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He Is Always Liking Girl’s Pictures On Instagram!!

Things are not like back in the days. You don’t have to step out of your front door to meet people. You can simply go online and interact with people all day long. But for women, this has just given us another thing to worry about. Some women get terribly upset when they see the amount of female friend their partner has on facebook and hate it even more when they see him liking beautiful women’s pictures. It makes a lot of women feel insecure and uncomfortable. It makes us wonder… does he not feel happy with me? Should I make more efforts with my appearance? Will he cheat on me? Is my body good enough? But what you need to realise is it does not necessarily mean there is a problem because he is looking at women’s pictures online.

Here is the reality of the situation:

(i) He is a man, men like looking at pictures of beautiful women;
(ii) You must also admit that sometimes you may sometimes see handsome men and think he is good looking but you DO NOT act on it. It is just a thought in your mind;
(iii) Most guys do it. That is one of the reasons Instagram is so popular; and
(iv) You’re his girlfriend not the women in the pictures or if you are not his girlfriend yet, you should not let it worry you. It can make you look insecure.

Unless a man has directly disrespected you or sent direct messages to one of these women online (i.e. cheated or tried to cheat on you).

The truth is you are not his mum. There are beautiful women everywhere. He can walk down the street and meet women. It has nothing to do with being online. Ask yourself two questions, do you trust him? Do you have some insecurity about your body and physical appearance?

Sometimes when you do not trust a guy, everything he does makes you panic because you think he could be up to something unless he has given you reason to not trust him always give a man the benefit of doubt. Do not start telling him off for no reason!!… Also, if you are lacking confidence in your looks, always remember a man cannot validate you. You validate yourself. Be confident and love yourself.


P.S. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior or second best. You’re fabulous. Always remember that.

Instagram can be stressful when you watch the likes, following etc try to relax

Yours sincerely
Miss Date Doctor

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