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She Is Begging Me To Take Her Back but I Do Not Know If She Can Change

Relationships can be very difficult to maintain. There will be good days and there will be bad days. When it gets to the point that there are too many bad days, we feel we have no choice but to walk. There are a number of issues that can make a couple have a break up. Here are a list of grade A and grade B problems.


(i) Cheating;

(ii) Alcoholic/Domestic abuse;

(iii) Lack of compatibility (Religion/Values/Lifestyles); and

(iv) Trust (Lying/Stealing/Lack of Transparency).


(i) Dress Sense,

(ii) Insecurity;

(iii) Different upbringing;

(iv) Education; and Class

(v) Complacency.

Now the reason I have divided the issues into groups is because grade B problems are all things that can be changed or improved upon. Grade A problems are more serious but can still be worked upon dependent on if the parties involved want to make it work. The truth is if you really love someone and you put that love in motion by improving on your faults, there is nothing that cannot be worked upon. In regards to grade A problems, you may think we cannot get past this but if you really want to you can. In some instances, it is not possible due to external factors to resolve the issue and you may feel you have to go your separate ways. If you love your ex enough to try and work things through consider the following:

(i) Is the situation changeable?

(ii) Can she make the changes I want?

(iii) Am I willing to be patient with her as it could be a process?

(iv) Am I willing to move on from the past?

(v)  Can we go to counselling?

(vi) Is it a realistic expectation that we can resolve this?

(vii) Do we love each other enough to try?

This is not easy but every situation is different. Why not join our couples’ therapy programme or do a coaching session. Whatever you chose to do, Love is always worth fighting for!!


Miss Date Doctor. xxx

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