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Signs your ex will eventually come back

Signs your ex will eventually come back

What are the signs your ex will eventually come back?

After a breakup, it is not easy to move on, and most of us wonder if our ex will come back to us or not. If your ex really wants to get back to you, there will be signs like they may stalk you, drunk call you, immediately answer your calls or texts, etc. These are just a few signs in this article you will be able to know about more.


So if you want to get your ex back and wondering does he/she wants the same, this article is going to prove helpful for you. This article is all about   Signs your ex will eventually come back so let’s get started:

5 signs your ex will eventually come back

After breaking with your ex, whether it is your ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, thoughts of getting back to them might hit your mind. Although some differences lead to separation, but love might still be there between your hearts. So what’s going to help you? Signs your ex will eventually come back.

Do you spend a lot of time wondering whether your ex is thinking of getting back to you or not? Well, you are just wasting your time; instead, you can look for some signs that indicate your ex will eventually get back to you.

Is breaking up after a long relationship so damaging you cannot get back together? Is it possible for a relationship to work even after a breakup? We cannot answer these questions certainly because not every relationship is the same. Some might work, some might not. In such a situation, it is best to look for some signs so that you can get yourself out of this uncertain situation. Here are the most important5 signs your ex will eventually come back:

They are stalking you on your social media platforms.

If you are friends with each other on Facebook or other social media platforms like Instagram, it is not that tough to find out if they are stalking you or not. If they like your posts or comment on them regularly, it surely means that they are missing you and are probably thinking about getting you back.

Your ex is trying to know what is going in your life; they want to know if you have moved on, trying to do so, or thinking about them. If you are also doing the same thing, maybe it is good to give your relationship a second chance as there is a possibility that your ex is willing to change some things to get you back.

Another clear sign that might not often happen because no one wants to look insane is that they start commenting on your older posts where you two look amazing. If they have commented something like “miss those times” or “best days” or anything like that, it is one of the clear signs your ex will eventually come back if you are ready for reconciliation. Also, if they have shared a picture with you on their social media handle, it is clear that they are missing you.

To be sure of it, try a few tricks yourself, like post a picture with a friend that can make them feel jealous. If they do not respond to this post or act unhappily, it can mean that they are jealous.

They drunk call/text you

Taking help from drugs or alcohol to get over a breakup is terrible, honestly. Still, it is incredible how a person becomes so courageous after getting drunk that he spills out the truth, so your ex may do the same. He may call you after getting drunk to tell you how much he loves you, misses you, and wants you back. After getting drunk, he can say things he would never be able to say when he is normal.

The same implies drunken texting. If you often receive their text messages, it should not matter if they were drunk while texting; what actually should matter that they were missing you badly.

The fact that they remember you and tried to write down few words to show that they love you is a sign they want you back in your life. So, in that situation, if you want them back give them a call and ask them to meet you. But it depends on you totally, if you are interested you can go for it otherwise just ignore it.

They answer your calls and texts immediately.

After a breakup, it is better not to be in touch with your ex unless you want to reconcile. But if you call or text your ex about anything and they reply to you instantly and seem very eager and keen to speak to you, it means they have been looking at their phone all day not to miss a chance to be in touch with you. If you are looking for an opportunity to get them back, take this as a sign that they want the same.

In addition to that, their text is longer than yours and includes some irrelevant information or too many details, which means they are desperate to be with you. They want to tell you a lot; they want to share a lot of things and just don’t know how to express themselves.

In the case they are texting you throughout the day, pretending they have something important to talk it means they want to re-establish the relationship. They just miss you so much and want you to keep posted about what is happening in their life or just want to make you laugh by sending something funny. The whole purpose of being in touch with you is to get you back.

You broke up in a friendly way.

Think about the time when you two were together; how was the whole relationship experience. Does your answer to this question end in the following way:

  • Romantic
  • Fun
  • Adventurous and exciting
  • Helpful
  • Meaningful and healthy

If so, it will not take long before your ex recognizes that they cannot live without you and wants to get you back. You need to be patient and give them some time.

When your ex and you obviously will reach a stage of accountability and understand that there was nothing wrong with your relationship and love but maybe a few things need to be worked on, you will realize that it is now time to patch things up. For example, if your ex was the one who ended this relationship, wait for his emotional breakdown, and this way, one day, your ex will get back to you. If there are true feelings your ex will come back to you.

When something substantial did not happen in your relationship that leads to a breakup like mind-games, manipulation or cheating, etc., your ex will soon realise that with better communication and understanding you can work things out. So as nothing was damaged in the relationship, you can save it; it is just a matter of time when your ex realizes it.

