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Advice Dating

Advice Dating

Advice Dating

Advice Dating. Dating, although not a complex thing, requires you to be exceptional while still being yourself. Most people have gone through a dozen relationships and still get it wrong.


This is not because they may not be appropriate for dating but because they lack the skills and composure to efficiently go through the dating process. Here are some Advice dating tips you should know before or while dating


  1. Focus on the present, not the past

It’s natural to bring your fears and negative experiences to a new relationship; after all, it’s a survival mechanism to prevent getting your heart broken again. But even if old fears and insecurities may prevent heartbreak, they can also prevent you from truly being happy in a new relationship.


  1. Talk about the future early on

While you shouldn’t focus on the past, you should focus on the future, at least somewhat. Of course, you don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) ask how many kids they want before the salad course arrives on date #1, but you don’t want to wait until after one year of dating to find out that they never want to get married if marriage is a non-negotiable for you.


It’s not always fun to talk about things like life goals, religion, marriage, politics, etc., but naturally work your deal-breakers into the conversation to make sure you’re at least on the same page, as soon as you start to see a future together.


  1. Don’t skip the sex talk!

This should go without saying, but if you’re not comfortable talking to your partner about sexual health (including STD testing, history, etc.), then you’re not ready to be intimate (or maybe they’re not someone you should be intimate with).

Discuss your likes, dislikes, and what you are (and are not) comfortable with, while listening to theirs without judgment. Oh, and don’t forget that the “right time” to be intimate is different for every couple.


  1. Meet each other’s friends

Since the relationship is new, you may be tempted to keep it all to yourself. However, meeting friends early on is crucial. The way you interact with each other’s crew can give insight into your partner and what the relationship will be like.


For example, if all of your partner’s friends are huge douches you would never get along with, you might not know your partner as well as you think you do (who chooses to hang out with douches if they’re not a douche themselves, ya know?).


  1. Don’t have important conversations over text

Texting is a modern-day blessing when it comes to regular check-ins and sending funny memes to make your partner laugh while they’re at work. However, texting should not be used for anything deeper than making plans or LOLing over TikToks.


Discussing your feelings for one another or getting in disagreements should always be done in person. Not only can texting make in-person feel awkward, but a lot can be lost in translation and cause more misunderstanding.


If you feel an argument coming on and you’re in a situation where you can’t at least talk over the phone, let your partner know you’ll discuss it when you can talk it through together.


  1. Be yourself

OK, so this one sounds so cliché, it sounds so simple but it’s a piece of important advice dating tip out here. You pretend you watch horror movies instead of the Hallmark channel, and you tell them you like their artsy music even though you only listen to Taylor Swift’s first three albums on repeat.

Not only will it save you time and heartbreak with the people who aren’t a good match, but it will help the right person find you.


  1. Don’t worry about labels (to a certain extent)

If ambiguity still lingers over where you two fall on the relationship scale, don’t panic. Different people have different timelines for when they feel ready to take each relationship step, so different timelines don’t necessarily mean you’re incompatible or that they don’t like you.


However, you should have clarity about whether or not you’re both seeing other people, and you should know if you’re on the same page in terms of keeping it casual or looking for something serious (always be open about what you want).


But otherwise, the “girlfriend” label does not necessarily mean what it did back in kindergarten when it only meant “I like you,” so don’t sweat it if they haven’t popped the G-word yet.


  1. Red flags aren’t suggestions (and aren’t going to go away)

Red flags are gut feelings that are telling you something isn’t right, so listen to them. Ignoring red flags can only prolong the inevitable demise of a relationship and make the eventual breakup harder for both of you.


Nobody’s perfect; you might judge your partner and they might make mistakes. If it’s simply a judgment or mistake, you’ll be able to talk it through. If it’s more of a gut-feeling that “this isn’t right,” or an inexcusable behavior more than a mistake, run for the f*cking hills

What is some good dating advice?

What are some good dating advice

What is some good dating advice? Let’s face it: Dating can be a little intimidating, and it has nothing to do with confidence. Even if you are completely comfortable with yourself and are a good conversationalist, the idea of putting your best self forward and being vulnerable with a stranger who may become the love of your life is, well, daunting.

If you’re in the market for a relationship—whether it’s a casual fling or something long-term—consider this your guide to modern dating.

What are some good dating advice?


Put Yourself Out There

We know meeting people can be stressful, but try to overcome any negative emotions you have surrounding dating because the more you put yourself out there, the better your chances are to meet someone you like.


If you’re not into dating apps, try a different avenue, like asking your friends to fix you up. You could even scope the scene at your favorite places, which increases your odds of finding someone with shared interests.


So if you love yoga, see if you find anyone in the class attractive and talk to them afterward.


Keep an Open Mind

Being open-minded is perhaps the most important rule on this list. You may think you have a type, which has inadvertently closed you off from meeting someone you could fall in love with.


Just because someone has different interests than you or isn’t your typical “go-to” doesn’t mean that you should automatically write them off as someone you wouldn’t be interested in. After all, what do you have to lose by giving someone a chance?


Stay Safe

Another thing to keep in mind: your safety is the most important when dating. If you don’t feel comfortable or safe, do not worry about staying to be polite. Get out of there.


If you’re meeting up with someone from a dating app (a stranger), we recommend letting a friend know where you are, meeting your date in a public place, and staying clear headed, so that you can make good choices from start to finish.



If you want to take the edge off a first date, suggest a place you’ve been to before so that you at least feel comfortable in your surroundings.


Set Your Own Pace

When you’re dating someone new, it’s important to move the relationship forward at your own pace.


We don’t necessarily subscribe to society’s long-standing and unspoken rule of waiting a specific amount of time before being intimate with your new partner, but we do believe that waiting is okay if you aren’t completely sure that intimacy is something you’re ready for yet.

What are the rules of dating?

What are the rules of dating

What are the rules of dating? The dating scene continues to evolve with online dating, dating apps, texting, and other technology. Many aspects of dating have stayed the same, yet with all the new options available now, confusion can set in. Have all the old dating rules changed? Is there a right way and a wrong way to use technology for dating? Can you utilize modern technology to meet the right person for you?


What are the rules of dating? Some of the traditional rules associated with dating still apply. But there are new rules as well.


  1. A first date should take place where you are comfortable.

The first date does not have to be formal. The more informal it is, the more comfortable you may feel. This helps the other person open up to you. On a formal date at a fancy restaurant with someone you barely know, you might fail to express who you are. You might not be able to figure out who they are either.


  1. Don’t go all out of your way on first dates

I know men will ding me for this and say it does not matter to them. And there are times when it may not matter that much if a man truly likes you. But, most men want to feel that a woman is selective about who she is intimate with sexually.


This is a double standard. Male clients often tell me that when a woman seems easy, they assume she’s loose with guys in general. I tell them this is not necessarily the case. But because of this attitude, my advice dating tip to female friends is to hold out, at least past the first date.


Give your date something to aspire to; give him a chance to get to know you outside the bedroom. Intimacy starts with what happens between you when you are not in bed, and this builds a better bedroom experience.


  1. It’s okay to wait 3 days after a date for the next call.

Men are hunters. They like the chase and pursuit. Women are not. If we like a man, usually we’re all ready to settle in with them. But for men, the more work they have to put into the chase and seduction, the more value they attach to the woman.


So even though 48% of women like to follow up after a first date within 24 hours, 68% of men prefer to play it cool and wait 72 hours before following up. At least one study has shown this to be the situation.


This is why I tell my female friends to hang back and let a man take the lead. Often they will step up to the plate and work harder to woo


  1. Figure out your communication preference.

For better or worse, we live in the digital media era. There are many choices available to you as mediums for communication: texting, instant messaging, Skype, social media, email.


Even with all of the communication methods to choose from, however, 80% of singles still prefer to talk on the phone. If you are dating someone, let them know what your preference is for communication. Also, find out theirs. Then you can determine the happy medium that works for both of you.


