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I Don’t Get The Kind Of Guys I Like

It never really fails to amaze me how many women have this complaint. The kinds of guys that they like don’t seem to like them or mess them around and the ones they don’t like worship the ground they walk on. In this situation some women take the easy route “well I don’t like him that much but he is reliable” and then some women remain determined to find what they are looking for but cannot seem to get it. This situation can happen for a few reasons but here a few of the possibilities:

1. You place requirements on men and you have none of the qualities you request: He should have a good job, he should have a nice car, he should be a kind person, he should be a good father, he should be financially stable the list is long but what you are asking for do you have some of these qualities? Also, no one is perfect. Be fair and reasonable.

2. When you come across a guy you like you behave desperately and lose the cool way you behave when you don’t like a man: The mindset can mess things up for you as a woman when you feel like a man is better than you and don’t feel confident around him so if you believe in your mind he is better than you and how will you possibly get him to like you it will reflect in your behaviour but when you are around men you don’t like, you behave more mysterious and uninterested which is why the chase happens and they adore you (people always want what they can’t have). If you behave the same way you behave with men you don’t like you will be shocked to see a different result.

3. You need to work on your appearance : It could be that you want a city professional for example but you need to realise men are visual creatures. Unlike women, they are driven by attraction. Go to the hairdressers, eat a healthy diet, dress well whatever your style may be and just try to present yourself well and take good care of yourself (hair, body, nails, and clothes). It is important you present yourself in the best way possible to boost your confidence and to increase attraction levels. It can be difficult in the dating game when you can’t find what you are looking for. But don’t give up. Try to be confident and patient in the search for MR RIGHT and always remember no one is perfect. True love involves compromise and understanding.


Miss Date Doctor. xxx

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