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Unsuccessful Online Dating

Unsuccessful Online Dating

Online dating is a new trend that’s getting popular day by day because it’s pretty easy to access. Most people nowadays follow casual relationships, especially men but not all everyone is different. They just want to hook up; that’s why most online dating experiences are unsuccessful. The reason for this unsuccessful online dating is no time and energy to invest in a serious relationship. Men and women just want a no strings attached relationship, due to which they tend to message men and women to just flirt and have some fun. It is also important to remember though that a lot of people met their partners and spouses online and have formed successful relationships.

On the other hand, women and men try to find their soul mates and hence always get disappointed at the end. This is one of the major reasons for unsuccessful online dating. Another cause of failed online dating is the increasing scams catfishing and love scams. On online dating apps, people have mostly fake profiles and accounts. So when they meet in person, they find a different person than the one they know on the app. You can never know the nature of a person on online apps. Most people pretend and give a false image that’s completely different from the original one. So, it’s quite easy for someone to create a false narrative online.

Why Do I Fail at Online Dating?

There could be many reasons for your question: “why do I fail at online dating?”. Knowing the reason isn’t that much important. The important thing is to make efforts after knowing the reason of “why do I fail at online dating?”. People fail at online dating because they are afraid of presenting their true selves to the world out there. No matter if it’s an online dating or in-person date, if you can’t be truthful to your partner, then nothing can make your date successful. Exceptions are always there. You can even find the love of your life through online dating. You never know it is important to be optimistic otherwise you become a self-fulfilling prophecy of your doubts.

More Women than men using the App

If you are a guy, the most common reason for failing at online dating is the number of active girls on these apps. Have you ever noticed that there are always 5-10 boys after one girl? The strength of girls and most importantly the number of young girls and women is a lot more than men on online apps. So the competition is fierce and you can feel like no one is responding to your messages because they are receiving so many.

Fake and Plain-Featured Profile

Another point that might be the reason for failed online dating is unattractive and fake profiles. Having a fully established and attractive profile is as important as having a professional CV with over years of experience for a luxury job. Therefore, try to make your online dating app account sufficiently good, eye-catching, and genuine. Avoid giving false information about yourself. Use your recent photo as a profile picture. Try to make it as real as possible because it gives a very good first impression for the viewers and write an interesting and vibrant bio.

You’re Being Critical

The other important thing you need to be concerned about is your choice. If you’re too picky and choosy, then it will be difficult for you to get a perfect match on online apps. Being picky isn’t a bad thing at all; what’s not right is your choice about the wrong elements. Looks, job, and bank balance, these types of things are temporary. Anybody can achieve these things if they are hardworking and passionate about their dreams. But what matters is the true character of someone you want to spend your whole life or even a phase of your life with. So, go for a person with high moral value and a good character. The beauty of these things never fades. These elements of a person’s nature remain immortal and will preserve the quality of relationship they can provide you with.

Repeatedly Renewing your Profile

If you keep changing your profile photos and information about you on an online dating app, this thing might also cause your failed experiences at online dating. Put yourself in the other person’s position and think about what impression you will get when you visit the profile of a person you’re interested in, and they seem suspicious and questionable. That’s the effect your constantly updating profile leaves on the viewers. Updating your profile is a sensible and practical approach but do it every once in a while and make sure what you say is consistent with your profile.

Why Are Dating Apps Unsuccessful?

The answer to “why are dating apps unsuccessful”?is very clear and simple, and that is “untruthfulness and deception.” Most of the people who use these apps are either non-serious about anything in their life let alone love or are heartbroken and just want to overcome the thoughts of their ex by flirting with a new person for a temporary relationship. The more people get deceived on online dating apps, the more they will uninstall these apps. Low ratings due to many fake profiles is the major reason to question “why are dating apps unsuccessful”?

An Increased Number of Fake Profiles

The bottom line of this is that people are very dishonest and a hypocrite on such apps. They use such tactics and strategies that trap innocent people in their duplicity. They give fake information about themselves to leave a good impression on the visitors. Such people also use fake (charming) photos to attract more people to their profiles. People just want to have sex, and hence they trap those who want serious commitment by giving them false hopes of a long-term relationship. This makes the potential users turn off, which results in the downside of these online dating apps.

False Premise by Apps

However, the algorithm these apps use to forecast the possible matches isn’t always derived from a true hypothesis. The questionnaires given by these online dating apps are also complex because people either give wrong answers or they deliberately provide a fake representation of themselves.  Suppose you keep your relationship virtual for a long time. In that case, there are high chances that this will cause serious problems because meeting a person and getting to know them is a whole different experience than the online dating system. People get disappointed when they get to meet their online partners in person. So, through online dating apps, it’s very rare to find a perfect and true match for yourself which makes it a big reason for the failure of online dating apps in some cases but please note not all.

