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Terrible dates

Terrible dates

Terrible dates

The dating world is unpredictable, and just like that, people are unpredictable. We might talk to someone online and feel like they are our soulmates just to know that in person, they are nothing like that. If not, that may be the other person is a problematic or psycho.  We all are scared of terrible dates. This article is all about terrible dates experiences people had so that you can understand what challenges you might face when you think about starting your dating life. So, let’s get started.

Terrible dates Reddit

Terrible dates reddit

Here are some terrible dates Reddit experiences:

“We were like 15 minutes into our date when he said (in exactly this order) that he likes to ‘eat asses, lick feet, and if this is going to be serious, you really need to lose weight.’ I wanted to leave the date as soon as he said that. When he suddenly demanded that I drive him home because he didn’t have a car, I told him that my car wouldn’t be able to move with two fatties in it, and drove home.”

“We met at a park for our first date, and he was definitely giving off weird vibes. Within a half hour, he asked if I’d give him a blow job. Right there in the middle of the park. I said no, there are people around and I just met you. His next idea was to go in the men’s bathroom, and asked if I’d do it there. I said, ‘Sure, you go in, and I’ll follow a couple of minutes later so it doesn’t look suspicious.’ Once he walked in the bathroom, I quickly found my car and left his horny ass.”

“Guy I met on Tinder came to my house for a first date/evening beer. After flirting and then a little in-depth talking, we realized we were second cousins. Really killed the mood.”

“He, at age 20, brought his mother along.”

“He told me he would like to breed with me immediately to save the Aryan race (we are both blonde with blue eyes).”

“He said, ‘You agree that the man should be in charge, right?’ On the first date. I told him we didn’t need to waste more of each other’s time. Of course he tried to pretend he was joking. I paid and left.”

“When I asked him to clarify his age, because this guy looked 40, not 29, he said, ‘You don’t believe me? I pull 18-year-olds all the time.’ Yiiiiiikes.”

“He was a Trump supporter.”

“He texted me from the bathroom, ‘Sorry, babe, I’m still stuck at work but I’ll be home ASAP’…obviously for his girlfriend. I was gone before he got back to the table.”

“I went on a date with this guy who wouldn’t ask me questions. I’d ask, ‘Where are you from?’ and he’d answer…and just look at me. And then I’d say, ‘I’m from [here]!’ This lasted for like 20 minutes before I made up an excuse and left.”

“I met someone, we talked a while, we decided to go on a date. The server came and I ordered, and he said, ‘Don’t order that, you’ll get fat.’ I stood up and left without saying a word.”

“He took his phone and called his ex. Then, while looking me straight in the eyes, he started telling her about how he was now dating someone much smarter and more beautiful than she was, how she was never worth it and her parents were losers, etc. I didn’t know her, didn’t know if she deserved such treatment, and certainly didn’t want to be the next one treated that way.”

“It was a first date. He suggested that we go to a clothes shop nearby and have sex in the fitting rooms. He wasn’t joking.”

“He said the n-word. He was a cocky white guy who obviously thought racism, etc., dressed as comedy was funny. I made a discreet and polite exit.”

“I was on a date, and while we were just meeting up and talking, he was still on Tinder looking at other future women. Rude! I literally left a few minutes after talking.”

“I went out with a guy once, and things went really well. Afterward, we were sitting in my car talking, and I mentioned that my dad was gay. He told me that I ‘should’ve disowned him.’ I told him to get the fuck out of my car and never speak to me again :).”

“Fifteen minutes in, he asked if I could see myself marrying him and having his kids. I said no, he finished his drink, I left the rest of mine, we said goodbye…and then ended up walking to the same parking lot together. Now I always make sure to loiter in the toilets after saying goodbye to avoid that!”

“Arguing with his mom on speaker in the car on the way to the restaurant almost made me call off the date…answering the phone on speaker and, again, arguing with his mom on speaker while in the restaurant was what finally made me walk out. I was horrified.”

