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Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. We recognise that Counselling and Psychotherapy are not affordable to everybody and we try to extend access to therapy through this low-cost counselling option. This service is aimed primarily towards those who are in part-time employment, on reduced incomes or are students. The service is available to individuals over the age of 18.


We are pleased to be able to offer low-cost counselling to some of our clients, however, this can only be offered following a telephone assessment from one of our Clinical assessors so they may assess your suitability for this type of therapy. We are currently able to provide our affordable counselling service at £50 and above for a session that is generally attended weekly.
















Our affordable Counselling Service is designed to assist those for whom short-term private psychology services are not readily accessible or appropriate, such as those on low incomes or those needing longer-term therapy but not being able to afford this. This service is provided by trainee counsellors and provisional psychologists who are working towards full registration, with extensive supervision and support being provided to these counsellors by psychologists at our practice.


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor There are a limited number of places available in this service, depending on the availability of therapists.


The Low-Cost Counselling Service is available to children, adolescents, and adults.


Fees are on a sliding scale depending on the individual situation and can be discussed with our administration team.


Online Counselling Also A Resort?


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. Also, Online therapy isn’t new, but it has become more popular as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made all of us spend more time at home, whether we’re working from home, taking online classes, or, well, seeing a therapist.


A study published in January 2021 shows that approximately 67.32% of psychologists were doing all their clinical work completely online, with many projecting that they’d continue to conduct about one-third of their clinical work via telepsychology after the pandemic.


What’s more, the move to offer therapy online has removed many of the barriers that kept people from finding help in the past. You no longer have to make as much time in your busy day or commute out of your way to a therapist’s office.


You no longer even have to see a mental health professional in the town or city you live in (although therapists are typically allowed to practice in only the state or states where they’re licensed).


Best of all, most online therapy sessions are more affordable than face-to-face ones.


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. The only problem? There are a lot of online therapy options out there, so it can be tough to find one that offers quality and an affordable price. That’s why we put together this list to help you find the cheapest therapy possible.


At Miss Date Doctor, we offer affordable online therapy so that we can offer our services to a wider population including those on lower incomes. Everyone should have the same access to the same care.




£ 150.00 / 7 days


  • Online dating advice
  • Whatsapp or online chat
  • Talk through your issues
  • Relationship advice or life coaching
  • Your own personal coach
  • 25 mins per day
  • Insight gaining therapy
  • Guidance
  • Online dating training
  • Worksheets and guidance emailed
  • 7 days of coaching
  • Dating advice for singles


Other packages include;




£ 19.99 / DAY


  • Do you have a relationship issue you want to discuss or are you upset about some dating issues you are having, feeling stressed? Get a one-day pass and talk to us.
  • Dating advice for singles




£ 59.99 / 7 DAYS


  • 7 days of relationships/dating advice and assistance
  • One 15 min conversation per day on your relationship problem /question and receive replies back from an experienced M.D.D date coach
  • Dating advice for singles




£ 65.00


  • Talk about your relationship, finding Mr or Mrs Right, single life, loneliness, cheating, better dating skills and relationship issues with your girlfriend or boyfriend, dating or getting to know someone new. Whatever the relationship problem talk to an M.D.D date coach.
  • Dating advice for singles

(Couples can call also. The price will remain the same.)


We have partnered with experienced therapists as well as senior trainees to provide this service. In partnership with several of the world’s leading psychotherapy training

institutions, we work with their senior students to provide affordable psychotherapy.


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. In the case of senior trainees, they already hold an undergraduate degree and usually have enjoyed another career before their psychotherapy training. All trainees work with clients as part of their training. As with all therapists, they are supervised by other trained therapists.


Even before the pandemic, there was a high demand for therapists. Today that demand has multiplied. Our affordable online therapy program allows us to work with a larger number of people and especially those on lower incomes.



Affordable Counselling Cost


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. Cost is one of the greatest barriers to mental health treatment. Although the Affordable Care Act and other regulatory reforms sought to improve access to behavioral and mental health services, many people worry about the costs of therapy.


While the cost of therapy is a very real concern, it is often possible for people to access free or low-cost therapy, especially if they live in large metropolitan areas or near a teaching university.


Therapy generally ranges from £100 per hour to £250 or more. In most areas of the country, a person can expect to pay $100-$200 per session. Some factors that can affect the price of therapy include:


Our  therapist’s training. Highly trained and very experienced therapists typically charge more.


The location of therapy. Therapists in large metropolitan areas and regions with high costs of living must charge more to pay their bills.


The therapist’s reputation. Well-known therapists who are highly in demand often charge more.

