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I Hate My Body!!

It is not easy being a woman so much pressure is on us in regards to how we look. Hair, teeth, nails, body, clothes, etc. The pressure is so much and social media made it even worse with the constant images and selfies of perfect bodies and people commenting and sharing their views. We are all different with some of us finding it more difficult than others to maintain our appearance. We have so many other things to deal with in our life i.e. education, career, children, family, loved ones etc. But even so, how you feel about your body greatly affects your relationships as a woman. It does not matter what size you are. Own it!! Do not let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful.

This may sound cliché blah blah blah, heard it all before but the truth is this if you go to a shop to buy something, what draws us to the products? Slogans such as the finest; juicy; succulent; tender; sweet. All these words make us want to buy. So if it said rotten, horrible, bitter; mouldy; LOL! Would you want to buy?  I doubt it. If you tell a guy or should I say send a message that you don’t like your own body, you are in trouble! Confidence is very attractive and when you hide your body in the bedroom, put yourself down, get nervous about being in your underwear, it tells him you don’t like yourself which is not fair on you and kills the attraction you must love yourself if you want others to love you self-love statements are not cliché they are reality.

If you have stretch marks, a scar or you feel overweight, bad skin IT DOES NOT MATTER!! You are a human being NONE OF US ARE PERFECT!! Stand tall and do not let any man intimidate you or make you feel inferior. It is not fair on you the same way being needy and desperate is unattractive. Being insecure and not liking you is also unattractive. When you are looking for Mr Right, always make sure it is a man that accepts you for who you are and makes you feel good about yourself. If you find that he is constantly putting you down, then move on. Who made him judge and jury!! LOL. But at the same time, be realistic and compromise.

I am not saying that it is okay to just let yourself go. Here are the things you should always take care of:

  • You hair;
  • Your body;
  • Your clothes;
  • Your teeth; and
  • Your skin.


Try your best. That’s all you can do. Some people will have difficulties in some of these areas due to different reasons i.e. (finance, personal preferences, skin issues illness etc).The things mentioned are quite simply things that happen in life and you should not let them make you feel negative about your body. Things happen that’s the way life goes. Everyone is entitled to their own individual style but just love you and someone else will love you also. STAY POSITIVE.




Miss Date Doctor. Xxx

@missdatedoctor instagram

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