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Female-led relationship


Female-led relationship

You may be familiar with the term “female lead relationships,” but exactly what is a female-led relationship? Is it just a relationship where in the family, a woman, is in control or is it much more than that?

This article is all about it. You will be able to know about female led relationship meaning, how it works, what are some rules, and some advice, if you are in a female led relationship or planning to be in one.

This article is really going to help you in understanding the whole concept and ways to communicate with a partner to work things out in achieving the mutual goal of building a happy, loving, and healthy relationship. So, let’s get started:

What is a female-led relationship?

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding what is a female-led relationship? It is because there are many types of female-led relationships, along with dynamics ranging from mild to severe interaction. The excellent way to explain female-led relationships is by understanding what it actually is not. On a broader note, it is not a male-led relationship in which the man is decision-maker, provider, breadwinner, or have the overall authority within a relationship. This is a kind of relationship we have seen around throughout history, whether ancient or modern.

Man provides sources for survival of a woman and his children either by fighting, hunting, or in the modern world by having a job. On the other hand, a woman stays at home to do chores, like cleaning the home, preparing meals, and bringing up the children.

Well, these dynamics are not followed in every relationship, especially in today’s world, where women contribute more than just cleaning and cooking for the family. And there are plenty of female-led stories. A lot of people prefer and also enjoy being in a female-led relationship.

Female-led relationship meaning.

Here is the proper definition to explain FLR or Female led relationship meaning:

“A female-led relationship or FLR is a relationship where a woman takes the lead and serves as the dominant partner, while a man serves as the submissive one. She makes all the important decisions, has more authority than the man, and metaphorically (and often literally) wears the pants.”

Female-led relationship captions.

Here are some of the images containing the best female-led relationship captions:

Female-led relationship symbols.

Female-led relationships are, no doubt, complicated. Sometimes you do not even realize that you are in one. Here are some female-led relationship symbols; in case you find these ones in your relationship, chances are you are in one:

For men:

  • You are the one who spends more time with kids.
  • You do regular chores often, more than your partner.
  • You have to ask her before making any big decision, for instance for buying a car.
  • You do a job, but you also have to give more time to your family.
  • She is the boss, and your opinion does not matter unless she agrees.

Female-led relationship symbols for women:

  • You are the boss and decide most of the things in a relationship.
  • You don’t allow your partner to make any decision.
  • Regular chores are his responsibility, and if he does not do so, it makes you upset.
  • Sometimes you punish him in the bed for doing anything stupid.
  • He believes that men are smarter than women.
  • He supports your goals like his own.
  • It makes him happy if you give him orders or tasks to do.
  • He does whatever it takes to do what you want.
  • He does you favors but does not ask for return favors.
  • He doesn’t want you to do housework, pay bills, or do anything exhausting.

Example of a female-led relationship.

Female-led relationships were not common or almost did not exist in the past. But it is not the case now; female-led relationships are very common these days. And sometimes it is not about the women; some men actually want to be in relationships where women can lead them. Society is still confused about this settlement and will judge you for sure for being in a female-led relationship. But what does a female-led relationship look like? Let me share an example of a female-led relationship:

One of the very common examples of a female led relationship is the one where the woman does the job, and the man stays at home. A woman decides if it is necessary for a man to have an actual job or not. It may look insane, but in extreme kinds of settlements, this happens.

Female-led relationship vows also revolve around these things that a man is willingly ready to be in a submissive relationship. If a woman wants to be in a female-led relationship, she will want to channel her masculine energy. Here is a potential list of traditionally masculine qualities that she may need to bring to the forefront:

  • Makes decisions quickly
  • Takes action
  • Confident and assertive
  • Strives to get their way
  • Outgoing and vocal
  • The need to be the provider

If a woman can channel these aspects of her personality, then it will be easy to attract the right kind of man that will be happy to be in this kind of relationship. Please note to most alpha men this type of relationship dynamic is not appealing.

Female-led relationship dating.

Female-led relationship dating is complicated and not for everyone, especially for those men who cannot stand to be under a woman. It is totally about willingness, whether you want to be with a dominant woman or not? If you do not admire this concept much being in such a relationship will not bring happiness for you. So make your decision accordingly. Based on intensity, here are types of Female led relationship dating.

Low-level control

In this kind of female-led relationship, the lady has low power, so all the choices are commonly taken by both partners mutually. The man permits his accomplice to start to lead the pack in explicit situations, and, in some cases, she needs the authorization of a male partner to settle on a choice.

Moderate-level control

At this level, the woman can appreciate being a pioneer for some time and has the feeling of administering the male partner. It helps support her certainty and spirit and makes the bond even stronger. The man likewise frequently appreciates the prevailing mentality of the lady. At this level, the lady typically takes the everyday choices, except she additionally sets limits with respect to how far she is happy to go.

Defined female control

In this sort of female-drove relationship, most decisions are in the hand of the female partner, and she does the male jobs as well. The zones where she is prevailing are characterized to guarantee there is a division. Female-led relationship vows also revolve around willingness to accept this division.

