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Five Reasons You Always Get Girls That Are Gold Diggers

  1. You Are Not Yourself

You always pretend when you meet girls. You do it all the time!! You lean against your car, talk about the numerous business deals you have in the pipeline, wave champagne bottles in the air and everything you talk about is money, money, money. If you want a quality woman, you need to stop using material goods and the “I have money” sales man pitch.

  1. You Lack Confidence

One of the reasons some men use money to get girls is because they do not have much confidence in their looks and self ability to get girls without it. This is completely unnecessary.

We all look different in this world and we all have different people we are attracted to. If you use money to get girls, it is a bit self defeating because you will know they do not genuinely like you and that is not a good feeling for anyone and will make you lose more confidence. It is important that a woman makes you feel good. You are not an ATM. You are a human being.

  1. You Think Girls Don’t Like You That Much

I do not care if you have had loads of girls say no!! I do not want you to feel that you cannot get a woman without cash. It is absolute nonsense! It is a game of numbers some girls will say yes and some will say no!! It is important you don’t let those rejections trick your brain into thinking everybody has the same opinion. I love steak and chips one of my favourites maybe you don’t like steak and chips but guess what, loads of people do and loads of people don’t!! Opinions will always differ. Do not let that cripple your confidence.

  1. In The Past, You Have Been Insulted Because of Cash Issues

This point is a little more tricky, I completely get it if you dated a woman in the past who left you because of money or said you did not have enough  and stated so I can’t date you, or may be your job changed etc.

We are all humans, we instantly go to defence mode when attacked. It is understandable to vow to never put yourself in that position again and either not let women get too close or play them at their game I call the I am rich stance. The sad truth is no matter your financial situation, very wealthy, average, it doesn’t matter. No one likes a gold digger so in the end you will be dissatisfied when you know a woman is with you for the wrong reasons. If a woman is rude because you don’t pay for everything she asks and insults you, no problem. Let’s take a walk to the door and put her outside.

  1. Everyone Knows I have Money

It comes with the territory because you are successful in your field, business, sports star musician, arts, or come from a wealthy lineage. There isn’t much you can do!! This is hard to deal with but you have to be more selective and not let beauty lead you. It must be character that let leads you and do not feel disheartened when you discover she is yet another gold digger. It’s just part of the game. It is simple. Once you realise she is just in it for the cash, proceed to the elimination process. “I’M BUSY!!” LOL!! Do not let beauty confuse you with what’s right.

No matter what, there are loads of good women out there and there are loads of bad but do not tarnish everyone with the same brush. You deserve a woman who loves you for you. Use your personality and charm as a magnet and not money and don’t waste your time with the loser girls who are just in it for the cash!!


Good luck.

Do not let past bad experiences get you down keep going

Miss Date Doctor. xxx

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