  1. Ethnic barriers matter less.

Ethnicity in dating partners has become less important than personal preference. This means you can pay attention to compatibility, which is what matters. Opposites attract, but like-minded individuals last longer together.


Now that people all over the globe interact with one another more, we’re learning how much we all share. In selecting a mate, you need not be hampered by the old rules like dating someone of the same culture, religion, or race. This expands your dating pool and allows you to focus on compatibility.


  1. If you want to play hard to get, do it at your own risk.

Because of online dating sites, matchmakers, and single mixers, there is a multitude of opportunities to meet and mingle with other singles.  If you meet someone who you like, don’t be afraid to let them know.


Playing the waiting game could cause you to miss your chance with someone compatible. So don’t be afraid to be assertive and go for what you want.


  1. Do not assume you are in an exclusive relationship.

This is not a new concept, but it is worth reiterating. Assumption will wipe all the advice dating rules you may know. The person you are dating may have a significant other. Or others. Also, these days polyamorous relationships are increasingly common.


In a society used to instant gratification, people can have difficulty settling down with one mate. If you have been dating someone for several months or more and are intimate with them, check-in and ask about their attitude toward monogamy.


Set expectations and tell them what you are looking for to ensure you are on the same page about sexual partners.


  1. Little things matter.

Little things make a huge difference in a relationship. Never underestimate the power of a thank you card, a phone call when someone is having a tough day, a surprise gift, the offer of cooking dinner or dinner out.


Small gestures of caring and affection build a bond and create an extra layer of intimacy. The little things can go a long way toward building a stronger relationship.


  1. Remember that people date for different reasons.

Dating is the traditional way to connect with others for short-term companionship and for creating long-term relationships. Your end goal in dating may be different from your partner’s. Some people date for a night of fun and companionship.


Others wish to find someone to live with, while others date to seek a marriage partner. What works for two people is different for each couple.


When you are dating someone, you will need to find what works for the two of you. Whatever that is will give you the best chance of having a successful relationship.

What should you not do in early stages of dating?

What should you not do in the early stages of dating

What should you not do in early stages of dating? There are things you shouldn’t do during the early stages of dating that should go without saying. Here are a few


Moving too quickly to plan your future together

When you make the transition from going on dates to officially become an item, there’s a feeling of euphoria and excitement that can’t be ignored. They are so amazing! Hell, you even find their annoying little quirks to be endearing.


If you’ve only been together for a few weeks or even months, it is way too early to discuss moving in together. There’s no need to rush.


Acting too needy/clingy

It’s natural that at the beginning of a relationship, you would want to spend as much time with somebody as possible. The feeling is probably mutual, but don’t allow yourself to feel jealous or resentful.


As your relationship grows, they will be more willing to integrate you into their broader social life, including getting to know their closest friends. You both must continue to have lives outside of your relationship.


Comparing them to your exes

What should you not do in the early stages of dating? If you’re telling your boyfriend/girlfriend how they’re measuring up vs previous partners, you’re sending two really bad messages.


First, it conveys to them that you might not be over your ex, especially if you’re discussing them in a positive light. Second, it puts unnecessary pressure on them to meet whatever expectations you have for them, even if you think you’re complimenting them for being so much better than John or Janet ever was.


Ignoring the immediate red flags

While you certainly can’t expect a partner to be perfect in every way, there is also a risk of overlooking all of their negative qualities either in hopes that they will change over time.


Because you find them so physically appealing, you’re trying to convince yourself that these character flaws are no big deal. If you notice that they have traits that would be difficult to contend with — there’s a very good chance that the relationship won’t last.


Loaning out money to them

If you’ve only been dating for a little while and he/she starts asking you to lend them money, it doesn’t bode well for the future of the relationship. For starters, my advice dating take is that it is a surefire indication that they aren’t very good with their finances.


Second, it sends a message that they take you for granted, which is not a good thing when your relationship is just getting off the ground.

Where do I ask for dating advice?

Where do I ask for dating advice

Where do I ask for dating advice? Even happy couples know that healthy and lasting relationships require work. When conflict arises, couples need to identify the issues, discuss them with each other, communicate honestly, and work together to find solutions.


A good relationship therapist you and your partner can trust is one of the best resources for advice and guidance to facilitate a happy relationship. They can offer advice and strategies to help you identify issues, improve communication, navigate distance-related complications, or better cultivate intimacy.


Where do I ask for dating advice? Not everyone has the access or time to attend regular in-person relationship therapy sessions. Online therapy, whether for individuals or couples, is a convenient alternative to face-to-face counseling—and research suggests it can be just as effective.


Couples who tried online therapy via videoconferencing as part of a 2020 study described being able to effectively connect with their therapist, and the majority found the experience to be beneficial and positive.

How to be patient at the beginning of a relationship?

How to be patient at the beginning of a relationship

How to be patient at the beginning of a relationship? The early stages of a relationship are like a rollercoaster. For the most part, it’s enjoyable, major fun even. However, there’s that bit where the roller coaster goes around a bend a little too fast and makes you feel a bit sick.


That’s the not-so-fun part and makes it hard to know how to be patient in new relationships. The ups and downs of a new relationship are confusing and exhilarating in equal parts. If you want this new union to last the test of time, avoid the temptation to rush things.


Instead, learn how to be patient in a new relationship and allow it to grow and flourish on its own. When you do that, you have a much better chance of going the distance. So here’s how to be patient at the beginning of a relationship


1 Distract yourself by focusing on your life.

It’s easy to want to throw all your time and attention into a new relationship, but that is a big mistake. You need to maintain your friendships, hobbies, and keep working towards your goals.


Even if you limit the amount of time you spend with your new partner, you have to make sure that you keep one eye on how your life was before


Far too many people let their friendships go when they meet someone, only to end up groveling afterward. If you want to learn how to be patient in a new relationship, the best tactic is to distract your mind from rushing things and the ‘what are they thinking’ routine. Let things work themselves out naturally instead.


2 Focus on discovering new things about each other.

This is a great advice dating tip because It’s important to get to know each other well at the start. By doing that, you base your relationship on an even keel. It gives your relationship a far better chance of success too.


When you learn how to be patient in a new relationship, you focus on the things you learn about your partner every day. You also find it easier to open up and allow them to get to know you in return.


3 Embrace the early stages of a relationship.

Yes, it’s confusing. True, sometimes you can’t eat because you have a rave of butterflies going on in your stomach but embrace it! Believe me, if your relationship lasts the test of time, a few years down the line you’ll be wishing you could bring back some of those butterflies!


Focus on the positives in the situation and work on solving the negatives. Every single relationship is a little out of balance at the start, but over time things will even themselves out. They won’t do that if you push things.


4 Remember not to let your mind run away with itself.

You have to keep the situation in perspective. Whenever you start to question things too much, overthink, and start pushing, pull your mind back and remember the consequences of trying to rush things.


Remember that this phase is about discovery and learning about one another. You just can’t speed that up and expect good results!


If you notice that you question everything, give yourself a quick talking to and pull perspective back into the equation.


5 Communicate

Communication is vital in any relationship and my key advice dating tips. However, the early stages need it even more! You don’t know each other properly at this point, so you must tell one another directly what you need and want.


Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader or expect them to pick up on many nonverbal cues!


Learning how to be patient in a relationship also means talking to your partner if you feel like things aren’t moving at all. Remember, it’s all well and good being patient as long as something is happening in the first place


6 Don’t compare your relationship to anyone else’s.

Comparing your relationship progress to anyone else’s relationship is a huge problem. It’s bound to fill you with anxiety about what is or isn’t happening between you. Instead, let things unfold naturally. Every relationship moves at a different rate. Good things do come to those who wait!

Early dating tips

Dating tips for women

Early dating tips. It’s natural to feel intense passion and attraction for the person you’re seeing, but being so enraptured may cause you to ignore potential red flags, such as the misalignment of your core beliefs and values. These are the advice dating ‘DOs’ of early dating


Do Add Variety to Your Dates

Mixing things up early on is a great idea. Instead of the usual Netflix-and-chill scenario, taking morning walks together, scheduling lunch dates, and enjoying the company of friends and colleagues.


