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Toxic Masculinity Quotes

Toxic Masculinity Quotes

Toxic masculinity quotes show us the clear definition of toxic manliness. Toxic masculinity is when there are gender norms that we cannot break daily. Toxic masculinity is toxic only when men use their gender norms and feel like they must force their power on others to show their manliness. They state that a man should be strong not only physically but also mentally. Like he should not show emotions and not cry as it is a sign of weakness is actually the gender roles given to men and labeled as manliness. But in reality, this has nothing to do with a man’s manliness. Even now, if we see a man crying, we label him as weak, and if he is beating a woman, he is strong; that should be the case. Here are some of the toxic masculinity quotes to help you understand better.

  • “But by far the worst thing we do to males — by making them feel they have to be hard — is that we leave them with very fragile egos. The harder a man feels compelled to be, the weaker his ego is.”
  • ― ChimamandaNgoziAdichie

Toxic Masculinity Quotes 1

  • “We spend a lot of time talking about the unfairness of how our toxic masculine society forces us to be ashamed of embracing romance novels. Yet we buy our books in secret. It’s time we practice what we preach.”
  • ― Lyssa Kay Adams
  • “Men’s behavior is, to some extent, the result of female sexual preferences. If women didn’t want to mate with masculine men, these traits would have been removed from the gene pool long ago. “Toxic masculinity” is the result of women’s sexual preferences over thousands of generations. Contemporary feminists are punishing an entire generation of men for the mating preferences of their female ancestors.”
  • ― Debra Soh
  • “Boys with their first beards can be a thorough pain in the neck.”
  • ― Margaret Atwood

Toxic Masculinity Quotes 2

  • “If we want masculinity to be different, we mustconfront and tackle the baseline instead of longing for exceptions.”
  • ― Vivek Shraya
  • “I understood intersectionality—the way that white supremacy props up patriarchy props up poverty props up environmental destruction props up white supremacy again—on a gut level, even if I didn’t know to call it “intersectionality” yet. I understood those sex workers are often stigmatized, barred from claiming their full humanity, by sexist culture and feminist movements alike. I understood that the idea of “The Closet” applied to so much more than just queer people, that we are all in a closet of one kind or another. And, contrary to all of my actions since, I understood that high heels and back problems were, in fact, related. What stands out to me most is that, at the age of seventeen, I seem to have understood the full stakes of what I was doing. I understood that by challenging gender norms and conventional masculinity, I was challenging, well, everything. Through challenging the idea of manhood, of being “a good man,” of “manning up,” I was burrowing deep into the core of power, privilege, and hierarchy. On a gut level, I understood that my freedom and liberation were wrapped up with those of so many others who were facing oppression.”
  • ― Jacob Tobia
  • “It’s impossible to love someone and control them at the same time.”
  • ― Terry Crews

Toxic Masculinity Quotes 3

  • “There are plenty of days when I don’t hear anything like that, but there aren’t too many days when I don’t feel as though . . . I don’t know. It always feels like other guys want me to disappear. Every day. I can tell they just wish I didn’t exist.”
  • ― Kenneth Logan
  • “Even now, I sometimes run over in my mind all the men who catcall me the moment I step out my door, the men who corner me on subway platforms, the man who reached under my dress at a parade once and slipped his finger beneath my underwear. I think of my father complaining to my mother that the dishes weren’t washed, or of the time they fought over something stupid and he called her a camel to shut her up. I grew up with dozens of boys who would one day become the same kind of man. Sometimes the world is one long chain of men from whose anger there is no protection, an obstacle course I run to stay safe.”
  • ― Zeyn Joukhadar
  • “It’s the expectations that many white men have that they shouldn’t have to climb, shouldn’t have to struggle, as others do. It’s the idea not only that they think they have less than others, but that they were supposed to have so much more. When you are denied the power, the success, or even the relationships that you think are your right, you either believe that you are broken or you believe that you have been stolen from.”
  • ― Ijeoma Oluo
  • “What are you on?’ said AJ. ‘Leon’s mum has died and you are determined to add to the total sum of misery by going out with the girlfriend of the nastiest piece of manhood that was ever assembled in the factory of life…”
  • ― Sally Gardner

