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7-year itch relationship advice

7-year itch relationship advice

Does the 7-year itch really exist?

Some people think that after 7-years being in relationship, a person may feel an itch to end it and move on with someone new. However, stats indicate that most divorces occur 7 to 8 year after marriage, but that does not mean a person cannot have a lifelong relationship. So Does the 7-year itch really exist? to some extent, yes, but not in every case.

This article is all about 7-year itch relationship advice; you will be able to know why you feel this, what you should do about it and if there is a breakup, how you can deal with it. So let’s get started:

What is the 7-year itch in relationship?

What is the 7-year itch in relationship? Let me explain it with a proper definition:

“This phrase usually refers to a point in a relationship where one or both partners start to become bored or dissatisfied in the relationship.”

Is the 7-year itch a real thing?

Stats showed that 50% of marriages remain intact for life, but 50% are unhappy. These stats suggest that the 7-year itch thing does not apply to all. Is the 7-year itch a real thing? Well some experts do not believe in this among them there is Dr Mark Mayfield, Founder and CEO of Mayfield Counseling Centers and a licensed professional counsellor (LPC) and, he says

“In my opinion, the seven-year itch is a myth. Why? Because in a committed relationship wandering eyes and/or affairs should not be something that is even considered,” he further says, “Are there hard times in a relationship? Yes. Being in a relationship takes work, intentionality, and commitment. Love should not be only a feeling (which comes and goes) but also a choice, which takes work.”

A licensed clinical psychologist Dr Marianna Strongin explains the 7 itch year itch thing in the following way:

“In therapy, it is often brought up as a term to discuss the growth of a relationship,” Dr Strongin tells Woman’s Day. “When couples come in and reference this term in their marriage, we spend a great deal of time understanding what grew them together in the last seven years and what also grew them apart. So this is a great time for couples to assess and look at what has been working and also what is no longer working.”

So there is a mixed concept about it; whether it is real or not, you still consider it to assess your relationship and figure out where you stand with your partner after spending this much time.

Why do couples break up after 7-years?

Why do couples break up after 7-years? Well, there can be several reasons. These reasons make you feel unfulfilled in a relationship, and if this feeling of dissatisfaction does not go away, it can lead to a breakup. Here I am going to explain “Why do couples break up after 7-years?”. First, you need to figure out what you are experiencing in your relationship, what is causing an itch in your 7-years relationship and then you can work on it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that cause a 7 year itch in a relationship and can lead to breakup:

Fairy tales

Fairy tales are so dreamy, and most of us are looking out for fairy tale, but that is not a real thing. Real-life is much more exciting, complicated, and we can say tough. So if you are blinded by fairy tales, it can be really difficult for you to maintain a relationship for 7-years. It is because the honeymoon phase is not there anymore.

No enough efforts

Relationships are not always fun and easy; there will be difficult times too. Therefore, a relationship will need your continuous efforts. But if you start taking each other for granted, it can ruin your relationship. we all like to be appreciated and love, and if this does not happen in a relationship, chances of break up are high because there is regret and a sense of dissatisfaction.


People change with time, so your desires and goals will change with time too, and that will happen to your partner also. Little changes are acceptable, but at some point in your relationship, if you feel like this is not the type of relationship or love you want, it is the worst thing ever. Honestly, at that time, it is better to end it and move on rather than traumatizing yourself or your partner.


Infidelity is the worst among all. Violation of trust in a relationship is something unacceptable and brings nothing but huge problems. Your partner may forgive you for the first time, but your relationship is not like before after that. If this happens repeatedly, there is nothing left in your relationship. There is no motivation left to stay in a relationship.

Jealousy and Insecurity

Insecurity and jealousy are two big relationship evils that eat up your relationship. Couples break up because a partner feels unworthy of love. This insecurity can lead to dependence and possessiveness, which is extremely unhealthy for a relationship. This can also lead to jealousy and thus can deteriorate your relationship. Couples break up because of jealousy and insecurity.

Poor communication

Communication plays a very important role in a relationship; if communication is dead in a relationship, it means it is going to end soon. You might think that you two understand each other and there is no need to say things. But that is not true at all. When opinions and feelings are unsaid, they lead to misinterpretations and negative emotions and can make your relationship miserable.

7-year relationship not married

Are you worried that you have been in a 7-year relationship, not married? Well, marriage is not a priority for all of us. Some people are happy to be in a relationship and think they do not have to label their relationship. So if you want to get married, find someone who is on the same page with you; otherwise, it can lead to complications.

