I Think This Girl Is Dating Someone Else

There are sometimes as a man you find yourself in a situation where you just have a bad feeling the girl you are dating is up to something. She acts a bit sneaky and not forthcoming when you ask her questions. She also does disappearing acts which involves her not picking the phone for long periods of time… hmmmm. So you don’t want to come across like some controlling bully but what is going on? Well you cannot jump to conclusions! She has loads of guys around her as well that she claims are her male friends. The truth is, without evidence, you cannot make accusations or judgment against someone. So what can you do? Here are your options:

(i)  Sometimes you are just paranoid!!!

You think that because you are crazy about your girl and you feel that she is hot, too many guys will be trying to chat her up. If you have no evidence, you will need to speak to her about the way she conducts herself and ask her if you can disappear and behave the way that she is behaving!! People rarely like a taste of their own medicine. LOL!

(ii) She just does not have relationship etiquette

There are some women and also men that are not very good at relationship etiquette. They don’t realise that when you are in a relationship, you cannot act and behave the way you would when you are single. They still behave like they are single even though they are now attached and do not realise it is imperative to consider the person you are dating when they do things generally and also the feelings of their partner. But the problem is when they act like this, you would think they are cheating or don’t care about you when in fact, this is their normal behaviour.

(iii)         You’re right and she is cheating

Thinking that someone is cheating is not good enough. You need evidence. Never ever accuse someone of cheating without having actual proof. It will only make you seem insecure. If you do have evidence that they are cheating, you will have to talk to them and decide if this is a relationship you want to continue with…

Trust is a key factor of any relationship. If you do not have it, it can make the relationship very uncomfortable. But sometimes, that lack of trust can come from our fears and insecurity. Talk to your partner and communicate so that you understand each other better which increases trust.


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