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Ungrateful people

Ungrateful people

What is meant by ungrateful people?

Ungrateful people are those who do not feel thankful for the good things people do for them.

Expressing gratitude or being thankful is the most important thing for a happy and satisfied life. But in this materialistic world, we forget to appreciate the little efforts from our loved ones and the blessings of life. This only brings frustration in life. Moreover, you cannot expect your family members and friends to stand by your side if you make them feel insignificant when they support and help you.

This article is all about ungrateful people; you will be able to know the signs of ungrateful people and some tips about dealing with them. So let’s get started:

Unappreciative ungrateful people

We find ungrateful people everywhere around us. But sometimes, it is not easy to identify them. Why? Because when you are a good person, so you think of everyone as a good person. Sometimes we just think that we are helping others or that everyone thinks the way you do, but actually, they are using us to get what they want. Helping someone is not a bad thing but putting yourself down for sure is. So how will you identify unappreciative ungrateful people? Here are some signs to help you with that; let’s have a look:

They are never satisfied.

One clear sign of ungrateful people is that they are always dissatisfied. They are always unreasonable about their expectations from people and life. They want all of it. You will see them chasing one or other goal. It is like they are a part of a never-ending race. No matter what they get from life, nothing is enough; they want more and more.

They are jealous kinds of people.

As I have mentioned above, they are always looking for more. But life is not fair. We do not always get what we want. When ungrateful people try to achieve their goals, and they fail, they get upset. Things get worst when they watch someone else achieving their goals and making their life better. They feel jealous, and it is connected with dissatisfaction that comes from ungratefulness. You will not see them happy but always complaining about everything. They are always jealous of people who are doing better in life.

They think that they are privileged.

They have a sense of entitlement. They think that they deserve everything in life. They have unreasonable expectations from people around them, and when people do not fulfill their expectations, they get frustrated. This is a kind of toxic attitude that makes everyone hate them or avoid them because the whole experience is too stressful. Because of this nature, they start abusing their privileges.

They always find people to use.

Some people are lucky to have good people around them. Good people help them, and with time they get used to it. Their ungrateful nature makes them believe that they deserve this help. So they start depending on others. You will always see them asking for help. They have self-doubt, and this makes them question their own abilities. So they are always running around asking someone to help with their regular tasks.

They are selfish

As they are continuously running behind their goals and are dissatisfied, they will do anything to achieve their goals to eliminate this sense of dissatisfaction. So they are extremely selfish. Nothing matters to them, as they only think about their own goals, needs and objectives. They manipulate others to get what they want, and everyone is like a pawn in chess for them. They will use others and will not regret their attitude at all.

All they do is judge you.

As you know, they want everyone to fulfill their expectations, but when due to some reason, you cannot help them get what they want, they will start hating you. They will judge you for everything you do after disappointing them. You have helped them throughout their life; you were always there for them, but you made just one mistake, and to be honest, it might not be a mistake; it may be you just cannot help on this occasion they will start hating you. They will never let you forget this incident.

They never appreciate criticism.

They will do whatever they want to achieve their goal, good or bad. They have no boundaries in this regard. If you try to criticize their actions, they will lash back at you. Instead of understanding what you are saying, they will open a complaint box against you. They will not consider for once what you are saying and make you regret what you said.

They carry negativity everywhere.

Unappreciative ungrateful people have totally negative personalities. Wherever they go, they take this negativity with them, making everyone uncomfortable around. Their negative nature does not only make them suffer but their loved ones too throughout life. And sometimes, this happens that they lose everyone who slightly cares about them.

They never apologize

You see that they have a lot of bad habits. They will hurt you with their unappreciative nature. They will make you feel inferior; they will manipulate you. In short, they will do everything bad to make your life hell, and when you confront them, they will just run away. They will never have this type of conversation with you. You will not see them accepting their mistake and apologizing for it. The apology will never come.

Ungrateful people dating

Dating life is fun and exciting unless you meet some difficult or dishonest characters. One bad experience, and you start questioning your life choices. Dating an ungrateful person is nothing but a nightmare. So you need to be careful who you choose to date, especially when you are looking for a serious relationship. Here is how ungrateful people dating feels like:

Even your reasonable expectations will be ignored.

When we are in a relationship, we expect a lot from our partner. It is a good thing, but these expectations should be reasonable. The problem with being in a relationship with an ungrateful person is that they will never meet your expectations, even reasonable ones. They will expect you to be the perfect partner but will never try to make you happy. You will feel like only you are in this relationship. If you stop trying, it will make them frustrated because they are solely focused on their needs alone.

I, me, myself

They will work to fulfill their needs, and they always prioritize their own needs over everything. They will never consider what your needs are and will not think about your well-being. How can you date such a person who just thinks about himself, not anyone else, not even his partner?

They are not supportive at all.

