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Signs of emotional connection

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Signs of emotional connection

signs of emotional connection

I believe that a relationship can only survive if it has three things, physical chemistry, intellectual compatibility and the third one is the most important emotional connection. Physical chemistry involves sexual attraction, spark or visceral appeal. Intellectual compatibility is all about having shared interests, having similar topics to talk about. But what is an emotional connection, and what are signs of emotional connection?

This article is all about signs of emotional connection and how you can build it to make your relationships meaningful.

Emotional connection meaning

emotional connection meaning

Emotional connection meaning is to share an unspoken common language with your partner. It means staying aware of their needs and issues and supporting them when they have a big interview coming up or had a fight with their mom. Emotional connection meaning is to create a balanced environment for supporting them, pushing them to grow, and providing a comfortable environment to fall. This is the kind of connection that keeps your relationship strong. RELATIONSHIP COURSES CLICK HERE LEARN ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Emotional connection

emotional connection

In a relationship, emotional connection is very important. It is the glue that keeps you two together. Not all couples have this kind of connection, but those who have enjoyed their relationship to the fullest. So do you have an emotional connection with your partner? Let’s find out. Here are some signs of emotional connection that can help you figure out:

Before partners, you are friends

No matter how evolved your relationship is, its foundation is strong, real friendship. You respect them and vice versa. You care about what they think and want their input. You love their company, and there was nothing romantic between you two; still, you would love to know them and want to be their friend. Having an emotional connection with someone does not mean you are in love with them, but to be in a healthy relationship with someone, emotional connection is necessary.

There are shared experiences and inside jokes.

Emotional connection is not there if you two do not have shared experiences, like working on projects together, planning trips together, simply finding common ground will take your relationship a long way. These experiences bring easiness to your life and build a strong foundation. More history you have, the stronger and deeper the connection you have.

You talk daily

One of the most important elements is reliability and consistency, which means your partner won’t refuse to stay in touch with you during the day. You must be able to anticipate hearing from them. You talk regularly and respond quickly to texts and calls unless you are busy because of work. You plan date nights, and everything is spontaneous, and when something changes, you inform each other out of respect.

You share meaningful conversations.

The emotional connection does not mean you have to talk to each other non-stop; it is okay if you do so but it is not necessary. The emotional connection comprises the ability to have a deep, meaningful conversation with your partner, especially about things you cannot talk about with others about friends, feelings, politics, family, dreams, religion, hobbies. On the other side, those who have shared emotional connections can also enjoy each other’s company in complete silence. It brings peace.

You want to share with them when something happens.

You have big news to tell; first-person came into your mind to share it with someone who is your partner. You had a fight with your colleague, got promoted, or your mother is sick; who would you share this news with? If you do not share it with your partner, I would question your bond with your partner. Having a strong connection with your partner means you first text or call them. You do not have a second thought about it.

You trust them with your secrets.

Having a strong connection with your partner means you do not withhold anything from them. If you do not do so, it means your connection is weak. First, you might not trust them fully with your secret; you question whether they will handle this secret? Will they break your trust by sharing it with someone else? Another significant reason behind you not telling them the important information could be that you think they won’t care. Those who share a deeper emotional connection with their partner will reveal their big secrets to them.

You let yourself be vulnerable around them.

Can you share your biggest fear with them? Can you tell them anything without judgement? If you share an emotional connection with your partner, you will let yourself be vulnerable around you without thinking that they will believe that you are broken or too much to handle. They meet intimacy and vulnerability with more of the same. And they also let you in on their baggage and worries because we all have these.

You daily engage in non-intimate touching.

It is one of the most clear signs of emotional connection. Not all kinds of touches are created equal in couples. Some touch is sensual, electric, which can lead to sex immediately. But couples also engage in non-intimate touch like kisses, holding hands, hugs, back rubs and other cute gestures. These kinds of sweet touches nurture a relationship in a non-sexual way, helping maintain a healthy connection with your partner. It is a silent way to say, “I am there for you no matter what is going on.”

Their reaction or behaviour is predictable.

