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If you have just experienced a breakup and need support now click below:

Relationship problems can be tough to handle. But the most painful phase of a commitment is when your boyfriend decides to break up with you when you are not expecting it. This leads to so many ladies being confused when they get to know that my boyfriend wants to break up with me. But instead of being confused, you can respond in a certain way, which makes him rethink and re-evaluate his decisions. You might be able to restore your relationship. Therefore, take a deep breath and step back-respond smartly and not emotionally. You can get a hold of it. It might seem impossible, but you can fight it, and prevent the breakup. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to stop your boyfriend from breaking up completely. But love is always worth fighting for.


What to say if my boyfriend wants to break up?

So what to say if my boyfriend wants to break up? How can you stop the heartbreak in the middle? Let’s try the following responses. You can also lookup for professional help through these services here:

  • Accept it; “Okay, as you wish. Let’s break up.”

If my boyfriend wants to break up, accepting his decision can strike him in the head. When you are on the same footings as him, he feels a little flattered. Being direct can be surprising for the man, and it might make him rethink about why he is leaving a lady of worth. However, it does not work most of the time, as men are too eager to step out of the relationship. But if it is real love, your man might rethink his decision right away if you show emotional maturity rather than trying to beg or plead with him. Show him you respect and value yourself.

  • “Are you sure you want to do this.”

If your boyfriend does not have a lot of experience with relationships and he is not good at attracting women, then this statement can really hit him. It is going to goad him a bit. Making a strong stand in front of him is going to push him to re-evaluate his decision. Just make sure that you don’t say it aggressively. Try to make it a bit emotional.

  • Resign to his decision-” I love you, but if this is what you want, then it is okay.”

This is about respecting your boyfriend’s feelings and understanding that he might not be willing to put in any further effort in your bond. By saying such statements, you let him know that you are a mature lady, and you respect his decision. Although you do love him unconditionally, you are not going to force him to stay along. It will make him feel awful about his decision. Yet again, this varies from men to men. Not every guy gets emotional by it.

  • “Let’s try to figure it out tomorrow.”

By saying this, you give him time to rethink his decision. This tactic is all about postponing the problem so that you both can discuss it later when you are both calm. Most men do not postpone the issue, but you are lucky if they agree to it. But, do not push him a lot. Try it twice or three times at most, and if he stays stubborn about it, then you know what is better to do. Walk away with dignity.

  • Try persuading him to stay and give it more time:

Although we don’t believe that persuading someone is healthy for a relationship. It also hurts one’s self-esteem. But if you are willing to push him to stay with you, then try persuading him. Tell him about how much you adore him and remind him why you both are together in the first place. However, stay calm and do not get loud. Being peaceful and low tone might help. Try to suggest couples therapy and also discuss problem areas in the relationship.

  • Be Humble-” Let’s try to fix this.”

You can act gracefully by telling him to fix things together. Or you can ask him what’s wrong and promise that you will make it right. If the problem is from your side, then this might help instantly. But if there is no issue and your boyfriend is just trying to get rid of you, then it might not work at all. You are going to understand this by the way he responds. However, try showing your determination about fixing things.

  • Cling to him a bit:

If you have been a bit distant from your boyfriend, then it might have annoyed him a bit. It is time to get clingy. Love is all about feelings. Yes, there is logic, but you don’t always have to act rationally when it comes to emotions. Dropdown all the logic and act a bit emotional. Tell your boyfriend that you don’t want to break up and cling to him. Hold him close and maybe tell him about how much you admire him. It might turn the tables around affection and love are imperative.

What to do if my boyfriend wants to break up after all that I say to him? What if none of this works? Then,unfortunately, you have to face the heartbreak phase! Even though it is tough, but there is nothing better than walking away with dignity. BREAKUPS ARE TOUGH BUT YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT!


Ways to Handle a Breakup:

Breakups can make you feel lonely, sad, anxious, and ill. The pain can be both physically and mentally. Ladies who find out that my boyfriend wants to break up, are helpless because they are in pain. The effects are tough to deal with, and no matter how weak your bond was, it does leave you a bit shattered.

So how can you handle your breakup in a way that it becomes a bit easier and less painful? There is literally no way to ease out the pain overnight. But managing your heartbreak efficiently can certainly change things around. Here are the top 6 ways to handle a breakup.