It can be illuminating to see your partner navigate different situations and relationships. Plus, one of the quickest roads to a breakup is monotony, so try to avoid getting stuck in a rut too early on by keeping each date different than the last.


Keep in mind: You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great date with your new partner.


Do Maintain Independence

Spending every waking moment with a new partner can put you at risk of losing yourself and your friends, too. In the most long-lasting relationships, partners maintain their sense of independence.


See family and friends, continue to exercise and work hard, and prioritize alone-time; balance is important. If you make your whole life about your new partner, you end up putting a lot of pressure on the relationship to be your sole source of happiness and fulfillment.


Do Watch Out for Red Flags

Ignoring red flags only prolongs the inevitable demise of the relationship. If, say, your new love criticizes you, makes plans, and repeatedly cancels, you catch them in a lie, or you see them treating others poorly, they’re probably not worth investing in for the long-term.


Trust us, it’s easy to throw on a pair of rose-colored glasses when you like someone because you want to see the best in them, but it’s important to see all of someone, not just the good things.


Do Respect Yourself

Treating yourself well sets an example of how your partner should treat you, and it signifies what you will and will not tolerate. There’s nothing wrong with being principled, knowing yourself, and being yourself.


Do things for yourself, too. If he calls you with an impromptu date invitation, but you need a self-care night to put on a face mask and snuggle with your furry friend, suggest a different day for date night.


Do Communicate Often and Well

Say what you mean and mean what you say, be direct and considerate, choose battles wisely, treat your partner well, and avoid destructive things like yelling, insulting, and judging.


You may notice that you feel like you can read your childhood friends’ minds because you know them so well, but that kind of closeness comes with time and, unfortunately, years together is the one thing you and your new partner don’t have.


You can’t expect them to be able to guess what you’re thinking, so always communicate.


Early dating tips ‘DON’Ts’


Don’t Blow Up Their Phone

Every date can feel like a first date in a new relationship because there’s so much ground to cover: where you went to school, what your hometowns are like, and how many pets you had growing up, among about a million other topics to address.


My advice? Save these sweet stories for in-person dates. If they initiate plans the first time, you can initiate the second time, and so on, but don’t always be the person texting first, calling, and initiating plans.


If they get used to you being the one doing all of the planning and reaching out, they’ll stop making an effort because they know you will.


Don’t Denigrate Yourself

If you have things in your past that you consider less than ideal—for example, if you just got fired or your previous partner cheated on you—then find a way to discuss or disclose these things in a positive light.


Keeping these things secret because you want her to see you a certain way is never a good idea.

Being vulnerable is part of dating, especially in the early stages of a new relationship, so you shouldn’t feel any shame in sharing about past relationships.


No one expects perfection, so hiding experiences that shape you into who you currently are isn’t necessary.

Don’t Have Sex Too Soon

We live in a time of sex positivity, meaning we don’t believe that you should wait until a certain amount of time goes by before having sex with your new partner for the first time. The amount of time to wait before having sex differs for every couple; there is no such thing as too soon or too long.


The right time is when both people are 100% ready. The worst thing you can do in a new relationship is to have sex before you feel ready because you’re worried they’ll lose interest in you if you wait.

Dating tips for introverts

Dating tips for introverts

Dating tips for introverts. We all know introverts are one of the most misunderstood sets of people. Anything related to expressing oneself is like hanging in the gallows for them. But that doesn’t mean they don’t intend to have ‘that special someone’. So here are some dating tips for introverts


  1. Be yourself– stick with what works

This is a mistake I’ve made several times before, whether for a date or some other big event.

When something special is coming up, we want to make a big impression.


However, our first inclination is often to buy new things or act differently, thinking that who we are now isn’t good enough.


Also, don’t forget– you don’t have to hide the fact that you’re an introvert. Whether they’re an introvert or not, opening up about themselves at the right time can be very endearing and shows the other person you’re willing, to be honest.


  1. Pick something short and fun

Every introvert is different, however, one of the most common traits of introverts is exhaustion from long-term exposure to groups of people.

It’s not that we can’t hang out in groups, it’s just that we start to lose our energy after a while of being around large groups of people.


For that reason, you should pick somewhere– and something– that is short and punchy like dinner and laser tag or a comedy show.


  1. Choose something you’re familiar with

On the topic of picking the right kind of place (or places) to go on your date, aside from picking something short and fun, it’s also important to go with what you’re already familiar with.


But if you try to take them somewhere new and different, that place will represent who you are in their mind. If things turn out good? Great. If they don’t? Bad. And, if you pick somewhere new, there’s a much higher likelihood things won’t turn out great.


Plus, you as an introvert don’t have to travel anywhere new and potentially uncomfortable. You can go where you’re already comfortable and therefore will be likely to feel comfortable with being yourself around your date.


  1. Visualize the date

Practice makes perfect in just about anything, so does visualize. And, while you can’t exactly predict what will happen on a date, by taking a few minutes before your date to visualize what might unfold, a few things will happen.


First, you’ll be far more comfortable because you’ll have run through everything in your head beforehand. Second, you’ll be less likely to get caught off-guard because you’ll have already thought ahead to each step of the date and what might happen.


And, thirdly, you’ll be able to catch potential issues ahead of time. What do you plan to do when the date is nearing its end? Are you dropping them off, are they dropping you off, or are you each driving separately? How will that change the date? And do you have an exit plan? How will it work?

Dating tips for new relationships

Dating tips for new relationships

Dating tips for new relationships. Now, being in a relationship is a little bit tricky- exciting yet terrifying. A lot of adjustments have to be made, especially if you’ve been single for quite a long time or if it’s your first time engaging in a romantic relationship.


However, don’t worry too much. First, be proud of having the courage to welcome that person into your life. Now, to keep your journey as a couple worthwhile,  there are some things you need to keep in mind.


Here are some dating tips for new relationships like yours


Take things slowly.

While it’s hard to keep your excitement when you’ve just committed yourself to a new relationship, you must take things slow. There’s always time for everything, so how about taking the time to get to know your partner more? Enjoy each other’s company.


There’s no rush in taking the relationship to the next level; you still have a lot of things to discover from each other, so enjoy the initial stages of the relationship.


Don’t rush into sleeping together.

Please do not ignore this advice dating unspoken rule. So, Speaking of taking things slow, you might not want to be too eager to go to bed together.  Others would say that being sexually active as well as being sexually compatible are important in a relationship, and they are right.


However, note that it comes with big responsibilities. Instead of being wild and impulsive, try to talk about the matter. Both of you should be ready whatever the consequences of your actions will be.


Both of you should be mature enough when you handle things like this. Besides, you can keep your level of intimacy without doing the thing right away.


Don’t ever compare.

Sometimes, you can’t help but compare your present partner with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. However, this is one of the most important relationships’ don’ts. Remember that your partner is a different person. He or she is yours now, so live in the present.


Don’t keep looking for your ex’s characteristics.  Otherwise, you should have just stayed with your ex or not committed yourself to a new relationship.


Don’t forget your friends.

Just because you’ve already found yourself, someone, you can call a partner doesn’t mean you will forget about your friends. Your time may now be divided, but the key is balance. Why don’t you introduce your partner to your friends?


Make sure that you maintain your social life even when you’re now in a relationship. Also, your friends might have even played a big role in your love story, so treasure your friends. Be grateful to them.


When you encounter problems with your partner, trust me, you’re going to need them, and you will thank them for being there for you.


Be patient with each other.

Because you are still trying to adjust to each other, learn to be more patient. You may have started seeing things you don’t like about your partner, but you need to be patient.


It must not have been easy for him or her to finally decide to commit to a relationship after being single for years. You must be lucky for the opportunity to make your partner believe in love again.


Hence, be patient. Understand where your partner is coming from, and be a support system.

New relationship advice for ladies

New relationship advice for ladies

New relationship advice for ladies. The dating scene can be scary for any female looking for something more than a fun fling.


