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Learn dating

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Learn dating

Learn dating

How do I learn how to date?

How do I learn how to date

How do I learn how to date? Learning dating is not that tough. All you need is a little help from a professional coach. You can also take help from the internet, but the best option is to go for a dating counselor. A dating coach can help you understand your weak points and how you can enjoy dating life without feeling stressed.

This article is all about how to learn dating; you will be able to know about its types and stages and some useful courses, so let’s get started:

What are the 5 stages of dating?

what are the five stages of dating

What are the 5 stages of dating? The initial dating time is very confusing, filled with overthinking, over-analysis, and uncertainty. You keep on worrying about whether your date likes you or not. And if everything goes well, you start wondering about when is the right time to take this relationship to the next level.  Although there is nothing like a perfect formula for dating, most experiences follow a general dating framework. Not all dating or relationship experiences follow these patterns as it is dependent on the individual situation. But it can be helpful to think about dating as something ritual along with cultural expectations and social norms so that you can have an idea regarding what you should expect from a relationship as it progresses.

What are the 5 stages of dating? Let’s discuss these here:

First meeting

The first stage of dating is when you meet someone for the very first time and entertain the possibility of romance, you feel attracted to someone or have a crush on them. This happens when you are enjoying the chemistry that you both share during the first meeting or when you unintentionally bump into someone and engage in a memorable conversation. You may feel uncertain and shy about the emotions you are feeling right now. Is this for real? Do they feel what I feel? We cannot guess what the other person is feeling, but if that person asks you out, it is a good sign that you both feel the same and they would like to get to know you better.

What is important to know?

It is all about the right timing. You will only know about it if you learn dating from an expert. The person can be a friend, someone you have already known for some time. Instead of just saying hello to each other, engaging in conversation is all you sometimes need to see them in a different and romantic way.

You should approach them. You do not know if the other person has the same romantic emotions for you. The only way to know is by reaching out. Don’t overthink about the rejection; just ask them to hang out with you like you would ask a new friend. This will clear your mind about their intention. DATING ADVICE FOR SINGLES CLICK HERE


Now you have started seeing each other. You two are having a good time with each other, plan dates, and share new experiences. You might be falling in love with them. This phase is generally known as the honeymoon phase, when you are totally consumed by romance as there is love in the air. You feel a rush of dopamine when you see them. But for some people, attraction is a slow burn, where they will take time to build attraction. Slow burn does not make it something else; it is also an attraction but in a different way. If you find yourself interested in dating them and enjoying it, it’s good you can carry on.

What is important to know?

Perfection does not exist, so be open-minded only then you can learn dating and experience good things. The person you are currently seeing might not possess all traits you are looking for; reality is much more different than our perceptions. Focus on how you feel when you are with them.

Do not get scared to try new things, experiment, get out of your comfort zone to enjoy new experiences. Even if it does not turn out the way you want still, you will be learning something, and it will help you figure out what you want from a relationship.


Once you have started seeing someone, you start getting comfortable with each other, and there is deeper emotional attachment. This may be the time when you start getting intimate physically a little bit, for instance, holding hands in public. Additionally, it is also the stage when reality hits you. During the initial stages, red flags might not have appeared, or because of love goggles, you have ignored them; at this point, they will start appearing, you will also notice other differences. You might start noticing more prominent struggles in making daily decisions and start thinking that you are not a perfect match like the way you thought.

It is normal to feel this way and may not necessarily mean that you have to leave this relationship or break up. It is a great opportunity to talk about personal views on family, love, work, religion, trust, and commitment. Do you think that your values are aligned? If these values are highly unaligned, it would be better to let go of each other in a respectful way.

What you should know?

What are your needs? You need to think about this carefully and communicate it in the best possible way. Healthy disagreements are good and contribute to the growth of this relationship if both partners are ready to work through things. Learn about your love language talk about it with your partner clearly. Also, work on your conflict management skills as it will be most helpful for your relationships.

Do not rush things. At this dating stage, you or your partner might want to move this relationship to the next level, like a serious commitment. Slow down try to know more about how the other person feels. Keep in mind slow, and steady wins the race.


When you have gone through these stages, you will feel that you are sharing deep intimacy and closeness. You will feel an oxytocin boost when your partner shows love and affection; this leads to the flourishment of feelings of contentment and trust. You feel that you care about this person and try to meet their family and friends. At this point, you might also try to let your guard down so that you can rely on them. If you have not talked about being in a committed relationship, you are in this stage. It is usually the pre-commitment stage. This will help in figuring what you want from a relationship.

What you should know?

Work on your sense of self. When you start dating someone, it is easy to neglect yourself and your needs as you want to spend more time with your partner. You need to maintain your sense of individuality. A healthy relationship can only flourish with individual passions, aspirations, and growth. Be in touch with your friends and also keep up with your hobbies and interests.


The final stage in dating is when you two decide to commit to each other to be exclusive. You also decide to adopt labels like partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. Some people  do not believe in labels. It comprises deep, meaningful conversations about mutual commitment. It is also the right time to discuss some unresolved problems between you two that you might have cropped up during the initial stages of dating. This is also the time when you can share pictures of each other on social media.

But this is not the end of the journey. Choosing to be in a committed relationship is not an indication of happily ever after; it is a start of a new chapter. Actual hard work starts here. Because of your self-growth and needs that are evolving continuously, you will be able to discover new phases of this committed relationship.

What you should know?

Dating is not the same for everyone; it varies from person to person. Uncertainty can make you feel scared, and try to look for a template about how dating should progress towards a committed relationship. But you need to know that you cannot follow a template, a dating coach can help you learn dating so that you can have a better understanding.

What you learn from dating?

what you learn from dating

What you learn from dating, let’s ask Reddit users:

