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How to talk to a girl at a party

How to talk to a girl at a party

how to talk to a girl at a party

Parties are an excellent opportunity for being a social butterfly and making new relationships with people you do not know. But if you are someone who gets nervous around girls, talking to them in a social situation can be really tough. So, how to talk to a girl at a party? Fortunately, when you feel good, try to work on your social skill; it is easy to build your confidence and talk to girls at parties when you practice and practice.

This article is all about how to talk to a girl at a party. Here I am going to share some useful tips regarding how to talk to a girl at a party. So, let’s get started.

Look and feel confident.

You can only act confident if you look and feel confident. Here is what you can do to look and feel confident:

Brush your teeth and take a shower

Before you go for a party, work on yourself, take a shower and apply deodorant. Wear body spray or cologne, whatever you like but make sure that scent is light, not overpowering as it will turn off girls. Also, make sure to brush your teeth; additionally, keep breath mints with you if bad breath is a problem. If you look and smell good, you will feel confident.

Wear your best clothes

This does not mean you should wear a suit to a party to attract girls. But the more perfect your look, the better it is. Wearing your best clothes in which you feel comfortable will increase your confidence. If you are going to a work party, wear something formal like a dress or suit. And if you are going to a college or a house party, wear something casual like a shirt and jeans.

Keep your head up

Your body language matters a lot if you want to look confident. Stand straight, keep your head up to look confident. Do not cross your arms and keep your body open. Smile more and make eye contact. This will make you look warm, welcoming and will increase the chance that girls at the party will be willing to talk to you.

Interact with a lot of girls

The more you interact with other girls at a party, the more it will feel natural. Moreover, you will be able to know what works for you and what does not. If you talk to a lot of girls at a party, it will help lessen negative feelings about yourself. Do not keep on regretting about bad conversations; just focus on meeting new girls. Learn from your negative experiences.

How to introduce yourself?

How to talk to a girl at a party? Introducing yourself is the first and most important step while talking to a girl at a party. If you introduce yourself in a good way, the rest is a piece of cake. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

Scan the whole room and try to assess people

Before talking to some random girl in the room, it is better to read the room and know what is going on there. Look at the crowd and try to figure out who came single and who came together. Your focus should be on girls who have no one to talk to or look bored.

Making eye contact

Once you have figured out who you want to start your conversation with, before approaching her, make eye contact. Look in her direction and wait for her to look back at you and then smile. If she smiles back at you, it means you can approach her. But if she looks away or seems not interested, leave her alone and approach some other girl.

  • Her smile and if she makes eye contact is a good signal.
  • Focus on her arms; if these are crossed, it means she is not interested as it is an indication of closed body language.

Go talk to her

Once you get her attention and she seems interested, this is the right time to approach her and start a conversation.

Say Hi

If a girl seems interested, and her body language indicates that she wants to talk, start a conversation and introduce yourself. If she says hello to you too, you have a good chance. You can start your conversation with something like, “Hey, (tell your name). I just saw you from across the room.”

Ask her name

After you have introduced herself, ask her name and try not to forget it. Also, ask a question to open up a conversation with her. Here are some examples of starter questions:

  • Are you having fun here?
  • Do you like the music they are playing tonight?

A good conversation

How to talk to a girl at a party? Now you have introduced yourself and started a conversation; it is time to move forward and have a good conversation with the person. Here is what you can do:

Ask some questions

You need to act like you are interested genuinely, so ask questions about her Ask questions that need more than a yes or no answer. Try to keep the conversation stress free and light. You can ask questions like:

  • Who is your favourite singer?
  • What do you think about Kendrick album?

Listen to her

Waiting for your turn to talk is stupid; you need to actively listen to her. This way, you will have more things to talk about, and it will give a message to her that you are paying attention. For instance, if she says something like “Games of thrones is so boring”, you can ask, “what makes it boring for you?” or you can talk about your favourite TV show characters.

Do not talk about uncomfortable topics.

Try to avoid talking about complicated topics like religion, politics, gender issues, and race. People have different opinions; these discussions can be extremely polarizing and can turn off a girl. Keep conversation light and fun.

Girls like funny guys

Girls appreciate the company of funny and witty guys as they feel at ease around them. Highlight funny contradictions, make jokes about topics you are talking about but be respectful. If you are not a funny person naturally, that is fine too; just be positive and polite, and you are good to go.

Ask for her contact number


If the conversation goes well, you like the girl, and you feel like you want to continue to talk to them, do not forget to ask her contact number before you part your ways. You can say something like:

  • Well, I am glad we met. I really enjoyed your company. Can I get your number so that we can talk some other time?
  • Do you have a Facebook account? I’ll add you so that we may have a conversation some other time.
  • I honestly enjoyed the time we spent together, can I text you later?

