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Phobias should not be taken for granted. If we ignore them and do not consider treatment, it can start limiting your life. This can lead to extreme anxiety and depression. Knowing how one can manage his or her thoughts and anxiety related to the fear can prove really helpful. One such phobia that can affect your life and, most importantly, your relationship is anuptophobia.


This article is all about anuptophobia, meaning, what are its symptoms? What is someone with Anuptophobia afraid of? Causes and treatment options, so let’s get started.

Is there a phobia of being single?

is there a phobia of being single

Is there a phobia of being single? You might wonder, yes, there is. It is called anuptophobia.

Anuptophobia meaning:

anuptophobia meaning

Word anuptophobia comes from Greek ά- a- (negation prefix), νυπτος núptos (to marry) and the suffix φοβος -Phobos (fear or fear).

What is someone with Anuptophobia afraid of?

what is someone with anuptophobia afraid of

What is someone with Anuptophobia afraid of? Someone who has anuptophobia is afraid of being single. Such people want perfectionism in life,  they want to have the perfect relationship and a family. They also have codependence problems which can complicate their relationships.

How do I know if I have Anuptophobia?

how do i know if i have anuptophobia

How do I know if I have anuptophobia? Anuptophobia is much more complicated than just a fear of being single. So, the kind of fear one experiences in anuptophobia has certain characteristics. If these characteristics are not followed, we cannot call it anuptophobia. Here are these characteristics:


How do I know if I have anuptophobia? Fear on experience in anuptophobia is completely disproportionate. A person suffering from this phobia can feel extremely fearful even if the situation he or she is facing does not present a real danger. This diagnostic aspect of anuptophobia is ambiguous, as it is difficult to define when fear of being single becomes disproportionate. However, generally speaking, the feeling of terror experienced with this fear can be considered phobic.

Cannot be reasoned or explained

A person who has anuptophobia finds it difficult to explain why he/she experiences extreme anxiety and sensations of fear at the idea of being single. A person can think logically about different aspects of their life, but in this particular situation, he or she cannot find a reasonable explanation for this fear.

Beyond voluntary control

A person suffering from anuptophobia, just like someone who has an anxiety disorder, cannot control these feelings of fear. Fear shuts your mind, and you cannot deal with these negative emotions, no matter how hard you try to introduce opposing thoughts.


Such a person with phobia tries their best to avoid the situation he or she fears most, which in this case is being single. So, a person obsessively tries to find a partner. He will be ready to be in a relationship with someone who is incompatible with them. If he is in a relationship, he shows high resistance when it comes to ending a relationship. Even if a person is in a toxic relationship, they will still try their very best not to end it.

Does not go away

A person does not feel anxious in isolation or during specific situations. Though certain situations trigger the fear but it is always there whether you encounter a triggering situation or not. An individual with this phobia will present this fear constantly.


This fear that a person experiences does not fulfill adaptive functions. It means that a person cannot respond to a real problem, nor does it allow a person to adequately adapt to the environment, rather opposite.

Anuptophobia symptoms

anuptophobia symptoms

Fear of being single is a real thing. Those who have a fear of staying single try to avoid the situations that might trigger their anxiety that comes from the phobia. This may seem like a quick fix, but the point is if you will not deal with it in time, it may start limiting or hurting your life in the long run.

When someone faces a particular situation that triggers anuptophobia, he or she may experience panic attacks. But that does not mean exposure is necessary; our brain has the ability to react to fearsome scenarios even when we are not exposed to the subject or a particular situation. People are different, so they react differently. Just like that, based on the severity of a condition, people can show different symptoms.

Physical symptoms

Fear of staying single is called anuptophobia, and those who have this fear usually experience panic attacks. These attacks can be really distressing and frightening. For those who are suffering. Symptoms can appear without any prior warning or signs. Here are some of the physical anuptophobia symptoms:

  • tightness or pain in the chest
  • difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath
  • trembling
  • increase in blood pressure
  • stomach pain or feeling butterflies in the stomach
  • sweating
  • chills or hot flushes
  • dry mouth
  • numbness
  • feeling faint
  • dizziness and headaches
  • nausea
  • rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
  • a choking sensation
  • disorientation or confusion
  • hyperventilation
  • a need to go to the toilet
  • ringing in your ears

Psychological symptoms

Here are some psychological anuptophobia symptoms. One can experience all or few among these:

  • feelings of dread
  • fear of dying
  • self-blame, shame, guilt
  • losing control
  • Difficulty concentrating, Confusion
  • fear of fainting
  • Mood swings, irritability, anger
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Anxiety
  • Withdrawing behavior
  • Feeling hopeless or sad

Fear of being single forever phobia

fear of being single

Fear of being single forever phobia feels terrible. It makes your love life miserable. There are several factors that can be responsible for anuptophobia. Here are some causes of Fear of being single forever phobia:

Traumatic past experiences

The most common cause of anuptophobia is past traumatic experiences like divorce of parents, losing a parent in an accident, and seeing others struggling with life. A recent breakup after a long-term relationship can also trigger anuptophobia, as you are so much used to being someone that the idea of living alone scares you.