They are with a new partner just after they broke up.

Just after you broke up, your ex started dating someone? If so, instead of getting upset over this, try to take it as a good sign. Maybe it is a rebound relationship so that they can overcome the real trauma they have faced in the form of a breakup. It can also be a temporary hangout just to make you feel jealous or to check if you are really interested in them or not.

It may seem like they are relieved, but it is temporary, and under all this fake happiness is a broken soul that still wants to be with you. They may want to heal from this relationship and want it to be better, but that is much easier to say than to be done.

It will take some time for them to match up to previous relationship’s attachment, memories, and trust. So if your ex decided to end things  with their new partner, you should not be surprised by this.

Or there could be a chance that they have plenty of brief relationships in a relatively short time. It is another sign that they are looking for a rebound relationship so that they can cover the breakup pain. They are on a hunt to find happiness, but these brief experiences are not helpful at all, just false attempts to match up to their relationship with you.

Some other signs

Although 5 signs your ex will eventually come back mentioned above are more than enough to figure out whether your ex wants to be with you or not. But I know it is not easy for you to just jump to a conclusion. Your relationship with them did not end well, and you do not want to take the risk anymore. Although you want to win them back but if they are not interested, every effort you make is useless. So here are some other signs in addition to the info mentioned above:

They want to be single.

They have chosen to be single, and by doing so, they chose a life where they can live with your memories. They think that no one can replace you. They might be looking for you to initiate a little effort so that you two can be in a relationship again.

They have not returned your stuff yet.

You have not got your stuff back, and there can be two reasons. One is they want you to call or text or visit to get your stuff back so that they can see you. Or it is too difficult for them to get rid of your stuff as there are so many memories and emotions associated with these things. Retuning these things is really painful.

They are in touch with your friends.

After a break up we try to erase each memory of our ex and try not to meet people they are friends with unless we have mutual friends. But if your ex does not avoid your friends and has not cut their connection completely, it is a sign that they are interested in you and trying to find a way to interact with you.

You bump into them frequently.

If you keep bumping into your ex at random places, it can be a sign too. Although it can be a coincidence, when this happens too much, it is not. It means they are stalking you or they intentionally go to places where they think they will find you. So it clearly means they are interested in getting you back.

It was a long-distance relationship.

If you guys broke up because the relationship was long-distance, it was foolish. I know dealing with long-term relationships is not easy; you are not physically there to comfort your partner when they are going through some really tough times but breaking up is not the only option. You can make this relationship work. And if your ex has not made any efforts for a relationship, your ex might feel guilty soon and want to get back to you. If your ex is planning to relocate nearby you, it means your ex wants to get you back.

Signs your ex-girl will eventually come back.

The signs I have mentioned above apply to both ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. But if you are looking for signs, your ex-girl will eventually come back; you are in the right place. Lets have a look at some of these signs.

She wants to hang out with you.

This is one of the signs that your ex-girlfriend needs you back into her life. However, it very well maybe she simply wants to save a normal friendly relationship. Yet, when it happens too much, it’s a green light that you may have a chance to get her back in your life.

She always texts or calls you first.

It’s uncommon to see a girl who consistently messages a particular person first without wanting to get him. It even becomes unusual when that individual turns out to be her ex. In case she is texting and calling you without you responding in a bid to determine the status of you, at that point, you are one of the fortunate ones. You can get your girl if you want because she wants the same. She may also call you or text you but then say she did it by mistake.

She is curious about your relationship status.

This is one of the clear signs your ex-girl will eventually come back. In case your ex-girlfriend starts asking about your current love life, realize that she is still wants to get involved with you. The purpose of knowing this is to make sure if she can try again with you again or not. Now your response after this will tell her if you want her back or not.

She wants you to know that she is single.

She generally searches for an opportunity to tell you that she is single. This is to disclose to you that she is willing to patch things up if you are interested too. She wants you to initiate a romantic relationship with her again. If you are not interested at all, it is better to ignore and move on.

She seems really emotional.

Girls are usually emotional, and this time she seems even more emotional. She is in terrible condition, so she refuses to meet you. In front of you, she wants to act strong and normal, but if she actually meets you, it would not be possible for her to control her emotions. So even if it is really urgent to meet, she will still refuse it.

Signs your ex will eventually come back quiz.

