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The Five Reasons You Always Get Girls That Are Gold Diggers (You Are To Blame)

1. You Are Not Yourself

You always pretend when you meet girls. You do it all the time!! You lean against your car, talk about the numerous business deals you have in the pipeline, wave champagne bottles in the air and everything you talk about is money, money, money. If you want a quality woman, you need to stop using material goods and the “I have money” salesman pitch.

2. You Lack Confidence

One of the reasons some men use money to get girls is because they do not have much confidence in their looks and self-ability to get girls without it. This is completely unnecessary.

We all look different in this world and we all have different people we are attracted to. If you use money to get girls, it is a bit self-defeating because you will know they do not genuinely like you and that is not a good feeling for anyone and will make you lose more confidence. It is important that a woman makes you feel good. You are not an ATM. You are a human being.

3. You Think Girls Don’t Like You That Much

I do not care if you have had loads of girls say no!! I do not want you to feel that you cannot get a woman without cash. It is absolute nonsense! It is a game of numbers some girls will say yes and some will say no!! It is important you don’t let those rejections trick your brain into thinking everybody has the same opinion. I love steak and chips one of my favourites maybe you don’t like steak and chips but guess what? Loads of people do and loads of people don’t!! Opinions will always differ. Do not let that cripple your confidence.

4. In The Past, You Have Been Insulted Because of Cash Issues

This point is a little more tricky, I completely get it if you dated a woman in the past who left you because of money or said you did not have enough so I and refused to date you, or maybe your job changed etc and you experienced some financial difficulties.

We are all humans, we instantly go into defence mode when attacked. It is understandable to vow to never put yourself in that position again and not want to let women get too close or play them at their game with the I am the rich guy stance. The sad truth is no matter your financial situation, very wealthy, average, it doesn’t matter. No one likes a gold digger so, in the end, you will be dissatisfied when you know a woman is with you for the wrong reasons. If a woman is rude because you don’t pay for everything she asks and insults you, no problem. Let’s take a walk to the door and put her outside lol! just kidding but don’t tolerate users and golddiggers.

5. Everyone Knows I Have Money

It comes with the territory because you are successful in your field, business, sports star musician, arts, or come from a wealthy lineage. There isn’t much you can do!! This is hard to deal with but you have to be more selective and not let beauty lead you. It must be the character that let leads you and do not feel disheartened when you discover she is yet another gold digger. It’s just part of the game. It is simple. Once you realise she is just in it for the cash, proceed to the elimination process. “I’M BUSY!!” LOL!! Do not let beauty confuse you with what’s right and wrong.

No matter what, there are loads of good women out there and there are loads of bad but do not tarnish everyone with the same brush. You deserve a woman who loves you for you. Use your personality and charm as a magnet and not money and don’t waste your time with the loser girls who are just in it for the cash!!


Good luck.

Miss Date Doctor. xxx


She Left You For Another Man

We are living in a time where things have changed. Social media has made everything completely different. There are so many online dating facilities around. Tinder, Bumble and a host of social media apps. It is very easy to meet people without leaving your living room.LOL!! The game has changed significantly but traditions have changed too and people do not seem as loyal anymore and quick to make an exit at the first sign of trouble. Unconditional love seems a thing of the past. The thing about heartbreak is none of us are immune from it. That’s why love songs from Adele are so popular because love hurts.

The problem men and women have is we are both wired differently so we struggle to understand each other sometimes. When a woman leaves a man, it always tends to be a bit more of a shock to a man because when a woman loves you, she is like an obsessed individual that won’t let go. We express our emotions so strongly you think we will never leave so when we do, it’s like what happened to 10 missed calls, constant texting, running around after you. It hurts but as cliché as it sounds, it is not the end of the world. She is not the only woman. There are so many more. Why do you need someone that chose someone else over you? You don’t!! Is it because he is more educated, better looking or he has more money? Forget it. We don’t care what she thinks!! Do not let any woman bring you down. Do not let anyone make you feel second best! You have got what many other women are looking for. If someone cannot appreciate you how you are, you don’t date them. Now the tricky bit your pride and your ego. This is embarrassing you think “forget it”! One woman’s opinion does not define who you are and what you stand for. So whatever you are feeling it will pass. Whatever people may be saying it will pass. But never let someone bring you down and make you feel worthless. You do better, stand tall! Go out with the boys and remember who you are!! A FIGHTER!!


Her decision to leave was her own don’t beg her. Carry on!!

Miss Date Doctor. xxx

She Is Begging Me To Take Her Back but I Do Not Know If She Can Change

Relationships can be very difficult to maintain. There will be good days and there will be bad days. When it gets to the point that there are too many bad days, we feel we have no choice but to walk. There are a number of issues that can make a couple have to break up. Here are a list of grade A and grade B problems.