Couples who share strong emotional connections will be able to predict their partner’s reactions and behaviour as they know their partner very well, what they like, what they don’t, how they try to hide the truth. This is also helpful when friends or family members try to create misunderstandings intentionally or unintentionally. This happens to everyone. If you share an emotional connection with your partner, you have strong convictions about them.  You know about their positive and negative traits, their flaws, everything.

Emotional connection with a man

emotional connection with a man

Now you are familiar with signs of emotional connection; the question arises how you can build an emotional connection with a man? You should go from small talk to deep, exciting conversation. Here are some tips for you to build an emotional connection with a man:

Emotional attraction is necessary

There is an important understanding to establish here that you must know building a strong emotional connection with men goes side by side with emotional attraction. These two things are very different but have a big overlap. It means when you build an emotional attraction; you are also building an emotional connection with them. The key to this is communicating well with a man. Another thing that helps with emotional attachment with a man is physical touch.

Be a mystery

For creating an emotional connection with a man, it is necessary to make your man invest his energy and time into you. This means do not reveal too much too soon. A lot of men find mysterious women attractive. Getting to know someone and their past feels amazing, absolutely. But when you feel that someone knows too much about you, it can lead to boredom. Your life story may be the most interesting someone has ever heard, but it can wait until you two have built a strong emotional connection.

Take interest in their life.

You need to learn how you can connect with a man emotionally by taking an interest in their life. Try to know what he thinks, what are his ambitions and goals in life. What about his career? What about marriage? Moreover, try to play a get to know you game.

You can start with asking these questions:

  • Who was close to you when growing up?
  • When did you laugh the hardest?
  • What were your dreams when you were a child?

You can make these questions as silly as you want. Ask them questions like would you rather swim in a pool full of ice cream or full of information. Asking these questions will help you in seeing their fun side.

Take interest in his hobbies.

For men to connect emotionally, it is necessary to have someone they can share their passions with; this does not mean you need to obsess over all his interests and hobbies but never be afraid to be a part of them. He likes sports, watch sports with him, sit with him to watch his favourite movie. Go for a ride with him on a motorbike. The most important thing is having fun together, so do that together.

Have a positive attitude

It feels good to be around positive people who have affirming attitude; the same goes for men. This does not mean you have to shower them with positive compliments all the time to get his affection, but that does not also mean you should hold back your feelings about how much you appreciate him. Many couples do not talk about their partner’s good traits, which can be a reason behind insecurities in a relationship.

Show some respect

It implies to all, more respect you show someone more respect they will show to you. Respect is an important building block in healthy relationships and necessary for building a deep emotional connection. You can show your man respect by listening to him attentively, but giving importance to his opinions and giving him space and time to be himself and be with his friends will prove helpful.

Emotional connection through texting

emotional connection through texting

Texting has the ability to make your relationship stronger or can destroy it. For most people, especially those who are in long term relationships, it has become a primary form of communication. Creating an emotional connection through texting can play an important role and take your relationship to the next level. So how can someone build an emotional connection through texting? Here are some tips for you:

Use compliments

One of the best ways to create an emotional connection through texting is using compliments. For example, when they talk about promotion or their degree, say things like “Wow, smart, good looking too” with a wink emoji.

Ask questions but interesting

Asking questions helps build meaningful connections. We all love to talk about ourselves; that’s human nature. So, ask questions about their life via texts. Show them that you are interested in hearing about them.

Use humour

Who does not love a laugh? Everybody does. So, you can use humour to keep things light and fun. That does not mean use dad jokes or being sarcastic in a way to make fun of them. Use light-hearted jokes to tease them. Humour is one of the most important traits people want in their partner, and it is an amazing way to connect with someone over text.

A little flirting is never too bad.

Flirting seems a little underrated over text. Send one or two little flirty texts while talking about something serious so that you may not end up in a friend zone. Flirting does not mean making dirty jokes cheeky or suggestive; I would say do innocent flirting.