Check out a few pieces of relationship advice for single women that may help you wade through the sea of oddly charming creatures with devious smiles, elusive personalities, and potential good catches hiding in the rough.


Be Clear About Your Expectations

You don’t have to spill out everything you want in a man, your dreams of marriage, kids, and everything else on a first date. A guy who hears this kind of spillage can tuck-tail and run fast and far.


But, it is critically important that you start making expectations clear the moment you realize a person you’re dating could evolve into a serious commitment. Once those expectations are out there, he knows what you need from him.


He will either make it happen or learn through trial and error that he can’t. Likewise, you should have a clear idea of what he expects from you.


Don’t Come Across As The Needy Girlfriend

New relationship advice for ladies. Fewer women are getting married these days, and more women are waiting later in life to get married. While others say they never want to get married at all.


Nothing wrong with that at all, but the biggest reason women often cite is they just can’t find the right guy. With this kind of mindset, you may just be coming across as overly needy.


You could be unintentionally scaring guys away if you catch one you think is the one and hold on so tight that it freaks him out.


Needy girls send this message that they are not complete without a man. It places so much responsibility on a poor guy’s shoulders if he is expected to complete you because you can’t stand on your own two feet.


The ugly side of this neediness is you can also attract the wrong kind of guy. You know the one that exerts his power over you, tells you what to do, feels insulted if you are your person?


Yeah, that guy. It’s not often a conscious act, but men looking for this in a woman are often drawn to those who send out that needy attitude.  Be you, fully, confidently. Be independently minded and capable.


Allow Him To Take The Lead

Just as it is important to not be needy, it’s also possible to be way too independent. A fine line exists for women somewhere between being strong and independently minded and being open to allowing your partner to take the lead.


Even if you are a strong, independent woman, there’s no harm in handing him the reins at times.


  • Let him pick where you go for dinner.
  • Allow him to help you in a time of need.
  • Show him you want his input about your life when things could affect the relationship.


Love Yourself First

This one piece of relationship advice for single women is a timeless one. For a healthy relationship, you MUST love yourself before you fall in love with someone else.


To understand on a deeper level why you have to look at what it means to fall in love. Falling in love is more like loving the person you can be when you are with a person.


In other words, this person invokes something in you that makes you feel confident, capable, and alive.

New relationship rules

New relationship rules

New relationship rules. Now, this is not an encryption on the wall kind of rule, but a back-of-my-mind kind of rule.


  1. How do I behave in public?

Everyone has their level of comfort when it comes to public displays of affection. You need to establish at the very start of the relationship if your partner is comfortable holding hands, kissing, or doing more in a public place.


You should be honest about your preferences to ensure you are both comfortable when dating.


  1. Take time to know each other

Many couples meet up with other friends during the initial stages. This can make it feel easier but will not help you get to know each other. Choose a day when you will meet and it will be just the two of you. It will provide the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.


  1. Give him space and don’t smother him with your affection

Equally, no one wants to start a relationship and have their new partner live in their pocket. Space is essential to allow both of you time to adjust to your new relationship without altering your basic personality.



  1. Let his friends be your friends too

If your relationship is going to go the distance you will be likely to see much more of your new partner’s friends. You do not need to become best friends with them but it is important to try and get along with them; they have a great deal of influence in the early stages of a relationship.


  1. Secrets are a no-no

New relationship rules. Most people have a few secrets and it is not necessary to disclose all of these to your new partner at the start of your relationship. However, you must consider which secrets are better to be told now. Something such as you are still friends with an ex should be said; it will save an awkward moment if you bump into your old partner while with your new!


  1. Keep your jealousy levels under control

There is no place for the green-eyed monster in a relationship. It is natural for men and women to look when an attractive person walks by. But that doesn’t mean you should make a scene in the middle of the street.


If the relationship is just getting started, this can be a turn-off for your new partner. It’s ok to be a little jealous to show him that you care, but not too much because you’ll scare him away.


  1. Value his privacy

The facts of your relationship should not be seen as office gossip. Of course, you can tell people that you are now part of a couple and that it is going well. You can even share some of your stories but do not share anything to do with your bedroom activities; it will not be appreciated by your new partner.

Dating tips for women

Dating tips for women

Dating tips for women. As a woman, you need tips to guide you while dating. Most times, your emotions run wide and you tend to do or judge wrongly. So these are a few things you should know


Avoid Details

For safety’s sake, in the early stages of a relationship, do not reveal more information about yourself than necessary. In other words, feel free to discuss your life in general, but avoid details that may make it easy for a date to turn into a stalker or that may lead your date into making a snap judgment about your personality.


Do Not Make Assumptions

Do not make assumptions about a man based on physical appearance, education, or activities, just as you would not want him to make such assumptions about you.


A shy man may be the most caring, while the man who seems perfect on the outside could be a perfect beast on the inside. Take it slow and let the relationship develop naturally as you get to know one another.


Beware of Possessive or Insecure Men

Dating overly possessive or insecure men could lead to a dangerous situation and an unhappy relationship. Do not flout these dating tips for women because you want a certain kind of man who unfortunately is possessive. That is a no-no.

Dating tips for shy guys

Dating tips for shy guys

Dating tips for shy guys. Shy guys tend to magnify things no matter how small or inconsequential they are. Now, I’m not saying this so that you will pity them and date them as a kind of reward, NO. But I think they need to step it up and come out of their shell. I know it’s not going to be easy, that’s why these tips are in place for them.


  1. Realize that women are just people.

You’re probably not shy when you’re talking to your mother, right? What about that woman who scans your groceries at the store? They are both women. So you might think that you’re shy around women, but that’s simply not the case.


So what reasons do you have to be shy around someone you’re attracted to? Treat those women the same way you treat any woman.


  1. Build friendships with women you aren’t attracted to.

A great way to build confidence talking to the opposite sex is to do just that, with women you aren’t attracted to romantically. Build friendships, engage in conversation with them and get comfortable being around them.


  1. Focus on yourself.

Forget about approaching women right now. What you need to do is to focus on yourself and what makes you happy apart from a relationship. You’ll start building your confidence up in other non-romantic areas and that transfers over.


  1. Find friends who are more outgoing than you are.

Dating tips for shy guys. Being around people who are louder and more extroverted will subconsciously help you to relax. Plus, you won’t have to do all the work when it comes to approaching women and initiating conversation.


Change the way you look at rejection.

If you knew you weren’t going to get rejected, would it make the whole dating process easier for you? Probably.


But remember this—when someone rejects you it’s not even about you. It’s either about the approach you used, or it’s about her. And if you used the wrong approach, don’t stress. Because that means it’s not personal. After all, she doesn’t know you, right?

Advice Dating Conclusion

Advice dating conclusion

Advice Dating Conclusion.

Couples with the most successful relationships in life usually have three strong pillars in their relationships:


  • A strong emotional connection
  • An obvious physical connection
  • An elaborate mental connection


Yes, these pillars can take time to foster, but the beginnings of them should be present relatively early as your relationship with a guy progresses.


If you don’t have all three, you can be progressing in a relationship that may eventually fizzle out.


Advice Dating Conclusion. For example, if the two of you generate fireworks in the bedroom, but you can’t seem to find that emotional plane where you meet up and match, sex alone is not going to build the healthiest relationship.


Just the same, a great mental connection that breeds incredibly diverse communication may not seem like much if physical interactions are just blah.

Advice Dating Part 2

Advice dating part 2

Advice dating part 2. Dating is an investment of time which makes it more important. Time is valuable and you shouldn’t spend it wrongly especially when it comes to dating. Here are some things you should get straight about while dating.


Get clear

What is it that you want? Most people treat their love lives very differently than they treat the areas of their lives in which they’ve had success.


So if you think of any area of your life in which you’ve had success, the way that you’ve approached that success, I’m guessing, is different from the way you’re approaching your love life.


Get clear about your intention. I encourage people to think about ultimate intentions. What do you want? Do you want to get married and have kids? Do you want a committed partnership and children?


