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WHAT MEN WANT Miss Date Doctor

What men want is a very important but very difficult question to answer. Every man and woman wants to find a perfect partner and everyone has a different definition of “perfect partner”. Many studies have been conducted to find out what men actually want from women, but no study has been able to give a clear and simple answer.

Every man wants different qualities in his partner. Some men want a partner with a beautiful body and face. Some prefer women with a good sense of humor. Some would say they want a beautiful woman with good a sense of humor.

Choosing the right partner is really necessary for living a happy life. If you and your partner have different interests, it is very unlikely that you will live a peaceful life. Every man should know what qualities he wants in a woman and must know all the important things about a woman before choosing her to be his life partner.

15 things men want from women

  • Compliments

Every man like compliments just as much as a women do. They want to be complimented for their looks. Men want women to appreciate their physical appearance. Many guys are very insecure about their physical appearance and like knowing that their partner finds them attractive. They want to be complimented for their fashion sense especially when they dress up for a party.

  • Affection

Men want women to be caring and affectionate. Affection is the biggest quality men want in a woman. If any man is feeling sad and down, few words from a woman that shows him that she cares for him can really boost his moral. They want women to express their love for them very often.

A woman can be affectionate towards a man by holding his hand, kissing him or by just telling him how much she loves him.

  • Respect

The base of any good and loving relationship is respect. No man would trade respect for beauty. Men want women to respect their decisions, job, and hobbies. They don’t like negative comments about their thoughts and opinions. They also want women to listen to them intently. Women can also show their respect for them by always being positive and thankful.

  • Acceptance

Every man wants to be accepted for who he is and doesn’t want any woman to try to change him. If a woman is always pointing out negative things in man’s personality, it will discourage him and he will lose his affection for his partner. They want to be accepted and loved with all their flaws. They want women to accept and be fine with the fact that they have different likes and dislikes.

  • Sense of humor

Everyone likes to laugh, and the biggest quality male and female want in their partner is good a sense of humor. If you are making jokes your partner will be more attracted to you. It can enlighten his mood when he is sad.

  • Sociable

Men don’t like a boring woman, or woman who doesn’t want to engage in fun activities with other people. Every man wants his partner to be friendly and sociable. Your partner would like to go to parties with you without being worried about your attitude towards his friends. He doesn’t want you to complain about his friends.

Every man wants a woman to be friendly with his family and treat them good.

  • Good physical appearance

It’s a fact that men are attracted to a woman’s beauty. Every man wants his partner to look gorgeous. He wants her to always dress up beautifully. Men are more attracted to women who go to the gym. Women must take good care of their skin, body, and teeth.

  • Ambitious

Men like women who are ambitious. They want women to support and motivate them to achieve their goals but they also want their partner to aim and achieve big. In today’s modern society a lot of men are less likely to take on a woman they see as a liability with no goals.

  • Understanding and supportive

Life is not easy and couples will face a lot of challenges together. If any couple wants to survive these challenges they need to support each other. Your partner wants you to be understanding and supportive. He wants you to talk to him about his problems and tell him that you are with him and will support every decision he makes.

  • Trust

Trust is the most important thing for a healthy relationship. Your partner wants you to be honest with him and also trust him when he is being honest with you. If you start doubting and questioning your partner’s loyalty it will create tensions in the relationship and he will become irritated and resentful.

  • Appreciation and acknowledgment

Your partner wants you to appreciate how hard he works for the family. He wants to be acknowledged for the effort he is doing to make your relationship more beautiful. You can appreciate him by saying kind words or even by making him a surprise dinner just show him you recognize the importance of the role he plays in your life.

  • Intelligence

Every man wants his partner to be highly intelligent. A woman who knows what’s happening in the world and also knows about all the technological advancements. Men like women with whom they can engage in an intellectual conversation.

  • Hard work

If you are a hard working woman it means you are responsible and you know what’s good and what’s bad for you. Men want women to be hardworking. So, they both can earn and support the family. Men don’t like women who just sit at home and enjoy and shop with their hard-earned money.

  • Confidence

Confidence is a quality which really attracts men. Every man wants a woman who loves herself even with all the flaws. If you are struggling in your life you would want a confident woman by your side. Who can fight with all these challenges and keeps you motivated as well. A woman who always stays positive in every situation.

  • Similar values

Men like women who hold similar values as them. If you want to have a successful relationship, your values must align. Your beliefs must be the same. You must also know how to treat his family. Men like women who are family oriented.

WHAT MEN WANT Miss Date Doctor

What Men Want (2019)

Many novels and books have been written on this subject.  Some movies have also been made on this topic. One such movie is What Men Want. It’s an American fantasy/romance movie and its release date in the United Kingdom is March 15, 2019.

This movie is about a woman (Ali Davis) who is a sports agent and wants to be successful in a man’s world. So, she drinks a potent concoction and gains the power to read men’s inner thoughts.

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What man wants

In the below list here are some extra tips on what man wants and what he truly needs:

  • Happiness
  • Loyalty
  • Friendship
  • Joy
  • Respect
  • Legacy
  • Good image
  • Companionship
  • Assets
  • Influence

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