Talk about it or write it:

Avoiding your feelings might make you feel normal for a while, but in reality, it makes the process of moving on harder. There is a hurricane of emotions within you when you break up with someone you love. In the early phase of the breakup, you try to reject your feelings. However, what really helps you in managing your emotions is to talk about them. If you have a close friend whom you can rely on, then try to speak to them. Discuss how you feel and whatever you are going through. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking your emotions out, then you can write about it. Journaling about your feelings is beneficial, and it aims at mental wellbeing.

Be Active:

Jogging or running can be an excellent start to an active life. You need to kick in your endorphins so that the stress hormones are suppressed. It also helps in boosting your mood, and you feel happier. Furthermore, it distracts you from your current situation and allows you to interact with nature as well.

All in all, being active is going to help you in several ways to manage your heartbreak efficiently. The most common reaction after a breakup is to cry and isolate yourself. But you need to do the opposite. Go out and go running. Isolation will make the situation worse for you.

Look at the Brighter Side:

Breakups cloud your mind and throw your thoughts in a negative direction. It seems impossible to look beyond the pain and anger. However, you need to push your account towards the positives of all. Looking at the brighter side is extremely important, and it helps you handle your breakup in a better way. Start with a simple gratitude exercise. Write down three things which you are grateful for at the end of the day. It makes a huge difference as you look beyond the heartbreak and notice the good things in life. Your Life is worth more than any relationship always remember that you must carry on believing in you.

Indulge in things you love:

Doing what you love is going to help you handle your breakup. You don’t usually feel enthusiastic about your hobbies after a breakup. Everything seems gray, and you isolate yourself. But with a little effort, you can force yourself to get out of bed and enjoy the little things in life. If you love painting, then you must spend an hour daily to soothe your mind. Likewise, if you like hanging out with your friends, then go out in a lunch or movie with them. Indulge in activities that lighten up your mood so that you can feel excited about life.

Don’t get into rebound relationships:

Many people think that getting into a relationship right after the breakup is going to help them move on. Rebound relationships are not helpful. They make you guilty conscious and don’t help you in moving on. You end up realizing that you don’t love the person you’re with, and it is going to hurt them. It is best to stay single for at least a few months after your breakup so that you can remain dependent on yourself and not anyone else.


Develop good Eating Habits:

Eating a lot of sugar is going to make you feel better for the time being, but it is going to create havoc within you. Studies have shown that people who have high sugar intake are depressed more than people who don’t eat many sweets. Thus, you need to develop good eating habits. Indulge in eating fresh fruits and drinking fresh juices. Eat veggies! Your mind is going to feel fresh when you eat right. A cleaner body responds to stress effectively and manages anxiety and depression better too.

There is a lot more that you can do to handle a breakup. You need to focus on yourself so that you can start depending on yourself.

Why does a man break up with you?

Why do men leave the women they love? Why do women feel so hurt about the fact that my boyfriend wants to break up with me even though everything was running smoothly? Why does this happen? Let’s dig into why do men break up with women also though they claim to love them endlessly?

The very first reason why men break up is that they lose attraction. This is a stereotype, but sadly, it is a bitter truth, as well. However, not all men are like this. Usually, bad men leave women as they lose interest in them faster. The good men work on their issues and communicate with their women about them. Losing attraction is not a reason, but sadly, some men these days have this issue.

The second reason why men leave the woman that they love is because she might be trying to change him constantly. Some men change themselves on their own because they love their lady and don’t want to hurt her. If he is doing it willingly, then it is okay. But if you are always complaining and are trying to change him, then it won’t work, and he might leave you.

Men tend to walk out of a relationship if there are a lot of arguments. They are carefree beings and don’t like ladies who freak out a lot. If he is not willing to put in a lot of energy in the relationship, then he will leave. A lot of problems all the time, quickly turn a man into breaking up. A man wants to feel comfortable around his lady and not nagged or attacked.

Take professional help; MDD to the rescue:

If you are worried that my boyfriend wants to break up or he already has, and you don’t know how to handle the situation, then you can look for professional help. An expert relationship advice can boost the chances of your relationship. You can visit MDD via this link

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MDD also has packages for singles. People who have broken up and want to enjoy their single phase of time then you can take a look at the following packages


Stop wondering about why my boyfriend wants to break up with me and start handling the problem efficiently. You need to handle the heartbreak wisely and make sure that your mental wellbeing is not affected negatively in the process. It is a tough phase of life, but it will be okay.

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