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We might try to gain control over everything but the harsh reality is that we cannot. We cannot make someone love us or decide on how much they care for us. So when you get dumped, blue out of the bolt, and you start worrying about why do I keep getting dumped by guys; you need to know that this is probably for your own good and you desrve someone who wants you. Maybe the universe planned it for you because it knows what is best for you. When you get dumped, the lesson does not come upfront. It won’t be crystal clear right away. However, we can help you in unfolding the reality of your loss and make you understand the trouble behind why do I keep getting dumped by guys. To start off, you need to know that YOU are not the problem and you must come out of this misconception to move ahead.


In this piece of article, we will be discussing solutions for what to do when you get dumped unexpectedly. We will also be digging into the problems of modern dating; especially the troubles women are facing these days. Along with that, we will unveil some tips which can help you in managing your relationship well so that you are not dumped. Let’s get started.

“I always get dumped and I am losing my confidence” -anon

Why do I keep getting dumped by guys?

There can be various reasons for the question of why do men keep dumping me. We have summed up some for you, right here.

  • The most common problem with some ladies is that they do not like themselves. The feeling of unworthiness keeps pinching you and men can sense it. Men start losing interest in insecure women. Another issue is that many girls stop taking care of themselves after a while. You are not going on a fashion show, but you have to make an effort. Take care of yourself and your hands and your hair. Be conscious about your hygiene too.
  • If you are confused about why do men keep dumping me over and over, then you have to look inside yourself? You might be rude. Men love women who speak with respect and are good at speaking. If you are too loud and ill mannered, your man is going to be uncomfortable with you.
  • Many women are nagging you keep repeating instructions. This is incredibly controlling and clingy which men hate. Where are you going? Why are you going with your friends? Who is that girl on your Instagram? We need to meet my parents today! STOP girl! You are going to nag the man to such an extent that he will leave you. Space is essential in a relationship, and you need to respect it. In your man’s life you be a place of comfort not a place of headache and stress.
  • In the urge to make him feel jealous, by talking about other guys all the time, you actually lose him. He starts feelings your interest in other guys and loses his in you. Having a social life is excellent, but you don’t have to obsess over any guy to make yours feel jealous.
  • Men can sense it if you are after money and not love. Very often breakups happen because of it, but the woman usually knows where she has gone wrong in such scenarios. You focus on things like jewellery, cars, clothes and a perfect house rather than care, affection, attention and quality time. Your man will give you time to change, but once he has had enough; the game is over.

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“I always get dumped and its making me scared to try again” -Malena

 Why do men keep dumping me? What to do if you get dumped out of the blue?

Sudden breakups are the worst form of betrayal. You are confident about everything sailing smoothly but suddenly, your so-called man, pulls out the knife, to stab you in your heart. Getting dumped unexpectedly is harsh, and it can leave one feeling numb, angry and confused.

The pain of losing someone you thought loved you is hard to conquer. It is a time when you are hurting, but you have to keep up with the world too. Being mean to others is not going to help you. It might seem as if you are taking out your aggression, but it never does end. Thus, you need to learn the art of losing gracefully. You will hurt, but with grace, you will allow yourself to heal too. So what do you do when you are dumped unexpectedly? Even if you are confused about why do men keep dumping me; there is a way to let go off this grief. The process might be gradual, but with dedication, you can overcome this hurdle.

Maintaining your grace, you need to understand that you have it all that attracted you towards your ex. You have a tender heart, and you can take care of yourself. Look into your own qualities that probably drew you into this relationship. Many people fall in love with others and then break themselves open to start loving themselves. This is precisely what you need to do. Peek in yourself and love the parts of you that you never considered. Stop dwelling on the thoughts of why do men keep dumping me and concentrate on what are the good things that I have to offer and why do I NEED A MAN TO VALIDATE ME? I can validate myself.

Now, this might be difficult but look into the opportunities this breakup might be offering you. Stop crying about why do men keep dumping me and ask yourself as to how you can grow. You might feel very vulnerable in the beginning, demanding protection, but you need to know that you are your shield. Look up to your friends and family and talk to them about any opportunities you wish to avail. But most importantly, start looking up to yourself.

You also need to STOP depending on people all the time. The biggest problem with unexpected breakups is that you lose a support shoulder within no time. You miss the late-night calls and that sense of affection and constant pampering rather than the person overall. Therefore, start putting your trust in you. Don’t look up to people as a source of happiness and fulfilment. Look up to yourself so that you are stronger emotionally.