Future of Online Dating

There are indeed many drawbacks of online dating, but there are also a few benefits of it. Women are always being judged for being involved in more than one relationship at a time. This is considered taboo, especially in eastern countries. So with the democratization of online dating, women can now live the life they want. They can choose their right spouses by trying different people through online dating without being judged. They can fully live their private lives without being answerable to anyone out there. This is a positive side of online dating, and this system has noticeably more to bring. According to research, there are high chances that soon, 50% of relationships will have started via online dating. This is the future of online dating, as no matter what, there is no replacement for a pure and honest human relation.

Effect of Online Dating During Pandemic

But as we all have seen that during this pandemic time, dating apps have provided a great time for the people at home. People have realized that they need to make more connections as it’s human nature and is also necessary for our betterment. Repeated lockdowns have made people depressed and being away from their friends and loved ones.

Easy to Open Up to a Stranger

When we talk to a stranger, we can share whatever we want and whatever is in our hearts without getting judged. You don’t have to hide anything from them as they know nothing personal about you. It’s easy to be vulnerable in front of a stranger than a person you know in person. Thus, the future of online dating is that people will remain using different dating sites to get their needs met, either in the form of a hook-up or a temporary infatuation to a serious long-term relationship. Its future also lies upon the new technologies and features being incorporated into the online dating apps for the feasibility of the young generation. The main dating platforms have all implemented video calls via the dating apps due to the pandemic.

What is the alternative to online dating?

Why do most dating apps fail? Well, the reason is clear; it is not easy to know about someone’s personality just based on virtual communication. When you meet them in person, they are nothing like you expected.   But one thing you must know is that online dating is not the only option for you. The dating world is full of opportunities.  Do you feel like online dating is not for you? Are you sick of trying to find love on dating applications? You should try some alternative options.

It may seem like online dating is the only option these days, but that is not true, so what is the alternative to online dating? Here are some ways to date that are more organic and better than online dating:

Group activities

Dating apps allow you to choose a date based on how they look in the picture. Other things mentioned in the profile are sometimes true, sometimes not. You might feel like there is an attraction between you two, but when you meet in person, you find out that there was nothing at all in common between you two. Joining a club can help you meet new people in real life who have shared values and interests. If you like to volunteer, you can find another compassionate person just like you. If you have a passion for sports, you can join a sports club.

Chat lines

Texting has made everything so easy; your loved ones are one text away, the person you are dating is just one text away. It seems like people do not talk on the phone anymore. But what is better than enjoying the conversation until the sun comes up? Chat lines are an excellent way to meet someone. This way, you can have a better sense of the person you are talking to than over messaging app or texts.

Speed dating

What is the alternative to online dating? Speed dating is a great alternative. In regular dating, you just need to know whether you like the other person or not. If you do not like your date, still you have to be polite and wait for the dinner. With speed dating, you do not have to sit through an awful dinner. It’s over in minutes. If you want to meet multiple people in the evening, speed dating is a good option. You can search on google about these events happening in your area, and you will be surprised to see the opportunities you will have.

Ask help from friends.

The best part about asking your friends to help out is that your date is vetted already. You like your friend, and your friend likes your date. It means the chances of this date to be perfect for you are high. Do not wait for your friend to offer you a blind date set up. Ask a few friends yourself, and let the dates start rolling in.

A professional matchmaker

It may seem a little outdated but believe me, it works. If you think that your friends can’t set you up, what is better than considering professional help. These professionals will choose suitable matches for you based on your personality. They will also give you some tips on how you can present yourself in the best possible way on your dates. If you want to find the love of your life, hiring a matchmaker can be your best investment.

Trust the universe

At any time of day or night, you might meet “the love of your life,” who you want to spend your life with. People are so busy that they do not see what is happening in front of them and even don’t see who is around them. Every person you meet has hundred of other connections. People might want to meet you again, so you need to be aware of your surroundings.

How to deal with rejection online dating?

Dating seems fun and exciting, but modern dating has a lot of challenges too. Among all these challenges, fear of rejection is the biggest one. Online dating has made rejection even easier. You do not have to meet someone in person to start dating, neither to end it. You can just leave a text if you want. The worst thing is every dating app comes with a “block” option, so if you do not want to continue dating, you can just block them.

Rejection makes you feel like you are not good enough. You feel like you are not worthy of love, but that is not true. You deserve all the love. Handling rejection might not be easy, but you can deal with it. So, how to deal with the rejection online dating? Here are some tips for you:

Let yourself feel the emotions.

