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My ex keeps texting me

My ex keeps texting me

My ex keeps texting me; what should I do? This happens to almost every other person. Let me tell you the truth; I have been through this too. Breakups are difficult to handle and bring a lot of pain. They make us question ourselves. It brings depression, and for some sensitive people, it is extremely difficult to handle this depression. It becomes even more difficult to move on when your ex keeps texting you. Everything seems confusing. So what to do you do in this situation? How to handle it? This article is all about it.

You may be going through this right now and are confused, why my ex keeps texting me? Does he/she still love me? Should I talk to him or her? How can I handle this? In this article, I am going to address all these issues. So let’s get started:

Why my ex keeps texting me?

Why my ex keeps texting me? We all have this question in our minds when we see a text from our ex after a breakup. Reasons can vary depending on the nature of your past relationship, how it was, and how you two broke up. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons and how will you identify the real intention of your ex.

My ex keeps texting after he broke up with me.

my ex keeps contacting me during no contact

It is really annoying when your ex keeps contacting you over messages after breaking your heart. In most cases, people want to get back to their ex. So when their ex texts them, they get very excited, but it is also kind of emotional.

One time you hear your ex saying, “It is over, I don’t want to be with you anymore”, and after some days or months they text you and ask, how are you or what are you doing these days. In this kind of situation, it is very difficult to deal with the roller coaster of emotions. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind “Why my ex keeps texting me after he broke up with me“:

Feeling guilty

It can be a reason behind your ex texting you after breaking up with you. It is a very common attempt to get back to the ex. This happens mostly when your ex cheated you or vanished without explaining why they wanted to break up with you in the first place. If your ex texts you after breaking up with you it means he or she is just trying to get rid of the guilt. He may say things like, “I’m sorry, you deserve better than me.”

Feeling lonely

The feeling of loneliness is very common, especially during the no contact period. It is because he is missing you. After all, you used to talk daily, and now he/she has no one to talk to. The ex used to share a special bond with you and misses you a lot. He/she is for sure missing your small texts like “How was your day” or “Missing you, let’s have a coffee”.  A lot of things matter here to know why he/she is texting you. If he/she sends you texts like “Hey, what’s up?” and when you start chatting your ex talks frustratingly like they are exasperated and does not know what what to do chances are your ex is feeling lonely and is considering getting back with you.

Feeling bored

Going back to being single from being in a relationship is really exciting for some people. They enjoy it to the fullest. They travel, party and spend time with friends. But they get bored soon as their friends are in a relationship. They may get themselves busy, but soon they realize that life is not that fun anymore like it was with you. They find everything boring. So they will text you after feeling nostalgic and reminiscing on old times. But how will you know that they are texting you just because they are bored? Here are some signs:

  • Your ex will put no effort into texting.
  • Your ex does not text you regularly only when there is nothing else to do
  • No regular contact
  • Just texts you but, does not want to hang out.

Texting you for sex

“Why my ex keeps texting me after he broke up with me” It is the cruellest reason behind texting your ex, but this happens too. We all hate this kind of behaviour where there is no value of emotions. But most of the time we can’t identify it. Most of us just think that our ex is lonely and sad and needs us, but actually, your ex is using a sympathy card to have sex with you. There is no need to bear this kind of behaviour. But how will you know that your ex is texting you just to get into your pants?  Here are some signs:

  • Mostly will text you late at night.
  • Your ex will flirt with you over text.
  • Your ex will send you naked pictures or will send double meaning comments on your pictures.
  • Your ex may also ask you to come over to their place.

My ex keeps texting me during no contact.

During no contact time, you both decide not to talk to each other. You two broke up as you know that things were not good between you two. You talked like adults and decided it is not good to be in a relationship. Now you two are trying to move on with your life. Suddenly one day you get a text from your ex. Now you are wondering, “Why, My ex keeps texting me during no contact“. Let me share some reasons with you:

My ex keeps texting me mean things.