You might think that love has ended for you, but darling, love has no end. Love might have left your relationship, but it is entering a new source. You should avail this opportunity and let love flow within you, for your betterment.

“I always get dumped I feel like everyone just wants sex”- Isabelle


Dating is hard, and it is harder for women these days, or specifically an independent woman. The biggest issue men have from independent women these days is that she has her own life and her surroundings herself with her hobbies and interests. She is not surrounding her life the agenda of finding the perfect guy. But at the same time, she is open to dating, and that is where her struggle begins. Here are the main conflicts that an independent woman faces these days in the modern dating world.

Confused between wanting company but also needing your ME time:

The biggest problem that ladies face these days is that they relish some me time, but they have to keep up with their man too. If your guy is smart enough to respect your boundaries and gives you, your space then you kudos to that. However, a lot of men do not do that.

Women love snuggling up in their blankets and watching Netflix on weekends. Or they love their perfect morning ritual where they hit the gym to make sure that they have an active day ahead. Every woman has her own definition of “ME” time.

But when you are dating someone, you want company. With the feelings of love rushing within you, it gets confusing. You would love for your boyfriend to take care of you, but you also want to spend some time alone. What does a girl do here? It might not seem much, but this is a significant struggle that women face daily.

Men think Independent women are COLD:

If a woman is not clingy, she is termed as “cold” by the majority of men. Independent women understand how it feels if someone keeps clinging to you. It is annoying, and they would not do the same to anyone. Such women usually like men who have interesting hobbies and have some aims to fulfil in life. They know an exceptional line difference between treating you right and clinging to you aimlessly. But this seems to be a problem in the dating world for women.

If she is too clingy, she is getting on the man’s nerves. If she is not too clingy, she doesn’t care enough. What can you do? It is frustrating when your man does not understand the concept of you working late or hanging out with your girl gang. Independent women struggle massively in the dating world these days because they are ambitious and wish to balance their relationship and work both. But this makes the guy think that he is not “important” enough for you, which is entirely wrong. It is a huge struggle which has no solution but to get a man who is mature enough to understand you and your aims in life.

” I always get dumped because I nag constantly”- Lucy

The Bar is set too HIGH:

Now, this is a mistake that a lot of ladies make and it is a struggle, but being picky can be highly negative also. A lot of people will tell you that it is fine to be picky, and it totally is. But you need to understand that nobody is perfect and you cannot get all the right points in one person. They are as human as you are.

Setting standards is excellent as you have to spend your whole life with someone. You obviously have to make sure that they are worth it. Independent women have a long list of traits that they want in their men, and they usually do not settle for less. Women like these are not only ambitious about their work, but they look at love from a different perspective. They do not feed their minds with the hopeless romantic that movies portray to us. Where the high standards can be useful to set, but the major problem is that most men are not okay with putting up to so much pressure. Being an A-grade all the time is tough, and this issue is growing over time.

Dating is challenging, but an independent woman faces a lot more issues than usual. She has a lot on her plate, and the struggle to date a guy who understands her hustle is a little tricky. It is not only a significant pressure on guys but the women too. Modern dating is getting tougher day by day, which tends to be the primary reason for the high percentage of breakups.


Breakups have become one of the easiest ways to step out  of a relationship when problems surround you. If you keep asking yourself about why do men keep dumping me, you need to notice one significant thing; they usually run off when they are unable to overcome the problems. Majority of the men think that they have to run off, to avoid the suffering in the present. They do not give a second thought to how the problems and hurt can be solved to save the future and the beautiful bond. Therefore, if you keep asking and wondering about why do I keep getting dumped by guys, look deep into the issues, and you will find a conclusion, which won’t be blaming you. The way to solve the question of why do men keep dumping me  can be solved by looking at things from both perspectives and delving deeper.

Giving up on the person you love is not easy, and it is not going to give you happiness.

“Nothing good comes easy.”

All the married couples who have been together for 30 years or more, will tell you that it takes hard work and constant, conscious decision making of staying with the person you love. If you think that you are going through a rough patch in your life and that you should go for a breakup, then here are some tips that can help you resolve the problem.

