know how happy you are in your life and that you have moved on.

I am not saying that you have to look fake. You are trying to deal with the betrayal, adopt new hobbies, make a plan with your friends, and try to distract yourself. And in the end, you will have pictures, thanks to the digital world. Just post these pictures with good captions, and you are done. They might see these pictures and realise that you don’t care about them. It is one of the best ghosting responses.

If you are really angry and want them to know, just write a long text and send it to them. Writing your emotions will help you for sure.

Ghosting meaning Conclusion

Ghosting someone is not the right thing to do. If you are not interested in someone, go and tell them even If you have to face an extremely emotional response. It will make you feel better; otherwise, you have to deal with regret and a lot of baggage. It will also not leave the other person hanging in the middle, and they can move on with their life

If someone is ghosting you, I know it feels terrible but do not intend to take revenge as it will not bring any happiness in your life. The best revenge for ghosting is totally ignoring the person and move on with your life. It is not easy, but with your friends and family’s help, you can do this. You can also take help from professionals if you want. I have shared some tips on how you can deal with this whole ghosting thing. I hope this article will prove helpful for you. Call 03333443853 for a free consultation today.

Ghosted ghosting meaning part 2

One I met this guy at a coffee shop we online and agreed to meet up. Conversation was flowing we laughed and joked and we agreed to meet up again. A week later nothing,2 weeks later nothing not a text not a call. I sent him a message on Whatsapp no reply. This is what we call ghosting; a person just disappears without explaining anything.

Let me share an example from my friend. She was trying online dating; everything was going fine; they were having a great time. They even went on three dates. She was very happy, and she was thinking that this will go somewhere for sure. But after a few days, he just disappeared. She tried to contact him, sent multiple texts, and even called him, but he would not respond. After a few days, She saw a post from a mutual friend. It was a group selfie from a recent friend gathering. He was alive and living his best life. After seeing this, she was so upset; she was even thinking about ghosting revenge. But she was mature enough not to actually do this with him.

This is how someone ghosts you without even talking to you about it. It is a really hurtful and a unjustifiable act. In this part 2 of our ghosting article, you will learn more about ghosting. I have talked to my friends, colleagues, and almost every person around me who has been ghosted or was himself a ghoster. Based on their experiences and some of my own, I have concluded that we all have been there at some point in our lives, but the most important thing is how we deal with it. Let’s have a look at some of the facts, suggestions, and tips on ghosting.

Ghosting relationships

A recent research by Freedman, Powell, Le, & Williams, 2018has found that about 25 percent of 550 women and men have been ghosted by someone. About 20 percent reported that they had ghosted someone with whom they were involved romantically. We also found out men ghost more than women from our own research due to avoiding confrontation.

Ghosting in relationships means cutting off every kind of contact with the person without letting him know about it at all. Ghoster does not warn or explain anything before leaving. He just vanishes from your life. Most of the time, this term is used for romantic relationships. But this kind of scenario in any relationship can be referred to as ghosting. The term gained popularity after the popularity of online dating started to boom. Some people just vanish from your life just because:

  • It is easier to cut off the contact instead of telling the truth. People who want to avoid confrontation usually ghost others.
  • Some people are just commitment freak, so when you ask them to take your relationship to another level, they just shut you out completely.
  • Online dating is full of opportunities; there are endless options for a person. You talk to a lot of people at the same time without letting them know about what you are going to do next and suddenly stop talking. Its easy to stop answering if you lose interest.

How it affects the person being ghosted?

Ghosting is immoral, and it terribly affects the person being ghosted. Ghosting relationships make you feel terrible about yourself. It can cause certain problems for the ghosted person, for instance:

  • He has no idea whether the relationship is completely over or there is a solid reason behind their absence. You leave a confused person behind you when you ghost him.
  • Once they assume that the relationship is over, there is a question, “why?” the individual does not know the motive behind ghosting.
  • The individual feels a lack of closure, and this may make it difficult for them to move on.
  • The individual may feel like you have violated their trust. It becomes difficult for them to trust anyone, especially in the case of physical or emotionally intimate relationships.
  • The individual starts blaming themselve for everything wrong that happened in the relationship, even if it was not their mistake.
  • It is not easy for them to talk about their thoughts about this whole relationship or breakup thing with another person.

