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One morning, I was at home typing away on my laptop with TV blaring in the back. I was watching WRIGHT STUFF and up came the topic I LIED THAT I WAS PREGNANT. I stopped what I was doing to listen to what the panel and viewers had to say. A few women called in and said that they had did it before in desperation to keep the guy and all the women said they would not do it again. One of the women said the situation had spiralled out of control so much she ended up losing her boyfriend and upsetting his family and hers. She said that she went through a really rough time and regretted doing it. I really felt sorry for all the women that called in because I know that when you fake a pregnancy for a long time because of a man, it means you are experiencing a lot of pain yourself.

It is never right or excusable to lie about pregnancy. It is not fair on the guy and it is not fair on you. I am not going to judge anyone who has done this as anyone can MAKE A MISTAKE. The thing is, when you love someone, and you so desperately do not want to lose them, it can make you do the wrong thing. The thing is SELF LOVE is so underrated. We always talk of “I love you” “I love him” “I need you”. These should be changed to “I love me” “I have to take care of me!” “I respect me”. The thing is when someone advises you, it always seem like it’s not you in the situation so it’s easy for you to talk!! It’s true. When you are the one with the emotions and you are the person having to deal with this, it’s hard. I understand that. The most important thing that I want you or any woman in that situation to know is that no man is worth lying to JUST TOKEEP HIM!! In the end, let a man love you for who you are good and bad and if he cannot, show him to the door HE IS NOT WORTH IT!!! 


If you feel distressed or in need, never feel that you are the only one. So many women have felt what you are feeling. So many women have been rejected, mistreated, and betrayed. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you are going through this now or are even thinking of lying about pregnancy, do not do it. There are loads of men out there that will love and respect you just the way you are. When you have a feeling that a man you are dating or married to wants to leave, it can be a very scary feeling because you want to keep that relationship going by all means!! If you lie to a man about a pregnancy, it’s like a temporary solution. What happens when he finds out? What do you feel will happen when he finds out yourlying? You will feel very stressed out!! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WHO CAN COPE AND GET THROUGH ANY SITUATION. A MAN REJECTING YOU CAN NEVER BRING YOU DOWN!! IF IT DOESN’T WANT YOU SOMEONE ELSE WILL

If you find yourself in a situation like this, please do one of the following:

(i) Speak to a friend or family member you can trust;

(ii) Get counselling;

(iii) Call the M.D.D. helpline on 03333443853 or Whatsapp:+447463386495

 Whatever you decide to do, get the love and support you need and know “when it rains, the sun comes back after a while”.

Good luck.

P.S. Never lie to a man to keep him. The consequences are too great and you are better than that.

Miss Date DoctorDirector

Nia Williams

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