Emotional connection with someone

emotional connection with someone

Signs of emotional connection are clear now; the important thing is to build an emotional connection. How people are building an emotional connection with someone in real life? Let’s ask Reddit users:

  • I don’t know if there’s a formula or criteria for forming an emotional bond/connection with people. I think it’s organic, akin to clicking with people to become friends. I would just keep dating, and it will happen eventually.
  • Are you having fun on your dates? I don’t try to build anything; I just go out, meet a new person, and try to enjoy myself. A person having fun is attractive.
  • Ask questions and listen to her look into her eyes, be genuinely interested in what you ask. For example, if she says she’s a good dancer or anything. Ask her why does she like dancing so much. How did she develop her interest in dancing? How does it feel when you dance. Generally, talking about her dreams, interests and introducing fantasies in conversations is how you connect. This is how I personally do it. Good Luck
  • VULNERABILITY! What creates true emotional connection is the ability to be vulnerable around each other. Share something about yourself not many people know and allow them to do the same without judgement. Breńe brown got popular after giving a TED talk on the subject if you want to learn more.
  • BE VULNERABLE. This is an important risk to take to get the reward. And even if it backfires, every relationship you enter is either a blessing or a lesson. Well, there’s always the possibility that you are only interested in men you are incompatible with. You wouldn’t be the first…How do you “build” intimacy? Dates where a lot of adrenalin is formed help (read rock climbing, tightrope walking, bungee jumping etc.). Because the brain is too stupid to differentiate danger from love, sharing happy childhood memories helps, especially His childhood memories (his brain will weave you into his childhood stories. Cuddling without sex helps (men are different from women, and a name orgasm simply wipes out all that lovely oxytocin buildup he had while cuddling.
  • “I’m a slow burner and people who spill their whole lives on me the moment we meet scare the crap out of me” This stood out to me, and I’m going to posit a theory and only you know if this is true. Maybe, these men aren’t “spill[ing] their whole lives on [you]”. Maybe, you’re guarded emotionally, so it just feels that way. Is it possible some of those guys are just open and sharing in the hopes you do similar? You say those men scare you away, but after how many dates? Is it possible you’re closed and guarded, so you’re going after closed and guarded men that only want casual/short term relationships?
  • I share my feelings right off the bat. Not about anything too personal or deep, just general feeling words. It’s so easy to get caught in logical/heady conversation, and I’m comfortable with that (because I’m not sharing the feeling part of me-scary sometimes), so I’ve actively started connecting via feeling, and it’s produced decent, more well-rounded conversations where I feel more connected.
  • It takes time. Sometimes why sex ruins relationships off the bat because that becomes the emotional intimacy platform and the only one. There’s a reason why a lot of successful relationships stem from solid friendships prior to dating.
  • It takes time. Sometimes why sex ruins relationships off the bat because that becomes the emotional intimacy platform and the only one. There’s a reason why a lot of successful relationships stem from solid friendships prior to dating.
  • I am thinking this may be as much, or even more, about the guys you meet as it is about you. Intimacy takes work. Being vulnerable, transparent, and honest are important. There needs to be more than just sharing gruesome life stories. There needs to be the building of trust and respect. The adventurous dates, as already discussed, are a good idea as they create a place and space for this to happen.
  • This just made me realize why for 2 years, I haven’t been able to form an emotional connection with my girlfriend.
  • Two simple things: She hates trying new things. She gets jealous when I tell stories because I’ve experienced things she hasn’t or that she wants to, and as a result, I don’t tell her much because it’s like walking on eggshells. And she had a sheltered and rapey childhood that she doesn’t talk about either.
  • Last weekend we were at a restaurant having dinner. The conversation turned philosophical and deep. We both went back and forth, and she mentioned how she enjoyed that and how she never had conversations like that with previous boyfriends. I’m not saying this will work with everyone, but I was surprised at how an intellectually stimulating conversation could really connect us.
  • There’s many different things you can try, but it generally depends on your personality. Philosophical conversations have always deepened my relationships with partners, but not every boyfriend I’ve had is receptive to philosophical conversation. So get on their level. Talk about what mutual interests that you have that you love. Ask them what makes them feel happy or sad. What makes them want to wake up in the morning, or what makes them feel most alive. Even more simply, uninterrupted quality time. No phones, just enjoy each other’s company. Learn about each other’s love languages, go on more dates and make more plans. Go explore, even if it’s local.”
  • Deeper emotional connection: What’s the core passion of you? What’s the core passion of her? Then it depends on how your personalities are. Same humour? Similar mannerisms? Same way of thinking about the world? Similar fashion sense? Music/interests/whatever are helpful but overrated. Even for the airheaded type of girls, if you can find any sort of passion on their side and bring it to the conversation (even sexual innuendo), that’s a connection. I’m not against pure lust. I’m just saying: if you want a deeper emotional connection, you’ll need to be pickier because you won’t vibe well with some attractive women.
  • Yeah, there is something I’ve developed and used over the past month called the Eruption Method. The problem is that it works a little too well. It’s very potent if used right, and I can’t let the cat out of the bag knowing that it can fall into the wrong hands. I’d be willing to share it if you have good intentions. Message me if you’re interested.
  • The easiest way to build the fastest and most intense emotional connection with a girl is to be completely and unapologetically upfront and honest with her about who you are and what you want. The harsh reality of the truth is that depending on many other factors such as your physical appearance, your body structure, your vocal tonality and projection, in/apparent neediness, eye contact, how close you are to her, your eye contact, and most of all, what comes out of your mouth.