Extraordinary female control

At this level, there is extraordinary control over the man by the lady. This relationship is just for ladies who appreciate having a definitive force in the whole relationship. And there are strict female-led relationship rules.

Female-led relationship rules.

What occurs in a relationship where the spouse rules? What precisely is female domination? What is the degree of control? Here are a few pointers that will disclose to you some female-led relationship rules:

No Sex on request

Female partner disagrees with sex without any problem. They are difficult to bed. They permit their partners to contact them just on uncommon events. They accept that men should rehearse celibacy more often than not. Such men will then additionally not have any desire to get into extramarital undertakings. Fundamentally, they would prefer not to consider sex as a significant factor in a relationship and furthermore need their partner to quit considering physical closeness. The female provides sex when she is in the mood.

Men do more errands than female partners.

In a female-drove relationship, the female partner is continually requesting the husband to do the family chores. The man goes to the workplace and afterward helps his significant other with the dishes, cooking, and cleaning. The man doesn’t have a right and can’t request that the female partner should split and help equally in running errands. And when they do this, the result is just uncontrollable fights.

In-laws are very important.

Not her in-laws, his in-laws. Regardless of whether the female partner gives importance to the in-laws or not, her folks are the main concern. She meets them and brings them over to remain at whatever point she feels like. She anticipates that her accomplice should regard her folks similarly. Such female partners are likewise frequently inconsiderate to the in-laws prioritizing they family over yours constantly in some cases.

Her wishes are a priority.

She will make your life hell if her desires are not satisfied the way she wants. Such a female anticipates that their male partners should satisfy every one of their desires as the main concern.

Fights will revolve around toilet seats.

Indeed, this is a decent principle in any sort of living in relationship or marriage. In any case, in a female-drove relationship, this one is the brilliant guideline. The spouse dare not defy this one; else, everything bad may hit them hard. Keeping the bathroom at a exemplary standard at all times is imperative.

You have to earn what you want.

Sex is possibly permitted if the male partner has accomplished something truly unique for the female. He needs to gain it with a caring or cherishing gesture.

Be prepared for rewards and punishments.

In a female-led relationship, the female regularly rebuffs and rewards her partner. The male partner agrees to not having breakfast at home for a week or dozing on the couch for seven days in the event that he has disappointed her.

Porn is prohibited

Watching porn is impossible. Such a controlling partner will never let male partners watch pornography or will never watch it along with them as well. They feel that it is a method of cheating. This will not be accepted or tolerated under any circumstances.

Boy’s night out is out of the question.

The female partner’s predominance over your night outs is also observed in some relationships. The male partner can go out with his male friends only if the female permits. They just go out altogether or as a family.

Kid’s Responsibilities are shared.

Children are not just a wife’s duty. Be that as it may, frequently, in such relationships, the spouse is seen keeping an eye on the children constantly.

Male partner cleans and cooks too.

In a relationship, it is an ideal settlement when the partner cleans and cooks together. Still, it is too much to ask your male partner to do all this alone without help.

A female partner knows everything about your finances.

The male partner is not allowed to hide any kind of financial matters and other such significant components from the female. She needs to know everything and regularly orders the male partner to do as she says.

These are the rules people think that female-led relationships revolve around. These may seem strict, but depending on the type of female-led relationship, strictness can be low. In the end, it is all about how you communicate with your partner and resove your issues. If you present your issue in a way that they don’t get hurt and feel important, it is all that matters.

Female-led relationship advice.

Female-led relationships can be difficult to handle, as these are different than the traditional relationships you have seen in your life. So to make things easier for you, here is female led relationship advice for you:

Compatibility is very important.

There is no reason why FLR’s can’t work. There is a path for the two partners to beupbeat and satisfied, as long as the correct boundaries are set up. Furthermore, compatibility is the primary requirement. For a female drove relationship to work, there should be a normally compliant man and normally a predominant lady.

The way into any fruitful relationship is a healthy bond between you both. The two partners will ‘click’ naturally and try to be what the other wants. Obviously, it isn’t as straightforward as that as all relationships require work, sacrifice, and patience. However, you should be compatible with each other for that work, sacrifice, and patience to be justified, despite any trouble. In a female drove relationship, this implies that the woman must be naturally dominant, and the man must be submissive naturally.

The two partners need to feel good about their roles in a relationship as that it is to be effective. Particularly with a dynamic as specific as an FLR.

Consent is all you need

One more of the standards of a female drove a relationship; perhaps the most significant one is consent. It’s crucial that the two partners give their total agreement to have an FLR. This is particularly significant with more extreme levels of female drove relationship, where the ladies can control essentially all that her partner does. This is a great deal of capacity to employ over somebody, and in some unacceptable hands could turn poisonous. This is the case where consent comes forward.

Numerous men search out predominant partners, and for an assortment of reasons. These can go from sexual inclinations to the manner in which they were treated like a kid or even weariness. Irrespective of the reasons behind the choice in partner, consent is the central factor.

