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The game of meeting women, talking to them, persuading them, getting their number, taking them out, fighting off other guys… LOL… Oh boy, it is not easy but the truth is no matter what type of guy are, do not be intimidated by women.

There are billions of ladies out there and as you know, we all have different types and preferences. It is important firstly for you to be sure and confident of yourself as a man. Do not let any external factors stop you from chasing women or approaching who you like. Here are a few examples of things men worry about:

(i) am I good looking?

(ii) do I know what to say?

(iii) do I have a good sense of humour?

(iv) does she think I am her type?

(v) do I have enough money?

(vi) if she says No it will be embarrassing?

Always remember one thing, not every woman approach will say yes but guess what, some WILL. Do not be disheartened if you ask for a woman’s number and she says no. There could be one in a million reasons she said no. Her reason for saying no may have nothing to do with you and her own personal reasons. Even if you are not you are not her type, “YOU ARE SOMEONE ELSE’S TYPE”

If you see a woman you like, go for her. I remember an evening I went to a bar with some friends and we were having a drink and dancing. A guy suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and said: “excuse me”. I turned around and replied “yeah”. He said nice to meet you. My friend really likes you and was wondering if you would like a drink and perhaps, get your number. In my head I was like firstly, I have not even seen this guy. Secondly, why can’t he come over himself? Thirdly, I don’t need a drink. In a very polite manner and without being unnecessarily rude, I declined his offer and replied “thank you so much. Tell your friend I appreciate the kind offer but I am okay. Thanks”. Five minutes later, I got another tap on the shoulder. Again, I turned around but it was another guy. He said to me, my friend asked you for your number earlier on my behalf. He looked short of confidence and was EXTREMELY nervous. I said oh really! Nice to meet you. We then proceeded to have a talk. He told me about himself and I actually found him to be extremely funny and I could not stop laughing. At this point, his nervousness seemed to have subsided. Anyways, to cut the long story short, he turned out to be a very cool guy. Although I did not date him, I ended up liking his character. He had no reasons whatsoever to send his friend over. It was not necessary. We ended up becoming friends and NO! I DID NOT PUT HIM IN THE FRIEND ZONE. LOL… I had a relationship at the time.

My point is that he was nervous and had no reason to be now. I know some girls can be rude but to be honest, that is just life. Some people are rude to you and you keep on moving until you get what you want.

Here are some main things to consider before approaching a lady:

(i) BE YOURSELF. Just be you and don’t try to be someone else;

(ii) BE CONFIDENT but not cocky. Women like confidence. So believe in yourself and don’t worry;

(iii) DON’T BE FORCEFUL but be positive that you stand a chance. If unsuccessful, walk away. There will be other girls;

(iv) Don’t ask for number straight away. Introduce yourself and exchange a little small talk; and

(v) Be complimentary but not sleazy. Some guys overdo it on the comments regarding a lady’s appearance and look. Don’t be that guy.

So now, you just have to wait until you see a girl you like and go for it. Wink! Always remember any girl that says no, it is her loss completely. SMILE. Any woman that is rude or dismissive, don’t let it crush you. Unfortunately, some people have bad manners. It is just life.Such experience should merely remind you that she is not the right girl for you is she is rude.

Good luck and get to chasing!


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