Toxic Masculinity Quotes 4

  • “Have you noticed all the misogynistic teenage Trump trolls online? What does it say about the Trump era that young incels feel nothing but hatred for women and can’t find it in their hearts to say one kind thing about a female? What happened to this country?”
  • ― Oliver Markus Malloy
  • “I don’t feel like I’ve been lying to anyone, though. I mean, since I was little, everyone’s told me that I like girls. Think about it—even when you’re in kindergarten, there are all sorts of messages that eventually you’ll grow up to like girls. Man, when you’re barely able to walk people make these cutesy comments about your girlfriends and how you’re going to be a lady killer and all sorts of crap like that. You were an ugly little kid, Derek, so perhaps you didn’t get that sort of attention, but I’ve always been told that I’m straight. And that’s the story I was trying to make happen. I didn’t come up with the lie. It wasn’t mine. They handed the lie to me, and I tried like hell to make it work for a while. No one meant any harm, but I’ve spent some long nights unable to sleep, worrying about how it’s all going to work out and blaming myself for being some sort of pervert. You know, I was lying in bed at night worrying when I was in, like, eighth grade. That ain’t right.”
  • ― Kenneth Logan
  • “You know,” I said, “I think the thing that scared me most about admitting that I’m, you know, gay or whatever isn’t so much that people would taunt me by saying ‘Oh, James likes other boys,’ but that they would say stuff like, ‘Oh, turns out James isn’t a boy after all.’ You know?”
  • ― Kenneth Logan
  • “Toxic Masculinity, Violence against Women and Children, Racism, are all pernicious diseases prevalent in our world. Along with pandemics, we need to get rid of these vicious negativities as well. We have to make this world change for the better.”
  • ― Avijeet Das
  • “The old saying goes, “keep a stiff upper lip,” but as I watch his reflection in the polished, steel walls of the elevator, I think that it isn’t the lip we need to worry about. The bottom one gives our terror away. Every single time.”
  • ― Christina Dalcher
  • “In my experience, the process of being masculinized, the process of becoming a man, was based on three practices: the practice of violence, the endurance of physical pain, and the violation of consent. As a preteen, you were supposed to punch each other at random. You were supposed to point your airsoft gun at someone else and ask, “Can I shoot you?”; when they said no, you were supposed to do it anyway. You were supposed to learn to never say no, and you were supposed to punish people when they did say no. You were supposed to stigmatize and victimize weakness.”
  • ― Jacob Tobia
  • “What’s most disappointing to me was that none of the adults in my life stepped in to stop any of this. They implicitly encouraged it. We were “toughening up,” “becoming men,” or “just being boys.” And this message was reinforced everywhere that I looked. On TV, in movies, in video games, men were supposed to enjoy violence. The more violence they could endure, the more violence they could do to others, the better. Is it any surprise that men are so violent in our culture when we are raised this way?”
  • ― Jacob Tobia
  • “The message given to males is that, to be honest, is to be “soft.” The ability to be dishonest and indifferent to the consequences makes a male hard, separates the men from the boys.”
  • ― bell hooks

