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Dating app Advice

Dating app Advice

Dating app advice

Does your Sunday evening usually consist of a terrible anxiety and dating stress, or do your fingers feel cramped because of all the swiping on dating applications? I can totally understand you. Finding the right kind of dating app is not that hard what is hard is to use it smartly. There are plenty of things that you need to keep in mind, like how to create a profile, which pictures to post, and how to initiate a conversation.

This article is all about dating app advice. You will be able to learn about some very useful online dating tips. So let’s get started:

How to be successful on dating apps?

how to be successful in dating apps

How to be successful on dating apps? Many people just focus on one thing, like photos, messages, app choices, swipe strategies, but actually, one needs to focus on every factor of online dating. You even need to focus on things that can affect your online dating life even before downloading the app.

Online dating is all about numbers, but most importantly, it is about conveying who you actually are, what you seek, and what you care about. People choose an app randomly, put random pictures, and start swiping away. Like other things in life, it is important for us to know what we are doing and how our decisions will affect our chances of success in online dating.

You are wondering how to be successful on dating apps? Don’t worry; here, I will tell you how you can change your dating game and be successful in online dating.

Online dating tips for beginners

online dating tips for beginners

Online dating may seem better and easier than classic dating, but that is not entirely true. Especially for beginners, it can be very tricky. If you are going to try online dating for the very first time, it might feel scary at first, but if you take care of a few things, you will enjoy online dating for sure. Here are some online dating tips for beginners that you can try:

It will need some time.

It can happen for sure, but it is highly unlikely to find your dream partner on your first date. It will take a lot of time to set your profile, upload pictures, and have a conversation with others, and it will take even more time to meet someone in person and decide which one you want to date. So, you need to be patient. The more time you put in, the more beneficial, it will be for you. So don’t be afraid everything will end up okay but you must exercise patience. DATING ADVICE FOR SINGLES CLICK HERE

Get help from your best friend.

If you want to date someone, it would be better to get your friends involved; your whole experience will be much more fun. Ask them to write your profile and choose pictures for you. Your best friend knows you better than even yourself. Let them pick matches for you on your online dating profile, and you will not regret it.

Be open-minded

I know you have a type; we all have, but you need to keep yourself open-minded here. If you think that you are looking for someone over six-foot, brown hair and green eyes, you are narrowing down your options and thinking superficail, which is not right at all. Be open-minded about meeting different kinds of people will allow you to find someone loving even if they do not fit your checklist. The world is full of possibilities, and rigidly sticking to your list might not take you anywhere good.

Don’t be shy

Meeting a stranger in real life and dating feels intimidating; while online dating, you need to keep this in mind; that is why you have started online dating. Start a conversation and if you feel like there is a spark, suggest meeting in person so that you can know whether you click in real life or not. It will be nerve-wracking to meet someone for the very first time, but the more you do it, the easier it will get with time.

Dating app advice for guys

dating app advice for guys

Online dating is a place where you need to stand out. Many guys just send a plain, uninspired message asking others how they are doing or a very cheesy compliment. It might seem polite, but you never know how the other person perceives your message. These simple messages may give the other person an impression like, “I was messaging everyone, hoping someone will respond.” As a guy, you need to up your game. Here is some dating app advice for guys:

Put yourself in the shoes of others.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes always helps in gaining other’s perspectives. For instance, gaining a woman’s perspective will help create a female profile for a day and observe how other men talk to you. Women get a lot of messages from guys, and only a few of them stand out. It will be a real eye-opener for you. GET ADVICE FROM A FEMALE DATING COACH

Do not tell, show

One mistake that guys usually make is that they talk about their qualities; they write their traits but do not demonstrate them. There is a difference between telling someone “I am funny” and sharing an actual hilarious joke on your profile. If someone tells you that they are cool, you can be sure that they are not.

Do not play games

For everyone online dating experience is different, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is do not play games; nobody wins. If you do not like someone, tell them straight away, and it is over. Do not play hard to get or do not try to be unavailable. It is okay if you do not like someone; you are just filtering out the people you can’t be with.

Dating app profile advice

dating app profile advice

Creating a profile that reflects your personality in the best possible way is the main task. You are given limited characters to explain yourself and just a handful of pictures, how you can use this opportunity in the best possible way is essential. If you spent a lot of time on dating apps swiping right and left, you can point out things that you like or don’t about profiles of other people. But when you have to create your profile, that is not so easy.

