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The scenario is you are dating and you have met the woman you like. She is everything you want in a woman and you want to take care of her. She knows how much you care about her. You pay for this and you pay for that. You want your woman to be looked after because you care about her. There is nothing wrong with that.However, when it seems like a one-sided affair, and you are the only one who is being supportive, we have a problem. Does she support you if you are sick or if you have a bad day? If you need help with something, is she there for you? Does she help your family and show respect towards them? IS SHE THERE WHEN YOU NEED HER? It is quite simple. A relationship is a two-way street. It is giving and taking.

There are some signs that indicate a woman is using you and being genuinely interested in the relationship. Below is a list of some of these signs:

(i) SHE IS ONLY NICE WHEN SHE WANTS SOMETHING. It seems like she becomes the nicest girlfriend in the world when she wants something but as soon as she has got it, she is gone.

(ii) SHE SEEMS VERY MATERIALISTIC. Can you buy me a bag? Can you get me get me new shoes? Can you lend me some money? It is never how are you? Or how is your Mum? It is always I want, I need ME! ME! ME!

(iii) SHE DOES NOT INVOLVE YOU IN HE LIFE. If she is going out with her friends or going shopping, she has no interest in you coming along unless she needs your financial support. However, if you are going to SPEND, then please come. LOL… She is playing you.

(iv) HER BEHAVIOUR. The kind of girls that always has her eyes on the door, always looking for a bigger fish. She knows and talks to everyone. If it is money, she is involved. There is a difference between a determined businesswoman working hard networking and a professional gold-digger. I know him. He plays football. I know him, he is a singer Lol. Please! YAWN! Boring!!

In the end, we all need someone who will be there through the good and bad times. The kind of woman that helps in these moments of distress. We are not looking for the kind of girl that is always available for a celebrity after party but when you are not feeling well or you are going or you are going to your grans…”SHE IS BUSY”

We all want to progress and live good lives that much is true. We all like to be able to buy the things that make us happy and more comfortable. But once this becomes a FOCUS that is, all that a woman cares about, you have to be careful. There is a fabulous song ft. Jay Z. A part of the lyrics goes thus “when the money goes will the honey stay, when the grey skies replace the sunny days” In the end, make sure you have a woman that is there for you. Not what she can get!!
Good luck.


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