Toxic Masculinity Quotes 5

  • “I fucked them because I liked predictable men, the guarded and repressed. Sensitive men wouldn’t be trusted; they assumed their sensitivity made them special, deserving of praise. Most sensitive men were, at their cores, narcissists who constructed elaborate expectations for how relationships were meant to evolve. When those expectations weren’t met, the facade of sensitivity deteriorated into a petulant rage.”
  • ― Alex McElroy
  • “Don’t interpret too literally the ‘obey’ of the Marriage Service. Your husband has no right to control your individuality.
  • Don’t be discontented and think your husband is not ‘mainly’ because he happens to be short and thin and not very strong. Manliness is not a purely physical quality.”
  • ― Blanche Ebbutt
  • “Our children are too vast to fit themselves inside these rigid, mass-produced bottles. But they’ll lose themselves trying.”
  • ― Glennon Doyle
  • “The problem is that the parts of themselves that our boys have been banished from are not feminine traits; they are human traits. There is no such thing as a feminine quality because there is no such thing as masculinity or femininity. ‘Femininity’ is just a set of human characteristics a culture pours into a bucket and slaps with the label ‘feminine.”
  • ― Glennon Doyle
  • “Just joking with ya, boy.He said this readily in an unmistakable smirking way. But everyone knew he was never just joking. Not even a little bit is joking. The claim provided him cover to make asinine remarks at everyone. He cloaked himself in a facade sense of humor cape, draped it over his shoulders and across his face with every barb he sent into the world. If shots were not met with uncomfortable laughter, Rog advised any human hurt to get a sense of humor. Like his. This was just another coded way of saying once again that the hurt man, any hurt man, was like a woman. Blow that whistle he did. Our jokester felt certain being like a woman was the worst way to be and slandered them all female.”
  • ― Megan Gail Coles
  • “If we removed the status and compensation from the destructive exploits we classify as “manly,” men would be found to be suffering as much as women. They would be found to be suffering for the same reason: they are in exile from the communion of men and women, which is their deepest connection with the communion of all creatures.”
  • ― Wendell Berry
  • “Stop crying, bitch. This is nothing compared to what I went through with my soccer team or my frat or my old man, so man up already.’
  • I am caught in the toxic cycle of masculinity, the one quietly tolerated by the American System of Miseducation, and he was hazed, so he wants to haze me…”
  • ― Caroline Kepnes
  • “toxic masculinity is also damaging the environment, perhaps beyond repair, through gendered understandings of natural resources, social roles, and political hierarchies.”
  • ― Anna Hickey-Moody
  • “No love can surpass the love of a mother, no care can surpass a sister’s care. Yet a society run by balls and bananas makes a hooker out of our mothers and sisters.”
  • ― Abhijit Naskar
  • “Worship of balls is but a prehistoric mania. There will be no balls without a vagina.”
  • ― Abhijit Naskar

These toxic masculinity quotes were just to make you understand the general concept of toxic manliness and toxic gender norms of our society that, in my opinion, should not be there.

What are the signs of toxic masculinity?

There are a lot of signs of toxic manliness that we just ignore in our daily lives as they have become THAT normal. If you want some signs to look out for, then I can list a few of them for you. These signs include that over-aggression over small things, the having-a-stoneface, the emotional insensitivity shown by men, and one of the obvious signs are the mental and physical toughness displayed by them even when hurt badly. Here are some of the quotes for your question “what are the signs of toxic masculinity.”

  • Masculinity is not something given to you but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor. Norman Mailer

What are the signs of toxic masculinity 1

  • To me, the definition of true masculinity – and femininity, too – is being able to lay in your skin comfortably. Vincent D’Onofrio
  • Why should men be constrained by antiquated stereotypes of masculinity? What does it even mean to ‘Be a Real Man’ anymore? Shouldn’t we all be celebrating a wide range of definitions of manhood? Andy Dunn
  • Masculinity is what you believe it to be. I think masculinity and femininity are very old-fashioned. There’s a whole new generation of people who aren’t defined by their sex or race or who they like to sleep with. Johnny Weir

What are the signs of toxic masculinity 2

  • A transvestite spends her entire life trying to look as feminine as possible, and I have spent mine celebrating my masculinity. Vin Diesel
  • Well, the tyranny of masculinity and the tyranny of patriarchy, I think, has been much more deadly to men than it has to women. It hasn’t killed our hearts. It’s killed men’s hearts. It’s silenced them; it’s cut them off. Eve Ensler

What are the signs of toxic masculinity 3

  • There are three things: there’s masculinity, there’s intelligence, there’s sensitivity. You’ve got to bring those three things to a leading man’s role: masculinity, sensitivity, intelligence. In some people, there’s a little too much in the mix of one or the other. Alec Baldwin
  • Black men struggle with masculinity so much. The idea that we must always be strong presses us all down – it keeps us from growing. Donald Glover

