I Think I’m Pregnant but he doesn’t want the baby

This is a very sensitive topic so it will be wrong to advise in any particular direction but what I will say is remain positive and know that many women all over the world have been in your position so don’t feel bad about yourself and remember the following things:

(i) If a man doesn’t want to be with you, do not force him;

(ii) You will get through this;

(iii) Whatever decision you decide, do what is best for you; and

(iv) Turn to your family and friends for support.

When a guy says he does not want to be with you, it can be very painful. The rejection can make you feel very alone and distressed but the truth is the pain will pass and you will be okay. It is not easy when you care for someone and get rejected but time is a healer. There are situations in life that we all have to deal with that can be very stressful and upsetting but no matter what, you must look out for yourself. If someone says they don’t want you, the truth is someone else will. Never ever lose hope in life or give up!! YOU WILL BE OKAY!!! It is important for you to take care of yourself and always remember that you are a beautiful woman that many would cherish. There is a lot for you to consider at this time you must follow your heart and do what you believe to be best no one can make this decision for you but just remember so many women have been in this position and went on to live a wonderful and fulfilled life this is just one chapter in your life that you will get through.

Good luck with your situation and don’t be sad. Remain positive.


P.S. Turn to loved ones and medical professionals for support and don’t feel that you have failed in some way. These things happen. Anything can happen in life. You must persevere.

Miss Date Doctor. xxx

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