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Hinge review

Hinge review

The following Hinge review is all about presenting this platform as much more than just an ordinary dating platform. Originally it was founded in 2012 but has gone through major rebranding during 2015. The purpose behind creating a dating app like Hinge is to make people able to find their soul mates. It does not focus on swiping right or left on different profiles based on appearance, but its main focus is to make people connect at an emotional level and to know each other.

The best thing about this platform is that it promotes its users to delete applications once they have found their match. It is not an app for casual dating but relationships.

In this Hinge review, I am going to explain how it works, its cost and some other exciting features so let’s get started with the best Hinge review:

How does hinge work?

Using Hinge is very easy; it is just like using other social media platforms. Here is how does Hinge work:

Downloading Hinge Application

Hinge app is a perfect dating app with a trendy and modern design. There is also a website, but you can use services only via a mobile app. First, you have to download the app so that you can use it to find your soul mate.  It is free to download for both Android and Apple users.

Getting started with hinge

How does Hinge work? For using Hinge, you have to sign up first, which can take longer than usual as this app focuses on the serious relationship so it is extremely thorough, not just casual hookups. You can sign up with your Facebook account or your phone number. After that, you have to provide a valid email address. Email verification is not required if you are signing up via mobile number. A code is sent to your number that you need to enter for confirmation.

After this, you have to fill different sections that will need your personal information: these sections are as follows:

My Vitals

In this section, you need to enter some basic information. Here is what you will be asked to enter:

  • Your location; you cannot just mention your state or country, you need to pin the exact location, and it has to be your neighbourhood. Phone GPS will help you in doing this.
  • Gender and gender preference, in case you are bisexual there is an option for it, profiles of both women and men will be recommended to you.
  • Other information includes education, work, religion, ethnicity, hometown, and height. You also have to tell whether you have kids or not. You can control the privacy of this information.

My Virtues

After you are done with signing up and have also provided basic information about yourself, you will be asked to give your opinion on some controversial topics, for instance, in matters of politics, drugs, alcohol, etc. Again you can choose what answer you want to appear on your profile.

My Profile

The last step in signing up on Hinge is uploading your photos that will show up on your profile. You have to upload at least 6 photos; otherwise, you will not be able to proceed to the next step. If you want to connect your profile with Facebook, it will automatically choose the 6 most recent pictures from your Facebook profile. You can change these photos if you want.

You also have to choose a writing prompt to answer; these may be questions or incomplete sentences. Whatever you write will appear on your profile.

Providing all of the requested information, and creatively answering prompts will make your profile stand out from others. Matches and likes you will get on your profile will depend on these things.

Connecting on Hinge

Being a member of the Hinge community, you can use all connecting features. You can like, comment, and send messages for free. Premium users can enjoy unlimited likes opposed to standard users who only can send 10 likes per day. But this should not bother you as quality matters quantity does not.


If you want to send like on a user’s profile, you have to choose a specific part of his/her profile, that you like most. It can be their answers or a picture; you can add a comment with your like if you want. It works as a conversation starter. Other users will be able to see which part of their profile you liked most.


The roulette type style is used by Hinge to display the recommended profile for the match. If you press (x) it will automatically remove the recommended profile and move to next. If you like a profile and the other person also likes your profile back, you both will receive a notification that you both like each other.


For sending messages, there is no daily limit, and you can do it free of cost. However, it is only possible to send messages to mutual matches. Once you have matched with a person, you can start a conversation with them via the message tab. Hinge messages feature does not allow you to send pictures. You can only send text messages.

Some other special features

Hinge provides a platform for safe dating that is the reason you will feel comfortable while going on a date with someone. Here are some other special features that will make your experience remarkable with Hinge:

Who Liked Me

Members who have sent you a like will be shown below in the heart tab. If you do not have a premium version, their faces will be blurred. To know who sent you a like, you have to individually browse their profile starting from the most recent profile and can see one by one all of the profiles.

If you have a paid version, this will be easy as likes will appear in a gird. You can see their pictures clearly and can interact with those you like most.