How can you avoid ghosting in a relationship?

If someone ghosts you or some other person, you cannot do anything about it. All you can do is amend your own behavior so that they can communicate with you instead of ghosting and try not to ghost anyone set boundaries also to protect yourself. But how can someone avoid ghosting relationships? Let me share some tips with you.

Good communication

Communication is key to every relationship. If you really want to avoid ghosting in a relationship, make sure to have good communication from the start. Tell them how you feel about ghosting and how hurtful an act it is for you. Make them realize that you value communication, and they can talk to you about anything. Do not be adverse to negative feedback let them feel comfortable with you.

Ask questions

It is brilliant to ask questions on your date as this will make it interesting and you gain insight. You can learn a lot about each other. This way, you can know about how they will behave. You can know early if they are mature enough or not.

Ghosting revenge

It feels terrible to be ghosted by someone, especially when you felt a really strong bond with them. After being ghosted by someone, a person may want to get revenge. But let me tell you one thing taking revenge is not necessary. It is just like wasting time on someone who does not deserve you or your attention in a positive or negative way. When you think about ghosting revenge, you are surrounded by negative energy all around yourself. It will not only affect you emotionally but will also affect those who are around you. Do not be bitter and respect the persons decision was to leave.

The best ghosting revenge is moving on. There is nothing worse than denying someone’s existence. So just pretend they never existed in your life.

Did they come back to you?

Sometimes this happens. A person who has ghosted you in the past may come back into your life. If you had mixed feelings about them and still cannot trust them, it can be the right time to take a step back. There is a possibility that the person may have changed really, but you can read the signs if you spend some time with them. If it does not feel right, get ready to take walk away and ask yourself can you risk this emotional investment again. Find a suitable time and leave them. This way, they will feel how you felt in the past and may not want to do this with anyone in the future but communicate to them that the trust is no longer there.

Let him know he is a jerk.

I am not saying go to their place, create a scene, and make them feel bad about it. You will look insane. But you can do something better than that. Let me share an example of my friend with you. There are plenty of sites on the internet that can help you in ruining your exes day. She found one such site and sent her ex a bag of dirt. You can do something like that to make yourself feel better and take revenge. I personally would not advise it you will not achieve anything.

Move on with your life.

Well, this is the best kind of ghosting revenge; you will show that you do not care about them. Spend time with your friends, go on coffee dates. Start your dating life again; it will piss them off for sure. If not, you will still be in a better place in your life.

The best text response to ghosting

I know you want closure and really want to feel that it is over. Sending a goodbye text and how you feel about this ghosting thing can help you a lot. Although it is unnecessary, still for some people, this is helpful. So if you want to send a text, it depends on you totally you can write a short text or a long one explain how you are feeling right now about it.

For your ease, here is the best text response to ghosting:

“I realize that we have our own lives and are really busy but do not ghost me it does not feel right, let me know, if we are over.”

“I really don’t want to try to figure out why you haven’t replied to my calls or texts even if it’s been several days, either we are over or you will call with an explanation. Please give me that respect and let me know.”

“You seem different lately, am I reading too much into this or am I being ghosted?”

“You haven’t responded much lately, it really don’t know what to assume right now. It would be better if you just let me know what’s going on.”

“Ghosting someone is the worst way to end a relationship, so it would be better if you tell me what is going on with you I respect you more than that and hope the feeling is mutual.”

“I really thought I was dating an adult but here we are, clearly I don’t know anything about you. Have a good life ahead.”