(i) Cheating;

(ii) Alcoholic/Domestic abuse;

(iii) Lack of compatibility (Religion/Values/Lifestyles); and

(iv) Trust (lying/Stealing/Lack of Transparency).


(i) Dress Sense,

(ii) Insecurity;

(iii) Different upbringing;

(iv) Education; and

(v) Complacency.

Now the reason I have divided the issues into groups is those grade B problems are all things that can be changed or improved upon. Grade A problems are more serious but can still be worked upon dependent on if the parties involved want to make it work. The truth is if you really love someone and you put that love on notion by improving on your faults, there is nothing that cannot be worked upon. In regards to grade A problems, you may think we cannot get past this but if you really want to you can. In some instances, it is not possible due to external factors to resolve the issue and you may feel you have to go your separate ways. If you love your ex enough to try and work things through considering the following:

(i) Is the situation changeable?

(ii) Can she make the changes I want?

(iii) Am I willing to be patient with her as it could be a process?

(iv) Am I willing to move on from the past?

(v) Can we go to counselling?

(vi) Is it a realistic expectation that we can resolve this?

(vii) Do we love each other enough to try?

This is not easy but every situation is different. Why not join our couples programme or do a counselling session. Whatever you chose to do, Love is always worth trying for!!


Miss Date Doctor. xxx



She Is Always Nagging

 This is a problem that loads of guys can relate to!! It’s global! LOL! She nags you every single day! But this is driving you crazy!! You care about this girl but she is making you get pretty annoyed. Sometimes you just ignore her or you drive off and ignore her calls but you know the thing is it is just too much stress. Here are lists of things that can cause women to nag and get upset:

(i)               Not helping out around the Home;

(ii)            Going out with the boys constantly and not spending time with her;

(iii)         Ignoring her needs (romance, personal issues, family);

(iv)          Liking  other women’s pictures on Instagram;

(v)             Texting/flirting with other women; and

(vi)          Disrespect or rumours of cheating.

I now want you to go back to the list and look at it again. If you are guilty of any of those things if the answer is YES!! We have to work on improving and solving the problem and if the answer is NO!! I will tell you how to handle it another way. If the answer was yes, it is understandable why your woman is a little bit upset with you. If your woman was to do any of the things on the list, I am sure you would not like it! But at the same time, if you have apologised and rectified your mistake, it is never a good thing to go over and over a past issue. If you care for each other, forgiveness is an integral part of a relationship. You will upset each other sometimes. No one is perfect. Try and talk to your woman about the problem and let her know you care for her but cannot be arguing with her every single day.

It is imperative you have a discussion and move on so that you have a good solid relationship. These for those of you have not done anything in particular to your woman. It could be that she is insecure, argumentative or has her own personal issues

Which make her frustrated and perhaps she takes it out on you. Whatever the reason behind it, sit down and discuss the problem with her. There are many people who have lost relationships and people that they love so much due to lack of communication. People do not realise how damaging a lack of communication can be. Sit down and talk about it.


Miss Date Doctor. xxx



She Has Too Many Male Friends


I have seen it so many times now I cannot count guys going crazy because their girlfriend talks to too many guys or sometimes not their girlfriend a girl they want to get with but this behaviour is putting them off and getting them very angry! Can she not see these guys like her? Does she have no common decency? Is she doing something with one of them? Is she just an idiot!? LOL! These are common questions guys ask but to be honest, the answer could be one of the below:

(i)  She knows these guys from University, work, school, her area (where she lives):

There are different types of women. Some women will distance themselves from their male friends when they are in a relationship and some will tell you “HE IS MY FRIEND”. It is tricky for you because you don’t want to come across like a bully. It is obvious to you what these guys are up to! Can’t she see it! They fancy her! The truth is there may be some that fancy her and some of them may just genuinely be her friends. If she is your girlfriend, she should know the boundaries, not to overstep as your woman.

(ii)  She is everybody’s friend:

If she is a very social girl that goes out a lot and makes friends very easily, it might be a case of having to trust and get used to it or cutting her loose might be another option. Because one thing I have learned from the benefit of hyacinth over the years is people don’t really change unless they want to. It is only fair that people are allowed to be friends with who they want. But the limitations and boundaries of friendship must be clear!! Do you kiss and cuddle male friends and take them home erm …No!!!

The other possibility is that you are just overprotective because you are a man and know how promiscuous and sneaky some guys can be and you don’t want your girl to be manipulated and taken for some sort of a joy ride. But the case is simple. Choose a woman that makes you comfortable and at ease. Not a woman that every time she goes out the front door, you get paranoid and irritated. If a woman wants to cheat on you, she can do it whether she goes out or not. If someone is in a relationship, they should be able to respect their partner and not expect you to tolerate what they would not. Can you go out all night with a group of girls? Speak to them for five hours on the phone? Mutual respect is imperative and a lot of people like to play the game of double standards. If it is not okay for you, it’s not okay for them!!

Talk about it.

Miss Date Doctor. xxx

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