  • “BOOM, the hanging out is the easy part of a connection. If they don’t invest into that as well, then it’s not worth it. Being kind and working through things to support is what should take more thought on how to work towards improving.”
  • “I used to get really nervous before dates, but once I came to realize that they’re actually very low risk, low pressure situations, they became a lot more fun and successful. If you think about it, there’s really only three main outcomes and they’re all decently positive. 1)you meet someone you click with and it goes somewhere. 2) you meet someone you don’t click with but you’re both reasonable, mature, socially well adjusted adults so you can at least get along for the duration of a date. 3) you meet some you don’t click with who is NOT a reasonable, mature, or socially well adjusted adult, which sucks, but at least you’ll get a good story out of it to tell your friends.”
  • “That’s great advise for life in general. It’s one of my 5 Ts for a happier and more successful life. Tell the truth. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Take responsibility for yourself. Try to learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Towels are very amazingly useful and you should always have one immediately available.”
  • “Have a short list of conversation topics just in case. If you get through the list and he/she can’t or won’t keep up their end, wipe it up and head home. It just won’t get better.”
  • “Be honest. The whole “I’m going to call you”-thing is a hassle. If you don’t think I’m it, then don’t call me. Let’s just thank each other for the night, and then agree about whether or not we’ll see each other on another date. It’s way easier than having to put up a small performance every time. The same goes for the “playing hard to get.” If you like the person, say it and let them know you want to go out again. Stop playing games.”
  • “Ask questions when the other person says something to, show you’re interested (even if you’re not), keep conversations moving, prevent awkward silences. But don’t turn it into an interrogation/therapy session… You don’t want to remind them of the stereotypical little kid who keeps asking, “why?”
  • “If he booty calls you late at night, won’t commit, only hangs out to get some, doesn’t introduce you to his friends and cancels plans a lot… you’re being played. Even when he texts you you’re beautiful, the only one for him and whatever other 1000 compliments: GET THE FUCK OUT. Be honest with yourself. If you just want to get laid too, be honest about what it is.”
  • “I agree on know your worth and don’t settle, but if you cannot get dates on a semi regular basis with someone who you would put in that threshold then the problem is on you and you either need to lower your standards or improve yourself.”
  • “What is and is not a dealbreaker. There’s a difference between a quirk or an isolated incident and a personality trait you can’t get past. And definitely don’t ignore the personality traits you can’t live with… they’re not going to change.”
  • “Ignore the agenda others have for you. When your friends want you to have a girl so you can double date. When your cousins try to set you up with their loser friends. When you parents try to get you into a relationship so that you move out. It’s all a scam do what feels right for you and don’t let others get involved.”
  • “Don’t go into the date, expecting sex, or even a kiss. Your on a date, to test the waters, there shouldn’t really be any sexual pressure coming from you, just enjoy your time if you can and see what happens. Get to know each other, hell if you two end up as friends, awesome, if you end up doing sexual things great, or if you two end up realizing you two are meant for each other thats alright too. Your just testing the waters so just relax, and enjoy the time in front of you.”
  • “Woman here! I learnt: Always go halves on a date, especially a first date. A guy isn’t a meal ticket for a free dinner. First dates are awkward. Don’t write someone off because of one awkward comment or a joke that falls flat. Dating is hard! Ask questions and listen to the answers. Be honest. Don’t compromise on beliefs that are important to you because it will just cause issues in the future. Plan low key dates where you can talk. My best dates involved hikes and meeting for drinks in a country pub. My worst involved cinemas dates where you can’t talk and crowded restaurants where you’re packed in!”
  • “How to love and accept myself above all else. When you’re ok with who you are, it becomes a lot easier to accept authentic and loving people into your life. It’s also pretty good repellent for assholes that think they’ve got a chance.”
  • “As far as keeping a relationship strong, I love advice I think I originally read from someone else on Reddit: When there’s a problem or fight, it’s not you vs. your partner, it’s the two of you vs the problem.”
  • “If you don’t have good conversations with the person, just end it. If you aren’t that sexually attracted to them now, you definitely wont be 5-10 yrs from now (in most cases). A great personality will only carry a relationship so far. Tell each other what you want when it comes to sex. If you cant be comfortable with each other during silence then thats not a good sign. Someone you can just hold and say nothing with comfortably is someone to keep. Above all else, if you are looking for someone to build a life with, then make sure you share the same values. EDIT: added the last two points.”
  • “Usually angry people only get more angry and bitter as time goes on. If someone tried to isolate you from your friends and family they are bad news. Do not beg for someone to stay, ever. You’re just prolonging the breakup.”
  • “Don’t look for someone to make you happy. It’s not their job. Make yourself happy. Then if they leave you know how to still be happy. Don’t think you can change someone. or that they will change. Let them be who they are. If you are really looking for a real relationship that is going to last don’t jump into bed too early.”
  • “If you date members of the same sex, don’t rely on your straight friends’ dating advice. For example, asking about family might be a safe bet for straight people but nothing makes a date worse than being reminded that your parents kicked you out for being gay.”
  • “Kindness, compassion, consideration of others, and similar visions for the paths of your lives are far more important to the success of a relationship than how attractive the other person is physically. Ideally you also have similar levels of motivation and drive to go after your dreams.”

What are the 4 types of dating?

what are the 4 types of dating

What are the 4 types of dating? Dating can be tough for you if you have not tried it for a long time. No matter if you are trying to escape singlehood or getting out of a relationship, you might be looking for the best ways to date someone. Well, there are plenty of ways to do so. But before that, you need to figure out what you mean when you use the word “dating.” Dating can be of different types. What are the 4 types of dating? Let me explain this to you so that you can have a better understanding:

Dating: For fun

This is a kind of “no strings attached” dating. The purpose behind this type of dating is mutual enjoyment. You both enjoy each other’s company. You can hang out whenever you want, and there will be no fuss if one partner does not call back. If you don’t reply or don’t get a reply, there is no drama. You are in this experience just to have fun. There are no expectations as you two are not exclusive. Simply you two are friends with benefits.

Dating: to see

This kind of dating has a purpose. This does not mean you don’t have fun; you definitely have fun, but there is another purpose. That is to know each other more, to know if the two of you can have something serious. You talk about your beliefs, life goals, family background, your values, and expectations. This type of dating involves speed dating, online dating, and blind dates. This relationship can be exclusive or not, and it is totally up to you if you want to introduce them to your family and friends. It is all about figuring out whether this person is right for you to be in a committed relationship or not.


Courtship is an old-fashioned name, and now it is known as dating to decide. During courtship, partners try to know each other in a better way for the purpose to decide whether they should think about getting married or not. It might be a private and informal or a public affair that might involve family. In most cases, it is an exclusive relationship. Some couples may introduce each other to important people in their life; some may live together or go for traveling. Much intentionality is required in this type of commitment. So, you need to be sure if you are ready for this and know what you are looking for in your partner for marriage.

Dating: after marriage

The goal of this type of dating is growth. If you end up getting married, you still might continue dating. This is much different as compared to other dating types. Now you are committed to someone; you still need to keep growing and nurturing the relationship. Unfortunately, a satisfied marriage does not just happen; naturally, you have to work through it. Dating your partner even after marriage proves helpful as you get time to spend with your partner exclusively. This is known as quality time and is essential for the betterment of the relationship.

Dating course online

dating course online

If you have never done dating before, or for a long time you have been cut off from the dating world, and you want to learn dating, joining a dating course online can prove helpful for you. With the help of a dating course online, you can learn about modern ways of dating, and other things like:

  • What you should expect from dating?
  • Where to take your date for the first time?
  • How you can improve your confidence? DATING COURSE CLICK HERE START NOW

And other such things that you don’t know will help you learn dating.

