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My Boyfriend Hates Me

Are you worried because you think and feel that, “My boyfriend hates me”? Are you heartbroken because you think that, “my boyfriend is selfish”? Here, I will tell you about the top most reasons behind why he starts hating you or becoming selfish day by day.

  • Infidelity

Suppose, I have a boyfriend and suddenly I start noticing a change in his behavior. Without evaluating myself for the reason behind his changing behavior, I would start complaining that my boyfriend hates me. Is it worth saying these things or such arguments? Absolutely no because the wise act is to first evaluate one own self if one notices any behavioral change in his companion. The first and foremost reason behind his changing attitude could be infidelity. There are chances that you are being unfaithful to him and he is noticing this thing. As a result, he would ultimately start developing a distance from you as no one likes to spend his time with an unfaithful person. Thus, it is very important that both of you must be infidel and faithful towards each other so that your relationship could go in long run.

  • Financial discomfort

The second reason behind why a person seems selfish to you may involve the financial discomfort. If you are thinking or complaining that, “My boyfriend is selfish”, stop right there and spend some time to figure out the actual reason. There are higher chances that he may be facing the financial burden and couldn’t continue a blooming relationship due to that. If you know that your boyfriend is financially down, stop making any high demands to him. Try to be his support in this difficult time. Furthermore, it is always advised to avoid asking for things where he has to spend money. If you always demand financial things from him, he might think that you are after his money only. And if he couldn’t fulfill your demands due to financial discomfort, he will start creating a distance from you. Therefore you must look for such triggers in your relationship when you feel like your relationship is facing financial issues.

  • Talking about an ex

The most annoying thing for a man is that when his woman always talks about her ex. If you ever had an ex, be careful. Never talk about your ex in front of your boyfriend. Whether your ex was a good person or a bad person, there is absolutely no reason to discuss him with others when he is gone. A man cannot bear this, that his partner always remembers and talks about her ex. If one does so, his boyfriend would ultimately start hating her due to such reasons. If you are complaining that, “My boyfriend hates me”, just take a minute to figure out whether you are discussing your ex with him? If so, then he will definitely start hating you because he couldn’t bear that when you are physically with him, there is someone else in your mind and thoughts. Additionally, there is absolutely no reason behind remembering your ex at certain times because if he is out of your life, he must also be out of your mind.

  • Not respecting privacy

The most important thing in making a relationship stronger and better is to respect each other’s privacy. If you have a boyfriend and you are always after him, inquiring his every act, it will annoy him. It is always recommended to give each partner their personal space. Having the personal space is the basic right of every human being, then how could you take this right from a person? Whether it is your boyfriend or any other person, make sure you take care with privacy. Never try to invade the privacy of each other, especially when it comes to your boyfriend. Suppose that you are trying to unlock your boyfriend’s mobile phone for checking his emails and messages, and he is not allowing you. instead of thinking that, “My boyfriend is selfish”, just remember that you are not respecting his privacy. If you respect his privacy, your relationship would get stronger and stronger with time.

  • Constant nagging

Another important thing that could potentially be the reason behind why your boyfriend hates you or getting selfish with you, is the constant nagging. No one likes to be forced in any way, if you are doing so, you must immediately stop. It will kill the positivity in your relationship. It will engage you both in a boss-servant relationship where one is always force ordering and the other one is bound to follow. This will kill the beauty of your relationship and ultimately, your boyfriend would start hating you. therefore, if you want to establish a good and ideal relationship with your boy

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