Is posting all of your selfies with your dog weird? Is writing dad jokes on your bio right? You might have a lot of questions like these in your mind. Don’t worry; here, I will give some dating app profile advice so that you can stand out among other users. So, let’s get started:

Dating app photo advice

dating app photo advice

Pictures are an important part of your dating profile, so you need to make sure that you wisely choose the pictures you want to post. Photos that are focused on you are better for your dating profile. Your intention must be to show your real self with a positive impression. Instead of sharing selfies, share your candid pictures or solo photos taken by others that express your passions and personality in the best possible way. Your photos must express your actual lifestyle, areas that you want to share with others. This way, if you will go on a real date with someone, you’ll feel more confident. For instance, if you get a haircut, share a picture of your new haircut on your profile. It is one of the best dating app photo advice.

Do not leave it blank

Leaving your profile blank is not the right option. You are provided with an opportunity to express yourself. You have smartly used your pictures to express your true self; now it’s time to use words. If you have an amazing sense of humor, show it in your bio. No matter what, never try to mention in your bio what you are not looking for in a partner.

Highlighting your hobbies is the most important thing in building an interesting profile. Many people out there are fun, adventurous, outgoing, social; I am sure you are also one of them and a very funny human being, but what makes you different from others? You need to focus on that. Your hobbies make you different from others, your interests, and your choices.

Show what you are looking for

Letting others know what you do not like makes them self-conscious, and they will prefer to swipe left on your profile. And for guys, it is best to ask a question in your profile that a woman can answer. When you have to express what you want in a partner, you need to be more specific. Do not mention specific dating terms like girlfriend or boyfriend or general qualities like a sense of humor or kindness. Everyone is looking for these qualities, and we all know. So, write something more direct.

Dating app conversation tips

dating app conversation tips

People are really bad at conversation, but if you want to have a successful online dating experience, you need to work on your conversation skills. Here are some dating app conversation tips for you:

No pet names

Calling someone cutie, babe, sweetie, or honey is not right when you have never met them before. Some people might like it, but most people hate these pet names from strangers especially. So don’t risk it at all.

No sexual messages

There is no real need to say this. In any case, there shouldn’t be any sexual messages traded before the first meeting. Even if somebody states in their profile that they aren’t searching for anything serious, or anything like that, they still need to be treated with respect. There is no compelling reason to get sexual within the initial few messages.

Change the subject if nothing works.

The conversation runs naturally. In the beginning, it can feel weird, suddenly changing the subject. But in some cases, you have to do it. Let’s say, ideally, you have swiped on somebody with interesting photographs and a decent bio, and you have something different you can ask them. If they are interested in you, they will ask you something else.

Ask real questions

Online dating does not have to be tough; it should be fun. And what can make an online conversation fun? Some really interesting questions, obviously. Do not ask how was your day or what did you eat at lunch. You know their interests and hobbies from their profile, ask questions regarding them. If they share your interests, it will be even more easy to have a conversation.

Safe dating practices

safe dating practices

Safe dating practices are necessary in the online world as you have never met that individual in person. Everybody should know the drill, must do whole research prior to meeting your date. That doesn’t mean you have to be a stalker; that simply implies ensure you have some idea who the individual is before you meet him in person. Try to find pictures of the person and see what more you can know about him beyond Instagram and Facebook.  But this is not enough. There is more that you need to take care of.

Safe dating tips

safe dating tips

Here are some safe dating tips for you:

Video Chat before you meet

Today, there are so many apps available with the feature of video calls like FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype,Zoom and even Facebook. It’s a smart thought to get a brief look at your date prior to meeting that person. This could likewise assist with decreasing the danger of being “catfished” by somebody claiming to be someone else.

Plan first date at public places

Avoid going to a private place with your date during the first two meetings. Meet at a place where there are other people around, like cafes or restaurants. It is because if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can ask for help. You can also have a family member or a friend hang around without anyone noticing.

Use public transport or drive yourself.

Another way to be safe on your first date is to travel via public transport, or you can drive yourself. This way, your details like where you live will be safe. You can ask a friend to drop you; it is even safer.

Tell someone else the details.

You are going to meet a stranger for the very first time, and it can be scary. You don’t know what intentions the other person has. In that case, it is better to share details of your date with your best friend or family. Tell your them the date-time, day, and location.

Do not share personal information.

One of the most important safe dating tips is that never share your very personal information with your date. Do not share your personal mobile number, places you or your family members usually visit. When you get comfortable with your date after two to three meetings, then start opening up.