Free dating courses

free dating courses

Free dating courses are helpful, but these courses only give you a brief idea. There are plenty of websites offering free dating courses and paid dating course you can join courses that you fee most favorable and affordable. You can consider Miss Date Doctor for choosing the best online dating courses.


Dating is supposed to be fun, but a few factors make it a little complicated. But if you have figured out what you want from dating, it will be easier for you. To learn dating, taking help from a counselor, and dating courses can prove helpful for you. CLICK HERE FOR RELATIONSHIPCOURSES AND DATING COURSES.

Learn dating part 2

Learn dating part 2

Learning dating is very important if you want to be in a long-term relationship. This learn dating part 2 will help you understand how you can make your dating experience better.

Let’s get started with learn dating part 2:

Early dating tips

early dating tips

Starting dating is always fun. You start dating someone; they feel the same way you feel; what is better than that. This is the time when you even ignore red flags. While it is important to have fun, you also need to be in your right senses and operate from logical thinking. If you want to have the best experience, here are some early dating tips for you:

Variety is good

Mixing up things early is a really good idea. Instead of going for Netflix and chill scenes, going for morning walks and lunch dates is a really good idea. Moreover, when you plan dates, keep in mind that these dates should not be similar. There should be something different on every date. This does not mean you should spend a lot of money on every date; just use the creative ideas you have in your mind to make your dates interesting and fun and create experiential intimacy.

Independence is key

One of the best early dating tips is that independence is key. Spending your whole day with your date can put you at risk of losing your friends, most importantly yourself. Long relationships only survive when partners try to maintain their independence. See friends and family members, continue to work hard and exercise, try to spend time alone but balancing things is very important. If your whole life revolves around this new partner, you will put a lot of pressure on this relationship and your partner to be your source of fulfillment and happiness.

Be careful about red flags.

Ignoring red flags will hurt you in the end; you can’t build your relationship on this toxicity. Your partner keeps on criticizing you, cancels plans on you, treats you poorly, even you catch them in a lie, it means they are not good enough for you. You should not invest your time in them as it will turn out bad. When you really like someone, it is easy to ignore these red flags, but you need to see all of them and not just good traits.

What not to do in early stages of dating?

what not to do in early stages of dating

Today the most meaningful relationship we have is either with our phone or with our pets. Dating and forming meaningful relationships do not seem to be a priority for most people. It seems like either we have lost the concept of romance or forgotten how to date actually. When we date, we make many mistakes that, if we avoid, can have the best dating experience. What not to do in early stages of dating? There are a lot of things. Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid so that you can enjoy dating to the fullest:

Social media stalking

It can be tempting to stalk your date on social media to know which university they went to or their first work experience, but pre-date stalking is not the right option.  The world of social media is fake, what you find out online is mostly untrue, and you will have misconceptions about your date. Try not to deeply observe their Instagram profile before you actually meet them. Moreover, is it really necessary to know where they went on holiday last year, or what they had for lunch in 2016? No, it’s not important, and it does not matter at all.

Too much texting and calling

When you start dating, there is a lot you want to know about your date. You want to know who they are, what is their hometown like, do they have pets, and a lot of other things to address. What I suggest is to save all these cute stories for real in-person dates. According to Dr. Campbell:

“If they initiated plans the first time, you can initiate the second time and so on, but don’t always be the person texting first, calling, and initiating plans.”

Learn dating part 2 tells you that if they get comfortable with you making all the plans and efforts to reach out to you, they will stop making efforts themselves as they know you are going to do it yourself which leaves you on the backfoot.

Sexual health conversation

If you do not feel comfortable asking them regarding STIs and STDs or sharing your own sexual health, it is not the right time to think about having sex. Wait till the time you both feel comfortable while having a conversation about sexual health before you get intimate. This way you can enjoy it and can also be more confident about the relationship. You should not be ashamed of talking about sex other than health. Tell them what you would like to try, what you don’t like, everything.

Don’t be narrow-minded.

Don’t try to be narrow-minded, be open to new experiences, like trying new restaurants, new activities. Don’t be so judgmental about what others like and what they want to try out with you. Dating should be all about having fun, it should be light, and things will get serious with time. You are going to enjoy that deep side of a relationship too. But it is really important to have light, fun conversations initially and avoid deep conversations about controversial topics.

Don’t have a strict checklist.

What not to do in early stages of dating? Having some expectations from your date is good; having a type is good also, but you need to be open-minded about it too. Having a whole list of preferences that you are going to follow strictly is not going to help at all. A dating checklist will prevent you from knowing someone properly. So go on every date with an open mind because you never know who is going to inspire you. However, it is good to have a clear mind about what you are looking for out there and what you are expecting from dating. With that in mind, go with the flow.

Talking a lot and listening nothing

According to learn dating part 2, being talkative is good. When you are a talkative person, you make people comfortable around you and try to open up. But when you talk a lot and just talk without giving the other person a chance to speak, it gives the wrong impression. It is an indication that you are self-obsessed. When you go on a date, talk about yourself for a while and then let another person speak about themselves. On a date, focus on listening to what your date has to say.

Do not criticize yourself.

We all have a past; some of us have a traumatic childhood, some have very bad past relationship experiences, your previous partner might cheat on you; that is okay. You should not criticize yourself for all these things that happened in the past. Keeping all these things a secret from your date is never a good idea. In fact, you need to learn how you can share these things in a lighter way. Being vulnerable is necessary for dating so that you can connect with your date. No one is perfect, so don’t feel shame about your past.

Having sex too soon is not a good option.

Sex positivity is common in the time we are living. This means that most of us do not believe that one should wait a certain time before having sex with someone new for the very first time. For every date couple, this time of waiting before having sex varies; there is nothing like too long or too soon. The right time is when both partners are comfortable with each other and are ready to have sex with each other. It is the worst thing to have sex when you start dating just because you think they will lose interest in you if you wait.

Being fancy on your first date

First dates should be casual; just go to a local café, have coffee, and talk. Something too proper and prim can be pretentious and will set a bar high for subsequent dates. Leave the whole fancy stuff for a third or fifth date when you have known the persona a little more and what they like. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that getting too drunk is not an option; people do silly things when they are under the influence of alcohol.

Revealing too much

It is good to be yourself; actually, it is necessary, especially during the initial stages of dating; it can be overwhelming to share too much about your life story on the first date. You may scare your date. Moderation is the key. It does not only imply that you are a self-centered who cannot help but talk about themselves only. Show them your real self but reveal slowly as you plan more dates with them and try to know each other better. This way, you will be sharing information organically.

