It is not easy ladies. You go through all the stress to find Mr Right. Numerous dates, ups and downs, lonely nights, a few tears here and there and now, after all the strain, you have found him.

He treats you right. Spends adequate time with you and there are talks of a promising future. Things are going so well and you have never felt so happy. But you are loving the relationship so much you want to spend every precious moment with him. The pattern is now forming. You call him incessantly and demand to know where he is all the time. It has been a while sinceyou have seen any of your girlfriends because you always decline girls’ night out these days as you are so happy in your relationship. Your main focus is him right now. Let me tell you something ladies,  idleness tends to lead to bad behaviour. Calling your man almost every available second is bad behaviour. Wanting to do everything with your man is bad behaviour. Men feel suffocated with this type of attitude.

Being independently fulfilled by your career, hobbies, and social life makes you a better woman. The relationship has muchmore  FIRE! It stays fresher and more interesting.

Let me ask you, do you want to lose your man? I am sure the answer is NO. So, give him a break. Don’t suffocate him. Let him go out with the boys. Let him watch his favourite sport. Let him have his personal space in the house and trust me, he will love you for it. Do not bother him every second.

You can be in the same room with each other in silence. Don’t always talk for the sake of talking. “A man is a hunter. He does not chase what is waiting to be captured” One of the most beautiful characteristics of being a woman is mystery. Being feminine is imperative to any relationship with a man. We are all different types of women in personality type and style absolutely but no matter what, it is not our job to chase a man. It is not cool. Don’t do it. Give your man the space that he deserves.

Try your best to understand that your man will resent you if he feels suffocated. Trust him unless he has given you reasons not to. If you want your relationship to flourish, give him the desired space.

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