“If it was because of me, I would have hoped that you were more open about it to me, but it seems like I was not my fault but your own immaturity. Do not worry I am already over it. Good Luck.”

“I will not tolerate any form of disrespect from you. You could be honest with me about how you were feeling about us. But here you are, please never come back.”

“It’s been two weeks since I’ve heard from you, so I want to end things formally. Goodbye.”

What to text when someone contacts you after ghosting?

If you are wondering, what is the best text response to ghosting? When ghoster tries to reach you back, here are some examples for you:

“You blew it with me.”

“Look what the cat dragged in. Make sure not to contact me again, ever.”

“I don’t have the patience to be on and off with someone. So help me here, don’t you dare to text me.”

“I don’t want to talk to someone who is leading me on, only to toss me aside again.”

“That’s fine, I am totally over it. In fact, I got into a relationship since the last time we talked.”

“Thanks for clearing everything up, but that is not necessary anymore, I can get the hint. I have to go. Bye-bye!”

“I actually liked you a lot, but you kept ignoring my calls and texts so, I realized that it is not going happen. I will not lie to you it was not easy for me but I got over you. Now I am at happy place in life so I wish you all the best for the future.”

“Oh! So you are alive, good to hear that. Anyways, I really don’t have time for this, I have to go, good luck.”

Calling out someone who ghosted you

Never think about calling out someone who ghosted you expecting to get a reasonable response from them. If you have reached to this point to call out a person who ghosted you, it means you are emotionally still hurting. So do not bother yourself to call them out as it will only cause you emotional distress or may lead to you checking your phone obsessively.

You need to understand that if someone ghosts you, this behavior says is more about them than you. You gave your hundred percent to the relationship, but they did not mature enough to keep a gem like you. So you need to get over them as soon as possible.

How to respond to someone who ghosted you and came back

If someone in your life has ghosted you, you would know how painful it is. You feel helpless, and all the negative feelings suddenly surround you. You may try calling a guy out on ghosting, but it does not help as they won’t respond to you. So you move on, try to get along with your life. And after a few weeks, they reach out again. This situation is even more maddening. But even in this situation, you should not feel out of control. You need to deal with the whole situation wisely. If you are wondering how to respond to someone who ghosted you and came back, let me share some tips with you:

You deserve better

You may have heard about Arianna Grande, as she is a very popular singer; her song “Thank U, Next” was released after her break up. The song revolves around the concept of appreciating good times spend with your ex but moving on after the breakup and focusing on yourself. That person ghosted you, and he certainly does not deserve you. Calling a guy out on ghosting will not help you. So I would suggest if he comes back tell him you really don’t want him in your life.

You want to give a second chance?

There is no need to give a second chance to a guy he doesn’t respect you. If he is here to explain what happened in the past and is really sorry for that, make sure this seems genuine in his message. He must have a genuine reason behind ghosting you; otherwise, there is no need to waste your time on such an immature person. How to respond to someone who ghosted you and came back?If you really like him and want to give it a chance, watch his actions carefully. Do not just start dating or sleeping with him; take things slowly; if he really likes you, he will understand your situation and prove to you he is committed and wants you back.

What to say instead of ghosting someone?

Well, I can understand it is not always a ghoster’s fault unless it is a narcissist or player. There can be some mental health issues or some other problems that you have to ghost someone. Still, it is not the right thing to do because you are hurting others’ feelings. So what can you do? Try sending a clear text instead of ghosting if you can’t deal with them in person. I hope they will understand your reason. But it is cruel to leave someone hanging in hope. Sending clear text will help you get over your own regrets and help them move on with their lives. Here are some texts that you can send instead of ghosting someone:

“I really wished it would have worked out between us, but I don’t feel the spark, I am sorry.”

“I feel that we are not compatible, hoping best for you, good luck.”

“I hoped that my feelings will change with time, as we were having a really good time, but it is not true, I am really sorry for that but would love to remain friends.”

