It is so difficult to find Mr Right. This is a common statement made by a lot of women after a string of failed relationships and broken promises. They start to lose hope. It seems too risky to let down your defences and go through all that pain again. You have dusted yourself off so many times and this time around, you cannot be bothered again.  You are resigned to the fact that all men are cheats, users, liars and not committed. This is just simply not true. There are many committed and good men out there who are looking for Mrs Right. It is so important that you don’t give up. I understand you have had your heart broken a few times and the pain was so unbearable, you felt like you were going insane. I completely understand that. But always remember that no matter what you are going through, you are not alone. If you have been dumped, used, rejected, belittled, degraded, you name it, so many other women have been in the same position.

However, irrespective of the above, you must not let another person destroy your confidence and your quest in finding happiness. Always remember this quote:

“Fall down seven  stand up eight”.

No matter what you have been through, there is a man out there willing to love you just the way you are. It may take some time to heal and feel ready to try again, that’s understandable. But you must try again no matter what. Believe in yourself and find comfort in the fact that we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. The thing is if you give up, you and your persona and mannerisms show you have given up. This affects your chances of finding Mr Right. Even if Mr Right comes, you will give a negative attitude because you believe the worst.  Smile, laugh, dry your tears, believe and have faith in yourself. MR RIGHT is just stuck in “traffic”. Good luck.

Miss Date Doctor xxx.

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