No matter what kind of relationship you have with someone, platonic or romantic emotional connection is necessary. Without a healthy emotional connection, you cannot build a healthy relationship. So this was all about signs of emotional connection; make sure to follow the tips mentioned above.

Signs of emotional connection part 2

Emotional connection is something we all long for. Little signs help us understand whether we share an emotional connection with someone or not. A relationship gets stronger when there is an emotional connection. And by relationship, I do not mean just romantic relationships; all kinds of relationships need emotional connection.

Signs of emotional connection part 2 is about the emotional connection with a friend and a partner. What are some signs, and how you can build a connection? How emotional connection is different from attachment. So, let’s get started:

Emotional connection examples

emotional connection examples

Emotional connection examples can help you understand what is an emotional connection. So here are some emotional connection examples for you:

  • You had a tough day at the office and was really upset, went home; your partner felt that you were upset, so they tried to comfort you.
  • Your mother is not feeling well she calls you to spend time with her, you are really tired and have a lot of work to do, but still, you manage to go and spend time with her.
  • Your friend just broke up with their partner and is really upset; you try to be there for them to comfort them.

Emotional connection with a friend

emotional connection with a friend

Emotional connection with a friend is of great importance. A friendship only becomes stronger if there is a strong emotional connection. Here is how you would know that you share a strong emotional connection with a friend:

You care about each other

Signs of emotional connection part 2 explains that you share a strong emotional connection with a friend when you care about them, what they like, what they don’t, what are their needs, and they also care about yours too. Therapist Tracie Pinnock, LMFT, says that:

“When there is an emotional connection with someone, you want them to be happy. The fulfillment of one’s desire is a major part of being happy. Therefore, an emotional connection to someone naturally results in you wanting them to get the things they want in life.”

You are like an open book for each other.

Having an emotional connection with a friend means that you are comfortable around them. You do not have to pretend or hide anything. You can comfortably share your dreams, beliefs and values with each other. Most importantly, you support each other. So, ask yourself, do you speak freely around them? Or do you try to hold something from your conversation? If you feel hesitation while sharing your secrets with them, it means the emotional connection is missing, and if it exists, it is weak.

You do not just hear; you actually listen to each other.

Signs of emotional connection part 2 explains that when your friend comes to your concerns or troubles, you create a space from your busy schedule to hear them out. You postpone a meeting, a date or family dinner if your friend needs your help. You divert your full attention towards them and carefully listen to them. When we do not feel heard, it brings feelings of abandonment and shame. Active listening is a clear sign of emotional connection. Grosso says:

“Active listening includes being present with and paying attention to the person talking, as well as demonstrating you are listening through eye contact and head nods.”

You know one another at a deeper level.