What are the signs of toxic masculinity 4

  • Men can be effective allies by making space and amplifying the voices of women around them. When each of us is an ally in our sphere of influence – when we embrace the fact that representation is everyone’s responsibility, all of the time – we won’t have to go to the movies to see a world that’s free of toxic masculinity. Meena Harris
  • Sometimes, how you ingest this idea of masculinity as projected onto you by the world could be the difference between life and death. Barry Jenkins

What are the signs of toxic masculinity 5

  • The scripture is filled with examples of genuine masculinity; you could mine David’s story for probably a year by itself. And we have to get the masculinity of Jesus back. Not the pale-faced altar boy, but the man that made a weapon and cleared the temple, who boldly cast out demons and calmed the raging sea. John Eldredge,
  • It’s great to listen to men talk about sports or fights or war or even hunting sometimes, but the presence of the other, the presence of art and beauty, which crude masculinity seems to discount, is essential. Real civilization and real manhood seem to me to include those. James Salter

What are the signs of toxic masculinity 6

These were all the quotes to answer your question, “what are the signs of toxic masculinity.” Hopefully, they clearly expressed the meaning and the emotions behind this all. This question clearly shows the toxic masculinity quotes that I tried to show above, and now again, it is pointing at the same things.

Toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet

When we think of Romeo and Juliet, all we think is how romantic this story was, and all, but no one ever mentions the toxins behind it. You can clearly see that Romeo was a love-sick puppy, but after the death of his friend, all the suppressed ‘anger’ came out, and we all saw the destruction made from it. That is the biggest sign of toxin masculinity that we all ignored. That is the problem with us all, we all are seeing how he was hurting, but that doesn’t mean he also has to inflict pain to relieve his anger. Here are some of the toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet to make you see the reality behind the story.

  • ‘Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace.’ -Prince 1

Toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet 1

  • ‘Therefore women being the weaker vessels.”I will be civil with the maids, I will cut off their heads.”I will push Montague’s men from the wall, and thrust his maids to the wall.’ -Sampson 3

Toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet 2

  • ‘Good Capulet, which name I tender dearly as mine own.”Gentle Mercurio.”I do protest, I never injured thee.’ (Injuring may have been seen to show masculinity, but he is denying this) -Romeo’s quotes opposing Male aggression 3

Toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet 3

  • ‘Thou art a villain.”Wretched boy.’ -Tybalt’s insults 2
  • ‘Quarrel sir? No, sir.’ -Abram 1
  • ‘Hang thee, young baggage, disobedient wretch.”Get thee to church on Thursday or never look me in the face.”My fingers itch.”She will be ruled by all aspect of me.’ -Capulet (during dominance) 4
  • ‘My child is yet a stranger to the world.”Earth hath swallowed all my hope but she.’ -Capulet (before dominance) 2
  • ‘Talk not to me.’ -Lady capulets response to Juliet’s needs 1
  • ‘My noble uncle.”Noble prince.’ ‘We talk here in the public haunt of men.’ (Trying to direct the fight somewhere else to prevent punishment, however, male aggression shows through other characters which override his prayer) -Benvolio’s quotes opposing Male aggression 3
  • ‘What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word, as I hate Hell, all Montagues and thee.’ -Tybalt’s response to talk of peace 1

Toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet 4

  • Coward, Prince/King of cats, villain, rat-catcher. -Words used to provoke Tybalt 4
  • ‘A plague on both your houses.”Ay, ay a scratch, a scratch.’ (So masculinity doesn’t decrease). -Mercutio 2

Toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet 5

  • (To Tybalt) ‘In triumph and Mercurio slain?’ ‘Villain.'(Rhyming couplet) ‘This day’s black fate on more days doth depend, but this begins the woe others must end.’ -Romeo’s aggression towards Tybalt’s fatal actions 3

These were all the toxic masculinity quotes in Romeo and Juliet so that you can understand the ignored and underrated emotions and feelings behind the storyline. These toxic masculinity quotes are not to degrade some specific one, but it is for all the society to understand how wrong our concept of manliness is and that we shouldn’t be expecting the wrong things from men.Men are human beings and should be allowed to express emotions.

