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Regretting a breakup

Regretting a breakup

Relationships are not easy; there are times when you have fun with your partner, you enjoy each other’s company, but there are also tough times. Sometimes you feel like giving up, but if you choose to stick to the person you love, you can enjoy a long-term loving relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing works, and couples end up breaking up with each other. Breaking up does not always mean that there was no love left; sometimes, it is because it didn’t work due to various reasons. That is the main reason behind regretting a breakup. Love is there, and it makes people yearn for the beautiful relationship they had.


This article is all about regretting a breakup; you will learn about some signs and how you can deal with this regret. So let’s get started.

Signs of Regretting a Breakup

When we lose someone we love, then with them, we lose a part of ourselves too. No matter if it’s the death of a loved one or drifting apart from someone you love after your breakup (research as shown the symptoms attributed to breakups are similar to grieving), it hurts very badly. And it gets even harder to move on with your life when you keep regretting after a breakup.

If you’re confused about your feelings and aren’t able to differentiate whether it’s regret or not, then the following are some signs of regretting a breakup that might help you to sort out your bewildered thoughts.

Constantly Missing Them

Missing the person you had a relationship with is quite normal, especially in the initial days of post-breakup. But if you keep missing them even after quite a long time, then realize that you’re regretting your breakup decision.

Trust and Reliability Even After Breakup

Sometimes you can never make a bond that intense with someone new that you had with your ex. You know that even after a breakup, if you still call them for help in an emergency, they will leave everything and will come to you within seconds. If you still feel this kind of credibility for them in your heart, then know that they are worth regretting.

Feel a Void in their Absence

Some people in our lives feel like home to us. We feel safe and secure in their presence. We feel the happiest with them. They make us complete. Their warmth and that particular vibe are impossible to find out in anyone else. If you feel like only they can fill your emptiness with the love you cherish, then it’s high time that you should take a step back to getting back with the love of your life.

Think About Being a Friend with Your Ex

As you fail to get your ex out of your mind, you try your best to keep in touch with him or her. You feel like you find your peace only in their presence; that’s why their thoughts always keep revolving around your mind. Being guilty of your decision to break up, you find it hard to confess this in front of your ex. Therefore, you put all the effort in to get them back, even as friends.

No One Understands You Like your Ex

We come across many people in our life, but there are only a few ones to whom we make real and deep connections. We share mutual interests and understand each other better. No one can make us feel good about ourselves like them. You feel full of life and energy around them. If your ex was also one of those people, then you should probably give them another chance to amend your wrong decision.

Above all are some of the signs of regretting a breakup. If you also feel like any of these signs, then reflect on the decision of breaking up with your ex.

How to Not Regret a Breakup?

Breakups  no doubt bring a lot of frustration along with an emotionally draining phase. But before regretting your decision of breakup, just think for a second  what moved you over the edge to end whatl you both had. Contemplate over all the things that happened between you two; then, you will surely find the reason to leave your ex.

Here’s a roundup of some effective ways that might  be helpful for you to overcome your regrets of breakup:

Be Optimistic

Try to see things differently and more positively. It will help you to move on with your life without any regrets of the past. There’s always a reason behind everything that happens in your life. Focus on the good outcomes of your decision and act maturely.

Give Time to Yourself

Self-assessment is a very important thing, especially when you’re going through a tough phase of your life where you question your existence. Breakup is not the end of your life. There are many beautiful things written in your destiny that will happen when the time is right. Just give yourself some closure. Take good care of yourself. Tell yourself that you are worthy of loving and caring. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

Explore Yourself

Instead of acting like a movie hero who fails to get his love, accept the reality. Make a firm decision to move on in your life. When you make yourself strong enough to not let your thoughts or regrets dwell over your past, you will win the life. You will find ways to make yourself happy again. It’s just a matter of time. Go lightly. Explore yourself. Discover your interests and make new hobbies and goals in your life.

Channel Your Negative Emotions

During the initial phase of breakup (post-breakup phase), you also feel like it was your fault that made things worse and you see yourself as the problem. You feel a lot of frustration and anger inside you. But instead of letting that outrage control you, use your negative feelings and emotions to channel in constructive ways like pursuing your personal goals and working hard to get your dream job, etc.

Positive Self-Talk

Grief comes in waves. You can’t get over someone you once loved intensely in just a few days. That’s why you must plan on how to pamper yourself when the pain hits you again with memories. Tell yourself that whatever is meant to be will be. Practice positive self-talk to assure yourself that what you did was the best decision you’ve ever made in your life. Remind yourself that better things are coming your way.

Regretting a Breakup Months Later

Time heals everything. No matter how deep the wounds were, time has the power to get over everything. But exceptions are always there too. If you find yourself regretting a break-up months later, then it means that your feelings for that person were extremely strong. Even after months, you still think about him/her. You might think that you can’t get back together with your ex as it’s been months now, but guess what? Now it’s the right time to turn the tables.