In a relationship, it is very important to support each other. But when you are in a relationship with an ungrateful person, you will not be able to enjoy a normal relationship where your partner is supportive. You will never find them around whenever you need their help or any kind of emotional support. They will always make an excuse like they had a very important meeting to attend etc. Being supportive is very important, and when you realize it, you will not want to be in this relationship anymore. Ungrateful people dating is the worst thing one can experience the whole relationship is one sided and nothing you do is regarded.

I hate ungrateful people.

I hate ungrateful people; why are they like this? You might have this question in your mind, but the answer to this question is very complicated as there could be several reasons behind it.

If you ask me I hate ungrateful people, why are they like this? I would say it could be because of personality disorders like a narcissistic personality disorder, where a person thinks he deserves all these things, so he does not need to be thankful. It could also be because of some other underlying mental health issues that have roots in the way of upbringing, childhood trauma, or bad past experiences.

Dealing with ungrateful people

Ungrateful people are a negative influence on your life, making it a living hell. Ungratefulness is not a positive characteristic at all. When you have to spend a lot of time with someone who is highly ungrateful of things he has or what people do for them, it will surely rub off on you, or it may get on your nerves. Handling an ungrateful person is very difficult because of their constant complaining and nagging. It can be emotionally draining. So if you know that someone has an ungrateful nature, try to avoid them. But if you have to deal with them because of some personal or professional reasons, do this smartly.

How to deal with ungrateful people

Well, I would suggest you stay away from people who are ungrateful. But sometimes you have to deal with them because they work in your office or it’s a close friend ,partner or family member and you cannot do anything about it. Now the question arises, How to deal with ungrateful people? Don’t worry; I am here to help you with that. So here are some suggestions for you if you have to deal with ungrateful people in life:

Have an honest conversation

Honestly, it will not be an easy conversation, but it is very important to let that person know how you feel about their ungrateful attitude towards you. There are slight chances that they have not realized how uncomfortable they make you feel. If you really care about this person, it is the best you can assume. Wait for the right time to talk about it calmly. Give them specific examples of events that happened previously and things they never appreciated you for.

Your tone must not be condescending like you are accusing them of certain things as they will respond negatively. Let them apologize for what they have done, but keep in mind you might not get their apology.

Try to see the whole scenario through their eyes.

In this situation, it is also very important to be aware of how they feel about the whole situation; why are they showing this kind of attitude? Was it because of something you did? Even if you really think that you are right, still consider their point of view it is important to take on board both perspectives.

There is also a possibility that they might be going through some really hard times because of which they are behaving like this. Consider whether it is actually who they are or just maybe they are just trying to deal with complicated emotions, and it is just a temporary reaction.

Set healthy boundaries

How to deal with ungrateful people? Well, you need to be clear about everything, what is acceptable for you and what is not, what you are willing to do for them and what you won’t. Once you are clear about these things, draw a line and stick to it. I know it won’t be easy for you, especially if you really care about the person, but you need to understand that it is for the best. They will surely try to push the boundaries you have set, but you have to be strong. Dealing with ungrateful people can make your life miserable, and you do not deserve this consider yourself and the emotional impact this has on you and without being rude or combative enforce your boundaries protect yourself.

Avoid them

People change; an ungrateful person might change if someone makes them realize that what they are doing is wrong but not every time. An ungrateful person may not realize or even accept that they are wrong at all, even if you state facts. So when someone does not change and consistently shows ungratefulness towards you, it is time to make a final decision. You have to decide whether you want them to be in your life or not. DO you really want to be a part of their life? If your answer is no, let them know that you do not want to spend time with them anymore. Tell them you have made all your efforts to make this relationship/friendship work, and now you choose not to put any effort. This way, you can have a clear conversation, and because of this, they might start keeping a distance from you or they might concede to error and try to change, which is best for your mental health.

Ungrateful people meme

Memes are an excellent way to laugh out loud on matters which are complicated. To lighten the mood here, I am going to share some of the funniest ungrateful people memes with you. I hope  you will like them:

I find these ungrateful people memes hilarious:

Quotes about ungrateful people

There are people who will never appreciate your efforts and the good things you do for them, and believe me, it is the worst thing someone can do. It feels like you have been cheated. But this should not stop you from doing good for others. Here are some quotes about ungrateful people from our collection:

  • “Ingratitude! thou marble-hearted friend, More hideous when thou showest thee in a child than the sea monster.” ― Shakespeare “There is no vice greater than that of ingratitude.”
  • “You’ll never see a happy ungrateful person.” ― ZigZiglar.
  • “A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.” ― Saadi.
  • “Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.” ― Immanuel Kant.
  • “An ungrateful man is a tub full of holes.” ― Latin Proverb.
  • “The greatest kindness will not bind the ungrateful.” ― Aesop.
  • “The wicked are always ungrateful.” ― Miguel de Cervantes.