“This was a blind date with some guy a friend arranged. We we’re like 15 minutes into our date when he said (in exactly this order) that he ‘likes to eat asses, lick feet and if this is going to be serious you really need to lose weight’. I wanted to leave the date as soon as he said that when he suddenly demanded that I drive him home because he didn’t have a car and used the train to get there. I told him that my car wouldn’t be able to move with 2 fatties in it and drove home.”

“When I asked him to clarify his age, because this guy looked 40, not 29, and he says “you don’t believe me? I pull 18-year-olds all the time” Yiiiiiikes.”

“Said, “You agree that the man should be in charge, right.” On the first date. I told him we didn’t need to waste more of each other’s time. Of course he tried to pretend he was joking. I paid and left.”

“Rudeness to staff. Guy told me “bubbly women aren’t smart” also at one point we were talking about schools and he made the comment that “they ( colleges/ universities) shouldn’t accept women; women don’t need education.” I already had my MBA and owned my own businesses. His final comment that “You shouldn’t eat that much, ( 1. I’m a vegetarian and definitely not fat, 2. fuck that AHole) it doesn’t look good” is when I threw in the towel and payed my bill. Finally one guy that smacked my ass and asked if he could ” tap that later” before he even properly introduced himself.”

Here are some other terrible dates experiences shared by Reddit users:

“When I (27F) was about 22 I went on a date with a guy that was a few years older than I was. We went out to a bar and the conversation very quickly became about his career and his father’s career (both doctors). He started to talk about his fathers belief that Australia should medically disable Aboriginal women from having children as they are not fit for parenting and would be a good way to phase Aboriginal people out… He strongly agreed with his fathers ideals and as soon as I realised he was not joking I grabbed my bag, slapped him across the face, called him a pig and left… Mind blowing that there are people out there like this that exist.”

“Right after he went down a dark and spiteful rant about how women in the city were shallow and petty for not wanting to date him (5’5”). He was so smart and so charming, and women just couldn’t understand him. Major red pill, “woe is me,” misogynist vibes. I told him we wouldn’t work out, grabbed my coat, and left.”

“He didn’t say a word. Not.a.word. He just nodded for an hour. At some point I ran out of yes/no questions and said that I was late for work (it was 6pm). Btw, he was super well spoken and funny by text. Idk what got him.”

“15 minutes in he asked if I could see myself marrying him and having his kids. I said no, he finished his drink, I left the rest of mine, we said goodbye… and then ended up walking to the same car park together. Now I always make sure to loiter in the toilets after saying goodbye to avoid that!”

“This guy was a total catfish, but I was nice about it. He kept cussing during the first twenty minutes, and it made me uncomfortable, so after the first drink, I decided to go… he asked me for feedback on his dating profile, and I told him all of his pictures had other people in it, and it was hard to discern which he was. So. He asked me to look at a picture his friend sent him. He pulled up the conversation on the iPhone, then clicked the media, and there were a bunch of vaginas. Like an endless thumbnail stream of vaginas in different sizes and colors. I was like, “yeah, I’m gonna go…”

“Arguing with his mom on speaker in the car on the way to the restaurant almost made me call off the date… Answering the phone on speaker and, again, arguing with his mom on speaker while in the restaurant was what finally made me walk out. I was horrified.”

“During my online dating days I matched with this guy that was a couple years younger. I usually date older but what the heck right? The kid asked me to pay for both of our Starbucks drink and he just asked me career advice for 30min before I said I have to go. Good thing we didn’t meet for dinner. So embarrassing.”

Terrible dates in history

Terrible dates in history

These are the most terrible dates in history, in my opinion:

“I was talking to this guy for a while and he was playing games with me the whole time (I don’t know why I put up with it) and he would always claim I was the only girl in his life. We then went out one night, I was so excited for this date with him, I got all pampered and looked like a 10! He then straight up told me on the date that he just had a threesome the other night with two other girls. I felt so stupid that I had to leave, he made me feel like complete shit and I knew he was a fuckboy the whole time. I’m so glad I left and never spoke to him again! He was an awful person and I know my worth!”