Irrational beliefs

We have been taught from an early age that perfect life falling in love, getting married, and having a family. For many people being single can mean being a failure, especially in the case of women. There is a lot of social pressure on women. For some people, this pressure is too much, and it triggers anxiety and can lead to anuptophobia fear of being single.

Childhood problems

The cause of anuptophobia can also be in childhood. Children having parents who were not raised with affection are more likely to suffer from anuptophobia. At an early age, lack of social support can make children grow into individuals having rejection fear and avoiding loneliness.

If children are not raised well, it can lead to several mental health problems. Lack of affection is not the only cause; overprotection during childhood can also make it difficult for them. It is very important for parents to teach their children about emotional intelligence.

Anuptophobia treatment

anuptophobia treatment

Fear of staying single is called anuptophobia. Those suffering from this condition do not feel the need for anuptophobia treatment as they think that it is not that big of a problem as they can just avoid the object of fear. This way, they think that they have control over the problem. Sometimes avoiding being single is not possible. For someone who is dealing with this condition, it is necessary to seek professional help. This way, you can have a better understanding of what is going on and how you can handle it.

Although phobias are curable but there is no single treatment option available for all of them, and there is no guarantee that if there is, it will work. It depends on the severity of the condition. There is evidence that a combination of different treatments might prove effective. Keep in mind that only a professional mental health service provider can suggest your treatment, so always consult a doctor and do not try anything on your own.

Talking therapy

Talking therapies that include counseling can be really effective in anuptophobia treatment. These are just like counseling, psychotherapy, etc. Talking therapy is a physically non-intrusive and laid-back treatment option involving talking to a proficient, highly experienced, and professional therapist about your emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Talking therapies are of different types, but these all have the same goals:

  • Help you identify toxic patterns in the way you act or think and figure out how you can change them.
  • Help you in resolving complicated emotions and finding ways to live with them.
  • Help you in making sense out of things and understanding yourself better
  • Giving you a safe space to talk about your fears without feeling judged

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves the concept that our thoughts and what we perceive have a great influence on our behavior. Experiencing distress and anxiety can bend and distort our perception of reality. CBT helps us identify if that depiction of reality is accurate or not. If it’s not, then strategies are designed by professionals to challenge and overcome them.

For instance, if someone has anuptophobia, CBT can help in identifying if the fear of staying single is a right depiction of reality or not. As it is not so, they work to change this negative pattern of thoughts.


When we talk about medication, we must keep in mind that one should never take medication without consulting a doctor. Generally, medication is not recommended for treating phobias. But in some cases, to deal with short-term side effects, medication is prescribed, which includes depression or anxiety. For treating anxieties, there are three common types of medication recommended:

  • tranquilizers
  • antidepressants
  • beta-blockers

What is the phobia of marriage called?

what is the phobia of marriage called

Fear of marriage is called gamophobia. What is the phobia of marriage called, and why does it happen? Here explain some Reddit users:

“In point format. 1) Their parent’s marriage wasn’t good, and they think theirs will be the same. 2) Because it’s a traditional thing, they’re against anything traditional. 3) Worried the other person will change.”

“Not so much worried about marriage as I am about divorce. I work in a law office and have to deal with a lot of divorce clients. In my experience, there seem to be so many things that can lead to divorce. And usually what happens is that men lose a third of their money, half goes to the wife, and then a quarter goes to the wife’s lawyer, and don’t forget you gotta pay your lawyer too. Doesn’t matter if you don’t even have a kid together; when it comes to divorce court, the chips are stacked against men. I personally have no issues with committing to someone; my issue is losing everything I own.”

“There’s a lot of reasons. Men tend to be at a huge disadvantage in divorce in terms of financial and child custody perspectives. It’s also a whole process to go through divorce instead of just breaking up, and you keep your stuff, and she keeps hers. Honestly, divorce is so common for various reasons; lots of guys just, rightly or wrongly, think it’s really not worth the trouble. The only real benefit on paper is taxes, and that’s not a huge deal compared to all the potential downsides. For every good and lasting marriage, most people can point out divorces or people who stay together but shouldn’t, and some people decide that it’s not worth it. Also, if you’re not looking to have kids and/or family, then not getting married allows you to always remain independent and autonomous, so you can travel or take whatever job or buy whatever thing without having to get anyone’s approval. Honestly, I love my wife, but if we divorced, I’d never get married again and might not even seriously date again.”

Some people just don’t handle change well. Every relationship matures and goes through stages, and it does take effort and commitment to have a successful relationship. There will be happy times and times when you argue – it’s just gonna happen. So essentially, when someone says “they are afraid,” it’s in reaction to the maturing of relationships and that it signifies the utmost commitment.

As a younger man, I didn’t fear it. But I’m in my mid 30’s, single, and living in my own house. At this point, marriage feels more like a trap and a risk. I am very afraid of marrying a woman, only for her to change her mind 3 years later and then absolutely ruin me financially and take my house.