Insurance coverage. People whose therapy is covered by insurance tend to pay less.

Length of the therapy session. The longer the session is, the more a client typically will pay.


Specialization. Therapy tends to be more expensive when the therapist is an expert in a highly specialized field or treats an unusual or challenging condition.


Benefits of Affordable Counselling

Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. Have you been wondering, “How does sliding scale therapy work? If you’ve ever heard someone say that they are getting reduced-cost therapy, low-cost therapy, or therapy that is based on their income, they’re most likely talking about sliding scale therapy.


Once you understand that sliding scale therapy can offer you a discount on therapy services, the next question you’re likely to ask is “What is sliding scale therapy” and “How does sliding scale therapy work. In this article, we answer these questions and give you details on how sliding scale therapy works for today’s mental health professionals.


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. Our Affordable counselling enables clients to pay lesser amounts for their mental wellbeing. For instance, they can help with issues relating to eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more.


An eating disorder is a complex mental health condition that usually requires the intervention of mental health experts.  Eating disorders are characterized by irregular eating habits. Fortunately, they can also be treated.


For this reason, it’s important to find a therapist to provide support. Therapists can also help make clients make crucial decisions like continuing education and many other crucial choices. As little as continuing education may sound, it’s a crucial decision to make for certain people.


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. Many health care providers make use of sliding scale therapy to overcome a mental illness. Sliding scale therapy is a fee structure that is very helpful for anyone with a low-income range.


During times when you’re confused, counseling serves as a weapon against psychological problems. In other words, it is helpful in conditions like grief, anxiety, and depression. When you speak about your thoughts and feelings, it helps you see them from a different perspective.


With the help of trained therapists, you may have a cathartic experience in counseling. A cathartic experience is beneficial to your mental health, and it occurs when you have a release of your feelings or thoughts that you have kept to yourself for so long.


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor. Besides, during a counselling session, you need to face your feelings. Daily, people go in and out without ever giving time to how they feel. However, with individual or group therapy, you have a good chance of facing your thoughts and emotions and directly dealing with them.


Thus, it’s crucial to find a therapist when you feel confused or when you don’t have a clear mind.


In therapy, the expert uses different techniques to figure out the best line of treatment. Besides mental health conditions, therapy is great at helping people with relationships and providing support through hard times.


Group therapy or therapy through a support group is efficient for helping people with a range of mental health conditions. You can call this type of therapy a support group. Group therapy, through a support group, usually takes place in various locations like mental health clinics.


If you find yourself in a hard place, try to speak to a trusted loved one. Opening up your thoughts can be very helpful to your mental health. You may also reach out to a therapist to provide help through your challenges. If you are worried about a therapy center session’s cost, ask if they offer sliding scale therapy.

Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor Conclusion


Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor Conclusion. There are many benefits of affordable counselling beyond just affordability! While lower-cost means you can see your counsellor more frequently, it also means you’ll have the benefit of a fresh perspective.


Our student counsellors are well-educated on the latest interventions and treatments for mental health struggles and bring forth an eagerness to help their clients.  Clients obtaining affordable counselling can have confidence in knowing they are well taken care of.


With both the insight of your student counsellor and their registered supervisor, you will have the benefit of two inputs focusing on your wellbeing.


Is affordable counselling right for me?

Affordable Counselling London Miss Date Doctor Conclusion. Our counsellors are well-equipped to help you navigate a wide range of mild to moderate mental health struggles including (but not limited to):


Anxiety, depression, stress, relationship struggles, self-care, self-esteem, grief, life transitions & more!


However, as professionals that are building their skills and experience, some topics are not suitable to address with a student counsellor. Some of these might include:


Severe psychiatric disorders (bipolar, BPD, etc.,), addiction, abuse, or trauma.


If you’re not sure if affordable counselling would be right for you, we’d be happy to chat further to discuss the best fit!


Anxiety disorders are treatable, yet only one-third of those diagnosed receive treatment. Often the cost of cognitive-behavioral therapy and prescription drugs deters people from getting the help they need.


The following is a list of resources that offer assistance in paying for treatment. Family physicians also may have information about low-cost treatment resources.



While effective for treating anxiety disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy, usually known as CBT, can be expensive, sometimes costing $100 or more per hour. Some therapists or clinics offer therapy on a sliding scale, which means that charges fluctuate based on income. Ask about a sliding scale or other payment options when you call or visit for a consultation. Find a Therapist near you.


Federally funded health centers can also be a good resource for those without health insurance or with a limited budget. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Many of these centers include mental health services. Find a federally funded health center near you.

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