We Met

It is a new feature that allows you to privately give your feedback to the team regarding your date. This feature is located under three dots on the conversation window of your match. When you tap on the “We Met” option, you will be asked how your date went with that particular member. This will help recommend better matches in the future and encourage you to get off the application  if you have found your special one.

Hinge profile review

Life Coaching

Are you looking for a Hinge profile review? Is it effective? How does the profile present you etc.? Well here is a little Hinge profile review for you:

A hinge profile is an excellent way to present yourself in the dating world to attract potential partners. All the information that you choose to appear on your profile during signing up. Personal information, answers to prompts, and shared pictures appear alternatively on the profile of every member. You can scroll down to see what a user has shared on his/her profile.

There is a heart on every section of a profile that you tap if you really like that particular part of a person’s profile. On the bottom left side of each profile, there is an “X” icon. You can tap on it if you want to move towards the next profile.

Profiles of most users contain detailed information about themselves. They have written quite insightful answers to the prompts that effectively express their personality. It seems like they put their heart into creating their Hinge profile, and this shows their seriousness towards a serious relationship. They have a clear mind about what they actually want from this app, other users, and in their love life.

Hinge blog

Hinge blog allows you to know about the Hinge dating app. You can read useful articles there to help you out with dating in real life. Hinge blog is all about letting users know why they should consider Hinge and how it will contribute to their dating lives. You can read dating tips here for both men and women.

Is hinge free?

The hinge dating app has two versions for its users, the free version and the paid version. The free version in most dating apps allows you to understand whether this app is good for you or not. Most dating apps reduce the free version features so that users are compelled to buy the premium version, like eHarmony that blurs pictures unless you pay them. But that is not the issue with Hinge free version; it is pretty generous. Here is what is offered in the free version and paid version

Free version

  • You can view the complete profiles of members.
  • You can send messages to mutual matches.
  • You can see users who sent you likes

  • You can send unlimited likes in a day.
  • You can see all users who sent you likes in one place.
  • You can get benefit from advanced preferences.

Is hinge safe?

Is hinge safe? We all have this question in our mind while using any dating platform. Overall Hinge is safe to use, but just like any other dating app, you need to be careful observant of members who may or may not have bad intentions. Chances of fake profiles are really low, as signing up requires some time.

The hinge allows you to report a profile if you are not comfortable with someone. All you need is to tap on three dots at the top right corner of that person’s profile, and you will see an option of “Report” there. You will be asked to provide the reason behind reporting a particular Hinge member. Once you have reported the person, his profile will be automatically blocked from reaching you again.

Is hinge safe? Well, Hinge has published all the necessary information regarding privacy policies and terms and conditions on their website. You can visit their website if you want to know more about it.

Hinge UK

Hinge is an amazing platform to find someone special. Hinge UK app design is simple yet attractive, and it is very appealing towards the young generation, especially. Clean interface and vibrant colours remind you that you are here to meet someone special. A lot of people in the UK are using Hinge and loving this app.

Hinge membership in the UK

Life Coaching

Stats showed that about 500,000 members are from the United Kingdom, and about 80,000 members are active weekly. If we talk about gender proportion, 55% of members are male, and 45% are females.

The majority of users age from 24 to 32 and are those looking for a serious relationship. This age range has experienced a rise in casual dating or hookup culture. They have been through the stages of heartbreak and meaningless relationships, so now they are looking for something meaningful.

Here is a graph showing age distribution:

Most members who seem to be active on Hinge UK were not fake but genuine. In case there are fake accounts, they are just made out of curiosity about what the is the app all about or boredom. They have just used fake photos because they did not want to show their faces.

How much is hinge premium UK?

Relationship Counselling

How much is hinge premium UK? Although Hinge has a free version to offer you cannot enjoy all the features. So if you want to get serious benefits to form this app, you need to buy the hinge premium UK version which is also known as the preferred member version. Premium subscription is affordable for every user as compared to other dating applications in the market.

Membership is offered in the form of three different packages:

  • One month
  • Three months
  • Six months

How much is a hinge premium in the UK? The premium subscription starts from $19.99 for one month, about $39.99 for three months package, and $59.99 for a six-month subscription package.

