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He Is Always Going Clubbing! I Want Him To Stop

It can be very difficult sometimes when you are in a relationship and your boyfriend always wants to go clubbing with his friends all the time. It can be the case that you are not into clubbing or that he would simply rather go with his friends than you. Whatever the case, maybe if it makes you uncomfortable it can be the cause of constant conflict and feeling annoyed when you cannot see eye to eye on this issue. But what is causing you to be so upset about the issue ask yourself and be truly honest with yourself. Here are some of the possibilities below and what you can do about them:

(i)  You don’t  really trust him:

If you don’t really trust him, you may fear that he will meet another woman in the club, unless he has done something like this before you will have to trust him and have a discussion about your feelings but the base of the discussion more on compromise and seeing if there is a way you can both be happier and more comfortable i.e. with the situation (do not approach in an aggressive or controlling matter just explain how you feel)

(ii)            Some of his friends are a bad influence:

The case can sometimes be that you trust him but not some of his friends due to the fact that you believe they will lead him astray. You can choose a man’s friends or dictate to him who he can and cannot hang out with. It is a man’s choice any decision that he makes. If he chooses to do something that disrespects you or your do something that disrespects you or your relationship. His friend cannot be blamed for that. (If you try to push away his friends, you may drive him away).

(iii)         It is against your lifestyle/religion/principles.

There may be some women who are against going to nightclubs completely. If this is the case unfortunately one of the things I have learned over the years is that you cannot control people. In the end, everyone makes their own decisions. You may hate clubs for your personal reasons but if your boyfriend enjoys it you can tell him how to live his life. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to accept you and your partner may have different lifestyles and interests but this does not stop you from being together. Have a discussion with your partner about concerns and make a decision and do what you think is best for you.

Good luck.


Miss Date Doctor. xxx

P.S.   Everyone is different. Always let people be themselves and if it does not suit  you, find someone that does.

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