List four things you can learn about a person by dating

list four things you can learn about a person by dating

Dating tells you a lot about someone; it is up to you whether you want to ignore it or not. Here I am going to list four things you can learn about a person by dating:

  • Dating someone tells you if they are reliable or not. If you want a long-term relationship, you need to be very careful. Dating will help you understand that the person you are dating is good for a long-term relationship or not.
  • Someone who is a narcissist will always talk about their life, he or she will talk about his achievements, and you will hardly be able to talk about anything else.
  • You will also be able to know if the person is an introvert or extrovert, and then you can plan your dates accordingly if you really like him/her.
  • Dating someone will also help you understand the person better, what are his or her views on different beliefs and issues.

Dating tips for new relationships

dating tips for new relationships

Relationships are complicated, but you can get the best out of them if you are willing to spend your time on this relationship. Here are Dating tips for new relationships so that you can enjoy your relationships in the best possible way:

Talk about the future

I know you will think that doing this will scare your date away, but that is not true. If you are seeing that your relationship is stable; it is the right time to ask them about its future. It is okay if you or your partner is not ready to take it to the next level; you can enjoy the current phase, but talking about it will help both of you clear your mind. If one of you wants to take this to the next level, you need to discuss it.

Make sure that you actually like the person.

Some people just want to be in a relationship, so they do not think much about whether they are really attracted to someone or not. This is clearly wrong. Learn dating part 2 teaches you that make sure when you are dating someone, you feel attracted to them, not attracted to the concept of relationship. Do not rush things at all; be patient and wait for the right person.

Don’t talk about important things via text.

One Modern world is digital, and texting is another blessing. You are going to meet friends, can text them to know their location. You can talk to your loved ones over text. Let me tell you one thing; it is good to share memes, TikTok’s over texts, and sending replies like “LOL”. But when you have something important to talk about, it is better to meet them in person. One of the best Dating tips for new relationships is that whenever you feel like there is going to be an argument between you two, tell them that you will talk about it in person.

Dating tips

dating tips

Here are some of the best dating tips quotes for you:

  • “Crushes are stressful. Dating is disappointing. Every relationship, you either break up or get married & then divorced. Pies can’t hurt you.” ― Ngozi Ukazu, Check, Please! Book 1: #Hockey
  • “The world always said to just be yourself, but it turned out when Evelyn was herself, no guys were at all interested, so she was left with games of make-believe, expressing enthusiasm for whatever the men wanted to do, be it rock climbing or going to a cheese-beer pairing or a Knicks game.” ― Stephanie Clifford, Everybody Rise.
  • “Date a girl who travels, they said, but please, know that you will never tame her nor keep her. Because she’ll never sign her letters off with a “your truly” – but always with a “see you when I see you” ― laurenklarfeld
  • “Don’t lose yourself in a man, that’ll make you lose your pizzazz indefinitely. Instead, lose yourself in your own sensuality and you’ll forever enchant him.” ― Lebo Grand.
  • “I have heard it said that one loses a woman by loving her too much, that an affectation of coldness, from time to time, brings better results. And so on. I shall play no such tricks with you … Let love be truly love—that is, let it be peace—or let it not exist at all.” ― Henry de Montherlant, Les Jeunes Filles.
  • “Join the Revolution! Be your own Brand of Sexy!” ― Susan L. Edelman, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women.
  • “Everything we men do, everything we men have done for the past 100,000 years, is all about attracting a mate. When a guy tries to impress a girl with his fancy car, or his expensive suit, or his gold watch, or his flashy shirt at the club, or he flexes his biceps, or brags about how much money he makes, he’s doing the same thing that animals have done for millions of years. Like a peacock, he’s trying to make himself desirable and to attract a mate.” ― Oliver Markus Malloy, Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends: Honest Relationship Advice for Women.
  • “When I was a teenager I thought by having a boyfriend it somehow made me lovable. I did anything for anyone except for me. Don’t allow peer pressure to have a boyfriend make you not feel whole without someone else. Find your own greatness and that will attract the right person.” ― Tracy Malone.
  • “It might feel to you like a big waste of time chatting on texts endlessly and going on video dates that never end. But here is the thing…how much time did you waste going on endless, meaningless dates only to lead you down a path of disappointment?” ― Kimmy Seltzer.
  • “Take the time to look great. Your appearance is important, not because others really care what you look like, but because you act your best when you feel good about how you present yourself to the world.” ― Jake Hollow, The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women: Male Edition.
  • “What is it that you really want, a relationship that is too easy, that you will question, that it is too good to be true, or one that you both worked out to have?” ― Jake Hollow, Jake Hollow’s Guide on How to Persuade Women: Revised Female Edition.
  • “Women create many challenging situations. Occasionally, you may feel amused, frustrated, discouraged, or embarrassed. Women can be a measurement of your success and worthiness if you judge yourself by your achievements. Some of you compare yourself to others. You compare your women to others. You study them to find the perfect woman.” ― Jake Hollow, Jake Hollow’s Guide on How to Persuade Women: Revised Female Edition.
  • “As long as you leave to others the responsibility to make you happy, you are going to always be miserable, because that is actually your job” ― Linda Alfiori, The Art of Loving Intelligently: Discover the Five Love Myths Hurting Women in America.
  • “The person who’s made for you is gonna love the good, bad, and ugly parts of you.” ― Frida R., Blossom’s Wine Bar.
  • “To lovers out there… How are you treating the person that truly, really loves you. Are you taking advantage of their love for you and you abuse them and mess with them. Just remember that their love might be the only true love you will get in your entire life. That’s why some people are complaining saying they cant find love. It is because love was there before but they choose to spit on it and rejected the person who had it. They do find new partners but they don’t find love.” ― De philosopher DJ Kyos.
  • “Queen, our daughters should NEVER have to wonder what they have to fix for a man to love them. Even more?…Nor should you! Love yourself, teach self-love and end that toxic relationship. If you’re “working” on allowing a man to walk all over you, giving multiple chances and not giving that one chance to yourself to WALK AWAY permanently it’s time for self-reflection. When you love yourself you KNOW some things you must walk away from and not waste another moment investing in someone who doesn’t even invest in themselves!” ― Maria Lemmo.
  • “To flourish inside the process of dating one must be purposeful just like the ruler of a kingdom.” ― Crista Beck, Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself from Fairy Tale Fantasies and Find True Love in Real Life.
  • “Women want men who have the capability of generating wealth, who are capable of securing a powerful spot within the social circles of the tribe… a man who can guarantee that she’ll have ample resources to make her life (and the lives of her children) safe, secure, and comfortable.” ― Joshua K. Sigafus.
  • “Cheating fuels some people’s never-ending endeavours to maintain the false impression that their relationships or marriages are not dead.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana.
  • “Maybe life involves the pairing of unsuitable people, those who wait and those who keep others waiting, and the key to happiness is finding the one person with whom you share the same internal chronometer.” ― Jacob M. Appel, The Biology of Luck.
  • “Unless she scares the hell out of you, blows the cobwebs from your mind, scorches your heart with passion, melts your chains with goodness and lights a fire in your pants…then she is not the one.” ― Shannon L. Alder.
  • “If you don’t look back to self reflect, you’re only going to repeat the same mistakes. Those mistakes will continue to show up in your dating lifescape because you haven’t learned the lesson they were supposed to teach you.” ― Jaha Knight.
  • “Being pursued, while easy, is purposeful. Intentional. Deliberate. It’s not about getting a guy’s attention–it’s a process of ensuring that he’s “the one.” Of all the men holding glass slippers, he has to be your perfect fit.” ― Bethany Jett, The Cinderella Rule: A Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After.


