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This is a common problem believe it or not. It can be boring being single. No candlelit dinners, an empty space in the bed and no one to watch X Factor with. LOL…  So what do you do? You go out with a guy that has liked you for a while. He is crazy about you and hangs on to your every word. But the truth is you don’t even like him that much and you know it.You don’t like him you’re just bored. Your friends know it,your family knows it. Everyone knows it except him. You just kind of get bored of being single and most of the guys you have met are players, lack commitment, or cheaters. So what could you do? You were feeling lonely and quite vulnerable. The problem is he is getting more attached to you. YIKES! The minute you find the kind of guy you really want, you will be gone.

It is easy for this to happen but it is a very bad thing to do. You should not waste his time by letting him invest in you when you do not feel the same. Not only are you wasting his time but in fact, your action prevents you from getting the right partner you know the truth you don’t like him you’re just bored why are you doing this? There may be some other guys who have not expressed their interest in you because you are in a “relationship”.

Loneliness can make everyone vulnerable and fall into a wrong situation. It is natural to need something to fill that void. My advice is, do not date someone you don’t like that much. It is not ideal and it is very cruel. If you are single and tempted to do this, DON’T! If you have already done it, you need to end it now so that you can find the man you truly desire. Don’t be scared to be on your own. Socialise more. It helps so that you don’t feel so lonely. The I will just manage this relationship situation is so common and so many people are dating someone who is second best and not really what they want, but sometimes you can end up married or even having a baby with someone that you didn’t even like that much all based on the fact you did not want to be on your own. Please be careful emotions, life and consequences should not be played with.WAIT FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!!!The truth is the you don’t like him you’re just bored situation is very common but it is not worth it in the long run

Good luck.Be strong feeling lonely can be difficult but you need authentic love you deserve the best

Miss Date Doctor xxx.


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