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It is not easy being a man. You are a provider with expectations placed on you to meet your obligations and protect your family. You feel that you are naturally expected not to show your emotions easily like a woman which is completely unfair and you feel under pressure. The truth is that you have so much to do. For example, your career, education, taking care of your family and balancing your social life like hanging out with the boys. It can sometimes be easy to neglect the one person that means everything to you. YOUR GIRLFRIEND!/WIFE Sometimes, you get so caught up in your own life to the point that you unconsciously forget to do the things it took you to woo her to your side in the first place. It happens so easily and if not quickly realised, it leads to the worst case scenario, she leaves. It is a common mistake comfortability sets in and cracks and problems start to appear.

Here are the things you should never do if you want to keep the woman you love.

(i) You Are Always Busy.

It is not your fault you are swamped up at work and find it so hard to make time to see her. Sorry, that’s not good enough. You have now become the invisible boyfriend. You are no longer there when she needs you. It is now hard to watch a TV programme with you, go to dinner with you, go to the cinema with you because you are always busy. Remember this, women crave attention and when we don’t get, we feel insecure, restless, irritable, and nag constantly. There is no woman that wants an invisible boyfriend.

(ii) You Are a Liar.

You are always lying all the time.  Where are you? You lie. Who is she? You lie. Did you sleep with her? You lie. What time will you be here? You lie. Will I see you tomorrow? You lie.

This just makes a woman frustrated and miserable. She cannot believe a word that you say. She is not sure if you are seeing someone else or if you are committed to her. She is not sure if she can trust you with your work colleague or not. She cries constantly because she is unsure that you genuinely care about care about her. But I hate to tell you, if you are a persistent liar, women pick on these things. One day she may end up leaving Mr liar for Mr honest. Remember, you were warned.         

(iii) You Put Her Down All The Time.

You compare her to Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. You tell her to lose weight. When you are out with her, she constantly catches you staring at other women lustfully. There is not a moment that passes by without you teasing her about her weight, her hairstyle or looks. If she makes an effort, you rarely complement her or notice her new dress and shoes. She wishes she could be treated better and be your ideal woman but she knows that this can never be the case as nothing she does seems to be good enough.

Now for the bad news. As you constantly criticise her, there is some other guy telling her how wonderful and beautiful she is. Sadly, she ends up leaving youfor another guy or quits the relationship with you because she feels like you are a bully.

(iv)  You Don’t Compromise

There are some guys that are so controlling. I have dated one or two myself. They decide what you eat, where you eat, what movie you should see etc. They never ask your thoughts on a matter. This can be so hard for a woman. We love you so much we don’t want to upset you but the truth is, can you just listen to what we want sometimes? Why do we have to do everything you want? Try sometimes to meet us halfway. It can’t just be about a man’s view all the time. You may be right sometimes in your selection but give her a chance or she will feel trapped. It is important you find out her likes and hates. It is very important you know her views on politics, life and current affairs. Don’t be overbearing. Compromise. Give her the opportunity to express herself always.

(v) You Are a  Cheat

This is a common problem. You love your woman but you are very fond of other ladies. You find it hard to resist the sexy and beautiful women around you. Maybe you flirt, text, or like their Instagram pictures. Maybe you actually date and sleep with them. It could even the case she has caught you once and you have promised to change. Let me tell you a secret and a very important one to know as a man. A woman’s love can be as strong as her strength when she has had enough of you. Many men have confirmed to me that they could not believe that the same woman that pleaded, cried, and fought for them was the same woman that stood up to them and said she has had enough. No matter the type of woman she is (loyal, sensitive, or assertive) she will eventually get tired if you keep flirting around and hurting her. She will leave you for someone who makes her feel special and worthy if you cheat or continue to cheat on her.

REMEMBER! Don’t lose the woman you love by making any of these mistakes. True love is hard to find.

Miss Date Doctor xxx.

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