“I thought I wanted to be in a relationship, but I guess I am not ready yet for this. Hope you will find someone who wants same things as you because you deserve the best.”

“I am really sorry; I just do not feel the connection.”

“Hey, I think you’re great, but I don’t really see this progressing in the future.”

“I’m going through some personal stuff right now, and don’t think it’s a good time for me to be dating anyone. I hope you understand.”

“Honestly, the connection isn’t really there for me. I think we’d both be better if we dated other people. Best of luck.”

Ghosted ghosting meaning part 3

In my opinion, ghosting is one of the cruellest acts. You made a plan with a friend, and he did not show up. He could inform you, but he did not. Or you are in a relationship, and suddenly your partner just disappeared without informing, no messages, no calls. Chances that he left town for a family emergency or was dead are rare; he simply ended this relationship because he did not want to explain anything to you. It is coward behaviour, but people do this.


Online dating ghosting

We are living in a world where everything is digital. We can work online, order food online, and even date online. Online dating has made things a lot easier. You can find someone who has the same interests and thoughts as you. Before having a first date face to face, you know enough about a person, and it is easy to start the conversation.

But one very common thing is online dating ghosting. The main thing about online ghosting is you do not find closure; nothing is like a normal breakup. Sometimes you are even unaware of the reason. Because of the rise in dating and social media apps, online dating ghosting has become very common. In 2016 a survey was conducted; as a result, it was found that about 80% of people have been ghosted at some point in their lives.

How does online dating ghosting work?

You will see a predictable pattern in online dating. In the first place, the individual will remove the contact. This implies that they quit responding to any texts, calls, and messages. This could imply that they disregard any messages that are received and will not open them. Usually, there is no warning or trigger. It can happen sometimes happen just after a discussion.

Then, the individual may eliminate any connections via online media applications. This incorporates unfriending them on apps like Instagram and Twitter, blocking them on messengers like Viber and WhatsApp, and unmatching them from dating applications. Simply we can say that to ghost, somebody, online means to overlook them and stop responding.

Why online dating ghosting is so common?

Online dating ghosting has become very common, and the main reason is the rise of dating apps. These dating applications have made relationships anonymous and temporary. Dating apps are now widespread, and a person can access these applications easily. It is not wrong to say that a lot of these apps have desensitized the process. A lot of users on these applications prefer talking to more than one person, so chances are they do develop strong feelings for a particular person.

Possible repercussions have also been reduced related to ghosting others, specifically if two people are have never met each other before face to face and have spent a little time together. In the online world, the social problems and consequences of cutting a relationship are not that hard compared to when a relationship is ended in person.

Moreover, disconnecting someone over social media is very easy. Just one click and the person is blocked from contacting you on Instagram, or you can unmatch them with one click on tinder or bumble. Once a person has unmatched, he cannot contact you back. So ghosting is pretty easy with these apps.

Narcissist ghosting

Ironically ghosting has nothing to do with the person who is being ghosted; it is usually associated with insecurities and the inability of a ghoster to form reliable relationships. Two major reasons reported are avoidance and a fear of conflict. Ghosting usually reflects traits of a narcissist, for example, low self-esteem, lack of sympathy towards others and obsession with being in control. The reason a narcissist will ghost you is that he or she does not care about the emotions of others; he/she does not care how these actions affect others. If the individual feels comfortable with what is happening around them, he or she does not care how others feel.

Why narcissists are prone to ghosting?

Narcissists make relationships for their own benefits, whether romantic or platonic relationships. They think of themselves as superior to others and appear to be bombastic on the exterior to protect their self-esteem, which is fragile. They are the ones having power in a relationship; thus, they can blow up other persons image and self esteem or can dump him when they are one. People having narcissistic traits are described as cold people who do not respect or tolerate the feelings of others. For them expressing emotions is a form of weakness, not strength, and it is disgusting. Ghosting does not involve feelings from a breakup, so they do not have to worry about tears and arguments.