“Went on a brief date with a guy I met at work. It went ok until he told me that he has a demon that lives on his shoulder, and if he can picture someone’s face perfectly in his head after they meet, it meant they were evil. He said he could sorta remember mine.. I said I had to go, but he asked for a ride home. When we got to his house I dodged a kiss, and he still had the balls to look me in the eye, put a hand on my leg, and said we should have sex. It felt like he was trying to fucking hypnotize me. Dodged those calls for a while.”

“Met at work first.We had been talking on the phone for a couple weeks. First time meeting him in person and he was all hands almost immediately. Turned me right off. Told him he had to go. He then proceeded to say ” I just have to have you once,” please? WTF.”

“It started when he said that any adult should be able to buy any type of gun. Machine guns and all. Reason? Farmers need to shoot them wild pigs. From there I tried to gently guide him to realize how insane that is. I kept the conversation pretty reasonable. But I was thinking that I was never going to talk to this guy again. It came to the point where I could tell he wasn’t listening to me, lights on no one home. I stared him down in silence for about 2 seconds and then zoomed my ass outta there. No goodbye. I left him there with our drinks/bill so he couldn’t follow me. At that point there was no reason to stay. He texted me on my way home and said, “had a good time; we should try this again sometime.” I was surprised he didnt get the glaring hint. But also not too surprised because he obviously lacked any critical thinking skills.”

“I left* a date after he dumped his full beer over my head as “a joke.” *I didn’t leave the bar, because I was already out, looking cute (before he dumped his beer on me) and DTF. So I went solo for the rest of the night and wound up having mine with a different guy who was better looking than him anyways. His loss.”

“I was on a Tinder date with a musician. The first question he asked me was my thoughts on free will. I thought it was weird but ok, let’s see where this goes. An hour in, that’s all we had been talking about. He was constantly interrupting me and trying to point out the “flaws” on my thought process. Then we got to talking about the brain and he told me I didn’t know anything about it. I have a PhD in Neuroscience. I just asked for my bill and left.”

“Met online – seemed super funny. He asked me out for drinks, which meant I had to drive 30 min home from work, change, then go 45 min downtown to meet him. I picked him up and instead of drinks at like, a bar, he had me drive to a grocery store where he bought wine coolers and then asked if I knew of anywhere cool we could drive while drinking them. I didn’t; we sat there in the parking lot where he proceeded to try and grab my breasts and smoke in my car. I made him go out to have his cigarette and just left him in the parking lot (within walking distance of his apt, he was fine). Later that night he texted asked if I wanted to get McDonald’s. Luckily I met my future husband two days later… he didn’t have a high bar to clear haha.”

“Guy I met on Tinder came round my house for a first date/evening beer. After flirting and then a little in depth talking we realised we were second cousins. Really killed the mood.”

“I wasn’t attracted to him, but we actually had a really nice time, so I was starting to think maybe it could be something. I was still teetering on that maybe though. We went for a walk and at one point, he said “I’m going to kiss you.” I said “please don’t.” He said “No, I’m going to.” Again, “seriously, do not.” He grabbed my face, forced his tongue into my mouth, and waved it around. It was awful. When it was clear I wasn’t kissing back, he pulled away and asked “are you just a bad kisser, or…?” I just said “wow,” got up, and walked back to my car.”

“It was a first online date, and he was checking out other women in the restaurant. I ordered 2 tequila shots, paid the waiter immediately and got up and left without looking at the menu. The look on his face to this day was priceless.”

“He took his phone and called his ex then while looking straight at me in the eyes, he started about how he was now dating someone much more smarter and beautiful than her, how she was never worth it and her parents were losers etc. I didn’t know her, didn’t know if she deserved such treatment, and certainly didn’t want to be the next one treated that way.”

“The guy took me to Long John Silvers (we were young and broke, so although I wasn’t impressed, I still wanted to give him a chance), toward the end of my meal, I pushed my plate away, and he looked at me and said “I paid for that, you better eat all the food girl” – he wasn’t kidding. On the way home, he started driving into a Walmart parking lot and said, “Let’s go to Walmart, gotta buy some deodorant!” I told him no, let’s just go home… On the ride home, he abruptly reached over and grabbed my stomach fat and jiggled it while saying, “DAMNN GIRL!”