  1. Don’t make it a matter of your pride. Being humble is the key to success. This is the most important step to fix a broken heart. Be humble and gentle. Accept your mistake if it was or make your partner understand how the issue arises in the first place. You can apologise for something that you did unintentionally; it is excellent, and you must not make it a matter of your ego.
  2. Create an honesty zone and have the courage to speak how you feel. You must be comfortable to talk about issues that are ruining your relationship. Communication is crucial but honest, and understanding talk is the key to success. Talk with good intentions and do not criticise your partner. Be willing to understand the other person’s perspective too. Don’t be scared of disagreement; be afraid of losing someone just because you bottle up your emotions and problems.
  3. Don’t forgive and forget. Please talk to your partner and forgive each other to move on with life. However, what you need to focus on is what you learnt from that experience. Also, focus on how you need to avoid putting yourself in the same situation again. Ask yourself about why you ended up in that specific situation. Understanding the cause of the problem will help you from preventing it in the future.
  4. Be expressive about what you think. You need to make sure that you let your partner know what you are thinking. But at the same time, you have to be careful with your words. The wrong words can create havoc. You have to practice to keep your facial expressions and your verbal communication right. You have to be constructive about it so that you do not add to the damage. If your partner feels insulted it will cause problems.
  5. Don’t step outside to find remedies. They are just going to add fuel to the fire and damage your relationship. Insufficient resources are going to hurt your partner further and will create a distance that will be hard to overcome. If you wish to save your relationship, you won’t be doing this. Do not involve third parties in your relationship
  6. Space is important. Togetherness is the essence of a bond but space is equally important. Couples who respect each other’s space and me time, go a long way. The role of freedom is essential. But you need to remember that you are committed to someone. If you both have been through an emotionally draining phase, then it is best to respect your partner’s silence and need for space. Give each other time to overcome the problems and forget about them.
  7. Don’t look up to other people to solve your problems. Your friends or family is undoubtedly there to make you feel better. But you don’t have to rely on their advice to mend your relationship. The more you discuss your problems with your friends, the more weird information you are going to receive. Also, everyone has their perspective. They are going to judge your issues differently. Don’t let that ruin your bond. Solve your problems on your own!
  8. Take your time to heal. Often,when we rush to improve things, they worsen up! So don’t rush into fixing the problem right away. If you truly love someone, you are not going to rush each decision. Someone who truly cherishes you will give you time to think and heal. Likewise, you have to give them time to heal too. If someone gives up on you quickly, then you know that they never deserved you in the first place.
  9. Visualise the ending and how it would affect you. Many times people do not think about what will happen after the breakup. They tend to jump into the decision and dump the person they love as they are looking for a way to escape the problems. But before you break up with someone you love or they break up with you, imagine how the ending would be. Will you be able to move on quickly? Do you genuinely love them? Think about everything before your breakup. Visualising a future without them might make you think sensibly. Always remember you need a life outside of your relationship.
  10. Are you selfish? This is the final thought that you must pop in your brain. Are you doing things just because you want to hurt them? Have you ever thought that the problem might be with you and not your partner? Understanding yourself more will help you look at possibilities that you probably did not before. It is essential to ask yourself why you are doing this and is it a selfish act, or you are doing the next person favour! How you treat someone in a relationship is very important

You will have your ups and downs in a relationship. It does not mean that it will shatter your bond. You need to work towards it. If you are worried about why do men keep dumping me, then you need to take a break and surround yourself with YOU.

Why do men keep dumping me?Look for HELP:

It is okay to look for help if you are facing problems. Miss Date Doctor is a great source to look forward to in terms of relationship counselling. If you are worried about why do men keep dumping me or why your relationships don’t last long, then you can visit this link and get in touch with an expert to solve your problems today

You can also read through the following links that state problems that both men and women face during the hardships of a relationship:

CONCLUSION OF WHY DO Guys keep dumping me?:

Handling a relationship is not easy, but it is not that tough either. The dating world is undoubtedly getting challenging, but we need to gear up with time too. Girls need to understand that men do not appreciate women who are after money and are too nagging. A balance between your love life and your professional experience is essential. Make sure that you do not surround your life around one person. Don’t lose yourself in the process of loving someone because it ends badly. We hope that this piece of information has helped you in understanding why do men keep dumping me and what struggles women face these days while dating. If you are looking for help, then we would recommend  HAVING A FREE CONSULTATION TODAY. We make life better ! We support you with your problems. Call 03333443853 Today.

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