Premium subscription will be renewed for the same package and price automatically after a fixed time depending on the previous package. But if you do not want to purchase the premium package again, you have to turn off the function in “Account Settings”. Your subscription will be no longer renewed, and your membership will be cancelled. However, you can enjoy the perks of being a preferred member until your billing cycle is ended.

Hinge offers them a membership upgrade for a whole month for those who remain active all the month. This way, you can fully experience how this app works.

Hinge user reviews

I know saying all these things may not impress you a lot and you may want to read real-lifeHinge user reviews so that you can decide better. Don’t worry; I will not disappoint you. Here is a popular real-life Hinge review by a user:

“To be honest, I was getting really tired of using dating apps. I no longer want to participate in today’s hook-up culture. I was ready to find a relationship. I wanted to have a date where it wasn’t expected that the date would end up in bed. I wanted something real. And so I was recommended to download Hinge. I downloaded it, completed my profile, and started sending genuine likes to other members. I didn’t get many matches, but I’ve had decent and interesting conversations with the matches I got. I’ve met up with three different girls until I met the one that made an impression. We’ve gone on three dates already, and I know that this could lead to something more than just a date.” – Marco, NY, 26

Another user said:

“Hinge has perhaps the most organic and interesting way of presenting online dating from what I’ve seen. I’ve always felt like it’s provided interesting and quality matches for me, with a user interface that is clean, modern, and not invaded with ads or other unpleasantness. I would say my biggest gripe is that the messaging system is less than optimized, but if you can get past that and get the other person’s number it’s good enough, just don’t try to sustain a long convo on the message section.”

Here is one of the 5-star Hinge user reviews:

“This app put the fun back into the online dating scene for me!! I love how conversational it is. Feels like being in a group of people and you hear someone say something that you resonate with so you go over to them and are like “omg me too!” And then you make a connection. I am way more inclined to match with more people and give them a chance even if I don’t find them physically attractive at first, just because they answered a prompt in a way that I found interesting or related to.”

Hinge review Reddit

A lot of users were asked to talk about their experience with Hinge. Here is what they had to say about it:

One Hinge review Reddit is as follows:

“I much prefer Hinge. It’s impossible to skip over a person’s bio while looking at pictures. I can’t say that for any other app.”

Another Hinge review Redditstates:

“This is the only app in my personal experience that I have used the absolutely follows your dating preferences to the letter. So if I said I only wanted to meet men between the ages of 34 and 35, they would not send me matches that were age 36. So while this can be good if you have very specific preferences, it can also be limiting for people you would otherwise match with.”

Hinge reviews the UK

Here are some Hinge reviews UK that I found on Reddit:

“I find hinge to be the best out of all of them if I’m honest, I got a lot of likes and interaction, and I’ve found that having funny stories helps massively. I find it’s quite easy to arrange a date, and my last relationship was from the hinge. As someone else mentioned, it is affected by the paradox of choice but stick with it. Maybe be a bit freer with your likes?”

Another Hinge reviews the UK states that:

“I found my girlfriend on Hinge. I think getting rid of the Elo algorithm that exists in Bumble or Tinder is helpful. Hinge is better if you are a more text savvy person.”


According to research, about 61% of people are interested in long-term relationships, and that’s what they are looking for in a dating app. About 20% of dating app users want to match people based on their personality, not their looks. 12% said that they believe in face to face meetings when they are looking for a serious relationship. If you are one of them, the Hinge app is all you need for a serious relationship.

This Hinge review has tried to explain how you can use it for your benefit. Hinge downloads are increasing day by day, which shows the popularity of this application. You don’t have to pay if you want to have a good experience with a dating app, but if you want to have the best experience with Hinge, I would recommend you to purchase a premium package. Premium packages are not expensive at all you can start with the basic one month package. When you feel like you need more, you can upgrade your package and cancel if you are not satisfied.

This was all about Hinge review, I have tried my best to provide useful information so that you can have the best experience with this amazing dating app. Hope you will find this helpful. We have found that a lot of client use hinge and have reported positive experiences. Call 0333443853 for a free consultion today with a qualified Dating coach.

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