Do you want to live in separate houses, but raise his kids and raise your whatever…? So, first, what do you want if you could get anything that you want?


Most people eclipse down the dream before they even get the dream or get to even think about making the dream.


Because they’re trying to be realistic or they’re using their past as evidence of their future. They say: well, it hasn’t happened before, so I’m assuming it’s not gonna happen in the future.


Visualize: What does that feel like?

Think through what the relationship would be like. So most people, as I said, give me the laundry list of qualities in the other.


What I have clients do, and I would encourage all of you to do if you’re looking to manifest love in your life, is think through: what is the dynamic of the relationship like? What does the relationship feel like? How does your partner make you feel?


Because these are ways in which you can start showing up so that you’re in full alignment with that intention. You’re not in full alignment with someone being a certain laundry list of things.

What does that look like? What does it feel like to you? This is a heart thing, not a head thing.


Ditch your negative thought patterns

If we look at all those beliefs we’ll see that some aren’t serving you and some are influencing us. Beliefs influence how we behave but some are influencing you to behave in ways that are out of alignment with what you want.


So when I say take your power back I’m saying what are we doing from a mindset perspective so that we can get you fully aligned with what you want? What are we doing from an action perspective to get you fully aligned with what you want?


So for example: “Guys just don’t find me attractive” – that’s one I hear all the time. Or “They just don’t like me.” Or, “I’ve been in these quasi-relationships but no one wants to commit to me.” Those are beliefs that I hear all the time.


One of how It works is we identify a lot of those beliefs and then we look at how they’re influencing how you’re behaving. And then we look at, okay, well if you didn’t have that belief how would you be showing up? What would you be doing if you didn’t have that thought?


To see what it looks like to just show up equal to the life that you want to live, rather than the life that you think that you’re living, or the constraints in which you’ve put yourself.”


Act in alignment with what you want

Advice dating part 2. When you’re feeling lonely and you want company, you’re feeling lonely and you want company – so I’m not gonna sugarcoat that, right?


That’s the reality of the human heart and some people are easier to turn to because we’re familiar, we’re comfortable, we know them right?


That said, my feeling is if you know what you want you can get it, and you can only get it when you have space for it. If you’re spending all of your time and energy and attention on an ex, particularly one that you feel attached to or very connected to, you don’t have the space to call in what it is you want.


And so my recommendation is always to ask yourself is this in alignment with my intentions? And sometimes it’s not and you’re going to give yourself a pass for it because it’s not in alignment, but it’s what I need right now and so I’m going so I’m just gonna do it.


And sometimes it’s like, no – it’s time for me to be in a full alignment because I know what I want.”

Advice dating older women

Advice dating older women

Advice dating older women. The thing is that, despite a vague idea, we all grow at different rates. Not only might we experience shifts in our thoughts at different times, but we might also have varying definitions when it comes to what it means to be “mature.”


Being with an older partner can be incredible – they might be more self-assured, have a greater idea of what they want in life, and have more experience under their belt overall.


Be Mindful Of Their Time

Though this isn’t always the case, an age gap might mean that an older partner has more experience dating. They might’ve been married and divorced once or twice, where you might not have.


From experience, they’ve got an idea of what they do and don’t like in relationships. Depending on the person, this could mean that they seek certain qualities in a partner. Regardless of age, it’s also true that different people will want different things – varying levels of commitment, for example.


With all of that in mind, don’t waste a person’s time. Be upfront and honest. Have a conversation about what you’re looking for, how you’d ideally like the partnership to progress, and so on. Make sure that you’re as honest with yourself as you are with them.


If you want a fling and they don’t (or vice versa), the best way to show respect for someone is to acknowledge it to yourself and have a candid, upfront conversation.


Work On Internalized Ageism

None of us are getting younger. Every day we look in the mirror, we see the subtle changes in our face that prove we’re aging, and even with the best cosmetic technology, someone in their 40s or 50s doesn’t look the same as they did in their 20s.


Society makes us feel like the aging process is a “bad” thing, as though it’s something to correct. It’s important to unlearn ageist ideas not just for your partner but for yourself and the other people you’ll interact with in life.


Work through your ideas about aging. Consider learning from people who make content about ageism and what it means. It’ll set you up for success in the sense that you won’t spend your mental space trying to avoid or fight the clock.


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Advice dating older women. Showing affection, regardless of your and your partner’s age, matters. Many experts say that it’s one of the essential parts of keeping an alive long-term relationship, in addition to practices such as going on dates, having valuable conversations with one another, and trying new things together.


Give your partner compliments and learn how they like to give and receive affection most. Tell them what you appreciate about them, both internally and externally.


Give Them The Space They Need

Advice dating part 2. Most people become more established in their routines as they age. We start to learn about our needs, and even though we all need alone time, many of us start to feel more comfortable being alone with ourselves.


It might be more crucial to your partner. They might not want to text 24/7 or spend every moment of the day together. They may feel more independent and have a different idea of reassurance and commitment; quality may come over quantity.


Not giving her the space she needs can have an opposite, detrimental effect. She might feel like she can’t breathe half the time because you’re always there in front of her, whether in person, on the phone, or by text.


Maybe, in past relationships, you had a partner who demanded your time and attention during all hours of the day. When you check in with yourself, you’ll probably notice that a more balanced approach that allows you both to spend time on yourselves is healthier and might meet your needs better, too.


This doesn’t mean that you should play hard to get by any means, nor does it mean that you and your partner shouldn’t spend time together. Plan date nights and talk about your expectations. Communication is always key!


Put Extra Effort Into Healthy Communication

We touched on communication a little bit already, but it is imperative. Not just for age gap relationships, but all relationships. Why is this so relevant when it comes to a partner who might be a bit older than you are?


There are various reasons why putting extra effort into communication itself and internalizing healthy communication skills matters. Most of all, you want to be able to communicate calmly and take accountability when needed.


You don’t want the elephant in the room, and you want your fondness for your partner to be known. If you tend to avoid tough conversations or struggle with vulnerability and address potential concerns in a relationship, a therapist or counselor can help.


Be Yourself Around Them

This is one of the easiest pieces of advice dating older women, but it’s necessary. Don’t let the age gap stop you from being who you are. You’re attracted to each other for a reason. Sometimes, if there’s secret insecurity surrounding the age gap, it can be tempting to try to overcompensate or try to be something you aren’t. For any relationship to work out, honesty matters.


Be Upfront About Family And Kids

If you’re dating someone older than you, there’s a higher chance that they’ll have kids. Maybe, one of the things you’re most concerned about in this relationship is that they have kids and you don’t.


Depending on who you are, you might not have much experience with kids or dating someone with kids. The best way to approach this scenario is to give her the time and room (remember, give her the space she needs) to be with her kids, to be a parent.


Respect that about her, and even if you don’t completely understand it, she’ll recognize a maturity about you that will go a long way. Also, check in with your partner about how much time and involvement they want you to have with their kids at different stages.


At the beginning of the partnership, there might be quite a few boundaries about how involved you are in the lives of their children.


Don’t Expect Them To Be Your Mother

Advice dating part 2. Speaking of children, don’t be one! It might go without saying, but don’t expect your partner to act as a parental figure, especially if that’s not what they signed up for.


It’s okay to have life stage or age-related differences as long as you’re upfront about them, but you need to be able to meet each other where you’re at when it counts.

Teen dating advice

Teen dating advice

Teen dating advice. When our teenagers start dating, it opens up a whole new world of challenges for parents. Whether it’s your son or daughter, you want them to have a positive experience. You can’t control their every move, but you can teach them the foundations of respectful behavior.


Share in their excitement.

When your teens start dating, it’s an exciting new chapter for them. Try to share in this excitement! This is nothing for them to feel embarrassed about so do not stigmatize it in any way. Also, at every step of the way, share with them some pieces of teen dating advice you have to keep them on track.


Good manners still count.