Learn dating part 2 focuses on what you should and should not do when you are dating someone. If you want to learn more about dating, it would be better to consider an online dating course or take help from a dating counselor. I hope so you will find learn dating part 2 helpful. START A DATING COURSE NOW CLICK HERE.

Learn dating part 3

Learn dating part 3

learn dating part 3is all about how you can improve your dating life and how you can deal with dating violence. So, let’s get started:

How to find love after 40?

how to find love after 40

When you are single after 40s, no matter what is the reason, everyone from your family to your friends, colleagues, and even strangers give you their dating advice. Let me tell you one thing people are not good at giving dating advice, everyone has their own experiences, good or bad, but this does not make them an expert. For the right advice, you need to take help from a dating coach. Here is some advice from dating experts for all of you who are wondering How to find love after 40:

Be patient

Whether you have been trying dating for a long time or just left a bad marriage, you might feel like it is now your time to find love. After their experiences at 40 they do not want to explore a lot; they just want to date a few people and find their soul mate in any of them. But you need to keep in mind good things do not just happen; they take time. All you need is to be patient and be positive.

Right age to find love

How to find love after 40? You are an older age; you have already dated many people you know what you want. You would not make the same decisions now that you made 10 years ago. You own where you are in your career or life; you are confident in your personality and your values. At this time, using your experience, you can make a better decision for yourself.

Do not be afraid of new things.

You have an idea in your mind like you know what kind of person you can’t bear and what kind of person you would love to date. So be the person you would like to date. For this, you can explore new interests and hobbies. This way you will have a lot of things to discuss. Just be the best version of yourself, and attract the best people.

How to find love after 40 Reddit suggestions

dating tips 2

How to find love after 40? Here are some Reddit stories and advice for you:

“I didn’t meet my true love till I was 46. After dating for many years, I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never find the man of my dreams. But I was okay with that because I was happy with myself and my life. I had a good job, traveled a lot, had great friends, no debt, etc. I kept dating off and on but was not “desperate.” I figured that I might as well keep dating people because you never know who you’ll meet – and I might make some friends along the way. Then, I met Mr. Right. I knew he was “the one” on our first date. The best way to describe it is that I felt like I was at home with him. Though we had just met, I felt like I could trust him with my life. We both knew on our second date that we would be together for the rest of our lives. We were engaged exactly two months after we met, and in a few weeks, we’ll celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary.”

“I was three months away from 40 when I met the love of my life. I was lucky to have mostly good relationships, although I made a lot of decisions that Older Me still shakes my head at… Never married, never engaged. There were times I wanted to give up and hated dating. It’s hard to keep going when people around me have been partnered for years already. I sure got lucky. The love that makes you truly say, “what was I thinking before??” I’m so grossly in love and can’t wait to marry him in about 8 months.”

“My mom found her boyfriend, of now 10 years, when she was 50. He was an old family friend she hadn’t spoken to in 30 years. She joined Facebook to stalk me, as mothers of teens do, and ended up getting a friend request from him. He packed up everything he knew, moving from CT to GA less than a year later. Tomorrow they’re going to the beach…because they can. He truly believes my mom hung the moon.”

“Yes, after a terrible.ordeal with a narcissus. I can’t even explain how terrible those two years were which culminated with me walking into a restaurant and having dinner with her and her new boyfriend. The lies. The manipulation. The evil. Which opened the door to kismet when a woman I dated when I was in my early thirties came back into my life. We have been exclusive for almost a year even though it is long distance right now. She moves In With me in November.”

“I just turned 47 this summer and found my love last December. Prior to this, my last relationship was 2009. I would give dating a try every few years, but since I was widowed, I wasn’t truly ready until last year. He was absolutely worth the wait! TBH, until I met him, I was totally okay with the possibility of spending the rest of my life alone. I had been on my own long enough to find happiness within and felt confident in who I was. I’m still the same way, but love having someone to share my life with.”

“I met my second husband when I was 46 and he was 34. I knew he was the one when our eyes met. One year to the day of meeting we were married. It’s been 3 1/2 years and things are still great. I was discouraged after a lot of 1st dates but was still determined.”

“I basically didn’t pursue dating for most of my 30’s for various reasons. I met a man at 39, loved him, turned 40, got dumped (not for turning 40, to be clear). Dated somebody else for several months. Stopped seeing him. Took another break and met a man I’m madly in love with at the age of 41. Been together 9 months & we’re super happy. I had not expected to find anybody and was comfortable on my own & really independent.”

“Not me, but my aunt. It’s a bit different from the question, but I think it’s a good story… She had a husband and two girls, until one day, where she was in her mid/late forties, and found out, that her husband had been cheating on her for a looong time. It obviously broke her and they got divorced and split the children. It seemed a bit dark for her, but she kept going. Now, only a couple years later, she have found a 10 year younger guy, married him, moved in with him, and she just gave birth to their son. She now has 3 children, a husband and quite a good life.”

“My nana got asked out by a guy and she failed to make it to three of the dates he organised (last excuse was quite drastic and still so true, she broke her arm when she slipped on her way to pick up my sister from school. The ground wasn’t even wet) but finally got round to having coffee after that. She’s turning 70 this year and they’ve been happily dating for around two years.”

“I was 48 purposely kept to myself for 2 years after a bad divorce. My friend talked me into Went on a few clunkers but then met this great amazing guy. We were never apart after our first date. We have been together 11 years and married 4. We golf ,kyack, ride motorcycles, camp everything together and lots of stuff apart with friends. He just texted me yesterday from work how lucky he felt and how lucky we are to how found each other. We are team a force. At your age instead of focusing on romantic Disney love focus on someone you can have fun with, respect, trust, that is true love.”

“Plenty of people find love later on, but most people at your age have kids, so that’s going to be a big barrier if it’s a dealbreaker for you. I did know a woman though who never had children and married for the first time in her 40’s, I have a cousin who is 40 with no kids and in a relationship but not married, and I had a great aunt who never had kids and married at 52. There are people who fit your criteria but they are a small minority at that age. Another option is to date women around ten years younger, there is more of a mix of women who have kids and those who don’t if you go down to 30.”

