Why Do Some Guys Judge A Girl On How Many Men She Has Slept With?.

In today’s society, we have come a long way since the 60’s and a lot of things have changed and improved. We are living in a social media-driven era. Women have more rights, we don’t call each other as much. We use WhatsApp, we arrange dates via the internet. But the funny thing is no matter how many years pass, there are things that have not changed i.e. the way a woman is judged on her sexual history. This is a sensitive topic because people of different backgrounds and religions will have a different take on the situation but like it or not, most men frown upon a woman that has dated too many guys that they know or has had too many sexual partners. In doing the research for this article, I asked a few different guys why men feel this way and here is the information I gathered. The reasons they do not like a woman to have too many sexual partners are:


  1. It shows that you don’t have value for yourself;
  2. Their pride/ego (it makes them feel uncomfortable);
  3.  They like to feel like you are a prize and cannot do that when too many guys have dated you;
  4. Creates a lack of trust. You seem to be too interested in the opposite sex;
  5. What will other guys be saying when they are around other men. Will they be ridiculed?
  6. Seems less feminine; 
  7. Looks cheap.

Now let me make this clear. The views above are NOT held by all men and some guys are simply not bothered with who you have dated and slept with. This article is simply for us to see the male perspective and understand why men think the way they do.

When we started this dating website, one of the main objectives was to get across the different opinions of men and women. The younger generation of today we do things completely differently. I mean can you imagine putting selfies up in your bikini in the 60’s  LOL! People would be absolutely mortified. But in the end, one of the most beautiful things about life is that not everyone has the same opinion. So in your love life, compatibility is always important if you want the relationship to lead to success. The truth is men are driven by completely different factors to women. However, you choose to live your life, find someone that is accepting of you just the way you are and never date someone that looks down on you or rubbishes your past it is pointless. The funniest thing of all is no one knows how many men a woman has slept with accept the woman in question. Talk is one thing but facts are another. There are some things that are just reality of dating different types of people some are more judgemental than others.



Miss Date Doctor. Xxx

P.S. the truth is no one can truly know how many partners an individual has had. This information is in truth unknown.


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