“He talked about how he preferred white women because black women “abandoned their men.” He thought I was some 50s housewife and he was racist and sexist. We were walking on campus at the time and the walk “coincidentally” led to his car, which he was evasive about. He asked if I wanted to get in and I noped the fuck out. He got pissed. Not trying to get a 20/20 special.”

“We had talked on an app for a few weeks, seemed super nice and put together. Went to a taco festival for our first date and within minutes he went into his drug habits (hard drugs, needle drugs), rehab, relapse, and the fact that he “wasn’t sure if he has caught the AIDS.” I’m pretty liberal but that made me politely tell him it wouldn’t work and left. Worst part? He drove and the festival was like 40 minutes from my house and was so crowded and uber took another 40 minutes and it was over 100 degrees (Arizona).”

“This is going to get buried but we went to the movies and he paid for tickets so I said I’d pay for snacks. He got a bunch of shit and when I asked the concession worker for Starbursts, my date looked me up and down and, in front of the worker, said “you shouldn’t be eating that,” and proceeded to ask if they had any fruit for me. I still ordered myself the Starbursts and immediately left.”

“I met this guy online. We chatted for few weeks as I wanted to make sure he was okay to meet in person as I didn’t want to waste time while I was preparing for my final exam. He was good and all on chat. When he came to meet me, he was at least 50 pounds overweight, at least 10 years older than the pics he showed me and way to feminine voice than I liked. All-in-all, he was completely different from what he portrayed via texts/photos. So, when I met him (at Starbucks), I told him that I am into girls and just learnt about that recently. I felt that since he lied to me, I should escape that way as he knew a lot about me. I didn’t want any trouble in case he ended up being a pervert.”

Terrible dates game

Terrible dates game

Are you looking for a terrible dates game? Don’t worry; there is one named “Red Flags Game of Terrible Dates.” This is a fun game, where you try to convince your friends to go on terrible dates. It is a party game in which one friend is single, and others try to make that one friend a hot date by using “Perk cards.” There is one twist here; all friends get the option to play “red flag card” on another friend for sabotaging their opponents. Every friend argues why a single friend must choose them, and the one who is get picked wins the round.


We all have experienced some terrible dates in life. In this article, I have shared some of the terrible dates experiences people had. I hope you will be able to learn something from these terrible dates experiences.

Terrible dates part 2

Terrible dates part 2

Many people go through a series of bad dates before they finally have a good one. Unfortunately, these days bad dates are part of the dating world, mainly of the online dating world. In-person, you can understand a person better as compared to online, and that is where the problem starts. When people meet in the real world after having an online chat, their meetings fall far below expectations.

Having a few bad dates is not the end of the world because you can always learn from a bad experience. You need to be willing to understand why these mistakes are repeatedly happening. Once you identify the actual problem, it will be easy for you to avoid those mistakes in the future. Terrible dates part 2 is all about how would you know that you had a bad date, how you can end it politely, so let’s get started:

What is considered a bad date?

what is considered a bad date

Some people can tell a good date from a bad one or vice versa, but for some people, it is not easy to point out bad dates. So, what is considered a bad date? Here are some bad dates that you must need to avoid:

Your date looks different than their pictures

A classic terrible date experience occurs when your date does not look like their pictures. You can ignore this if you want and try to get engaged in insightful and meaningful conversation so that you can know them at a deeper level. But if there are other red flags, this becomes an overall terrible situation. It will seem like you got played.

Emotional roller coaster

If your date starts overreacting, like crying during a casual conversation, it means it is going to end up as a terrible date. It might be daunting to try to understand why they are crying or to stop your date from crying. At the end of the day, you keep on wondering why they got so emotional.

A racist

Terrible dates part 2 explains that one of the worst things one can experience is a date with a racist. If your date makes offensive comments about your accent, color, or your general background, run. It is a big red flag. If your date is being insensitive, just leave it here, as everything will get worse with time.

