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Jules and Cam

Jules and Cam


Married at first sight, Australia first appeared on UK screens in January 2021, and since then, we are unable to take our eyes off the screens. As the name indicates, this show is about pairing total strangers up for marriage and building a life together. RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FOR SINGLES CLICK HERE.

Couples meet for the very first time at the altar, taking part in an unofficial marriage ceremony, and after that, they go for their honeymoon. The whole show may seem like a one-way ticket to divorce, but you will be surprised to know that there are some really happily-ever-after stories. Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant appeared on the first episode of season 6 have been together since then, and now it’s been three years. Jules and Cam was the favourite couple of everyone.

Jules and Cam wedding

jules and cam wedding

Jules and Cam wedding happened on the show, and they admit that it was not love at first sight. They admit that they did not find each other attractive when they exchanged vows.

Jules says that she was looking for a tall, broad groom, but Cams was just 5’7, and just like that, Jules was not the “petite, blonde woman” that Cam wanted; she was curvy and red head.

So, we can say that when they walked down the aisle, they were disappointed, but they felt comfortable with each other immediately. They were not lucky in the love department before this show, but they find each other very comforting.

Jules and Cam Baby announcement

jules and cam baby announcement

They got married in November 2019 and announced that they were going to have a baby right after 6 months. Jules and Cam Baby announcement made everyone happy. Jules was surprised to hear this great news as she thought that it was not going to be easy because of her age. She said that she had done all the hormone testing, egg count etc. etc. and she had to hear a lot that it is going to be struggling given her age.

Now they are living happily with their baby named Oliver Chase Merchant. He was born at Sydney’s Northern Beaches hospital on the 29th of September, weighing 2.83 kg and 52 cm tall. Here is how they expressed their emotions when they were asked about it:

Jules said:

“We’re on such a high right now, and both are feeling good, too. We’re adapting well to having this little man in our lives and tag-teaming the jobs between us, but he’s such a good baby – so far. He’s very calm; all he does is eat, sleep, poo and repeat!

Cam said:

“I’m just completely and utterly in love. Now that we’re home, I find myself just staring at him in pure happiness and awe.”

Here is how was Jules labor experience in her own words:

“I got my birth wish. I was incredibly lucky to give birth to Oliver in four hours, naturally. Both Cam and I had done The Birth Collective’s incredible hypnobirthing class prior, and it really helped us to stay calm. My waters broke at home, and I rang Cam, who was at cricket training at the time, and told him that things were happening.”

Jules and Cam Instagram

Here are some Jules and Cam Instagram posts show how close they are and how much they love each other:

jules and cam instagram 1

This was posted when they announced Jules’s pregnancy with the following caption:

We are having a baby!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️You heard it here, so you know it’s actually true! And we couldn’t be happier! I’m already so in love with my bump! We share our dreams coming true and much more exclusively in the @stellarmagOn sale tomorrow inside the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun. Much love from the 3 of us 😍😍😍

Here is another Jules and Cam Instagram post with the caption “Yep. This is perfect.” showing how happy the whole family is:

jules and cam instagram 2


Love is such a beautiful feeling. When you find someone who does not only make you feel butterflies in your stomach but also makes you feel comfortable, it is the best feeling in this whole universe. In the modern world where casual dating has become very common, this concept of “Married at first sight” seems very exciting. The couple of Jules and Cam is hope for those who believe in love at first sight.

Jules and Cam part 2

jules and cam part 2

Jules and Cam is the happy couple as a result of the Married at first sight experiment. Jules and Cam part 2 explores beautiful aspects of their married life. So let’s get started:

Who are Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant?

We know about Jules and Cam as a couple, but we may not know much about their individual personality; here is a little insight into this:

Jules Robinson

jules robinson

From: Sydney, NSW

Occupation: Business Manager, Hair & Beauty

Just like other women who cross their 30’s Jules Robinson also started hearing her biological clock ticking and getting louder day by day. She was also desperate to find a perfect man to start a family. She put her all faith in the Married at first sight experiment to give her Mr Right.

She is a strong career-oriented businesswoman, always putting her career first. She is really successful in the beauty industry in the UK and also in Sydney now. But she never thought that she would be approaching her 40s without kids or a husband.

For Jules Robinson starting a family has always been a priority. She broke up with someone who did not want the same thing. It was now her chance to have everything in life that she had wished for in life.

Cameron Merchant

cameron merchant

From: Sydney, NSW

Occupation: Ex-pro Cricketer

Cameron Merchant is an emotionally connected and sensitive person. His career and his love for cricket are most precious to him. He says that he chose cricket over his love, which is shown in his decision to choose his cricket career over a serious relationship in Canada. Sports won.

He is an only child, so he considers himself a mummy’s boy. About his cricket passion, he says that it was from his father, wo was also a prominent player in the field of cricket. He has really enjoyed his life of adventure and travel, but now he chooses to settle down and have a family.

Cameron Merchant is laidback and easygoing and loves the simple life. All he wanted was a partner with whom he could enjoy everything that life had to offer. He was looking for someone who could share a strong desire to have children soon with him. Even as a kid, he always dreamed of having a perfect family, and he hoped that he would complete this picture of a happy family behind a white picket fence with his bride.

How old are Jules and Cameron?

how old are jules and cameron

Cameron is 34 years old, and Jules is 36. They both make a perfect couple. They also have a baby named Oliver, and there is news that they are trying for their second baby.

Here is a picture of Jules with baby Oliver:

Jules with baby Oliver

Here is an image of a happy couple saying goodbye to 2020:

saying goodbye to 2020

Jules and Cameron couple’s bio

cameron and jules couples bio

Jules and Cameron couple’s bio is explained well by an interview taken by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield:

Question: What was the state of their love life before entering the show.