“Dating over 40 is complex and discouraging. I’m 47, have a 5 year old daughter. Most women my age are empty nesters. I feel like my sex drive is crazy high. I’m generally perceived as well past my sexual prime. I’m interested in casual dating, most women are looking for long term partners. I’m a widower who is generally positive about relationships. I’m meeting people who are often coming out of bitter divorces and can be pretty negative. Everything about dating in your 40s is just frustrating and confusing.”

“42 and I feel this. I have kids who are almost grown and I have no desire for more spawn to spring forth from my body. I love my current spawn, but they are almost out of the house and I am looking for a nice dude to just chill with on the couch sometimes and occasionally go to a concert with. 20 and 30 somethings ask me out all the time but I feel uncomfortable mentally with a romantic partner in that age range. I am done raising humans and don’t want to raise a boyfriend. Instead I’d like a partner. Perfect dating relationship would be a very very long exclusive dating relationship where we do not co habitate till we really really want to. There is no need to rush somwthing like that now. It would be nice to grow old with someone though. Those goals are not really represented very often. Btw, I am having a blast dating in my 40’s. So much untapped sexy! So much thought provoking conversation!”

Dating violence

dating violence

Dating violence means one partner harms the other somehow; it can be physically, emotionally, sexually, or all three ways. There is no timeline that when a person starts showing violent behavior, you may experience it on the first date or when you have fallen in love deeply. Dating violence is not your fault at all. Dating violence is very common; it happens to people of all ethnicities and races, education, and income levels; women are common victims but so are men. Some call it domestic abuse, particularly if both partners are in a live-in relationship. Here are types of Dating violence explained:

Verbal and emotional abuse

This type of violence includes harming or threatening a partner or their self-esteem. For example:

  • Jealous or controlling behaviors, name-calling, bullying, shaming, consistent monitoring, online and in person.
  • Trying to isolate them from their family members and friends. Insulting them in front of everyone.
  • Making them feel guilty when they try to confront them.
  • Making them feel fearful, by verbal aggression
  • Threatening them to leave if they do not comply with their wishes or threatening to harm themselves when they leave.
  • This may also include forcing you to get pregnant or controlling everything during your pregnancy.

Physical abuse

According to learn dating part 3, this involves using physically assaultive behaviors, for instance, shoving, hitting, beating, slapping, kicking, grabbing, pinching, kicking, throwing things, biting, choking, or any other aggressive contact.

Sexual abuse

This involves forcing a partner to engage in sexual activity when they do not consent or want them to do sexual acts they are not comfortable with. Forcing a partner to have sex when they are not able to consent, like when they are drunk.

Signs of dating violence

Learn dating part 3explains that violence behaviors may not be prominent during the early days of dating or relationships as they might be mistaken as caring and concerned behavior of the abuser. For instance, your partner may ask you to spend the whole time with you because when you are not around, they will miss you. If you spend time with your friends or family members, they get really sad or disappointed. The more you get involved with the person, the more they escalate this behavior, including extreme jealousy, which is not a good sign. Here are some signs of dating violence for you to understand how it will appear in your relationship:

Ask for details on how you spent time.

When you are dating, you two try to know more about each other, so showing interest in your is normal. You ask how they spend their day, and you two share small details with each other for the sake of conversation and to spend time with each other. +Still, it is not okay for your partner to demand to know where you are right now, how you are spending every minute. Moreover, it is certainly not okay for them to ask to limit your time with certain people.

Restrict your contact with friends or family

According to learn dating part 3toxic partners may ask their partner to cut their contact with family members and friends. Those who do not support your relationship are on their hit list. Keep in mind that people you spend your time with or trust is totally up to you. Friends, family, or even your partner

Useless criticization

A partner should be supportive, and if you are wrong somewhere, he or she should help you understand that. But a partner should never belittle your beliefs or put you down. It is healthy to talk about challenging topics in a relationship, share opinions, and accept different opinions. But it is not okay for a partner to tell you that your opinions or thoughts are not important.

Controlling attitude

A partner should not put restrictions on what you wear, how you do your makeup or hair; simply, we can say he or she has no right to tell you how you should look. He should not force you to eat certain food at a certain time or should not decide your exercise routine.

Public touching without permission

If your partner pinches you or grabs you in front of your family or friends when you have certainly told them not to do so, it means that he or she does not respect your boundaries. A partner should never force you for public displays of affection if you are not comfortable with it.


Coercing means manipulating your partner and using phrases like, “if you love me, you will not meet this friend of yours.” In the narcissism community, people usually force others to prove their sexuality and feelings which is also a kind of coercion and is not right to do at all.

Ignore your physical boundaries

In a healthy relationship, it is necessary to set healthy boundaries regarding physical intimacy. If they call your suggestion to stop some activity lame or silly, it can be a warning sign that your partner is not respectful towards your boundaries.

Dating violence facts

Here are some teen Dating violence facts for you to know how common it is:

  • About 1.5 million girls and boys from high school in the U.S. have admitted that they have been physically harmed or hit by someone they were involved romantically during last year.
  • Teens who have been through dating abuse have long-term consequences, for instance, eating disorders, alcoholism, suicide thoughts, violent behavior, and promiscuity.
  • Among every 4 women, 1 will experience domestic violence in their life. The unavailability of alternative housing makes women stay in toxic relationships or even return to them.
  • 33% of teenagers in America are victims of physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse in relationships.
  • 25% of high school girls have been sexually or physically abused in the US. Teen girls who have been abused have a 6% higher chance of getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Why victims do not leave?

Some people think that abuse victims do not leave; they enjoy this abuse or they are weak. This is not right Victims may choose to stay because of some practical reasons or emotional reasons such as attachment and love, shame or fear of social isolation, some economic factors, or maybe they are scared of physical violence.

Some people think that emotional abuse is not real. But the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that emotional abuse impacts your self-esteem. It can traumatize you for a long time. For a lot of victims, it is most damaging.

Learn dating part 3suggests that keep in mind that if someone degrades you or hits you, this behavior is not provoked. You can provoke anger when you are having an argument with someone, but abuse is not something you provoke; it is a choice that a person makes to control you. It is intentional; the abuser wants the victim to submit to him.

How you can protect yourself?

Learn dating part 3 explains that abuse can traumatize you, so it is better for you to protect yourself from dating abuse. Here are some things that you need to do in order to take care of yourself if you have been through abuse:

  • If you are currently in such a situation figure out, how can you be safe, what risks you are facing and how you can mitigate them. Think about someone who can help you and support you, and
  • figure out how you can get them to help you.
  • If you want to leave this person, consider whatever you need to successfully do that. If you are facing reproductive abuse or sexual violence, make sure to protect your sexual health.
  • If you have been in an abusive relationship and now doubt yourself, let me tell you one thing, it was not your fault. So, there is no need to blame yourself for what happened. Do not excuse your partner’s behavior.
  • Make sure to take help from a counselor if you are dating a toxic person, he will help you in getting out of this situation. A therapist can help you in dealing with the trauma you faced in an abusive relationship.