A drug addict

If someone is a drug addict, you can miss it on your first date. But if your date comes wasted on drugs to meet you, it’s terrible. They are unable to keep a conversation going; their body language shows that they are stoned. Knowing that your date might be a drug addict or even a dealer can feel really terrible.

Keep on talking about ex.

Terrible dates part 2 explains that if someone starts dating, it gives a message that they have moved on from their past and their ex. So when your date keeps talking about their ex, it is a red flag. Nobody should talk about their ex on a date as it is an indication that they are not over their ex.

Bad manners

What is considered a bad date? Going on a date with someone who lacks basic manners is the worst thing. If your date argues with the waiter or belittles him even if he has done nothing wrong, it’s a red flag. In addition to this, if he uses bad words while talking to you or any other person, just leave a person that does not respect people is not someone you should be dating.

They bring their friends.

According to Terrible dates part 2, A date is supposed to be between two people who want to know each other so that they can enjoy a romantic attachment or something like that. So, bringing your friends on a date is stupid. If your date brings their friends with them, it is not right as there will be no bonding or intimate moments. You feel offended. It becomes even worse if their friends order food courtesy of you. Lol the audacity!

A Man child

Going on a date with a guy who lives with his parents, or you have to drop him at his place because he does not have a job, can be considered a terrible date. It would be really horrible to find out that his parents still support him financially.

What to do when a date is going badly?

what to do when a date is going badly

What to do when a date is going badly? Chances that date can go bad are pretty high, so you need to be prepared for that. So here are some tips for you about What to do when a date is going badly?

Try to make the conversation interesting.

First dates can cause nervousness and confusion. So, your date might act this way, or you feel like the whole situation is really boring; try to make the conversation interesting. For this purpose, I would suggest do not ask superficial questions like where do you live, how many siblings you have, or what’s your favorite color; these things are not important. The most important thing is connection. So, try to ask questions about their hobbies, about their life in college, or what they expect from life. You can always try humor to make your conversation more interesting; it will lighten the mood and make your meeting less boring.

Be honest

Terrible dates part 2 suggests that if you feel like you are having trouble talking to them or are a bit nervous, it can also ruin the date. How will you handle this situation? It would be better to be honest about how you are feeling with your date. Tell your date that you are having a difficult time, they will understand, and if not, they might end the meeting. In both cases, you have nothing to lose.

Do not tolerate bad behavior.

Although it may seem reasonable to think about giving it a try ad see where it goes, never ever try to put up with someone’s bad behavior. Just because you agreed to meet on a date with a person does not mean you have to be there and stay for the whole time. If you feel uncomfortable, no matter what is the reason behind it, do not feel guilty; just end your date politely.


Terrible dates part 2 explains that if you had a bad date, that does not necessarily mean the person was a jerk. You might just not felt a connection with him/her, but that does not indicate that other people will have the same issue with that person. You two might be different from each other, but maybe they connect with one of your friends, so you can play matchmaker. If this is not for you might get a good friend out of this, just be honest and tell them what you think about this date and what do you suggest. If the other person agrees with you, you are good to go.

How do you politely end a bad date?

How do you politely end a bad date

How do you politely end a bad date? Well, if you do not feel connected with your date or think that it’s not what you were looking for, you do not have to be rude. You can politely get out of it. But How do you politely end a bad date? Let’s have a look at some of the best tips:

How do you leave a date without being rude?

how do you leave a date without being rude

How do you leave a date without being rude? This you can only do if you already have a plan. When you start dating, you need to keep in mind that you are going to encounter some terrible dates. What are you gonna do if you have a bad date? How do you leave a date without being rude? You need to make some smart excuse. Here are some suggestions for you:

Exit plan

If you are going on a date with a stranger and not sure whether you will like them or not, make sure to start with an excuse to leave. For instance, tell them you can try drinks, but you need to be up early, or you have to meet a friend after this meeting. This way, if the date goes badly, you will already have an excuse to leave early.