Toxic masculinity quotes in things fall apart.

If you have read the story ‘things fall apart, then you would know what I’m talking about in the novel; you might have read Okonkwo’s father, Unoko, who here seemed to be a failure in the eyes of society. And all cause of what, because he was unable to support his family, his wife, and always borrowed money? That is not how it should be. Let’s see some of the toxic masculinity quotes in things fall apart so that we can have an idea of what his father felt about society’s behavior. After all, we all need to survive somehow, and that’s exactly what he did, survive in the cruel society that had backward minds and won’t change for the betterment. Here are some of the toxic masculinity quotes.

  • Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand. His wives, especially the youngest, lived in perpetual fear of his fiery temper (2.12)

Toxic masculinity quotes in things fall apart 1

  • The elders, or ndichie, met to hear a report of Okonkwo’s mission. In the end, they decided, as everybody knew they would, that the girl should go to Ogbuefi Udo to replace his murdered wife. As for the boy, he belonged to the clan as a whole, and there was no hurry to decide his fate. (2.11)
  • Even as a little boy, he had resented his father’s failure and weakness, and even now, he still remembered how he had suffered when a playmate had told him that his father was agbala. That was how Okonkwo first came to know that agbala was not only another name for a woman; it could also mean a man who had taken to the title. (2.12)
  • His mother and sisters worked hard enough, but they grew women’s crops, like coco-yams, beans, and cassava. Yam, the king of crops, was a man’s crop. (3.28)
  • Inwardly Okonkwo knew that the boys were still too young to understand the difficult art of preparing seedyams fully. But he thought that one could not begin too early. Yam stood for manliness, and he who could feed his family on yams from one gravest to another was a very great man indeed. Okonkwo wanted his son to be a great farmer and a great man. He would stamp out the disquieting signs of laziness that he thought he already saw in him. (4.32)
  • Only a week ago, a man had contradicted him at a kindred meeting which they held to discuss the next ancestral feast. Without looking at the man, Okonkwo had said. “This meeting is for men.” The man who had contradicted him had no titles. That was why he had called him a woman. Okonkwo knew how to kill a man’s spirit. (4.1)

Toxic masculinity quotes in things fall apart doesn’t only mean the job-related things, but also things related to friends, family, love life, and also the social injustice a man has to bear. In this article of toxic masculinity quotes, I’m not only talking about the wrongdoing of society but also the things men have to bear due to this injustice.

Toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth

In real life, you may have seen that many times, a man is humiliated even unknowingly, and he is not supposed to show his frustration towards it, but instead, he should bear it, but when it comes to girls, no one even says anything. If a girl is crying, then automatically the fault goes to the guy, but if the guy is crying or even sad, then he is considered weak; that is the injustice the society has done to the male gender. Here are some of the toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth that have clearly shown the side-effects of such injustices and how they even are made so normal that no one even considers them as wrong. These toxic masculinity quotes are here to show you the exact things that you need to see as a citizen of this world.

  • “Bring forth men-children only; For thy undaunted mettle should compose nothing but males.”

Toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth 1

  • “O, these flaws and starts,Impostors to true fear, would well becomeA woman’s story at a winter’s fire, Authorized by her grandam. Shame itself! Why do you make such faces?” (A3:4)
  • “I must also feel it like a man.”

Toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth 2

  • “All by the name of dogs: and so of men.”
  • “When you durst do it, then you were a man.”

Toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth 3

  • “But like a man, he died. (5.8.39-43)
  • ” so meek, hath been / So clear.”
  • “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.”

Toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth 4

  • “Come, you spirits / That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, / And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full / Of direst cruelty!” (1.5.40-43)

Toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth 5

  • “What man dare, I dare” (3.4.98)

These were all the toxic masculinity quotes in Macbeth that you all needed to know. Now you know the side effects this society’s definition of manliness has on every walking man and how it can break them internally, but they still can’t show it physically. With this ends our article of toxic masculinity quotes. Thank you for staying till the end; hopefully, you learned something new from here.

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