Showing respect for people should start young. Always lead by example by modeling appropriate behavior at home. Many old-school manners still go a long way today. For example, holding a door open for someone else, listening, using direct eye contact, asking questions, and not interrupting while others talk.


Teens now live out so much of their lives online that common courtesy and human consideration are more crucial than ever in combating introversion and self-involvement.


Earn respect by showing respect.

Teenagers naturally gravitate towards gossiping about each other. Always teach your children that if they don’t have anything nice to say, they shouldn’t say anything at all. There is no need to comment on others’ appearances, outfits, skin, or hair.


Everyone is figuring out who they are in the world. Be respectful to all to earn respect back.


Talk about sex.

Our children know way more about sex these days than we ever did (thanks internet!). However, this doesn’t mean that parents are off the hook for having that uncomfortable talk about sex.


I recommend that instead of saying “Do not have sex!” try saying “Choose your partner carefully and make sure you feel certain it’s a person you think you’ll still be talking to a month from now.” Short and sweet points are critical here because your teen will be cringing.


Teach physical boundaries.

Teen dating advice. It’s important from a young age that we teach our children the value of their bodies. Saying “you are the boss of your body” to both your daughters and sons teaches physical boundaries.


These statements will stick with your children throughout their lives. It’s also important to teach them the value of consent. A simple mantra like “No means no, maybe means no, and yes means check again” will have a profoundly positive effect.

Relationship advice dating a married man

Relationship advice dating a married man

Relationship advice dating a married man. What does dating a married man and devouring hot chocolate fudge have in common?

Both taste devilishly good, but both are sinfully bad! Yet, what is it about a married or the so-called ‘committed’ man that attracts women? Is it the thrill of being the ‘other woman’? Or just the promise of love?


Advice dating part 2. Women who fall for married men are usually seeking attention and emotional support. Since married men seem to be more experienced and mature, they get attracted to them.


Owing to their experience, married men understand the emotional needs and desires of women better than their single counterparts.


However, men usually get attracted to other women as a result of a deficiency or a lack of satisfaction (emotional/sexual) in their present relationship.


Being the ‘other woman’

Do you need Relationship advice dating a married man? Dating a married man could probably stigmatise you with many condemnable titles and may not be an easy experience to endure, for being the ‘other woman’ entails a lot of sacrifices.


If you have convinced yourself that his family would never come to know about it, think again. If they do, you would have to deal with the guilt of inflicting emotional pain on his spouse and kids, besides hurting yourself.


It’s important to consider that there are many people involved in your relationship, rather than just the two of you.


Also, dating a man who’s married may entail many restrictions such as not being seen in public places together or being with him only when he can find free time away from his family or sneak out and meet you. Even more difficult can be living with the bitter truth that you are sharing him with his wife.


Is he really ‘committed’?

Relationship advice dating a married man. An important question that you need to ask yourself is – ‘Why is he in a relationship with you despite having a family?’ Is it because of an unfulfilled desire, the thrill of a casual fling, or the failure to get over the relationship you may have shared with him before marriage?


It is important to evaluate and assess the benefits and drawbacks of such a relationship.

You may be hoping that your man will leave his family for you so that you both can live happily ever after…but are you sure?


Assess whether the man you are dating is pursuing the relationship because he loves you or he just because he wants to take advantage of you.


The challenges ahead


Dating a married man has a likelihood of being a failure and leading to a dead end if he’s not even contemplating leaving his wife. Even if he is thinking about filing a divorce, you would still have to live with the guilt of being responsible for ruining a family.

Christian advice dating

Christian advice dating

Christian advice dating. The fact is that Christian singles who are marriage-minded and commitment-focused need more than Christian dating advice when it comes to the season of their lives where a potential mate comes along.


They would flourish, instead, with guidelines and Christian dating rules that they can recognize within Scripture and bring along into the rest of their lives.


Instead of “godliness”, look for growth in your partner’s faith

As it is stated in the Bible, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14). But, if you’re meeting online on a platform like EliteSingles, how can you get a sense of one’s commitment to faith?


The truth is that even a so-called Christian man or woman who identifies themselves as such or commonly visits church but does not act in his or her life to put sin to death can be essentially “lawless”. There’s no real faith in that person’s heart so belief becomes a namesake.


Over time you also want to observe an expressed seriousness in their hearts to grow and deepen their understanding of and relationship with God. It is through this willingness to grow in one’s faith, either through discipleship or community involvement, that you can truly get a sense of their belief.


There may be no such thing as “too fast”

The best piece of Christian dating advice is this: “too fast” is only what you make of it. And so, like the judgment of a person’s “Godliness”, look for quality and not a box to check.


When you’re trying to assess the “speed” of a relationship and how it’s progressing, you want to look within yourself (and behind their actions as well) for a sense of what is driving the heightened passion and regard.


Is it just a kind of lust? Is there truly a connection or is the relationship outpacing what you know about them or what they know about you?


Moving “quickly” or not often comes with a sense of knowingness and security when one has made the right choice. So if you feel you “should” slow it down, do a double-take and ask yourself if you’ve been able to see your potential partner’s “godliness” or what God has expressed through them and in them by their character.


If, on the other hand, there is an intuitive sense you get but that you just can’t quite put your finger on, that there is not enough here yet for either of you to justify such a rapid spark based on very little information or interaction, then it may very well be “too fast”.


Use social media wisely

For those who think that Christian advice dating should eschew all social media as a means of authentic connection, think again. That is certainly not what is being prescribed here.


The truth is, more exclusive platforms with a superior vetting and matching system can bring together Christian singles from all corners of the country in a soulmate meeting that might otherwise have never happened. As many mediums as there are, God works through them all.


However, one must also acknowledge the perils of technology and social media in particular. So all good Christian dating advice has to consider what kinds of interactions technology is being used to support.


Keep interactions on social media without a flirting or teasing tone if it’s going nowhere and there is no bid from either of you to try and define the relationship in any way. In this regard, social media allows people to hide behind a mask without ever having to “step up” and make a commitment.


Stay open to a friendship blossoming into something more

One of the best pieces of Christian advice dating is something that not only Christian singles can benefit from: even non-denominational singles who are looking for commitment-minded partners would do well to remember that the basis for any truly whole-hearted relationship is often friendship.


This is a friendship that starts between a man and a woman as a shared collection of interests, invitations to the community, and fellowship events, or through discipleships. It is during these moments that you can observe one’s godliness and involvement of faith.


Even when meeting online, once you move to a local context, compatibility can only grow deeper. Yet even Christian singles worry about being physically attracted to their potential partners when all the other “pieces” of godliness and faith in Scripture.


Cultivate the right desires

Advice dating part 2. Often, Christian dating rules don’t take into account that the desire to be married is not only real but very good. Coming together as man and wife is not only not sinful but a direct expression of God’s covenants.


The Creator has woven such a desire into our hearts so that we may act upon it. Modern dating means that you’re not only trying to find someone equal to you in education, family background, personality, and income but also someone whose faith complements your own — and helps you to grow it, ideally.

Advice dating a friend

Advice dating a friend

Advice dating a friend. Dating your best friend can turn your most significant friendship into something really special. Yes, there are pitfalls – high expectations and the fear of ruining what you have among them – but if you go into it with your eyes open, who’s to say it won’t work out?


 Your Friend is Closer to Being Your Partner Than Everyone Else

Dating needn’t be difficult – especially when you have a shot at finding fellow singles with whom you might have a deeper connection.


But if you’re stuck in an online dating rut and searching for love in your immediate surroundings, it’s only natural that your eyes will rest first on the person you’re closest to. Let’s face it, meeting singles in day-to-day life is otherwise pretty hard.


If there’s even a remote possibility that you could be dating your best friend – that you could love them and they could love you more deeply – surely it’s worth exploring? When you’re single, your friend is already the closest thing you have to a significant other.


Your Friend is Already Very Invested in Your Relationship

The best people won’t mess you around – if you’re lucky enough to be dating someone who shares your values then they’re unlikely to leave you in the lurch. Sadly though, blind dates and bad matches just won’t be invested in pursuing a future relationship.