The whole responsibility to deal with the mess is left on the person who has to face narcissist ghosting. According to Moriah Katrina (who went on five dates), an East-Coast-to-West-Coast transplant:

“Ghosting is the cruelest form of rejection, but I tried to contact him and when I realized I was ghosted, I got kind of depressed. I was finally comfortable with him, and we were always having fun debates and talks. Just up and ghosted … no text saying, ‘Hey, this isn’t going to work out.’”

Even though ghosting is generally a way to end flirtation, it’s not simply used for short term attachments. When dating a narcissist, even long term committed relationships can be defenceless against narcissist ghosting. Ghosting can devastatingly affect a person’s confidence and emotional wellness.

Love bombing, then ghosting.

Before knowing how love bombing and ghosting is linked, you must know what is love bombing. Here is a definition:

“An attempt to influence another person with over-the-top displays of attention and affection. We’re not just talking about romantic gestures, like flowers and trips. Love bombing invariably includes lots of romantic conversation, long talks about “our future,” and long periods of staring into each other’s eyes. It’s the combination of words and deeds that makes love bombing so powerful, especially considering today’s technology.”

Love bombing then ghosting is a way to manipulate someone in order to get what you want. It is usually a characteristic of the narcissist; they will use you, and when they do not need you anymore, they will discard you. Here is how the cycle goes:

Love bombing stage

In the whole abusive cycle of Love bombing, ghosting their target is the first stage. It starts when a person showers you with huge affection, love, compliments, care, and unnecessary gifts. He will express love to manipulate you, and you will fall for this. It will feel so satisfying and good that you will stop being realistic. However, you might feel like there is something wrong, but you will probably ignore it as everything is so perfect, and you would never want to lose that feeling at any cost.

Devalue stage

This is a terrible stage in the whole cycle. Once they are done with you and get bored of showing love, they will start devaluing you. They will make you feel like you are not doing good enough. Although you have tried your best to keep this relationship going, they will make you feel like they are more involved in the relationship than you. For instance, if you are unable to reply immediately because of some work thing, they will tell you that you do not take their texts seriously. You do not care about them and take them for granted. Although it was nothing big but they will always make a big thing from little things.

Discard stage

first, you fall for their love bomb tactic, assuming that your relationship was perfect, and after they devalued you, you tried your best to make them feel wanted and loved but all in vain. Nothing is working currently. They are not satisfied with you. But know that it is not about you but about them. They are done with you. They have got what they wanted, and now they do not need you. Now, this is the discard stage where they will try to criticize you over little things. They will try to make you feel bad about yourself. You have to face Gaslighting and passive-aggressive jokes. All these things will start building up, and one day explosion occurs, resulting in discarding the relationship.

Ghosting breakup

The relationship is now not strong enough, you may try your best, but it seems like they have made up their mind. You may not even do know where you were wrong. One day you see that you are unable to be in touch with them. They are ignoring your calls; their stuff isn’t in your apartment anymore. You keep wondering where you went wrong, why they were angry. Even if they were not angry, you have no idea what happened. This is what is called a ghosting breakup.

If this love bombing starts again after the breakup, it means either they can see you happy in your life, or they want something from you. They might apologize, and you might want to give them a second chance but make sure to find out if they have the best interests for you or just trying to use you again. As you do not want to face ghosting breakup again.

Ghosting people

Ghosting people are cowards, in my opinion. If you want to end a relationship, you have to tell that person and act maturely. Ghosting is a terrible act; still, a lot of people do this; why? Here are some reasons.

They are not that interested in you.

When we are not that into a person and have not spent much time with them, we feel like we do not owe them much or an ending conversation. Stats 2019 BuzzFeed survey has shown that 81% of people said they ghosted because they were not interested in a person. So if you have an idea where you two stand in a relationship, it is a bit easy to get over being ghosted.

