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What is sociosexual behaviour?

Sociosexual behaviour is used in context to sexual behaviour in a wider social context. It is a personal predisposition for engaging in uncommitted sex. Those who are restricted sociosexual do not prefer engaging in casual sex; they are looking for something more serious, commitment, emotional satisfaction or love.

This article is all about sociosexuality meaning, definition, its levels and how it affects your relationships. So let’s get started.

Sociosexuality meaning

Sociosexuality meaning is “of or relating to the interpersonal aspects of sexuality.”

Sociosexuality definition psychology

Now you are familiar with the sociosexuality meaning, here is a detailed sociosexuality definition of psychology:

“Sociosexuality, sometimes called sociosexual orientation, is the individual difference in the willingness to engage in sexual activity outside of a committed relationship. Individuals who are more restricted sociosexuality are less willing to engage in casual sex; they prefer greater love, commitment and emotional closeness before having sex with romantic partners. Individuals who are more unrestricted sociosexual are more willing to have casual sex and are more comfortable engaging in sex without love, commitment or closeness.”

Sociosexuality in a sentence

If you are wondering how to use sociosexuality in a sentence, here are some examples for you:

  • Women who have sociosexual orientation may also resist mate guarding.
  • Those who have restricted sociosexual orientation are more likely to get engaged in infidelity.
  • It is difficult to find sociosexuality in a sentence.
  • Unrestricted Sociosexuality is linked with early sex experiences in life.
  • Men tend to have higher scores in terms of sociosexuality.

Sociosexuality and romantic relationships

Sociosexuality and romantic relationships are related in the following way:

Sociosexuality and relationship commitment

Unrestricted women prefer to engage in casual sex as compared to restricted women

as they think that more benefits are associated with these kinds of relationships. These include resource benefits like expensive gifts, sexual benefits etc. etc. Sociosexuality is not linked with short term benefits in the case of men.

Unrestricted men are more interested in physical appearance, and that’s the benefit they get from short term encounters; they will show more interest in the social skills of attractive women. on the other hand, unrestricted women are also interested in looks and popularity of ale models rather than their willingness to commit. Restricted women are not like this; in the case of sociosexuality and relationship commitment, they pick commitment and deem this to be more important..

Sociosexuality differences

Let’s discuss sociosexuality differences:

Sexual orientation and gender differences

Across a variety of cultures, women are less unrestricted and have low SOI scores. However, more variability is noticed within each gender than among women and men, indicates although the average woman is more restricted as compared to the average man, individuals may differ in sociosexuality irrespective of gender.

Bisexual women tend to be less restricted in their sociosexual behaviours as compared to heterosexual and lesbian women. Bisexual women are most unrestricted, follow by lesbian and heterosexual women in sociosexual attitudes. Bisexual and gay men are almost similar to heterosexual men in sociosexuality. Gay men are most unrestricted in the case of sociosexual behaviour than bisexual men and then heterosexual men. This could be because more potential partners of gay men prefer casual and short term encounters.

Unrestricted sociosexuality is linked with more often sexual activity, early life experiences with sex, and more number of sex partners. Unrestricted men may have more rape myth acceptance, conservative behaviours towards women and past sexual aggression. On the other hand, unrestricted women may have greater sexual fantasies that involve having control or power over other partner and also have a lower level of conservatism regarding sex as compared to restricted women.

Individual differences

Unrestricted sociosexual have high scores on openness to experience and also tend to be less agreeable, be more extraverted, lower on honesty-humility, more impulsive, more erotophilic. They also are less likely to have a secure attachment style. Moreover, people with intrinsic religious orientation are more likely to be sociosexuality restricted, and others with extrinsic religious orientation are more likely to be unrestricted.

Sociosexuality levels

For measuring Sociosexuality, the revised Sociosexual Orientation Inventory was designed. According to this, unrestricted orientation is related to high SOI scores; on the other hand, those with low SOI scores are related to restricted orientation. For assessment of three sociosexuality facts, “attitude, desire and behaviour”, SOI-R is used.

Sociosexuality and evolutionary psychology

Abstract: Evolutionary theory predicts that interest in “casual” sex should decline with its costs (e.g., acquiring STDS or an infectious disease, unwanted pregnancy, loss of spousal commitment, etc.).These consequences are quite off putting for most and due to this a large number of people abstain from high level sociosexual behaviour because of this. Analysis of Schmitt’s (2005) data on sociosexuality in 48 countries (including gender differences therein) tested these predictions using multiple regressions controlling for economic development and population density. Sociosexuality declined as STDS increased and as teen births increased, supporting the hypothesis, but female sociosexuality increased with the risk of infectious disease. Sociosexuality declined in countries where there was a greater proportion of men in the population and marriages likely involved greater commitment. Country differences in sexual motivation partly reflect varying costs of extramarital sexuality with females possibly increasing their interest in sexual variety to boost heritable disease resistance. Cultures and religions also play a vital part in regards to how people behave.


Sociosexuality affects the way you see sex and this is dependent on each individuals preferences,morals,principles and oersonal beliefs and everyone has their individual right to do what suits them.In choosing a partner it is imperative to know how they feel about commitment and sociosexuality if you want to be in a monogamous relationship.CLICK HERE TO GET RELATIONSHIP COACHING,LIFE COACHING OR PSYCHOTHERAPY NOW.

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