7-year relationship not married why? In other case, your partner might be a commitment phobe; you might wonder how can someone be in a 7-year relationship but still afraid to make it official. But it is true; this can happen because of some underlying childhood traumas, insecurities, trust issues and mental health issues.

6-year relationship not married

6-year relationship not married what should I do? Here are a few tips for you if you want to deal with this issue:

  • Ask your self do I really want to get married?
  • If your answer to the above question is yes, try to figure out why you want to get married. Why is it so important to you? Is it because of societal pressure or your own wish?
  • If it is because of societal pressure, but you do not find it that important, you need to stop worrying about it.
  • If it is your own desire, you need to talk to your partner about it.
  • Tell him or her why is it so important to you; if you can get them on the same page, it is good.
  • But if they do not agree with you and you cannot compromise on this too, it would be better to part ways and find someone who is on the same page with you.

7-year itch relationship advice

Falling in love is easy but to keep loving each other for the rest of your life is not easy. Sometimes love fades away, and the spark in your relationship dies. This usually happens in long term relationships; it feels like there is no romance anymore. If you have been in a relationship or married for at least 7-years, you might feel this way. That seven-year itch feels really bad. Don’t worry here is 7-year itch relationship advice for you:

Is it your relationship or marriage that makes you feel stuck?

If you feel that seven-year itch to end your relationship, ask yourself, what is it about? Are you itching for a change in general? If you feel like your relationship is boring or stagnant, take a whole look at your life. Is just your relationship stagnant, or your whole life is stagnant? People can transfer their lack of enthusiasm in life and feelings of boredom onto their partner, who may not be the cause of them at all. So you got to figure it out.

Remind yourself why you are thankful for your partner

This is a very important thing; you have to be thankful to have your partner in your life. Ask yourself why you are grateful to have your partner in your life? If you feel like the sense of gratefulness about your partner is less than ideal, this is the right time to think about that. Once you have to find the answer, it would be better to find a way to express this gratitude to your partner, do this frequently so that your partner can know that you appreciate them. If you cannot find any reason to be grateful, this indicates other problems. Try to have a healthy conversation with your partner, it will not be easy for you, but it is for the best. You need to get to the roots of issues you are facing in your relationship.

Accept that the honeymoon phase will not last forever.

New and hot love will become not-so-hot and older with time, and you have to accept that. Those who are always in search of hot and new love will bolt away when they feel an itch in their relationship; unfortunately, they are unable to survive their relationship. The euphoria of romantic chemicals can survive almost two years, and after that, a relationship enters into a less sexy attachment phase. If you want to survive this itch, you need to accept that our relationship cannot always be in the honeymoon phase after time; it turns into a predictable routine that may be nothing like a honeymoon but has something stronger, deeper and more meaningful. This is friendship, security and commitment that most of us crave for.

What does your partner like? Take up one of their interests.

Your partner has some interests that you may not find interesting. When you feel an itch in a relationship, your partner’s independent interests may play a role here. How do you spend your leisure time in your relationship? You need to change it, choose a week or a day and decide to join your partner’s interest. Your partner likes rock music, and you hate it, get tickets to a rock concert. She loves hiking, but you can’t stand it, plan a visit to the nearest park, pack lunch and give it a try. If you have never actually tried these things before, you might find them interesting. Most importantly, it is much better than sitting alone at home and feel left out.

Accept there is nothing like a perfect relationship.

This is the best 7-year itch relationship advice. If you feel like you want everything in your relationship to be perfect, you are doing it wrong. A marriage or a relationship can never be perfect no matter how hard you try. Fairy tales are no doubt nice, but these are just tales that are not close to reality at all. If you want to avoid that itch in your relationship, you need to let go of that desire to be in a perfect relationship. This will reduce the stress that you have for no particular reason. It will also increase the chances of your relationship to survive.

Do not stop touching and talking.

If you are not talking to your partner, not touching them with love, your relationship is in serious trouble. A sweet touch of love and sex is very important in a relationship; it can release tension. It can be fun, you can make it fun, and you have to if you want your relationship to survive. It becomes necessary when you live with your partner for the past 7-years, in the same house, sharing kids and bills.

Volunteer together

It is the best thing you can do to bring back the magic of love. Volunteering together will allow you to spend some time together. Find an activity that you can do together and that can help others too, whether it is volunteering for an inner-city school, environmental organization, or for any other good cause. Helping others to make the world a better place can be an excellent activity to refresh your relationship.

7-year relationship breakup

7-year relationship breaks up; how can I get over it? 7-years is a huge time period, and moving on from such a long relationship is not an easy thing. You have plenty of happy memories with your partner. Erasing those memories from your mind is not possible, but you can get establish peace with them. Here is how you can get over a 7-year relationship breakup.