According to Signs of emotional connection part 2, you do not just make friends based on physical aspects of their personality. In friendship, you search for a deeper connection. Just like that, if you share your embarrassing memories with your friend, and with time this sharing gets deeper and deeper leading to respect, trust and strong understanding. You are not afraid to be vulnerable around them.

You share hobbies

People who are different can be friends and even best friends, but there is always a common ground. This can be in the form of shared hobbies. Sometimes we may not be drawn to our friend’s hobbies, but still, we join them sometimes because they like it. For instance, your partner likes experimental music and goes to shows every other week. You do not like that kind of music; still, you tag along because you want to spend time with them even you don’t get what’s the hype about.

No judgements

You know how to help your friend and make them feel heard and seen without passing judgements. Your friend does the same for you. Instead of jumping towards fixing each other’s emotions and solving problems, you try to focus on validation. You hold space for their painful or pleasant emotional experience. Putting yourself out there is scary when you do not know how other person will react. That is the reason it feels so comforting when our emotions are received and validated with care.

It is a 50/50 partnership.

Signs of emotional connection part 2 explains that friendship only survives if there are efforts from both sides. Emotional connection develops only if your emotions are reciprocated. It is easy to know when you are the only one making all efforts and not your friend. It will feel like a one-way friendship because it is. But when two friends are there for each other in time of need, spend a good time with each other, it means they share a strong emotional connection.

Emotional connection in marriage

emotional connection in marriage

How important is an emotional connection in marriage? We all want to feel loved by our spouse, and building an emotional connection is one of the basic building blocks of a long-lasting marriage. When as a couple, you are emotionally connected with each other, you build a foundation of trust, respect and strength. Having a strong emotional connection with your spouse means you can rely on your partner for sharing anything. Both of you have empathy for each other. An emotional connection has a lot to do with security and trust, knowing that your spouse will always be there for you no matter what situation you are facing. It promotes engagement, forgiveness and also boosts morale.

How beneficial is an emotional connection in marriage? Very! Here are some benefits of sharing an emotional connection with your spouse:

Improves intimacy

Signs of emotional connection part 2 explains that when you share an emotional connection with your spouse, your sex life is just amazing for women especially. It improves physical intimacy; for instance, holding hands feels very romantic for both women and men.


Emotional connection in a marriage can help build mutual respect, which is a must for a long term relationship. Respect is the main factor in healthy relationships. It means you value your spouse; you are considerate towards their feelings and thoughts, and you are respectful towards them as a person, not just as your partner. Showing respect means you appreciate your partner.

Meaningful conversations

Life is made up of mundane, silly or polite conversations, and that is amazing. But how fantastic it is to be able to spend your life with a person you can have a meaningful conversation with. Being emotionally connected to your spouse means you can talk about anything from stupid to thoughtful.

Excellent communication skills

It is really frustrating knowing what you feel and being unable to explain it in words with your spouse. When there is a deep emotional connection in a marriage, you are in tune with each other’s needs and wants. You know how to explain these to each other and how to reciprocate each other’s emotions.

Security and trust

Emotional connection creates a sense that your partner will always be there for you so you will not get insecure in your relationship. When you feel like you can rely on your spouse, it will strengthen your emotional bond with your partner. If you are having an argument with your partner, you do not run scared. Instead, you communicate clearly, knowing that your partner will understand.

Improves your mood

While being in an intimate relationship, when there is an emotional connection, your body releases oxytocin which is a mood-enhancing hormone. It enhances your self-esteem, optimism, trust and triggers the area of the brain that forms a bond. In addition to this, you can have more fun together.

Emotional connection vs attachment

emotional connection vs attachment

Emotional connection vs attachment these two things are very different. Emotional attachment is formed when a person does something nice for you or does a favour. It is a good thing. Strong attachment with time can turn into love. Attachment can be healthy or unhealthy. A healthy attachment brings positive change in your life; on the other hand, unhealthy attachment can disturb your routine life and, in fact, can make it hell for you.

Emotional connection vs attachment, in the case of emotional connection, you build a bond with a person. It forms with time, and mutual effort is involved. So an emotional connection is always healthy.