That’s not even the worst of it. We’ve all been there – you go on a few dates, and things seem to be going well, but then suddenly you never hear from the person you’re seeing again…


At least this won’t be the case if you begin dating your best friend. In the age of disposable dating, where suitors need only swipe right on their smartphone to dismiss you completely, your best friend is in it for the long haul.


Your Friend Knows How To Make You Happy

Sure, any partner could make you happy by showing up with flowers or taking you out for a nice meal, but it can take a while for someone to learn what truly makes you smile. ‘Best friend’ status is no easy-won thing – of all the people who can make you laugh, or cheer you up when you’re blue, this person is the best!


You both probably already do all of the things that make you happy anyway – whether it’s going out for drinks, catching a movie, or just chilling at home, you’re already accustomed to having fun together. It’s just that, up to this point, you haven’t been calling them ‘dates’.


Your Friend Knows All About Your Past Relationships

Advice dating part 2. It can be scary sometimes heading into a new relationship knowing that you’re carrying a lot of emotional baggage with you. Letting your guard down when you’ve been hurt before is hardest, and trusting that your new partner will be understanding enough to ‘just get it’ doesn’t always work out.


Not so when you’re dating your best friend. Luckily, they’re already well aware of any emotional baggage and can take steps to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes your ex-partners might have.


Whether it’s making you feel more secure in the relationship by not eyeing up strangers, nagging you less, or treating you more on dates, your best friend has access to a ton of neat tricks that will make them the partner you deserve!


Your Friend Loves You Just The Way You Are

Advice dating a friend. One of the biggest advantages of dating a friend is that they already know your bad habits – and you know theirs!


From chronic untidiness to biting nails to leaving the toilet seat up, the kind of petty deal-breakers that might scupper a burgeoning relationship you’ve already accepted (or gotten used to tolerating!) in your best friend.


They’ve seen you at your best, and they’ve seen you at your worst. They’ve celebrated with you, and they’ve consoled you. They’ve laughed with you and cried with you too. If, after all of that, they still want to be not only your best friend but your partner too, you could be onto something really special…

Advice dating online

Advice dating online

Advice dating online. Online dating—aka meeting people through dating apps and websites—can feel like an overwhelming, chaotic mess when you jump in for the first time, and it can be disappointing when you don’t connect with anyone right away.


But trust the process: Committed couples are meeting each other online all the time these days, and as many as thirds of UK marriages start online now. So it’s worth giving it the ol’ college try.


If you’re new to dating apps or just looking for advice on how to navigate the process with more success, here are a few online dating rules to keep in mind:


Know what you want.

Online dating works best when you know what you’re looking for. Are you interested in finding a committed relationship? Or are you more interested in casual dating and sex? Or maybe you’re just looking to meet interesting new people?



Set a clear intention for what you’re looking for. It may even be helpful to sit down beforehand and journal a little bit about what kind of relationship you want and who would be the ideal person to do that with.


That way, you can be thoughtful as you evaluate people’s profiles and decide whether to swipe right (connect) or swipe left (pass) on someone. Focus on matching with people who align with your dating goals.


Write a profile that mirrors what you want.

For my advice dating online, I’ll say put some thought into your profile! If you’re mostly looking for fun and laughs, a short and witty profile might be perfect.


If you’re looking for a deeper connection with someone, write a longer and more thoughtful profile that showcases who you are, what you like to do and think about, and what kind of person you want to invite into your life.


Use clear photos of your face, ideally smiling.

It’s good to have a variety of photos of yourself on your dating profile. Make sure your face is visible, and don’t make the first photo a group shot where it’s not clear which person is you. Smiling photos tend to appeal to most people—it makes you seem approachable and fun.


If possible, showcase some of your personality in the photos too: a shot of you laughing, a shot of you outdoors if you love nature, or a shot of you in PJs with a decaf coffee if that’s your ideal Friday night.


Write an interesting opener.

Advice dating part 2. When you message someone for the first time, don’t just say, “Hi” or, “Hey, what’s up?” Make it engaging! Show that you’ve read their profile by commenting on something they’ve written or about a specific photo of theirs, or better yet, ask a question based on it.


You can also ask something specific about shared collective experiences—an upcoming holiday, the unpredictability of the pandemic, or something specific to your city.


Don’t bother people who aren’t interested in you.

If someone doesn’t respond to your first message or two, leave them alone. They probably haven’t checked the app and will see your messages when they get back on, or they’ve seen your messages and simply aren’t interested. Respect their time and accept their rejection.

Relationship advice dating

Relationship advice dating

Relationship advice dating. Have you ever gotten butterflies at the start of a new romantic relationship because you like the person so much you just don’t want to mess it up? You’re not alone.


A new relationship is full of potential, possibilities, and discovery—not only of our partners but of ourselves and our needs, wants, and desires.

Here are some relationship advice dating to keep in mind


Keep the Past in the Past

A big mistake people make when dating someone new is to bring all of their fears, concerns, and past negative relationship experiences to their current relationship.


Avoid oversharing, and keep your thoughts and conversations focused on the person you’re currently dating and on getting to know them.


Don’t Make Comparisons

It’s easy to instantly start comparing your relationship to other relationships or partners, but it won’t do you any good and it will upset your current partner. Instead, ask yourself these questions:


Are you in a relationship to compete with someone else? Are you in this relationship to impress other people? Or are you in the relationship because you like the person you’re dating?


Look at Actions More Than Words

It doesn’t matter if someone is talking about taking trips next year if he or she is unavailable now. In this case, you want to make sure you’re reading actions rather than believing every word that person says.


On the flip side, when your partner introduces you to family and friends, chances are that this person sees you in their life for the long haul.


Be Vulnerable, Even If You’re Afraid

The thought of being vulnerable is a scary proposition for most people. It’s how you show your true self at the risk of being hurt.


When you date someone new, showing this side can deepen your connection and build trust. Vulnerability can be a gift to the person who’s wanting to know you on a deeper level.


Don’t Embellish the Truth or Brag

Bragging is a huge turnoff for both men and women. It’s not necessary to feel the need to continually impress your partner, especially if they already like you. You can be proud of who you are without listing all of your life’s accomplishments.

Advice dating relationships

Advice dating relationships

Advice dating relationships. A tough truth about relationships is that love alone is not enough. In the throes of the fiery passion of infatuation, couples feel like they can overcome anything together.


But as your relationship settles into the monotony of everyday life, days become weeks which become years, and the greatest challenge you may have is each other. The prickly parts of each other’s personalities can rub up against each other in just the wrong way.


But learning to look at your relationship with a positive bias and apply a select toolkit of values and perceptions means that you can have not only the love but also the wisdom to build a solid relationship that can weather the storms, continue to grow, and be the source of your greatest joy.


In a fight, there are no winners:

Advice dating relationships. There are two vital things to know about fighting in relationships. Firstly, it is normal to fight and fight your will. Secondly, when you fight in a relationship, you both lose.


Let go of winning, of being right, of proving a point, and choose rather focus on really understanding and listening. Keeping your connection is more valuable for your well-being than trying to inflate your ego by outsmarting your partner.


Understanding each other’s experiences is more important than who is right or wrong. Try using ‘I’ messages, instead of ‘you’, to lower the levels of confrontation.


Give a little respect and a little appreciation

In a long-term relationship, an easy trap to fall into is to take your partner for granted. Remind yourself what you admire about them. Don’t push their boundaries; understand that they are an entirely separate and different individual to yourself.


Give your partner the space and appreciation for what they bring to your life, and show respect by taking their wishes, values, and ideas into consideration. A little respect and appreciation will go a long way.


Two halves don’t make a whole

In romantic rhetoric, there is this idea of finding your missing half in a partner. However, an honest piece of love advice is that the best way to create a healthy relationship is to create a healthy relationship with yourself.


Your partner can’t complete the missing parts of your insecurity. Only you can fill that space, and relying on another person to make you feel complete can lead to a co-dependent relationship, create too much expectation, and is a heavy burden for a relationship to carry.