Your friends can help

Terrible dates part 2 explains that on the first date with a stranger, everything is unpredictable. You can ask your friends to wait nearby. If your date goes bad, they can run into you and can ask you two to join them. This way, you can act like you are socializing with a group of friends and can diffuse your bad date.

Ask someone to call with an emergency.

Saying just “I am leaving” seems really rude, not if your date is a complete disaster though. Best way to say this is with a friend’s fake emergency phone call. Another person might get a hint if you do this, but it will not seem too bad for both of you.

Terrible dates meme

The terrible dates meme is relatable; even if you had a bad experience, these memes would bring a smile to your face. So here is a terrible dates meme for you:

Terrible dates meme 1

Terrible dates meme 5

Terrible dates meme 4

Terrible dates meme 3

Terrible dates meme 2

Terrible first dates Reddit

terrible first dates reddit

Here are terrible first dates Reddit experiences for you:

“I met up with a girl I’d met on OKcupid, we had planned to go to this little coffee shop. I get there about 15 minutes early and find that the place is closed inexplicably. I then return to my car to find out I had locked my keys AND phone in my car. So I had no choice but to just sit and wait for her to show up so I could explain to her that the place is closed AND ask her to help me get my keys out of my car.”

“Went on a date with a guy I’d met through a mutual friend. Things seemed pretty normal until we were sitting and waiting for the movie to start. He got his phone out and started showing me pictures of two of his ex-girlfriends. Both women were completely naked.”

“I had a casual first date with a guy at my apartment. We watched a movie that he had seen before and frank a bottle of wine and chatted. Toward the end of the movie there’s a little blood (suicide attempt) and the guy walked into my kitchen, pretended to get a glass of water, and dropped to the ground and started seizing. It was terrifying. I ran over and kept saying his name and after a few seconds I was about to call 911, when he woke up, realized what happened and just said “damn it…” Apparently the sight of blood really gets to him and this was not the first time this had happened. TLDR: date started with wine and talking, ended with him seizing on my kitchen floor.”

“I went out with a guy that I had met on Tinder. The entire time, we argued. Either he didn’t agree with me, or I didn’t agree with him on ANYTHING. Normally, I don’t argue with someone just because I don’t agree with them, but this guy was so arrogant. After leaving the bar, he somehow thought it would be a good idea to ask me to come up to his place. Saying “no” was the last time I spoke to him. RIP Tinder app.”

“Went on a date with a really aggressive guy. Had to call my Ukrainian (ex-navy) 6’4″ acquaintance to come to save me. Dude threatened to call the cops on me because I left the date early (in his mind).”

“First time out with my now fiance, we were at a local sushi joint. I was telling a story (actively using my hands) and knocked a glass over and we both watched it slowly roll off the table and onto the floor. Then not even 5 minutes later, a little, probably 2 yr old girl is running around her family’s table as kids do, stops right next to our table and vomits everywhere.”

“My roommate in college was kind of seeing a girl for a couple weeks and at a tailgate she was blowing my phone up wanting to meet up. I had an idea that she was interested so I talked to my roommate and asked if it was cool if I took her out. He gave me the OK and said she was cool but they just didn’t work out. So that night we go out to dinner and she is super self obsessed. Went on and on about herself the whole time and talked about all the things she hates about guys. It was a nightmare. We met up with her sorority sisters at a bar after dinner and I ended up talking to her roommate the whole night and kind of joking about how bad the date went. Ended up dating the roommate for 2 years after we met that night. So a horrible date turned into a great relationship, so best of both worlds in one night. But damn that girl was the worst.”

“Went on a date with a girl I met on an online dating website, all she kept talking about was whether I thought anyone could tell we were on a date. She even made weird comments to the staff about us being on a girls night out. As we were walking from the restaurant to a bar I touched her arm lightly, and she jumped away from me as if she’d been electrocuted.”