After break up, it is okay to feel uncertain about the future. People usually feel they want to get back to their ex, and sometimes it is good. We know what we want, but how do we know what our ex wants. Signs your ex will eventually come back quizcan help you in this regard. On the internet, there are plenty of quizzes available to help you with that. These quizzes have some simple questions along with options, you have to choose one that you find most relatable, and in the end, based on your answers, they will share results with you.

If you are wondering what kind of questions are being asked in a “Signs your ex will eventually come back quiz,” here are some examples:

  • If you have really exciting news to share, who would be the first person to share with?
  • Did your ex-lover really care about you?
  • What is the definition of the best time for you two?
  • Did one of you cheat, or you two were both faithful towards each other?
  • What is the current relationship status of your ex?
  • Is this the first time your relationship has to face such a big crisis?
  • Do you love your ex even after break up?
  • How much time has passed since you two broke up?

Signs your ex will eventually come back Reddit.

Reddit is an excellent platform for sharing your thoughts and asking what people think about certain things. If you are looking for signs, your ex will eventually come back. Reddit suggestions, you are at the right place. I have researched and collected some of the best signs your ex will eventually come back Redditsuggestionsin response to when a user explained his story so let’s have a look at these:

“Ask her. Rejection won’t kill you. Not sure this fear people have with rejection and Jesus Christ it saves a Lotta time. It lets you know where you stand without coming to Reddit. At some point, one of you is going to have to be decisive.”

“This is tough because everyone is different so there are usually no real tell-all signs. I think just like in a lot of things in life, you need to look at someone’s actions, not just what they say. So if you’re ex has made contact with you and fully taken responsibility for their part in the breakdown of your relationship that’s a good start. If they say they are wanting to get back together with you and build something that’s a good start. So after these good starts, it’s time to pay attention to action. What were the problems in the relationship in the first place? Watch to see if anything is being done to correct this. If the same patterns are coming up with nothing changed, I’d be careful as you might be going down the same path. However, if things are starting to be different give it a chance to see how it goes, and again give the benefit of the doubt until you see otherwise. Good Luck!”

“If you want to try again, don’t break up with him. Make sure you want this relationship because I’m pretty sure he still likes you.”

“This doesn’t answer your question but. You guys broke up the cause of long distance m. I’m sure neither of y’all wanted it but it happened to cause long distance you know? Yes, it’s been a long time but as I said earlier you guys broke up while in love still. You could date him again but if it’sgonna be long-distance again won’t the cycle repeaT?”

“Could you explain a bit more? If she asked for space give her It doesn’t hound her it will push her further away. I’d say no contact couple of weeks. Arrange to meet up talk and if she still feels the same and doesn’t want to get back then that’s it. But giving her the space she needs will help gives you both time to see what yous are missing not being together. If it’s been months I don’t think you will get back and should stop looking for signs and move on for your own sake.”

“Contact of any kind is of course a sign, but they also drop subtle hints such as what you’re saying. The question you need to ask yourself is this: “Is my ex someone good for me”? Don’t take back someone who will only likely hurt you again. An ex who cannot just contact you, but has to play games like this, doesn’t seem like someone who you should want back. Behavior like this, more of a game and a red flag.”

“Like the second coming of Christ, I suppose! Don’t look for signs of them coming back. Look for signs that they are genuine in their intentions, genuinely reformed, and genuinely want to work things out. Otherwise, be ready for more heartaches and another heartbreak.”

“You would know because they would be willing to wait. If you don’t give in right away, and a week later they’ve moved on, then you will be really glad you waited, won’t you? If someone loves you, they won’t rebound right to someone else or punish you for your hesitation. If they truly love you, it will be months before they can even look at someone new. So I would give it a full 30 days with zero encouragement from you, and see if their behavior matches the feelings they claim to have. Also, if they have shown through their ACTIONS that the behaviors you’ve asked them to change before are actually being worked on. If you always asked your ex to stop doing this or start doing that, then if they want you back you would know that through their changed behavior.”


Relationships are complicated, and they really mess up when due to some reason, they end. There is nothing wrong with giving your ex a second chance if he/she wants to be with you. Reading signs, your ex will eventually come back can really prove helpful in deciding what should be your next step.

I have tried my best to share “Signs your ex will eventually come back” but keep in mind that these are just assumptions, and there is no sure way to know what a person wants in their heart. All we can do is try. If you do not want to get back to your partner, just move on, and there is no need to bother about signs. But if you really want to get back to your ex, instead of playing some stupid games or trying different tricks, just talk to your ex. Tell them how you feel, and you will know whether you can have a future together or no.

This was all about “signs your ex will eventually come back I hope you will find it helpful.


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