Realize the Right Time

At the time of the breakup, you feel so desperate to get back with your ex that you rush into things without even giving your ex some space. This makes things worse and damages the whole situation.  But months later now, things have changed. Regretting a breakup months later means that deep inside, you still miss them. You both have been through the phase of growth. You understand the needs of each other better now. You both have evolved into a new and better version of yourself than the old one. The odds are in your favor now.

Make Amendments

Use this time without being ashamed of anything that happened months ago. Try to communicate with your ex and make things clear. Promise yourself to not repeat the old patterns. Also, if your ex was the one who decided to break up with you, then give them a second chance hear their grievances and promise change, too, if you still feel warmth for them in your heart.

Start a New Journey

Remember that the universe is providing you both with another beautiful chance to patch up. Don’t waste this time. If you feel like despite being in many relationships, for the time being, you still feel a void in your heart, then admit to the fact that only your ex (that specific person) can fill this blank space. Once you have realized it, start a new chapter of your life by keeping in mind that your ex is not your ex but a completely new person to you now.

Neither repeat past mistakes nor even give them a place in your head. Rather, take a fresh start and add a spark, positive energy, and a charm to your relationship to make your life beautiful and full of happiness again you must not regress you must move forward.

Regretting a Breakup Years Later

Most of the time, you don’t accept your faults because of your ego. You keep pushing your thoughts and regrets away. You keep thriving even after months of your breakup, although deep inside your heart, you know that you still crave for him/her.

Recognize your Feelings

If you’re still regretting a breakup years later, then it’s high time to put your ego aside and acknowledge your feelings for that specific person. Even if years later, when you get a chance to meet that person and you still feel a current passing through your body after seeing him/her, accept the fact that you still love them.

Ignore Them to Get their Attention

Despite feeling remorse about the past events, focus on the tips to stop regretting a break-up years later. Now you have to win their trust again by following the right steps. That’s why don’t let him or her know that you are desperate for them. Rather, ignore them for some time, make your ex curious about you. Present a new side of you (a better one) that he or she was unaware of.

Show Him your Future Goals

Don’t make your ex feel like you’re craving him or her. Show your ex that you have your future goals and you’re very determined to achieve them. Show your ex that you want a serious relationship. It will also give you an idea about if it’s the right decision to get back together with your ex. If your ex also shows a serious attitude, then plan on investing some quality time with your ex. Otherwise, don’t make the same past mistakes. Life is too beautiful to waste your time and energy on unworthy people.

Regretting break up songs

Let’s accept this; we all have been there, regretting after a breakup, because we loved that person or we think we have made a wrong decision. But it seems like nobody understands you, so what to do? You can take help from “regretting break-up songs.”

Here is a list of some of the best “Regretting a break-up songs” that you will find most relatable:

Charlie Puth& Selena Gomez – We Don’t Talk Anymore

It is a love duet about after-breakup regrets. It perfectly explains the pain both partners feel after the break-up.

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

This is for those who broke up with their ex, and now he/she is with someone else who gives them everything he wished he had given.

Taylor Swift – Back To December

This song is perfect for those who think that they have made a mistake by breaking up with their ex and wish they could get a second chance so that they can change what happened.

Taylor Swift – Back To December

This song is perfect for those who think that they have made a mistake by breaking up with their ex and wish they could get a second chance so that they can change what happened.

Mariah Carey feat NeYo – Angels Cry

This is a really meaningful song. Its lyrics perfectly depict the regret of letting someone go with whom you share a perfect relationship. You could have dealt with small issues that came up, but you choose to leave instead.

Other songs that you might like are:

  • Adele – Hello
  • One Republic – Counting Stars
  • Bowwow – Outta My System
  • Mariah Carey – We Belong Together
  • Chris Brown – Crawl
  • Ne-Yo – So Sick
  • Adele – Someone Like You
  • Ellie Goulding – Still Falling For You
  • Katy Perry – The One That Got Away
  • The Script – Breakeven
  • Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants
  • Maria Mena – I Don’t Want To See You With Her
  • Passenger – Let Her Go
  • Usher – You Got It Bad
  • Chris Brown – She Aint You
  • Paramore – Still Into You
  • Nair Horan – This Town
  • Selena Gomez – Back To You
  • Ed Sheeran – Happier
  • Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles
  • Yungblud, Halsey – 11 Minutes ft Travis Barker

Regretting a breakup Reddit

Regretting a breakup is something that happens with almost everyone at some point in their life. Let me share some Regretting a breakup Reddit experiences from various people. This way, you can have an idea of how other people feel and how are they dealing with it:

  • “Yes. You can regret letting someone go. But especially if you’ve just come out of a bad relationship, there’s a tendency to remember only the good parts of an older relationship. Those rose-colored glasses are fine if you’re just reminiscing, but potentially deadly if you actually try to rekindle that relationship.”
  • “He thought the grass was greener, and it wasn’t. Now he’s alone and regretting his decisions. You’re probably not the only person he’s reached out to. He’s just lonely.”
  • “People change and mature over time and realize their mistakes or impulsive decisions of their past. I took a relationship kind of for granted and regretted about it for a while. Sometimes, I think about the past and wondered what if, but I accept that it’s the past and bygones now. All we can do is to learn from it and continue moving forward.”
  • “Don’t beat yourself up. If it were me, I’d find a way to tell her. Life is too short to live with regret (only if you’re serious and want to get back with her). We all need to grow up from time to time. We all make mistakes. You would be going back into the relationship loving this woman more than ever. I know they say the ex always comes back as soon as we’ve moved on, but if she’s moved on, then she’ll say so. If she hasn’t, then maybe you two still stand a chance. But make sure you’re 100% before you mess with her. She’s been hurt. If you jerk her around, then you can bet people would have some unkind names for you.”
  • “My ex basically forced my hand in ending our relationship. He’s struggling with his mental health and had a few freak-outs that I couldn’t tolerate. I don’t regret breaking up with him because I was essentially forced into it. But, God, do I regret that it turned out this way. I am dating, but it’s just not the same.”

Regretting a breakup years later, Reddit.

For regretting a breakup years later, Reddit experiences read below comments by Reddit users:

  • “I had one amazing spark with a girl, but she wasn’t ready for a relationship. I didn’t understand that and was young and stupid. I let her go and didn’t want to see her. I burned the bridge, and I still really regret it years later.”
  • “I dumped a girl thinking I could do better years ago, and it turns out I couldn’t, so I was thinking of hitting her back up but figured she’d be like Nah. But you just thinking about it makes me think why not”
  • “We both agreed mutually. I felt great for a day, instantly have regretted it every day since after that, and it’s been five months now. She has someone new, and the only thing I can do is better myself and HOPE somehow I can respark how she felt. Thinking how I felt at the time, I question if I was even thinking properly and how I could make such a horrible mutual decision.”

Regretting a break up quotes

Quotes are an excellent way to say what you want to say in a wise way. Quotes can give words to your emotions. Are you looking for regretting a break up quotes? Here are some of the best quotes for you:

  • “You can miss places. You can miss people. Just know that what you’re really missing is the way things were. And even if you could go there again…. see them again…. you can’t go back. They’re not the same. You’re not the same. The loss of them changed you.” — Ranata Suzuki.
  • “How I wish I could undo it all … take it all back…All those years I spent unhappy with him …. when I should have been looking for you.” — Ranata Suzuki.
  • “4 AM, and here we are. Awake, drunk on regrets, hungover on heartaches – without you.” — AyusheeGhoshal (4 AM Conversations (with the ghosts of old lovers))
  • “Time will make it worse! You’re…the other half of his soul. He’s never going to get over you. And no matter how much you hope that you will… you’ll never get over him. You’re going to wake up one day and realize what you’ve done, and you’re going to regret the time you wasted apart from him for the rest of your life.” — Jamie McGuire (Providence (Providence, #1))
  • “Our break-up had been a resounding anti-climax. I wanted to be wept over bitterly. I wanted to be fought for. Mourned or regretted just a little. I wanted to feel like I was someone who’d been worth having in the first place.” — Catherine Sanderson (Petite Anglaise)
  • “not the kind of girl to break up and get back together on a whim; once she’s decided something, that’s it. There’s no waffling, no regrets. It’s like she said: when she’s done, she’s just done.” — Jenny Han (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, #1))
  • “The purest regret, no matter what, is thinking you didn’t love enough.” — Criss Jami (Healology)
  • “And I watched the first man I ever kissed walk away from me forever. My heart full of nothing but regret, my brain full of nothing but the reassurance that I was making the right choice, and my voice, completely void of any will to call him back.” — Molli Fields (Returning Home (The War For Eden, #1))

You will find the following Regretting a breakup quotes most relatable:

  • “I know I’m the one who has shattered the perfection that was our souls as one.” — Cassandra Giovanni (Faded Perfection (Beautifully Flawed, #2)
  • “And so I was left with a mantra, a sort of haiku version of our relationship: I don’t regret one day I spent with him, nor did I leave a moment too soon.” — Padma Lakshmi (Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir)
  • “I am sorry that our friendship, or whatever name one may give to the obsessive relationship which has bound us together for so many years, should end in this way. This is not the place to utter its elegy. — Iris Murdoch (The Black Prince)
  • “She was sorry to have been so impatient with him. Perhaps if they had stayed together longer, Sabina and Franz would have begun to understand the words they used. Gradually, timorously, their vocabularies would have come together, like bashful lovers, and the music of one would have begun to intersect with the music of the other. But it was too late now.” — Milan Kundera (The Unbearable Lightness of Being)


Regretting a breakup is not a bad thing; we all have some regrets in our lives. Just remember why you two broke up in the first place, and you will know if your relationship is worth fighting for or not. If your relationship was toxic, you should never regret it. Instead, focus on your future and work on yourself; you have a whole life ahead.

So this was all about regretting a break-up; I have tried my best to share some useful information with you hope you will find it helpful. GET BREAKUP SUPPORT NOW.

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