So, this was all about learn dating part 3. If you want to work on your dating strategies, it would be better to ask for help from a dating coach. Hope you will find learn dating part 3 helpful.

Learn dating part 4

Learn dating part 4

Learn dating part 4 is about how you can improve your dating skills. In this article, you will be able to know what you should be your purpose of dating, how you can date after your 30s, and some dating tips for men. So, let’s get started:

Purpose of dating

purpose of dating

Some people think that the sole purpose of dating is marriage. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get married after dating, but it is certainly wrong if you have only this purpose in your mind. Not everyone is looking for marriage, and when your date thinks this way, it may disappoint you. So, after multiple such dates, you just look for someone who is into marriage and just ignore all the red flags. You think you know what you want but if you do not have any experience how will you be sure about it? So, what should be the purpose of dating? Here are some suggestions from my side:

A way to know people

I am sure that you do not have any clue what is out there if you are new to dating. Even those who have been dating for a long time are not sure. You have a certain type in your mind, and you are sure that you will only be attracted to this type of person. But that is not true at all. You think you will be attracted to a tall, pretty woman or a gym freak handsome man, but that is not true. The most important thing is what is underneath this surface. Dating gives you an opportunity to meet people and get to know them. Expect dating to change your views about what kind of people you will find attractive or not. Do not evaluate people by a certain criterion they have to pass. Just observe and try to know them.

A way to know yourself

Learn dating part 4 says that if you date to learn, it will help you monitor your emotions and reactions as you meet different kinds of people. When you date for fun, without having a type in your mind, you will be in different situations that will help you know more about yourself. How do you respond to certain types of people? Why do you do this? Do you find certain people unbearable? Why is it so?  Do you find yourself fun in the company of certain kinds of people? If so, why? These are good things to know about yourself. When you figure out who you are in the presence of certain people, it will be easy for you to pick a good person.

A way to have fun

Learn dating part 4 wants you to understand how you would know if marriage is for you or not? If you are positive about marriage, how would you know when it is gonna happen? Dating is a kind of activity where you have fun, do meaningful things with lovely people. This itself is an amazing goal. If you are not having fun dating, it means something is wrong here. You judge people whether they are marriage material or not, and when you decide they are not, you give this date zero value. What’s wrong here? Did not you enjoy the conversation, or movie, or food? You had a good time accept it; just because you did not find the love of your life does not mean it was nothing. Date to learn, experience, and have fun. You are missing out a lot if you just have marriage in your mind.

A way to take pressure off

Some people are so afraid of rejection that they sabotage their dating life. They are so worried about whether another person will like them or not that they cannot enjoy the date. Thus, they are always less than themselves, and the other person could never know who they really were. They experience more rejection as compared to others as the other person is unable to see who they actually are. Such people are looking for a serious relationship and a potential mate. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you take it as a fun activity, just wait and see where things go; you will be able to take a lot of pressure off of yourself.

As a way to love and serve

Dating gives you an opportunity to practice how to relate to others. If you want to learn how to talk about yourself and open up regarding your emotions and needs, dating can prove helpful. If you want to know how to deal with conflicts and confront other people, you can practice this in dating. Maybe you want to learn how to listen to others, deny yourself or be less self-obsessed. Dating allows you to bring your every part that needs spiritual growth. You can learn basic relationship skills from dating before you meet your special one; otherwise, you may ruin it. Simply we can say that dating can help you become a more mature person to handle serious relationships.

How to find love after 30?

How to find love after 30

Dating can be hard at any age, but entering into a new decade can feel challenging. You might think that you have mastered dating in your 20s, and 30s but ending 30s can feel clueless as it is much more different than 20s. According to Jordan Gray:

“Dating in your 20s can be a bit like the scattered light of a disco ball, whereas dating in your 30s is more like a focused laser beam. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll waste less time on relationships that have no potential and optimize for healthy, aligned connections with that much more speed and ease.”

If you have just come out of your 30s or have become single recently while being in your 30s, don’t feel stressed. How to find love after 30? Here are some crucial tips for you:

You know what you want

How to find love after 30? You have been dating a lot in your 20’s and 30s. Initially, you wanted to date someone who had a nice car and could take you to a fancy restaurant. These things are great, but after many dating experiences, you figure out that you want much more than that. For in your   30s, these dating experiences of your 20s can pay off. If you have never thought about what you actually want in your partner, it is time to figure that out. Think about the last few people you have dated, not their behavior patterns, list five things you did not like about them and five things you really liked. This will help you figure out what you want in your next relationship.

Do not dwell on your past.

According to Learn dating part 4, many people in their 30s are single because they have dealt with cheating, ghosting, breakup, and divorce. It is necessary to understand that we all have been through bad things, and because of these experiences, we are who we are. Your past shaped you, but it should never affect your present or future. Instead, you need to focus on what is happing right now in your life, where do you want to go next. Your previous partners are your allies in your healing and growth.

Be vulnerable

When you have been in various toxic or unsuccessful relationships, you put your guard up; it is a natural defense mechanism. If you don’t let anyone in, you will never be hurt. This is what you think, but if you won’t let anyone in, you will certainly not be able to find the love of your life. When you meet someone and think that there is a mutual connection, let yourself be vulnerable. Let you’re your guard down, it will make you anxious, but the best thing is that after your 30s, you have thicker skin. If it does not work, you will think it was not meant to be. The thing that matters is that you really tried and put yourself out there.

Negative thinking patterns

If you had bad dating experiences, failed relationships, or even marriage, it will feel terrible. But do not let this negative thinking ruin your best self. If you feel like your head is spinning in the mud of your fear, just ignore it and choose a new thinking pattern. When you meet a new person, be fair with them and give them a chance. If it does not work out, do not don’t get disappointed. Gary also says that:

“Ultimately, we love to grasp for a sense of control in life, but we actually control very little. We can always do our best to put forth intentional action, but sometimes the thing we are trying to grasp for is being held out of our reach because something better is already heading our way.”

Be patient

It is easy to dwell in thinking about things you do not have. You have not met your soul mate yet, you are not married, or you just got divorced. You want these things, and that is good, but dating people to see if they are right for marriage or not will not help you at all. When it comes to partner selection, fear is not a healthy driver. Just focus on having fun with the person, and try to know them. It must not feel like you are running towards the finishing line in a competition. Some people get married in their 20s, some in their 30s, 40s, or so on. We do not know what life has stored for us.