Rejection feels like the worst, and it is okay to feel frustrated or hurt during the whole process of dealing with it. The key is to not jump towards a new dating experience and give yourself some time. Allow yourself to feel these emotions. Suppressing your emotions can prove dangerous, and they may come out in other ways that might not be healthy. So you need to accept what you feel and process these emotions.

Talk to a friend

You do not feel good about what is happening in your life. This is the time when you need a good listener. A good listener can be your friend with whom you can share everything.  You can vent out in front of them. This is the best possible way to process your emotions.

Be understanding

How to deal with rejection online dating? Well, you need to be very understanding here. If someone is turning you down, that does not mean there is something wrong with you. They have their own things going on.  There are probably some other reasons that it won’t work out. You two might not be compatible with each other. You need to understand that if you are not right for them, they are not right for you.

Seek professional help

If you think that it is too much to handle for you and taking help from a friend was not that helpful, it might be the right time to seek help from a professional. The professional will not only help you in dealing with your emotions but also will give you some useful dating tips for the future.


Dating fails stories

Plenty of Reddit users have shared their dating fails stories. Here are some interesting dating fails stories for you:

“A few years ago, I met a guy at a bar who was born on exactly the same day as me. That seemed like reason enough to accept his offer when he asked me out. He told me to dress up very nicely as we would be attending an art gallery opening. I got all dolled up, and when he came to pick me up, he was in a t-shirt and jeans. Okay, maybe I’d misunderstood the attire requirement. We got there, and it was in a warehouse out in the middle of nowhere. It was an art gallery, but barely. Some of his friends were there, but he wouldn’t introduce me to them and proceeded to chat with them and ignore me the entire evening. Meanwhile, I’m dressed to the nines, and they’re also all in jeans. After we left, he asked if he could take me out to dinner. I figured, whatever at least I’d get a free meal out of this awful evening. We hit up a nice pizza joint and ordered a pizza. As I reached for a second slice, he just looks at me and says, “WOW! A second slice? Really? Jeez, you’re a house!”.So I ate the rest of the pizza.”

“About 5 or 6 years ago, I met a girl that came into my work. I talked to her for a little bit. We seemed to hit it off. She asked me if I wanted to go get dinner sometime. She said she’d come to pick me up and everything. That weekend we go out together to a restaurant on the other side of town. She was very interesting to me. I didn’t tell her a lot about myself because I kept asking her questions about the various things she was talking about. We’d just finished eating; I told her that I was going to get our meal since she drove us there. I had just given the waiter my debit card when I blacked out. This has happened two other times in my life, so it’s not common. After my seizure was over, everyone in this restaurant was around me. People were holding my legs and arms. Everyone was scared, and someone had called an ambulance. I call it “my own feeling.” It’s the mood I’m in after I have a seizure. Everything seems different, and it’s kind of hard to explain. In this state of mind, I get up to my feet. I looked all over the restaurant for her, and she had already left. I thought she went to get help. I made the EMS people wait for her as long as I could. I tried calling her. I didn’t get out of the hospital until 1 am. I had to walk 7 miles home because we don’t have public transportation in this town. I never heard from her again after that.”

“Oh boy. I was about 18 and working in the city ( New York ) at my father’s printing shop. I had met this guy a few days before on a bus going upstate to visit my friend. I tell my father I’m leaving early to hang out in the city with a friend, and I’m just going to take the train home from there. I meet up with the guy, and almost immediately, he’s weird. Think Pepe Le Pew. Like he’s trying to get all touchy-feely and huggy squeezy on the subway. Then he pulls out a disposable camera and asks if he can take my picture and tell people I’m his girlfriend. I, of course, say no, but I was a big people pleaser and didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I didn’t end the date, but I couldn’t wait to get away. This continued until we walked down some random street, and some lumpy bitch waddles up to me and starts getting in my face. It was his girlfriend! I shit you not, we’re in fucking Mid-town Manhattan, and we just happened to pass her by hanging out with friends. I told her to get the hell out of my face because I had no idea he had a girlfriend, and I am actually relieved she decided to show up. He starts to follow me, and I just turn around and say, ” Dude, you don’t want to do that. TRUST me.” Since my train wasn’t for a while, I decided to go back to the office to wait. When I got there, I found my father cheating on my mother with the woman he hired to help with the filing.”


Dating apps failed me I know it is a terrible feeling, but you need to understand that there are upsides and downsides to everything. If online dating was unsuccessful for you now, that does not mean you can not have a good experience, or there is something wrong with you. You can try some useful tips or can consider some alternative options.

So this was all about unsuccessful online dating; We have tried my best to share useful information with you. Hope  you will find it helpful.

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