Emotional connection with partner

emotional connection with partner

Emotional connection with partner is what you need in a relationship. Without a strong emotional connection, it is impossible. In the above section, I have shared the benefits of having an emotional connection with partner; now, lets’ ask Reddit users what they have to say about it:

“For me it’s about being comfortable with each other’s presence even if it’s in silence. Being open to share your feelings and have good conversations. Understanding each other, trust in each other, feeling connected. For me the biggest thing is knowing that my husband is there for me always and I don’t ever have to deal with any issues alone any more.”

“For me, an emotional connection is tied to a feeling of intimacy with my husband. It’s feeling like he’s my confidant, my very best friend in the entire world. It’s feeling like I can confide in him, tell him anything, without fear of judgment or recrimination. It’s knowing I can completely let my guard down and be as silly and goofy as I want and let this person see the real true me, including my ugly sides. In turn, he gives me everything of his. We can instantly read each other. When he walks in the door from work, I can tell without him even saying a word whether he’s had a bad day or what his mood is like. He can read me. Spend time with your wife. Just taking with her, hanging out with her after work. Cuddling, working on physical touch and intimacy. Know her “love languages” and where she finds loves and appreciation most in a relationship. Good luck!”

“It’s different for everyone. But an example would be like talking deeply about feelings and actively working through those feelings together.”

“For me it’s knowing how my spouse feels, even if they haven’t said anything. Noticing if they’ve had a bad day, and needs some extra care. Maybe a hug or just asking them about their day, and let them talk about things you even might consider “boring”. Maybe try paying extra attention to the little things.”

“Emotional connections are built on trust and feelings of comfort. If I am constantly being accused of things I didn’t do (infidelity, saying things that are/acting mean, being careless, etc), I will not feel emotionally connected. If I feel I have to walk on eggshells to appease my partner, no emotional connection. If he makes promises and doesn’t keep them, no emotional connection. I think the other commenters gave excellent examples of when they feel emotionally connected (and I agree 100%), but I wanted to point out there are also things that will negatively impact my emotional connection to my partner as well.”

“Maybe put your book down and find a mutual hobby you both can share. Find a way back to each other through mutual exploration. Marriage can get boring when a spouse or both find restorative activities separately. Is there something you would enjoy doing together; Golf, dancing lessons, fishing, antiques, museums, hiking, volunteering at an animal shelter, food pantry?”

“To me emotional connection means being able to be vulnerable and HIM being vulnerable with me. My husband spends all his time looking at his phone or video game and won’t give me full attention when I speak. He does not voice problems and lets them build instead of communication. He is unable to tell me what he wants out of the relationship and doesn’t take care of himself physically. Doesn’t initiate cuddles, never compliments me, complains about the contributions I make to the household or doesn’t take notice at all. He does other things to show love but the above is lacking. Also makes it very hard to make him feel loved. All of these things make emotional connection very hard. It feels one sided and I don’t want to feel like I have to chase him.”

“Last weekend we were at a restaurant having dinner. The conversation turned philosophical and deep. We both went back and forth and she mentioned how she enjoyed that and how she never had conversations like that with previous boyfriends. I’m not saying this will work with everyone but I was surprised at how an intellectually stimulating conversation could really connect us.”

“For me, finding out what she loves as much as I love basketball and then taking an interest in it works. and for her, she’ll often reciprocate by watching Pacers games with me.”

“There’s many different things you can try, but it generally depends on your personalities. Philosophical conversations have always deepened my relationships with partners, but not every boyfriend I’ve had is receptive to philosophical conversation. So get on their level. Talk about what mutual interests that you have that you love. Ask them what makes them feel happy, or sad. What makes them want to wake up in the morning or what makes them feel most alive. Even more simply, uninterrupted quality time. No phones, just enjoy each other’s company. Learn about each other’s love languages, go on more dates and make more plans. Go explore, even if it’s local.”

“This might be weird but I honestly recommend looking into each otherseyes more. For like a minute or more at a time. Or try doing adrenaline inducing activities together. But the bottom line is if you have an issue and he chooses to do nothing because he’s satisfied with how things are then there’s not a damn thing in the entire world that will work.”