My ex keeps texting me mean things. Why? Because your ex is feeling angry. Although you two decided mutually to break up and never contact each other, still your ex is angry. Why? Well, it is because your ex did not make that decision by heart. And now it is bothering your ex so much. Your ex is angry because you did not text them for once, tried to ignore the situation, and now your ex is worried that maybe you never loved them and truly cared after all. How will you know that he is just angry and has resentments against you? Here are a few things to notice:

  • Your ex will send you a really angry message but will apologize after a few hours or days.
  • Your ex will blame you for everything.
  • Your ex will say that they have feelings of hate for you.

Wants his friend back

“Why, my ex keeps texting me during no contact” When we are in a relationship, we build a strong kind of connection with our partner. Especially in the case of a long-term relationship, there is an extreme comfort level between partners. And some relationships start with friendship. But not every relationship works. So when you had a strong connection with your partner, still broke up, and during no contact, period got a text from them, chances are that they are missing their friend. You may also have similar feelings. Here are some signs that show your ex is missing your friendship.:

  • You will have factual conversations.
  • Your ex will ask for your advice on different matters
  • Your ex will complain about their problems
  • Your ex will say that you’re one of their most important friends

Your ex is curious

We all want to know how our ex is doing; has your ex moved on or still misses you. If your ex is not seeing someone and still single, it makes us feel good; it’s human nature. If your ex texts you maybe your ex wants to check are you moving on faster than them or not. It may be because of your social media updates. here is how will you know about it:

  • Your ex will ask if you are seeing someone
  • Your ex may brag about a rebound relationship
  • Your ex may mention that they saw your dating profile
  • Your ex may seem nervous too

My ex keeps texting me after I broke up with him

Picture of young businesswoman working cafe

My ex keeps texting me after I broke up with him, why is it so? Well, it totally depends upon the reason you two broke up. If you broke up because you were too scared to commit to them or did not felt the connection, but he was too into this relationship, the reason is he might be angry with you. You will notice this anger in his texts as I have mentioned above.

Another reason could be that he wants to get you back. So he will try whatever he can to get you back. He may say, “I accept your decision, but we can still be friends”. If you receive this kind of text, chances are he is in love with you. You also might want to give him a chance, so it is your call whether you want this to continue or not.

My ex keeps texting me after I broke up with him; why? Well if you broke up with him because he cheated on you, or because of his actions. The chances are that he is now regretting it. He may want to apologize for his behaviour and ask you to think about your decision again and give him another chance; I would say do not fall for this trap.

My ex keeps texting me even though she has a boyfriend.

My ex keeps texting me even though she has a boyfriend, why is it so?” Well, in that case, there can be two possibilities. One possibility is that she still misses you, and this is just her rebound relationship. If you miss her too and want her back, this is probably in your favour. Rebound relationships most of the time, do not last longer than 3 months as suggested by some experts. So with little effort, you can get her back. All you need is to be there for her and make her realize that you still care about her, and this new relationship is not good enough for her.

My ex keeps texting me even though she has a boyfriend, why is it so?” Another possibility is that she just wants to make you feel jealous. If you were the one who initiated the breakup, there are chances that she is angry with you and now if she is doing well in her relationship, she wants you to know that she is better off without you. Well, there is no need to worry about it; you can block her if you don’t want to talk to her anymore. Otherwise, it is in your hands if you really don’t care about it; her texts will not bother you at all.

My ex keeps texting me Reddit.

Most of you may be thinking about “My ex keeps texting me Reddit opinion“, but let me tell you one thing. Not all opinions or suggestions giving on Reddit are helpful. Not all people talking there about relationships are experts but some people give great answers. They just share their opinion that may or may not be helpful depending on the past relationship you had with your ex.

If you are wondering what are some “My ex keeps texting me Reddit opinions” about why exes do this and what to do in that situation, don’t worry I got you. I have searched for answers to your questions there, so let me share the best suggestions from some of the Reddit users:

One user said:

“He wants to know he still has your attention. It feeds his ego and gives him validation. Every time you respond, it’s like he’s getting a like on Instagram. Block him.”

Another user said:

“He probably still cares but doesn’t want to get back together. It’s time you implement no contact. Let him know you no longer wish to speak to him and that he can contact you in a few months when you’ve had a chance to heal. What he’s offering you now are breadcrumbs, and they are setting you back.”