Do not date someone you don’t like

Sometimes it happens that we want to get married so bad that we ignore all the red flags they have. We even get ready to marry someone we are not that into. One thing that you need to understand is that if you are not into someone, you do not have to keep talking to them. So, stop texting or talking to them. Would you want to be with someone you are actually attracted to? Would you like to sleep with someone and then to spend time with someone you didn’t like? Dating becomes really efficient after the 30s in so many ways as you know what you are looking for. Use this for your own benefit and get rid of relationships you are not interested in anymore.

Dating tips for men

dating tips for men

According to Learn dating part 4 modern dating is less rule-based; it is nothing like what it was in the past. About 50 years back, it was thought that man always makes the first move. Now it is nothing like that, and dating seems to be more relaxed, but this does not mean it puts the pressure off of men. It is common for men to struggle with dating, relationships, and flirting, especially because they can find it hard to speak openly and ask for advice about these things. If you want some dating tips for men, here are some for you:

Meet new people

Meeting your soulmate becomes impossible if you do not try to meet new people or do not put yourself out there. Maybe you had your heartbroken in the past, or you are generally a shy person. One of the best dating tips for men is that whatever the reason is, you just need to get past your nerves and try to meet new people. Dating, by its nature, is a little risky and nerve-wracking. But instead of trying to run away from it, try to embrace it. Keep in mind that other people will feel the same way.

Meet people online and in-person

If you are from a bit of an older generation, you might prefer to meet people in person rather than through online dating apps. But if you are from the younger generation, you might not want to meet a person unless you have talked to them online. But the best way to meet someone good is by using a combination of two. It is one of the best dating tips for men. Sign up for an online dating app and at the same time also make an effort to meet people in real life. If you do not find talking to strangers at a bar comfortable, try something else, like talking to strangers at a book club.

Do not overthink about flirting tricks.

Learn dating part 4 says that flirting is not always easy, and what makes it even more difficult is your overthinking or cheap tricks to impress someone instead of relying on your natural charms. One thing that can help you in taking the pressure off is that imagine you are talking to a friend or a family member. You can be tactile while flirting but do not overdo it. It can make other people feel uncomfortable. The most important rule is that if they tell you they are not interested or take themselves politely out of the conversation, do not keep on pursuing.

Make a first good impression.

It might seem a necessity, but first impressions are crucial on the initial date. The first step in making a good first impression is to look your best when you go out on a date. So, before you go out, try to take some time to make yourself look good. Have a shower, make your hair look neat and clean. There is no rule regarding what you should wear on your first date, wear what you find comfortable and you think you look best in. Other than that, look confident, friendly, and fresh. It might not feel easy to look confident, and if you are struggling, fake it till you make it.

Be an active listener.

Learn dating part 4 explains that being an active listener is the most important thing. Listen to your date what are they saying, ask a lot of questions, about their childhood, life goals and education life. Most importantly, do not use your phone or check it again and again. It will give a message that you are an ill-mannered person and are not actually interested in dating the person. If you give your full attention to your date, they will feel comfortable and will try to make a good interaction with you. You might not find your soulmate, but if the meeting is good, you can get a good friend.

What is dating in a relationship?

what is dating in a relationship

What is dating in a relationship? Let’s ask Reddit users:

“Dating is when you’re going on dates with someone, i.e. one-on-one hangouts with a romantic intention. I consider the boyfriend-girlfriend label to be self-defined; I wouldn’t consider someone my boyfriend unless we had had a conversation in which we agreed that that’s what we were.”

“Me and my SO went from “dating” to “a relationship” when they asked, “it’s been great spending time with you…so do you want to give this a shot?” For me, it’s that change from just spending time together to defining what you are. If you don’t label it in some way or another, I see that as one or both of you aren’t fully committed at that point in time. (Not to say that won’t come).”

“You can be “dating” /getting to know multiple parters at the same time. I think that’s just going out on dates and getting to know someone, and seeing if you want to be exclusive with them and if it would work or not. GF/BF is a relationship and is considered a commitment. You’re saying that you’re on interested in being with that person, committing to them, and you’re not intent on dating anyone else.”


  • Going on dates where both of you have notice of this date at least a few hours beforehand.
  • Being ultra considerate of everything you’re doing because you don’t want to accidentally make a faux pas.


  • “Dates” are things that you guys do after one of you says, “Hey, wanna go somewhere?” No advance notice is needed for dates.
  • You no longer treat each other with formality and watch everything you say because you know each other well enough by now to know what gets on each other’s nerves.”

“You talk it out and decide whether to call yourselves boyfriend/girlfriend/partners/whatever. The idea is that if you’re in a relationship, you plan on seeing this person a lot for a long time.”

“Those terms means different things to different people. To me, you start “dating” someone when there’s no longer any question of whether or not there will be more dates, when you know you’ll go out again. “A relationship” is when you’re more a part of each other’s lives than just the occasional date — when you do “normal life stuff” together and hang out and all that. But really do keep in mind that different people have different definitions. You are whatever you and your partner say you are.”

“Guy here. A relationship is when you both decide you’re in a relationship. Of course, it means different things to different people, but for me, it was when I asked, “When can I start calling you my girlfriend?” and she responded, “How about right now?”

“Dating you’re just meeting people and getting to know them, bf/gf is exclusive, so you’re not gonna sleep with other people.”

“Here’s an interesting take in semantics from a non-English speaker’s perspective: “The person I’m dating” implies that you’re casually getting to know someone. Going to dinner. Being on your best behavior. May or may not be exclusive. “My girl/boyfriend” implies that it’s exclusive. Physical intimacy has been established. Usually, the relationship has been talked about on some level, though not in a ‘forever’ since. “SO/ promisaridad” implies a permanence. Marriage/ long term plans to stay together have been discussed. Your friends and his both know that you’re serious with someone. The semantics change by culture with engagement, unions, and marriage, but, IME, adding that possessive ‘MY girlfriend, MY SO is a lot different than ‘the guy I’m dating.’”

“They’re identical. I was ‘dating’ someone for a year Depends if they’re or you’re looking for someone better and this person is okay to pass time with. Obviously bf/gf is noones looking.”

“The progression from dating to a relationship I feel is the same as going from an acquaintance to a best friend. How you act in front of those two different types of people governs what is expected.”

“When you are dating you see each other 2-3 times a week, sleep some times, go eat dinners, go on dates still. When you are in a relationship you can sleep over at your SO:s house for 5 days without thinking twice about it, you have lots of sex, you talk about absolutely everything, they meet your family, you go on trips together etcetera.”

“In a nutshell, relationship is when you’re allowed to have a toothbrush in their bathroom.In the olden days of yore, it used to be that relationships were very formal and monogamous. These days, not so much, as long as everyone is honest and friendly. Meeting more people in “group relationships” in this era.”


Dating may not seem easy, but you can make it fun by setting realistic goals. If you are dating solely for marriage purposes, you will have all the fun. Learn dating part 4 explains well What is dating in a relationship? Why you should date and how. Hope you will find it helpful.

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