They were too busy

For some people, their career is the most important thing in their life, which is not that wrong. They start dating, but when they have better opportunities, they use these opportunities. Because of that, they get busy, and dating stops being their priority. If that does not happen, life happens, and they get distracted because of family issues.

They want to avoid drama.

Some ghosting people find it difficult to face conflict. Breakups usually involve tears, fighting, sometimes yelling, and drama, and these kinds of people cannot handle this. So to avoid this drama, they ghost you. It is related to their attachment style. Some of these people have an avoidant attachment style, and some have an anxious attachment style. Ivie-Williams says:

“Some people may have so much anxiety that is overriding other parts of their system that they perceive threats where there are none.”

So it is not easy for them to face this situation. But you need to keep in mind it has nothing to do with you. Before starting something serious, they should have work on their insecurities and trusts issues.

Soft ghosting

Like ghosting was not enough that there has to be “soft ghosting“. Every day new dating trends come to complicate your already tough and complicated dating life. Just when you tried to feel comfortable with already available complicated terms, and you thought it won’t get even more complicated, there is a another one. Now you have to get used to this new term “soft ghosting”.

But do you know, “What is Soft ghosting?”, if not, don’t worry, I am going to explain it to you. So let’s get started:

What is Soft ghosting?

What is Soft ghosting? It is when someone likes your message but does not respond to you. This is a way to deny that a person has ghosted you completely. You have no idea what the other person has in their mind, and you do not want to cross check by sending another message because if they do not respond to your text message, you will feel hurt and your ego bruised.

Soft ghosting definition

If you are looking for a proper soft ghosting definition, here is one for you:

soft ghostingis basically ghosting-lite. The other person reacts to your messages, usually with a “like” or a thumbs up, but doesn’t say anything. So they’re acknowledging the message, but not actually responding. You’re still the last one texting, which means if you text again, you have back-to-back texts. So it’s awkward as hell if you’re communicating with someone who can’t be bothered to properly respond to you. It may be ghosting-lite, but make no mistake, it’s still ghosting.”

Soft ghosting dating

Dating seems fun and exciting, but only if both partners are equally having fun. When one person is not having fun or does not feel like being with you, he or she may ghost you or soft ghost you, which is worse.   Simply we can say that soft ghosting dating is a subtle form of ghosting. Soft ghosters are those who feel bad about cutting connection completely with a person they are dating. This may seem polite, but actually, it is not for the person who is being soft ghosted.

Just imagine that you wrote a heartfelt message for the person you are dating; you poured your deep-felt emotions in this message and sent it to him after collecting your whole courage, and in response, you just get an emoji or just a like. This is not an adequate engagement. And you surely do not deserve this kind of behaviour.

Before you reach any conclusion, you have to make sure to establish that you have been soft ghosted or not. It can be confusing as that person did not say anything directly, so you need to know for sure. Here is what you should do if you want to know that what you are facing is soft ghosting dating or not:

  • Ask a direct question that makes them respond.
  • If they reply to you with a real answer and the conversation starts again, it is good.
  • In case they ignore your message again, it means you should leave it here.
  • In case they respond to you, but it feels like the conversation is half-hearted, it means they are trying to soft ghost you, but they are trying to be nice.

Soft ghosting friends

You may find it weird, but soft ghosting friends are also a thing.  But how does a friend soft ghost you? First of all a true friend never soft ghost their friends, so if someone does this to you, he or she is not your friend. You have to distinguish and make clear boundaries between your real friends and fake friends. Your soft ghosting friends will not reply to your texts with a real message; you will get a smiling emoji or just a “like”. He will only contact you when he needs something from you. Once he or she  gets what they want, he/she will stop texting you. It is like you get a text after months only in times of need. But if you text them, you do not get a satisfactory response.

How you can deal with soft ghosting?