Carry pepper spray

This is especially for you if you are a female. It is always better to be prepared than not, so carrying pepper spray is a smart choice. Also, be sure that you are familiar with the use of pepper spray or you can carry a safety alarm.

Dating app advice Reddit

dating app advice reddit

Here are some of the best dating app advice Reddit for guys:

  • “Your profile pictures are the most important part of your online dating profile. Get your pics right and you don’t need anything else. Find a friend with a real camera that knows how to use it. Avoid selfies, group pictures, and think about your background. Dress nice and wear clean cloths that fit properly. Once I got some nice pictures up I went from hunting for women to being hunted and sought after by women. My inbox literally started to fill up with women wanting to start conversations. I experienced a complete role reversal once I got nice pictures up.”
  • “I stress the wearing of clothes. Don’t showcase your abs (or lack of,) tattoos, or piercings in your profile pictures. You’re proud, we get it but we want to see you in the pictures.”
  • “If you get rejected move on….please. Rejection happens on these sites. Calling that girl names or getting angry at her isn’t suddenly going to change her mind or make you feel better. It’s going to set you up for failure in the future. I met my girlfriend on an online dating site after dealing with a lot of rejections and failed dates.”
  • “To add, don’t say you’re nerdy, or funny, or interesting. SHOW it. use your words. Unless you’re a model, you’re going to have to go the extra mile to make yourself interesting. And unless you’re a musician with paying gigs, talking about what type of music you like, or how it defines you is boring. Keep music under a sentence or two. This is from reasonably-successful online dating experience. I probably got about a 25% response rate. Which isn’t great as far as statistics go, but pretty decent for men in general. And if you have seen what I look like, I’m not exactly gorgeous.”
  • “Here’s another useful tip for online dating: The only people who pay for online dating sites, are usually the people looking for serious relationships (probably because it keeps away all of the people who are just bombing DTF requests.) So, you should join a dating site all things considered. Casual? probably better not to pay for a premium. Looking for something more serious? You’ll be more likely to find someone as serious as you are if you cough up a few extra dollars.”
  • “Book the second date is important. That is a common sales hack. You want to always make sure you have a reason to come back and meet with someone. Don’t always tell everything about yourself in the first meeting or else you might be a lose for words the second meeting.”

Here are some of the best dating app advice Reddit for ladies:

  • “I think a natural impulse is to say what we wish women would do, but having seen some real dating train wrecks, I’d just add: Listen to your gut. If you’ve got a seriously bad feeling about a dating situation, make your peace, exit gracefully if possible, and stick with it.”
  • “Don’t expect us to pick up on hints. Even if you think you’re being super obvious, you might not be perceived the same way by someone else.”
  • “Don’t play mind games. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Tbh that’s advice for anyone ever.”
  • “Get a Google Voice number to give out. Knowing that you can easily block someone gives peace of mind when giving it out.”
  • “Hold yourself to the same standard you hold a potential mate. Don’t reject someone for not being a doctor or lawyer..when you are the server at the local Chilli’s. Honey, those guys can do better than you. Don’t get angry at him for not liking bigger women if you don’t like shorter men. And remember, you have to impress him as much as he has to impress you. A date is a two way interview.”
  • “Don’t just start ignoring the guy if you decide you’re not interested. It’s fucking hurtful, just say that you’re not interested. It lets me put things to rest so I can move on, rather than feel hurt that someone I’m interested in doesn’t even view me with enough humanity to simply type “Sorry not interested” in a text or message.”
  • “Yo like to be your self. If you’re goofy dumb a weirdo or you know… just be you. I dated a girl who was goofy as hell and I loved it but she tried to hard to act mature and grown with me. And I had to tell her that it was cool to be funny or goofy. not to worry about being embarrassed for fucks sake. And if He tells you Hes busy at work then believe him.”
  • “I strongly dislike when a girl is constantly reminding me how “in demand” she is, and how often guys are hitting on her. I’m not interested in having to constantly keep your attention in order to keep you. The more I feel like I HAVE to do something, the less I want to. The less I feel like I have to do something, the more I want to.”
  • “Put in some god damned effort. I get it, we got to talking about comics or video games or something and we both know the other person is a total dork, but on our first date I’m going to be dressed in one of my nicer casual outfits, and if you’re wearing a ratty old t-shirt I promise you the first date will be our last date.”


Online dating has become very common these days; still, many people do not know how to use online dating to their benefit. One of the most important things is to be safe while trying online dating and second of all try to follow above mentioned online tips to have the best experience.

So, this was all about dating app advice. I have tried my best to share useful tips with you hope you will find these tips helpful.

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