Jules replied: “I literally searched the whole world to find my guy, I lived in the UK for 14 years and I came back a year before and I felt like I was the face of Bumble. I was dating all the time. I actually applied for the show, I sent a video in and I pretty much said ‘I’m a catch, sign me up.'”

Cam said: “I was having a beer in a pub with three mates all married with kids and had some scouts that came across and said if I was interested in a dating show. Everything aligned at the moment, my life was in a really good place, I said ‘let’s give it a crack.'”

They said that they were not each other’s type:

Cam said: “Looking back on it, I think we were both very naive but we were also very lucky and open to love and we were both vulnerable to find it and that’s exactly what happened.”

Jules added: “We joke, we say we’re not what we ordered at all. He looked at me and he wanted blonde and fit and I was this voluptuous red head. Once we spoke to each other and when we did our vows it mirrored each other.”

Jules and Cam Wedding Photos

jules and cam wedding photos

Jules wore an astonishing blush gown that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of; why did she choose that dress, she explained in an Instagram post saying: “They say you wear pink second time around. So soft beige, pale peach pink tones It was!”

One thing that you might find hilarious and cute at the same time is that her gown is inspired by the toilet roll holder of her grandmother, as she says: “Nanna that had a toilet dolly! Hahaha. I always found her so glamorous as a child. Honestly.”

Jules and Cam Wedding Photos 1

The beautiful dress was made with 300 meters of tulle, and she showed her dress halfway through it with a mirror selfie when the gown started to take shape. This creation was very different compared to the one she wore to the first wedding while being on the show. Here is one of the most romantic pictures of Jules and Cam Wedding Photos that they have shared on their Instagram:

Jules and Cam Wedding Photos 2

Jules has shared this really beautiful picture from her big day on her Instagram handle. Obviously, her dress was an actual show-stealer, but the whole decoration of their wedding added the glamour too. The room was filled with flowers, giant light up letters, and balloons.

Here is another picture from Jules and Cam Wedding Photos, showing how happy they are together:

Jules and Cam Wedding Photos 3

What do people of Reddit say about Cam and Jules?

  • “I think it’s just a good story. I think we are all very cynical about reality TV at this point (and for good reason!) that it’s refreshing to put that aside for once and wish its genuine and long-lasting romance.”
  • “They are the darlings of the season and got a very good edit. Agree with other comments that they’ve put themselves on the same reality tv show and that takes a certain type of personality/person to do that.”
  • “It’s all perspective. A colleague of mine used to move in the same social circles as Jules and warned us that she is Drama with a capital D, petty, immature and insecure. An example, was picking a fight between friends because Jules baked a cake for a friend’s birthday, but that friend didn’t bake a cake back for Jules’ birthday. And yet she seems completely sane on the show. It’s all relative, but apparently she’s definitely not a normal person. Believe it or not. It just goes to show how fucking insane everybody else on the show is.”
  • “I definitely agree that Jules and Cam probably just seem so “good” compared to everyone else because everyone else was so OTT. Ultimately I think nearly everyone that is willing to sign up for these shows has a level of narcissism and self-obsession that’s above levels in most people (I know ONE person who has ever expressed genuine interest in doing reality tv and she is a drama magnet, very obsessed with image etc… it’s probably the norm for reality show contestants to be like that).”
  • “My parents met in Melbourne during WWII while my father was in the merchant marines. They knew each other seven days got married and had seven children! My oldest brother was born in Melbourne and he and my mom came to The States when he was three. They stayed married till Dad passed age 68. So I guess sometimes it works.”
  • “I do wonder how much of their relationship has been edited out. Even the casual viewer has clued in that they make matches for entertainment over love, and wanted to say “hey, look, we genuinely CAN match people! Look! They’re in love!” Cam and Jules are supposed to be a perfect couple, but we’ve never even seen them fight. I’m sure there’s stuff that’s been cut out.”
  • “Plus Cam is reasonably well known and it looks better for publicity if he just has a normal, wholesome relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into a media gig for him. (Suck on that, Mike!)”
  • “So true! Maybe he’s trying to get a spot on the regular cricket commentary team.”
  • “Yeah I agree. It’s not sensible or mature at all, tbh. It might work, not saying that’s impossible, but Jules acting like she is on some whole other plane of existence than Jess is a bit much imo. She chose to be on the same dumb reality show and is rushing into a relationship basically because she’s desperate to have babies. She’s not overtly bogan so I guess she has that going for her (though tbh the bogans on the show are more entertaining) but honestly I don’t see that she’s inevitably a better person just because she got a better edit on a reality show.”
  • “I loved Jules and Cam, they were polite, friendly and considerate towards the others. And they are still together and expecting their baby. But I an a grandma so I probably look at it differently ❤️.”
  • “experiments” have a control group. I think that at their best, Cam and Jules are audience surrogates who act like we would like to think we would act if thrown into this mess. But yeah, it’s eye-rolling when they ratchet up the drama before a commercial break just to discover that they actually agree.”
  • “And yet they are the only ones who stayed together, got legally married and are now expecting a child. I think they are entitled to feel skittle smug! Good luck to them.”
  • “I agree. I had to look away when their scenes were aired because I just found them so cringe and gag worthy. One of the least likeable couples to ever be on the show in my opinion.”
  • “I loved them from the second he danced with her at the wedding even though there was no music. They are simply lovely people and I’m so happy they found each other.”


The concept of married at first sight or love, at first sight, may seem cliché to most of us, but sometimes nature brings the best for you, and you just accept it. In these matters, luck also plays a greater role, and this is what happened in the case of Jules and Cam. CLICK HERE FOR OUR I WANT TO GET MARRIED SERVICES.

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