“In high school, I went on a date with this girl who went to a different school. I met her a couple of times before. Anyways I go to pick her up, and the whole time on the date, she is talking in this thick Texas accent. Now mind you, we live in the northeast, and I know for a fact she has never grown up in Texas. “What made it worst is she’s talking in this accent and talking about how my parents will love her, how we will go to the same college together, etc. I finally said screw this, dropped her off, and blocked her on everything. The last I heard, she’s a stripper who does witchcraft in her spare time.”

“I hadn’t had a terrible one til this summer. I met this dude from tinder at a coffee shop and he immediately started talking about his professional gambling habits and putting his friends down (and mentioning they were fat). He mentioned he’d need to move his car and I said I’d walk with him, figuring he’d drive it around the block from a nearby location. Nope, he’d parked his enormous white pedo-van — in which he told me he was currently sleeping — two miles away. I walked him there and then abruptly left to go hang out with a friend in the area. To his credit, he texted later apologizing for creeping me out. I didn’t respond.”

“A dude took me down to a shore once and kept talking about how strong he was. I guess I didn’t seemed impressed enough so out of no where he punched out a seagull that was just flying by us. I made him sit on the ground in the middle of the boardwalk guarding the unconscious seagull till it woke up to make sure he was okay.”

Terrible movie dates

terrible movie dates

Here are terrible movie dates experiences for you:

  • Along Came Polly (2004)
  • The Evil Dead (1981) …
  • The Invention of Lying (2009) …
  • Shame (2011) Image via Complex Original. …
  • Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) Image via Complex Original. …
  • Clueless (1995) Image via Complex Original. …
  • When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

No more terrible dates

no more terrible dates

No more terrible dates is an amazing book by O’Keeffe. It is about 25 years old, Darcy Evans, who is a personal assistant by profession. She likes to have control over her life, but she can’t have control over men, and that’s the thing that irritates her. She is sick of terrible dates, and then she is forced to work with Alex Walsh, who is a blast from the past. He is really charming, but because of what happened in the past, she could not forgive him and now is extremely annoyed. Will they remain enemies? For knowing this, you will need to read the book. Here are some reviews by people so that you can decide does this book is worth reading:

“Wow another top notch book from Kate O’Keeffe. I love how much I am pulled in and feel a part of the story. This time it is Darcy’s story. Even tho it is part of a series I like how it could be read as a stand alone and you don’t feel like you have missed anything.”

“Just like the last book, you can see who Darcy was going to end up with a mile away, but the journey to get there was so fun. Just when you thought you heard the best of it- there’s a ridiculous scene that you just can’t help but laugh out loud at. This was a fun, cute, easy escape.”

“The second book in the no more bad dates pact. I loved this book it was just as great as the first. The chemistry between Darcy and Alex you can feel coming right off the page. Highly recommend this book.”

“A story that will have you laughing out loud and then laughing again.The story line is well written, holds and readers attention and is a fun and enjoyable read. Characters that are entertaining and fun to get to know. A great rom com series.”

“Our next foray into the world of bad dates and how to not have them brings us Darcy and her struggles. throw in someone she has hated since high school and it is a fun romance. It gives some sweet moments, a few laughs and will keep you smiling. I look forward to more.”

“What can I say besides this is amazing and funny to say the least. I love this author works she writes so vividly it’s as if your right there in the story. The characters are so funny and the story is so good that I can’t wait for Halloween to get here so I can read the next one in the series.”

No More Terrible Dates is a fun, heart-warming and a delightful read. This book is full of humor, romance and it is well written. I truly enjoyed the characters and they are wonderful. It has a good storyline. I look forward to reading the next book.”

“I give this more of a 2.5 rating. This wasn’t as good as the first one. I really never felt much for either Darcy or Alex. Darcy was having a hard time getting over an incident that happened when she was 14 and Alex was 16. Of course he had forgotten. Plus Alex was a jerk. He never really got better in my opinion. The good news is that they got their happy ending. The one thing I did really enjoy was the friendship she shares with her two best friends.”


Terrible dates part 2 was all about how you can escape a bad date. I also have shared experiences with real people about their terrible dates; I hope you will find it helpful.

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