Dealing with soft ghosting is not easy at all. You feel bad, but you can deal with it. Here are some tips for you to deal with soft ghosting:

  • When it comes to soft ghosting, once you are aware of it, you should draw a line. You do not deserve this “just a nice conversation”, including just emojis or “hmm”, and no satisfactory replies.
  • Your feelings are very important, and you should not waste your emotions on someone who is not interested in you. Someone who cares about you will show up and will not ignore your messages unless they are genuinely busy.
  • Someone can miss your message if they are busy, so do not jump to conclusion too quickly. Wait for their reply and then make any decision.
  • Their constant vague texts indicate that they are not interested in you, so you have to stop now. The longer you wait, the more you’ll hurt yourself.
  • Do not blame yourself for anything; it is not your fault. You deserve someone who cares about you, so move on.

Soft ghosting meme

Memes are an excellent way to divert your mind. It may feel hurtful dealing with all this, but soft ghosting memes can bring a smile to your face. Here are some of the best soft ghosting meme for you:

Soft ghosting Reddit

Reddit is an excellent platform to share your emotions and ask for a solution to your problems from various people. Do you want to know what people are saying about soft ghosting Reddit? Here are some soft ghosting Reddit suggestions for you.

  • I live by a golden rule I set up for myself. It goes as follows „you don’t reach out/respond within 3 days I’m gone”. If he cares about you, then he has 10 seconds to spare to reach out or answer your texts.
  • It sucks to get ghosted, but the best thing to do is move on from it. They’re a douche.
  • Let him go. Hot and cold, big age difference and the weird communication style would be good reasons to throw this one back.
  • I’ve only called them out if they came back to me later on, which surprisingly happens a lot. Then it’s more of a “fuck off, you ghosted so shove your ‘how are you?’ up your hole. “
  • So, I would “call them out,” but not in the sense of being like “ARE YOU SOFT GHOSTING ME, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE?”. You can send a text that basically says, “Hey seems like this conversation is drifting apart, let me know if you don’t have the time or interest to continue dating.” This is a low level of direct confrontation, with a slight but not overpowering subtext of “Hey you’ve been stringing me along and you need to tell me what’s up”. The purpose is for YOUR closure, not their shame.
  • It depends on the person and how it went down / how long we dated. If it’s 1-2 dates, I don’t call them out, no point. If it’s someone I dated for longer, so -I- have peace of mind, I’ll follow up with “ok, well, it was great getting to know you and good luck with everything.” I’m sure this makes them feel like the true cowardly piece of crap they are. It gives me peace of mind and makes me feel like a good human being in the end.


Ghosted ghosting quotes

Here are some of the best-ghosted ghosting quotes for you that explain the emotions of someone who is being ghosted:

  • “Worse is loving someone who disappears and never knowing if they’ll come back. Because how do you move on if you’re not even sure they’re gone? The answer is—you don’t. When you spend most of your life chasing ghosts, eventually, you become one.” ― J.M. Darhower, Ghosted.
  • “The hardest part about being ghosted is the fact that you can’t deal with the ghoster directly. You just never hear from them again, and everything feels odd and incomplete.”
  • “Text messaging and dating apps can make it impersonal. And therefore, ghosting has become a lot easier.” Ivie-Williams.

Ghosted Ghosting meaning Conclusion

If you have been ghosted, I know how terrible you feel about it as I have been through this too. It is not easy to get over it, but it is the best you can do for yourself. Calling someone out for ghosting or revenge is never helpful at all. Moving on is not easy for everyone, so if you are struggling a lot and still it is not helpful, make sure to seek professional help. Ghosting does not only hurt you; it can also trigger some other mental health problems. In that case, it becomes necessary to seek professional help. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you are thinking to ghost someone, I would suggest, do not try it. You will regret in the future and will also hurt other person a lot. Try some other polite ways to break up with a person. I hope so this article will prove helpful for you. Call 03333443853 and have a free consultation now

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