“For me, emotional connections are about recognizing and understanding what goes on beneath the surface level of a person. It’s about seeing beyond the persona they present to the world and down to the more vulnerable, hidden parts, and then respecting that part of a person. The connection goes both ways when they do the same thing for you, but it doesn’t always have to.”

“An emotional connection is when you have a similar vibration to someone. Doesn’t have to be sexual. It can be a link based on a mutual hobby, scarred past, or your personal energy. Some links have strong intensities but fade quickly; some are slow but while others are that gut reaction of, “yes.” Dogs are the best example some dogs shy away from people with certain energies while others are more accepting of everyone. When you do herding with different dogs the effects are really noticable with sheep. Some sheep will allow some dogs really closely while others want the dog a football field away.”

“Emotional connection, at least to me, means being vulnerable and real with people. Vulnerability begets vulnerability. You can’t truly connect with someone unless you open up to the possibility that you could get taken advantage of or hurt, but trust that you won’t. Sometimes this burns you, but that’s life. What’s the point if we aren’t real.”

“I don’t know what the actual definition is, but when I think of “emotional connection,” I think of something that’s mutual…not unrequited. Maybe “emotional longing” is a better word for something unrequited. Anyway, it’s interesting to read everyone’s thoughts… because I think we do all experience it differently. For me, emotional connection boils down to someone speaking your language, or understanding you. It’s not even about how much someone loves you, rather how much they understand you, and you them. Maybe someone loves us fiercely, but we don’t fully feel it, because they love us different than the way we receive it.”

Signs of emotional connection part 2

signs of emotional connection part

Here are Signs of emotional connection part 2 quotes for you:

“It’s tremendous what can happen when suddenly you make an emotional connection.” – Khaled Hosseini

“Relying too much on proof distracts you from the real mission” which is emotional connection.” – Seth

“Simply paying attention allows us to build an emotional connection. Lacking attention, empathy hasn’t a chance.” – Daniel Goleman.

“It has to go to the level of emotional connection, where you feel without it you’re lost.” – Hosain Rahman.

“The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog. My relationship with my dog, it’s ridiculous.” – Robert Pattinson.

“It was the first honest emotional connection I’d had in a while. So I immediately panicked and had to leave.” – Candace Bushnell.

“Men pretend to be “just a friend” at first, even though they want to sleep with you from day one. Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending any time, money or attention on you, because these are limited resources and they need these resources to attract a mate. They can’t afford to squander them. So they apply these resources to the female that looks to be their best bet to get laid. But they also know that they can’t tell the woman on day one that they want to sleep with her, because she’d think it’s creepy. So they play along with the illusion that it’s “just a friendship” that “suddenly” developed into more, when the woman finally feels inclined to sleep with the guy “because they have a deep connection.” But that was really his goal from day one.” ― Oliver Markus, Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

“They say instant communication is not communication at all but merely a frantic, trivial, nerve-wracking bombardment of clichés, threats, fads, fashions, gibberish and advertising. However, who has not hung on a scripture, a quote, a statement, only to stumble upon the key phrase that brought all things to a turning point? The greatest sermons and speeches were pieced together by illuminating thoughts that powered men to surpass their own commonness. It is the sparkling magic of letters forming words, and those words colliding with passion, that makes statements into wisdom.” ― Shannon L. Alder.

“Men know that most women want to have an emotional connection with someone before they sleep with them. Men know that a lot of women think it’s romantic to be friends first, and then the friendship blossoms into a relationship. Men know that they have to jump through all these hoops first before they can get laid. And that’s really all romance and courtship is to a man: hoops he has to jump through to get laid.” ― Oliver Markus, Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends.


Emotional connection in any kind of relationship is of great importance. Without an emotional connection, no relationship is strong enough, whether it is romantic or platonic. Signs of emotional connection part 2explains how you can identify the emotional connection and what benefits it brings to a relationship. Hope  you will find all the suggestions mentioned above helpful and enjoy a strong emotional connection with your friends, partner and family members.

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