Allow yourself to grieve.

You have been in a long term loving relationship; even if your relationship was not loving but toxic, still you used to love that person. Getting over it will not be easy for you. This is a tough time, do not expect too much from yourself. Allow yourself to grieve. Give yourself some space; take a break from everything if you want. Do not ignore your emotions.

Shut your ex off

A break is not easy for you to handle, and your ex might be dealing with the same thing. He or she might try to approach you again. But you need to think; clearly, it would be better to shut your ex off completely for a while. Remember why you two broke up in the first place.

Get yourself busy

We all have different coping mechanisms; some of us need a break, but for some of us, it is better to get busy. So if you find it overwhelming being on your own, it would be better to get busy. Pick a hobby, like watch your favourite movies, start a series, go out with friends. GET DATING AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE NOW CLICK HERE SPEAK TO A COACH

Find support from loved ones.

Visit your parents, spend time with your friends to get your mind off of this whole break-up thing. You can talk to them about it, too they will support you and will help you to move on from this time of unhappiness.

Seek professional help

Dealing with a break-up is not easy; it is good to try, and the support of your loved ones can really help you get over it. But sometimes, nothing seems to prove helpful, and that is when you should think about professional help. A professional therapist or counsellor will provide you with a safe place to vent out without fear of being judged. You can tell him or her everything and based on your situation the therapist will give you the best advice. The therapist is a neutral third person and will analyze the whole situation, help you see things that you are ignoring. With these suggested therapies and exercises, you can get over your 7-year relationship breakup.

7-year itch meme

Here are some best 7-year itch meme for you to enjoy:

7-year itch quotes

Here are some of the best 7-year itch quotes from the movie:

  • “The Girl: I had onions at lunch. I had garlic dressing at dinner. But he’ll never know because I stay kissing sweet, the new Dazzledent way.”
  • “The Girl: I posed for this picture, and when it was published in U.S. Camera, they got all upset… It was one of these ‘artistic’ pictures… it was on the beach with some driftwood. It got an Honorable Mention… It was called Textures because you could see three different kinds of texture: the driftwood, the sand and me. I got $25 dollars an hour, and it took hours and hours. You’d be surprised.”
  • “Dr Brubaker: Until you are able to commit a simple act of terror, I strongly advise you to avoid anything as complex as murder.”
  • “Richard Sherman: ‘What happened at the office? Well, I shot Mr Brady in the head, made violent love to Miss Morris and set fire to three hundred thousand copies of Little Women. That’s what happened at the office.’ What can happen at the office?”
  • “My 3:00 patient jumped out of the window in the middle of his session. I have been running fifteen minutes ahead of schedule ever since.”

Here are some best 7-year itch quotes for couples who have survived their relationship this long:

  • “I never thought that we would get this far in our relationship. Life has not been perfect in the last 7-years that we were together. There were times when we just wanted to give up and let go. There were times when we just questioned all the choices and decisions that led us to where we were. But I’m so glad that we did not. I’m so glad that we only held on tighter when everything was telling us to let go. I’m so glad that we only let our love for each other prevail. Now I know that there’s nothing that can break us after all of that.”
  • “Meeting you was fate, and falling in love with you was destiny. But the seven years after that was pure work and commitment. It wasn’t easy, but it became easier because we knew we had each other. I am so proud of all that we have accomplished together. A lot of people said that we wouldn’t make it. They said we were just too different. They said we had too different priorities. They said that we were just too in over our heads. Seven years later, here we are, more in love than ever. I just love proving people wrong.”
  • “Now that we are celebrating our seventh anniversary of being together, one thing is for sure. I want you for always. I want you forever. I want you every single day of my life. I’m thankful for the seven years of love, and I know that we have many more years to spend together. We have survived several storms of our own, and each one has made us stronger, braver, and more in love with each other. If this is a taste of life with you in the next few years, I want all of it. I don’t want to miss a single moment.”
  • “If I know what the meaning of love is, it’s all because of you. You have shown me the real meaning of love. You have taught me that love is not always easy and comfortable but that love is more beautiful when it undergoes changes, struggles, and hardships. You have proven to me that love is not a word but an emotion that you demonstrate every single day. You make it so easy for me to love you.”


7-year itch relationship is real in some cases, but not all. It can surely be a critical time in a relationship or in a marriage. In a relationship, it might be because of some commitment issues if there is no other factor involved. In marriage, it can be difficult because of some big changes like having kids or something else. But if two partners decide to stick to each other, they can get over it.

So this was all about 7-year itch relationship advice.  Hope so you will find it helpful. Call +443333443853 if you need advice now.

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