My ex keeps texting me; what should I do?

my ex keeps texting me

If your ex keeps on texting you, it’s not a good sign in some cases it could be manipulative. First, don’t feel depressed and motivate yourself to move on. These unwanted messages can trigger your anger and depression state. Relationships are hard to form and harder to make work. Breakup changes everything.

My ex keeps texting me; what should I do? Well, it depends on you. What do you want? Do you want them back or want them to not text ever again? Your next action will be based on this. Anyways here are some suggestions for you if your ex keeps texting you:

Should you text your ex or just ignore?

You had spent a lot of time with your ex and after the breakup give it a lot of thought. Now you think that they are worth fighting for. You did not want to break up, but somehow things turn out this way, but now you are ready to fight for them and get them back. You should text back your ex. You may have read on many online websites that it is not the right thing to do and developed negative thinking. They tell you to ignore and play hard to get your ex back. But it is not the right thing to do if you don’t talk to your ex how can you get them back.

But you have to consider some things before text your ex back. There are few rules that you need to follow so that you can have a better texting experience with your ex. Let’s have a look at these:

  • Text back your ex if you have been in no contact zone for about a month at least. This time will allow you to think about different factors of your past relationships. It will allow your emotions to settle down so that you can think with a cool and realistic mind.
  • Text them back only if they show emotional attachment towards you. I have shared the signs above with which you can understand whether your ex is interested in you or not. There must be emotions, positive or negative. There must be no signs of manipulation.
  • If your ex does not respond after you text them back, you can text twice but make sure not to text more than that. It shows that they are not that interested and you should move on with your life.
  • Keep the conversation light and do not put any pressure. Most importantly, only start a conversation if you are willing to end the conversation first. Those who end the conversation first have power over the relationship. You can end the conversation like, “Okay, it was nice talking to you, have to go, will talk later”.

Do you feel uncomfortable?

My ex keeps texting me; what should I do? Well, how do you feel about them texting you? Obviously, when you get a text from your ex, it feels a little overwhelming. You will feel uncomfortable, especially when they were toxic in the relationship, and you are still struggling with your emotional health. Talk about it with your ex over text is okay. But use a polite approach in doing so. Tell them how they are hindering your emotional well-being. Tell them how they are triggering memories from the relationship, you would rather want to ignore. Keep in mind that while talking, be focused. They may try to manipulate you emotionally, so talk to them from a safe emotional distance.

I would suggest you do not reply at all if you want to stay away from emotional distress. Words may not convey the right message, but your silence will for sure.

Take help from professionals.

Most people will break up and will be sad for a while; then they will move on. On the other hand, some people are sensitive and cannot deal with it. They get stuck where they are, and it is not easy for them to move forward. During this time, when a person is in emotional distress, a text from an ex can make things even worse. At this time, they need help from friends, family, and most importantly, from professional therapists. There is nothing wrong with it, and you should not be ashamed if you are reaching out for help. It means you know where the problem is and you are willing to deal with it. So never be afraid to reach out for help. Mental health providers can help you in dealing with your post-breakup depression.


Breakups are the worst; you lose a person you loved before and had spent such a good time with. Even if the relationship was terrible, still there was a time when you two had the best moments, there was a bond. During a breakup, you miss your ex badly. The same is the case with him/her. Chances are they miss you too. Sometimes your ex is so wounded your ex will send you all kinds of texts, not knowing what to say. Sometimes exes are so selfish and cruel that they text you just for their own benefits, like for having sex or to kill boredom. In any case, a text from an ex takes you to the roller coaster of emotions. It does not feel good.

You need to figure out “why my ex keeps texting me?” and make the decision accordingly. For instance, if you know that he/she is  a good person and you want them back, and they have similar intentions, you can think about giving them a chance. Otherwise, it would be better to stay out of it, so that you may not get hurt again. This was all from my side; I have tried my best to give you valuable information, hope  you will find it helpful. If you need further assistance have a free consultation today call 03333443853.


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