It is the little things

Advice dating part 2. A lasting relationship is made up of a million little moments. Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can attest to the fact that the real bricks and mortar of living with someone and loving someone is actually about taking the rubbish out, making dinner, putting on a load of washing, a quick kiss in between dropping the kids off.


Real romance doesn’t only reside in grand gestures, but rather in loving in the mundane and the minutia. So pick your towel off the floor, remember to buy milk on the way home (and sometimes throw in a bunch of flowers), and make the effort. It will make your partner feel loved on an authentic and meaningful level.

Relationship advice dating older man

Relationship advice dating older man

Relationship advice dating older man. If you’re dating – or thinking about dating – an older man, you may be concerned about keeping his interest. While your concerns are perfectly natural, keeping his interest is not as problematic as you might imagine. You may find that dating an older man is easier than dating a man your age who is less mature than you.


Ask His Opinion

Advice dating part 2. Since an older man may have a broader perspective on life simply because he is more experienced, you can ask him questions that a younger man might find threatening.


For instance, you can ask him about career growth or money management because he is likely to be very supportive, offering you advice from his experience, referring you to professional colleagues, or simply pointing out where you can find your best answers.


Additionally, an older man will probably really enjoy talking things over with you. By asking him about important decisions you’re thinking of making, he will not only be able to offer insights, but he will also feel recognized and appreciated.


Older men like to share their knowledge, wisdom, and advice. They enjoy being generous and helpful.


Stay Well-Informed on Current Affairs

If you focus on reading more and staying abreast of current events, you’ll find it easy to dispense with the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies getting to know one another. Being on top of what is happening in the world will make you a good conversationalist.


Relationship advice dating older man. Learn how to talk about a variety of topics that might interest a professional man or one involved in business or current events. While you don’t have to be an expert on the things that interest a man with an established career, you need to know enough to ask interesting questions.


It’s only when you’re completely clueless and naive that he might feel uncomfortable talking to you about social issues or inviting you to meet with his friends at cocktail parties.


Pursue Your Interests

When you do your thing, such as pursue your favorite athletic interests, forms of entertainment, education, or career path, you will give your older man space to do his thing too.


Some men, especially men at the height of their career, often need space to just figure out their next move in life or how to resolve work-related problems. If you’re busy doing your thing, then you won’t smother him with an excessive amount of attention.


Don’t Become Dependent or Needy

While men do appreciate a woman who needs them, they also appreciate an independent woman – someone who can make decisions, earn money, and take care of herself. When you don’t feel independent, you place a burden on the relationship.


Even if a man earns much more than you and can easily take care of all your expenses, he will feel stifled if he has to take care of all the bills and expenses, as well as make all the decisions on where to go out for dinner, where to shop, and other simple things. So stay self-assured, confident, and fairly independent.


Avoid Referring to the Past

Your past and his past are different. So avoid talking about past events, especially cultural events, like movies or trends.


When you talk about these things, it emphasizes the age difference and creates an awkward feeling for both of you. Stay centered on what is happening now or how the future might look.

Advice dating married man

Advice dating married man

Advice dating married man. Although dating a married guy might give you a sense of adrenaline rush, these relationships seldom end well. What begins as a pleasurable distraction may quickly turn into emotional trauma for you and your married partner.


What follows is a nasty divorce and a heartbroken family. Even if your married partner divorces their spouse, bitterness and distrust from the past might destroy your relationship.


These are some advice dating married man


You will never be his first priority

In a relationship with a married guy, you will always feel secondary, or at least that is how it will seem. He may swear lifelong devotion to you and declare that you are his true love and life.


However, instead of these exaggerated remarks, consider his actions.


You will be the talk of the town

One of the most difficult aspects of dating a married man is coping with the never-ending, often vicious gossip.


Whether you meet this man at the office or through a colleague, people’s tongues will wag once they discover your relationship.


He will never make himself available to you

As a husband and father, he will spend most of his leisure time with his family.


You’ll be pressing him for an hour here or a text message there. You’ll never be his first priority. During holidays and vacations, he might disappear from your life, without even responding to your messages.


You will have to lie

One of the most serious risks of dating a married man is maintaining your relationship as a secret. All of the secrecy and frequent lying might lead you to believe that dating a married man is a sin.


Even if your feelings for each other are real, the covert nature of your connection will cause you to feel guilty, which will suffocate you in the long run.

Advice dating a single dad

Advice dating a single dad

Advice dating a single dad. Dating a single dad isn’t like dating someone who’s never been married or had kids. Single dads are their own demographic. They’ve been there and done that, but they’re also starting all over again.


And like all singles (and couples for that matter) they’re still figuring it all out too. But there are a couple of things about dating a single dad that it helps to know before you start a new relationship.


Be supportive.

Depending on his situation, a single dad may have a ton of extra time to spend with you when his kids are with their other parents, or he may be juggling a busy schedule.


That means, being flexible and understanding about plans changing or him not being available on certain nights is going to help your relationship.


He is showing that he’s a responsible man. If his commitment to his children is an issue for you, this may not be the right relationship for you.


Don’t try to be the new mom.

Since there are kids in the equation, approach with caution. Or rather, sensitivity.

You need to meet the children where they are, rather than rushing into trying to be the new mom. Try to simply be yourself.


Take an interest in the children, and engage with them. But allow them to guide you in terms of the level of intimacy that they want to share.


Know that the ex is likely still involved.

Advice dating a single dad. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of history there, and it may be necessary for contact to continue for logistical and practical reasons.


If you’re uncomfortable about contact between them, try to discuss this with your partner; and perhaps request that he’s transparent about the sorts of interactions that he’s having if this feels necessary or appropriate.


Realize that he’s more than a dad.

Just because being a single dad is a big part of his life, doesn’t mean it’s the only part. Depending on what your relationship is like, it might feel natural and comfortable to start playing house, but don’t forget to get to know him as an individual as well.


Don’t pressure a single dad to commit.

You should never pressure any man to commit, but with a single dad, your relationship needs to move at a pace that works for him and his family.


It will be harder for him to make dates, get serious, commit, or introduce you to his kids. He will do so on his terms, at his own pace.

Advice dating

Advice dating 1

Advice dating. No amount of dating advice is too much since it’s to your benefit. People give their two cents on dating to help you avoid certain mistakes they made. Here are more advice on dating you should know


Don’t date just to have sex

Remember, you are dating a real person, with feelings and emotions—not a sex object. Imagine the reverse—you’re the girl and your date is a guy and vice-versa.


Be sensitive and realize the consequences of a relationship. One false move could hurt the person you are dating and the consequences could be irreversible.


Be careful who you’re dating.

Dating a person you don’t love could result in negative consequences. Remember, the other person has an independent mind and freedom of thought.


Some people do not have a mature mind like you. You could get into something from which you may never recover and regret for the rest of your life.


Do not pretend.

Advice dating. Dating is not a job interview, therefore don’t be too serious. The best way to go on a first date is to dress up the way you always dress under normal circumstances.


Remember, the person you’re dating will get to know you better with time, and understand exactly who you are. Why not let them know exactly who you are now so that you cut the mystery of disguising yourself as someone you’re not?


If they like you like this then they will like you always.


Don’t date simply because other people are dating.

Be unique and let people chase you. The more people chase you, the more valuable you become, therefore the higher the price. Good things always go to the highest bidder.

Advice dating part 2 conclusion

Advice dating part 2 conclusion

Advice dating part 2 conclusion. Your date should eventually become your best friend first before they become your lover. This important advice cannot be overemphasized. How can you be in love with a person who isn’t your friend? And how can you have sex with a person you don’t love?


Advice dating part 2 conclusion. A healthy relationship is the result of a good dating experience and binding love. If you feel good about the person you’re dating, most likely you’re in love with them and the two of you are inseparable.


Don’t just leave it to chance. Work on it, defend it, and protect it. After all, it’s something highly valuable to you.

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