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So you have been caught!! You decided to be greedy and have a little extra on the side. You thought you would get away with it and now you are running around like a headless chicken because the MRS found out!! YOUR WOMAN, YOUR GIRL!! The person you were supposed to be faithful to. The problem we have now is explaining to your woman that you did not mean it and you made a mistake. The problem with cheating is it brings a whole lot of questions to a woman’s mind and none of them are positive!! Here are the things to consider that your girl is thinking right now:


She will be thinking “How can I trust this guy again. He is full of crap!!” If she does give you another chance you are going to be under scrutiny!! SHE WILL BE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE!!! To prove to her that you have nothing to hide, she is going to need the lock/pin code to your phone, needs to know where you are and who you are going with!! The truth is you are not a baby and she is not your mum. But if you care about her, you may have to be on the back foot until she starts to trust you again. Unfortunately for some people, once the trust is broken, they cannot get over it. But if you love your girl you are going to have to fight to prove to her you can be trusted.


She is thinking if she gives you a chance and stays with you, will you do it again? You say you won’t but how does she know that? YOUR WORDS MEAN NOTHING AT THIS POINT. She is thinking of all you promised her and how you broke that trust and she is concerned that if she lets have another chance, you may just take advantage of the fact that you know she cares about you and do it again. She is not sue she wants to take that risk.


No one likes looking the fool and no one likes being taken advantage of and when you have been cheated on, that is just how you feel!!! The pride will tell you that you cannot stand for this. The case with most women after being cheated on is a horrible feeling of being taken for a fool and that if they give you another chance, you will then know much this relationship means to them. The pride then tells them “DO NOT PUT UP WITH THIS. YOU ARE A WALKOVER. “


There is a possibility that she told no one. She may be a private person but it is quite likely that your girl has confided in one of her friends or family and has turned to them for support. They will be seeing the pain and emotions she is going through. Some friends will go straight to combat mode and paint you as a very bad guy and advise her not to give you another chance and others will remain neutral not taking any sides but because of what you have done you will be portrayed as the “BAD GUY”. Then, they will be the friends that say “if you take him back he will do it again” “Don’t be an idiot”.

When you hurt someone and betray their trust, it may take some time for them for them to forgive you and in some cases, they will decide its best they walk away. If you really care about someone, the natural thing to do is try your best to make it up to them. It could take weeks, months or even longer. It is important not to rush or be pushy because you are in the wrong. It can be hard but you must see things from her point of view and be patient if you want her to give you another chance. “IF SHE CHEATED ON YOU, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?” Everyone in life makes mistakes. We all do it just in different ways. Here are some questions you should ask yourself as a man:

(i) Why did you cheat? Is it because you don’t like something in your relationship?

(ii) Do you have the discipline to remain monogamous in a relationship?

(iii) Are you prepared to do the things it will take to get the trust back?

Good luck. You made a mistake and all you can do now is try and correct it. The pain that is caused from cheating can destroy relationships. If you love someone, you must be committed to them and you express this by remaining faithful. Some men find this hard to do. In that case, it is better to remain single and have your fun.


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