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There are some men who know what to say and what to do so that you run after them like a headless chicken hoping and waiting that one day, just that one day, he will be more serious and take the relationship to the next level. It seems like he makes endless promises so just when you decide to block him on WhatsApp and stop calling him, he changes! I care for you, I do want to be with you, give me time, and you are the only girl for me “NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS ME!”. I will now tell you what happens next. YOU BELIEVE HIM. I can tell you it’s a trick. He is a player. He has got you. It’s all lies.


In 2009, a musician called La Roux has a single called I’M NOT YOUR TOY. In the first verse, one of the lyrics goes: “It’s all false love and affection. You don’t want me. You just like the attention.”It is very common that some guys enjoy controlling and manipulating women to get their own way. They don’t like you that much but they don’t want you to date someone else so you mistake this for them having feelings for you. WRONG! IT IS A CONTROL THING. HE JUST WANTS YOU THERE. WHENEVER HE IS BORED, HE PLAYS WITH YOU. He is unwilling to call you his girlfriend. He makes you feel insecure and not good enough because he is unable to give you the committed relationship you crave. It is hard for you to walk away. You like him so much. You are so addicted to him you try so hard not to like him anymore. You know that he is no good.


One of the reasons that heartbreak songs are so successful is because it is so prevalent. Do not feel you are alone. There are so many people going through the same thing. Don’t let it destroy you. It will not destroy you. It is just a bad situation. You must persevere and get through this. It is going to be difficult no doubt about that but you have to end this or resign yourself to the fact that he is not ready for commitment. Don’t you want something more profound? Don’t you believe in yourself? I believe in you and you can get someone else better. Don’t let him take away what you deserve. A loving and caring relationship. Sometimes, you just need to get more social. Go out more. Go to the gym and take care of you. Look at the situation from the perspective of someone else. What would you tell them to do? It is easy for me to say you love him. You are right, but for you to be happy, you must fight for what you want.


Good luck.


Miss Date Doctorxxx.

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