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So, you meet a great girl, she is cool, fun loving and hot. Everything is going well. You have great fun together and you are loving it. Then one day, you are both chilling together and she says WHERE IS THIS GOING? Oh boy here we go again. Why do girls always have to do this? You think to yourself you are not ready for a relationship and you do not want some woman bossing you around telling you what to do. Lol…

It is just not what you are looking for. Now, here is the issue. If you tell her you are not ready for a relationship, she will want to stop seeing you and that’s the last thing you want. But if you lie to her and say yes, she is going to tell everyone that you are HER BOYFRIEND! Expect a lot of commitments and that will mess things up for you with other ladies. OH DAMN!! This is awkward and a situation that guys face all the time. The thing is if you tell the truth, you could lose her and if you lie, you are in a relationship you do not want. So what do you do? I AM SORRY GUYS, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TELL HER THE TRUTH. However, before you do say anything to her, think about the following things first:

i. Do you want a relationship but you are a bit scared if it goes/it might go wrong?

ii. Is it possible you might be willing to do it in the future? (Get to know her better)

iii. She is not the type of girl you would date seriously but she is fun. How can you tell her and still see her?

iv. There are some things you do not like that she does if she stops them, then yeah why not!! Is she willing to change these things?

v. Do you just want to keep your options open?

Whatever your decision is, be completely honest with her. You do not want to lead her on because that can bring you a whole heap of drama later that you do not need. If you decide that she is definitely not your type of girl for a committed relationship or it is simply not you want, TELL HER.

You should not say you are not the girlfriend type for me or be insulting or put her down. Be polite to let her know you do not want a committed relationship. It can sometimes seem like if you lie or avoid it, it can be easier to deal with and at the same time carrying on having fun with this girl and seeing her. But if you do this, it can have a DISASTROUS consequences later on. She could claim that you used her and that you tricked her into being with you under false pretences that the relationship was leading somewhere.

What you must realise though is that some women will carry on seeing you regardless and some will the relationship and move on. The situation is pretty simple but when you are fond of a girl even though you don’t want to make her your girlfriend, it can be annoying and hard to let her go. If she does leave, there are other girls and they always will be. BE HONEST WITH HER AND YOURSELF. Do what is best for you.

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