I was terrified of getting married, just the sudden change, new last name, chances of being divorced, have kids? – then you now have to split time. That’s how I’ve been the 30 years I’ve been alive. Oct 2020 I married shortly after finding out I was pregnant. Still unsure how I feel.”

“I have been with the same woman for 20 years before we parted ways. We have kids together, had a house, car, dog, cat together, and have never been married. We have deeply loved each other for that many years outside wedding bounds. Marriage is a useless institution, only promoted by its industry. Decent people will stick to the “contract” they have agreed upon as long as the terms are acceptable to both parties. If you need a signed paper and a big party to show off your agreement over shared values, you just don’t trust the person you chose to spend your life with. That’s why some people are scared of marriage: it’s fake through and through.”

“Not afraid, I just find it pointless. I used to be the guy that wanted to get married and have kids, but all the married folks I’ve come across are either cheating, miserable, or divorced. I prefer the flexibility of being able to leave when if I want to leave without the complications of divorce and kids. I do not have a commitment problem; I just don’t find marriage to be necessary for me.”

“Lots of reasons. 1) getting robbed of my hard-earned money/retirement 2)losing my house3) losing my freedom 4) I don’t want to see anyone EVERY.DAY. 5) if children are involved, I’ll lose them (also exacerbates 1-3) 6) if I don’t pay her, I get locked in a cage 7) I have to cover her court costs. Need more reasons? Your question is more akin to “why don’t you wanna juggle loaded handguns? They might not go off! Come oooon.” The only thing that would change my mind is an iron-clad prenup that she signs on camera.”

“I’m afraid of my husband dying. We have been together almost 12 years. If we were simply partners in a committed relationship, I’d be afraid of him dying too. Though it’d be worse if we weren’t married because then I’d have no rights as next of kin despite being with him for so long. It would make the loss far worse to have my whole life crumble beneath me.”

What is the phobia of marriage called? And how you can deal with it. Here are some Reddit suggestions:

“Don’t worry about it. When it’s the right time to make a lifetime commitment, you will know it. The thought of not having that person at your side as you walk through life will be unbearable. Knowing that they feel the same way will light you up like nothing has before. Once you marry that person, you get to spend each and every day with your favorite person, and if you decide to have kids, you get to add more favorite people into the equation. I’ve enjoyed 26 years of it, and the only thing that scares me now is that I might have missed it.”

“I always tell myself there’s no shame in getting a divorce if I ever get married and realize I don’t want to be with them forever. It’s sooo common at this point, which is sad but also means it’s not taboo or anything. My grandma told me that when she married my grandpa, she was just gonna see how it went; now it’s been 52 years. I would go in with that same mindset; you don’t need the pressure of forever. It’s just about whether you love someone enough to try.”

“If you’re so scared of a bad marriage that all you do is freeze up and focus on the things that are going wrong in your relationship in order to justify your fears, your marriage will never improve. (You might freeze up so much that you never even end up in marriage!) If you’re so scared that your potential partner isn’t “The One” that you freeze up, stop reciprocating their love (let alone initiating the things that will make your relationship extraordinary), you can bet that your partner will NEVER feel like “The One” to you. The moment you get clarity regarding what you’re really scared of, your anxiety will begin to subside. You start to realize how much power and control you actually have.”

“I was scared of marriage until I met my husband. I think it’s normal to be frightened: I was mostly scared of marrying someone who didn’t respect, appreciate or understand me or married me for the wrong reasons. But when I met my husband, all those fears washed away; I think it naturally does when you’ve met the right person. I don’t really feel anything: a lot of men are scared of marriage and commitment just like a lot of women are.”

“Marriage terrifies me. I won’t consider getting married until the idea terrifies me anymore. I think that’s perfectly normal. It’s a huge commitment and a risk. People change. You can try to predict how someone will change, but you can’t really know. What if you both change in a way that makes you bad for each other? What if you realize you were wrong once the newness wears off? What if one or both of become an asshole? What if someone cheats? What if one of you dies? What if someone asks for a divorce? Life is hard, and things will get hard. What if you aren’t equipped to make it? I’d love to have a loving, solid partnership that makes us both better and stronger. But the odds are so scary.”

“I’m not scared of it, but I don’t really see the point of it. If I love someone enough to stay with them long-term, I’ll just stay with them long-term. I don’t find it necessary to get the law involved. If someone is scared of marriage, then they shouldn’t consider getting married & should probably look into if they’re afraid of commitment in general, or just don’t want to get married.”

“I think if you aren’t a little afraid, you aren’t taking it seriously, regardless of your gender. You are giving up part of you to be part of a unit. I think it can be an amazing thing, and I absolutely can’t wait to do it with my partner. But we were both nervous about making the decision. That being said, women often end up in a financially very bad position after divorce. So if any party should be scared, it’s women!”


We all have some kind of fear, but anuptophobiacan affects the most important part of our life, love life. A person who fears being single can never form healthy relationships. So, if you have anuptophobia, it would be better to consult a mental health service provider.

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