If a person is ungrateful towards you might feel bad as if it really hurts but realize that it is not about you don’t change your good character. That person is just not good enough and they are being unreasonable, and the person is losing a helpful person like you. Let’s have a look at the following quotes about ungrateful people:

  • “Every greed is the root of ungratefulness.” ― LailahGifty Akita.
  • “The saddest of all hearts is one without gratitude.” ― Tom Krause.
  • “Ingratitude to man is ingratitude to God.” ― Samuel ibnNaghrela
  • “Ungratefulness is the very poison of manhood.” ― Sir Philip Sidney.
  • “Ungrateful people forget what they are not grateful for.” ― Ana Munnar.
  • “A man may be ungrateful, but the human race is not so.” ― John Milton.
  • “Most people forget everything except being ungrateful.” ― Arab Proverb.
  • “Men may be ungrateful, but the human race is not so.” ― Jean De Boufflers.
  • “One ungrateful person does an injury to all needy people.” ― Publilius Syrus.
  • “What you do for an ungrateful man is thrown away.” ― Seneca The Younger.
  • “A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart.” ― William Arthur Ward.
  • “To do good to the ungrateful is to throw rose-water into the sea.” ― Latin Proverb.
  • “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.” ― Shakespeare
  • “It is impossible to lose everything and still be alive.” ― MokokomaMokhonoana.
  • “I believe the best definition of man is the ungrateful biped.” ― Fyodor Dostoevsky.
  • “In every class of society, gratitude is the rarest of all human virtues.” ― Wilkie Collins.
  • “Earth produces nothing worse than an ungrateful man.” ― Decimus Magnus Ausonius.

Ungrateful people quotes

If you are looking for ungrateful people quotes, here are some of my most favorite ungrateful people quotes for you:

  • “If you heal the leg of a person, do not be a surprise if they use it to run away.” ― African Proverb.
  • “If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more.”
  • “I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.” ― ZigZiglar.
  • “He that calls a man ungrateful sums up all the veil that a man can be guilty of.” ― Jonathan Swift.
  • “There is no greater difference between men than between grateful and ungrateful people.” ― R.H. Blyth.
  • “Gratitude tends to attract the things for which we are grateful in advance.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana.
  • “The man who is ungrateful is often less to blame than his benefactor.” ― Francois de la Rochefoucauld.
  • “He that’s ungrateful has no guilt, but one; All other crimes may pass for virtues in him.” ― Edward Young.
  • “Do not be angry with an ungrateful person; probably they are confused or inexperienced.” ― Chico Xavier.
  • “Does not the gratitude of the dog put to shame any man who is ungrateful to his benefactors?” ― Saint Basil.
  • “Making the ungrateful grateful will bring tears to your eyes, tears of blood bleeding from the heart.” ― Ana Monnar.
  • “We do not quite forgive a giver. The hand that feeds us is in some danger of being bitten.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • “Unhappiness is a contagious disease caused by a chronic deficiency of gratitude.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana.
  • “You cannot, at the very same time, be grateful and unhappy, or ungrateful and happy.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana.
  • “He that forgets his friend is ungrateful to him, but he that forgets his Saviour is unmerciful to himself.” ― John Bunyan.
  • “We seldom find people ungrateful as long as we are in a condition to render them services.” ― Rochefoucauld.
  • “Ingratitude is monstrous; and for the multitude to be ungrateful, were to make a monster of the multitude.” ― Shakespeare.
  • “When we become negative and ungrateful, it is important to remember… We have met the enemy, and he is us.” ― Walt Kelly.
  • “Let a man be never so ungrateful or inhuman; he shall never destroy the satisfaction of my having done a good office.” ― Seneca.
  • “The children of the revolution are always ungrateful, and the revolution must be grateful that it is so.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin.
  • “I’ve been very blessed in my personal life and in my career, and I have never been ungrateful for what I have.” ― Mandy Patinkin.
  • “Ingratitude is always a kind of weakness. I have never known men of ability to be ungrateful.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  • “The belly is an ungrateful wretch; it never remembers past favors; it always wants more tomorrow.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
  • “An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from.” ― Timothy Dexter.
  • “Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain subjective, negative, ungrateful way.” ― Edward de Bono.


Being a grateful person makes you compassionate and kind. We must appreciate the little deeds people do for us. We should be grateful for all the blessings we have. Dealing with ungrateful people is never easy. You try your best to provide them comfort, but they just forget whatever you do for them. If they are doing the same thing for a long time, do not try to change their behavior; this is affecting your life negatively. You need to prevent this from happening again. So you need to be honest not only with them but with yourself, your life will be better for sure.

In this article, I have tried my best to share useful information about ungrateful people with you; I hope you will find it helpful. GET ADVICE FROM A COACH NOW.

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