Set little goals

How to talk to a girl at a party? Still, if you feel overwhelmed with all this and do not find the courage to talk to girls at parties, think about setting little goals that are easily accomplishable. Goals can include things like making eye contact and smiling with two girls, talking to at least five girls, asking for at least three girls’ numbers. Just like that, eventually, you will be able to have conversations with girls without feeling nervous.

How to talk to a girl at a college party

how to talk to a girl at a college party

How to talk to a girl at a college party? Well, I have shared a lot of tips on how you can confidently talk to girls at a party. Now I will tell you about what you need to avoid if you want to talk to girls at a party. Let’s have a look at this:

Don’t be nervous around cool crowd

The cool crowd are people who think they fit in and then just enjoy themselves. Others feel like outsiders and wonder why they can’t be part of this cool crowd and act nervous around them. So, acting nervously around them is never going to help you. Girls never talk to such guys.

Don’t wait for people to include you.

People won’t include you if you are just standing there doing nothing. You need to use your social skills to be a part of the party. Girls won’t come to you just because you are cute, so come out of your comfort zone, be confident, do not worry about saying something wrong and messing up everything just be you.

Don’t think that you are not good enough.

How to talk to a girl at a college party? Well, here is the most important tip for you, do not try to think inferior of yourself. You just need to know the right thing to say to a girl at a party, and you are good to go. Thinking that you are not good enough will  not help you in having a good conversation with a girl at a party.

How to talk to a girl at a party movie

how to talk to a girl at a party movie

Are you looking for How to talk to a girl at a party movie? Well, there is one exactly named, “How to talk to a girls at party”. It is about a shy teenager in the 1970’s named Enn, living in London, who meets a rebellious and beautiful Zan at some party. Their worlds collide to test how far they can go on for true love.

Here are some details about How to talk to a girl at a party movie mentioned above:

Release date: May 18, 2018 (USA)

Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Music by: Nico Muhly; Jamie Stewart

Adapted from: How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Produced by: Emile Sherman, John Cameron Mitchell, Howard Gertler, Iain Canning

How to talk to a girl at a party Reddit

how to talk to a girl at a party reddit

Here are how to talk to a girl at a party Reddit suggestions for you:

“There is not real talk happening in parties, everything is very random, you can talk about whatever is happening at the moment, or whatever you expect to happen in the party.”

“Talk to them like they’re the normal people that they are. Ask questions find common interests, talk about good times, don’t talk about yourself to much. Talking to them isn’t hard, not acting like a dick is where most people mess up.”

“Everyone at the party is thinks that everyone else at the party is paying attention to them. Prove them right. Notice the things that they did to get noticed. When they do something awkward, commiserate. If they’ve put effort into their outfit, mention it. If they’re at the party alone, introduce yourself to them, and then introduce them to a group of strangers. Improve your social status by improving people’s social status. Be raunchy, but not creepy. Make dirty jokes, and mention sex in the passive voice. Even if you don’t get laid tonight, you’ll be remembered as the guy who hooks people up. Make sure that women think about sex within the first few minutes of talking to you, and they won’t be blindsided by the idea that you might be a person who enjoys sex occasionally.”

“Just have fun, treat all genders the same and you will start to run into all of them a similar amount.”

“just try to relax and enjoy yourself. remember, you’re at a party to have a good time, not necessarily to hook up with girls (although that would be a plus). once you start to enjoy yourself, you’ll feel more at ease about approaching girls — hell, girls might approach you if they’re feeling your vibe enough.”

“you can talk to her about your cool tattoos or piercings, talk about your cool hobbies (like snowboarding, bmx, playing the guitar, going to fitness, dancing with bears…). But if you don’t have or do any of these things…well i sure hope you’re at least really hot and funny.”

“Literally just go up and talk to them in a confident manner. Also don’t break frame if they start throwing shit tests at you as its just them testing you to see your value.”

“It’s all about being unafraid to talk to people. It doesn’t even matter what you say. It’s how you say it. “Do I know you from somewhere? Your face looks really familiar!” Even if I know I’ve never seen this person in my life. Tell a knock knock joke. Compliment her on her pokemon shirt, then ask what her favorite pokemon is. Be sure to tell her that her choice of eevee/jigglypuff/pikachu sucks and scyther/electabuz/charizard is way cooler. Awkward eye contac? Make a silly face from across the room and then go introduce yourself. The point is it doesn’t matter. Your random brain droppings on how to dissect a lobster are just as legitimate an opener as anything mystery or style can cook up. Just say something.”