In the event that being ruled is your jam and satisfies you, a female-drove relationship can satisfy you and fulfill you. However long the man completely agrees to the provisions of a female-drove relationship and needs to be controlled, a female-led relationship can work simply like some other relationship. It is important to remember that this will not work with certain types of men and can lead to conflict or a man walking away from the relationship.

Communication is very important.

One of the most significant things you have to do is to be transparent with one another. It very well may be helpful to sit together only you two and talk for a long time about which kind of power FLR you need to have, or which you as of now might suspect you have. To ensure you’re both content with the relationship, you have to consistently keep up open communication among you. This will help you avoid resentment and misunderstandings.

Set boundaries and defined roles

So neither of you feels befuddled about what you should bring to the relationship (particularly the man); you both need to concur on the jobs you are both going to attempt. View regular daily existence obligations, and consider who will do what. In an FLR, clearly, the lady rules, so she can likewise conclude who does what, as long as her man is glad for her to choose this.

Figure out how things are going

With relationships like this, you should ensure that you both sit together (I would propose at regular intervals) and look at how the relationship is going among you. Clearly, you can do this at whatever point you feel it’s important, yet on the off chance that you compose a meeting and evaluating the relationship and the force inside the relationship, you both get an opportunity to think back and straightforwardly voice what you’re content with, and what you’re most certainly not. At that point, the lady in the relationship will sort out an approach to make it work.

Do not worry about getting judged by people.

This is one of the very important females led relationship advice. One of the disadvantages of having a female-led relationship is that, as referenced prior, people may pass judgment on you. In this manner, to guarantee you have an effective relationship, you have to totally disregard those who judge your relationship or question it. Other men will most likely be the first to project judgment on the circumstance, so ensure you are ready for that and face the judgment as a team.

Love must not die

In spite of the fact that the female in the relationship will be the lead and will have control, it’s as yet indispensable that the relationship remains cherishing. You are together in light of the fact that you love one another, so do whatever it takes not to get excessively lost in the niggly parts of the female-drove relationship and the force trade. Do not take a my way or the high way stance this could be dangerous.

Negative use of power is unacceptable.

The two people in a female-drove relationship should be keeping watch for pessimistic employments of intensity. Nobody enters this sort of relationship to be manhandled or controlled in a damaging manner. You should both ensure you are securing one another and securing yourselves respectfully.

Female-led relationship to discipline.

Female-led relationship discipline is very important. While there are extraordinary benefits unique to both men and women, here are some general benefits of Female-led relationship discipline:

Straightforward Communication

Female-drove relationships are based on the establishment of genuineness and straightforwardness. These sorts of connections require understanding from the two partners and the acceptance to adjust to the necessities of every person.

Though conventional connections rule outgrowth and development, female-led relationships give the two partners the space to mention to one another what they need and what they anticipate from one another.

Decision making

At the point when one individual has the sole position to settle on the choices in a relationship, this can regularly prompt an unhealthy and undesirable dynamic wherein that individual neglects to organize the prosperity and satisfaction of people around them.

Conventional male-led relationships frequently fall into the snare where the man gets so acquainted with just thinking about themselves that they often make wrong choices for the family.

With a relationship based on correspondence and conversation, there will be a more prominent possibility that the whole family profits by better choices.

Lowering the pressure on socially defined roles

Society has set the standard for both men and women, and traditionally man is described as– manly, forceful, genuinely pulled back, recklessly, and courageous – and the conventional lady prime example – hesitant, family-first, mindful, cherishing, loyal, calm.

The issue with these socially defined roles is that we don’t generally find a way into them, and we can be compelled to the point of extreme unhappiness in our efforts to be people that we actually are not.

Female-led relationships permit individuals to carry on in the jobs they were normally destined to do beyond social standards and defined roles, regardless of whether that implies a man is bringing up kids and preparing supper or a lady functioning as the provider.

Better Sex

At last, as one of the most significant pieces of a relationship, sex is ensured to improve in a female-drove relationship. The lady feels respected and empowered. Both of these collectively will imply that each individual will more want their partner, which means sex turns out to be all the more fulfilling for both partners.


Female-drove relationships aren’t, in every case, terrible. A few men cause their ladies to rule them intentionally. It causes their partners to feel cheerful and enabling. Furthermore, they feel glad when their partners are upbeat. In any case, this is about shared understanding, and then nobody has any issues with this settlement.

It is normal for a female partner to, in some cases, go over the top. There are plenty of female-led stories. In any case, if this disposition upsets the partner, the controlling conduct can be diminished after a legitimate conversation. What is a relationship if two partners can’t sit and talk about their issues with one another?

Men are from Mars, and ladies are from Venus, goes the popular saying. Reasonable people figure out how to find some kind of harmony in their relationships. If you feel like your female-led relationship is becoming toxic, make sure to talk about it, and if the partner does not understand, it would be better to end the relationship as you do not deserve it. You can also take help from couples counseling, but you both need to address your individual problems first. Balance and willingness are very important in any kind of relationship.

Are you experiencing a similar situation? Do you believe you are stuck in a female-driven relationship, or do you believe you appreciate being overwhelmed by your significant other? Have a free consultation today with a certified life coach or therapist.

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