“Hey I like your [article of clothes].” / “Hey cool tat.” / “Damn those are some bigassearings.” / “Ew what are you drinking.” / “Whoa check that [thing or incident] over there out.” / “Hi. What’s your name?” EDIT: One more: If you’re near the alcohol table, talk about the alcohol. Everyone enjoys that. I save the “Hi. What’s your name?” as the fallback. If it is a unique name, I follow up with “[Name]! What’s the story behind that name?” conversation snowballs from there. Easy way to talk about family, etc. For any other opener, use that to thread into other topics. Just act like you’re having a great time. EDIT2: Don’t be afraid to change topics abruptly if it sounds like one has naturally come to an end. Short anecdotes work well. “So I’ve been running a lot lately . . .”

“It’s not creepy. You will not come off as creepy. I remember there was a large r/askwomen thread where tons of girls chimed in and talked about what they thought was creepy and not creepy. Every comment said basically the same thing. Creepy is when someone completely ignores social cues and harasses women after its readily apparent that they were quite uncomfortable. Not creepy is a well adjusted individual saying hello at a social gathering. That’s not you. I can only assume that you are a well-adjusted individual at a college party who would just like to have fun talking to the girls. They will sense that, and that’s a good thing. As long as your demeanor is about having fun, then you are okay to approach. As far as what to say, listen to YRuafraid. Just say,” how’s it going tonight?” Etc. Just have fun, and just do it, and you’ll have a good time.”

“Stand out. I have better luck making people come to me than going to them to engage. If you don’t feel confident, fake it until people treat you like the most confident person in the room. That being said, a clear, direct “Hi” can open up a world of possibilities. If you’re in a place, and notice a gal hovering near you, darting eyes your way, just meet her eye line and say “Hello” like you would to a man. I guess that’s the “trick.” Talk to a woman you want to get to know better like you’d talk to a man you could care less about. At that point, you’ll find a connection with this person, or you won’t. Then you take the relationship to its end. That end could be in five minutes or fifty years.”

“I usually open with something funny and easy like “Can you help me solve an argument I’m having with a friend right now?” Then I either reference something real (if it’s funny) or I’ll just say something like “, where do we draw the line on what is considered a sandwich? My friend and I are arguing about whether or not a burger is a sandwich.” Then she kind of laughs and gives you her opinion. You can talk about that for a while (better if the two of you disagree), and the conversation should flow more naturally from there.”

“Forget the compliments. Every other guy is tossing the same compliments. Be different. Say something a little crazy. This is basic conversational advice, so check out some videos on YouTube. You need to learn how to pick out conversational topics. It’s a lot easier than you think. Girls will do most of the talking if you ask the right questions.”

“Hey, I’m Sechecopar, are y’ll friends with so and so?” Don’t just talk to girls; talk to everyone. It’s a party. After an hour, you should be friends with everyone, and now you’re not cold approaching; you’re warm approaching.”

“Wander over to their vicinity, introduce yourself and start talking to them. It’s a house party, people expect to converse with people they don’t know. The hard part is to being interesting enough to keep the conversation going beyond introductions and “how do you know the hosts”.”

“I often point out weird things that are happening as ice breakers. Very high success rate on at least making a friend. I also compliment their shoes if they have a particular flashy pair, that one has like 95% success rate.”

“Talk to her. The usual advice is ask her about hobbies/TV/school/work/what she did last weekend. Great! Now you introduced yourself! Oh no! You have to (do this thing now) but “it was great meeting you! Would you want to do something (something, usually best to have an idea) next weekend?” “I’m busy” oh okay, can I get your number? Maybe another time works well. “yes!” can I text you sometime?”

“Scan the scene first. Some girls quite obviously come with other guys and you need to pick up on those girls immediately as they are usually a dead end. On the other hand, sometimes you’ll have some wall flowers or girls that come with a small group of friends, these are the picks you can actively move toward. Find something funny to say, compliment them on what they’re wearing even or just say something plain stupid. Most girls don’t really care what you say, it’s how you say it. Confidence is key. Don’t get too overly excited or jumpy. The goal is to leave an impression. An impression that will hopefully play in your favour later on in the night.”

“Just have fun with her, both of you are there to have fun. Dance and/or sing if you like the song, make up stories about other people at the party and joke around with her, etc. Don’t interview her, every other guy does that and it bores her to death. Don’t talk about yourself, she really doesn’t care about your stat sheet.Don’t talk to her for too long, after you’ve had a bit of fun walk away and talk to other people. Don’t hang on one girl the whole night, that comes off as really desperate and the girl will wish she hadn’t talked to you in the first place.”


How to talk to a girl at a party? It is a question that comes into the mind of most guys. The key to talking to a girl at a party is confidence. If you are confident, you can talk to any girl at a party. Just keep one thing in mind if you feel like you are making someone uncomfortable, stay away from them and do not try to impose yourself on them. Hope you will find the above-mentioned tips helpful and get the answer to your question How to talk to a girl at a party?

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